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  1. Troutdale Terrace Apartments: Portland, Gresham: rental, neighborhoods, elementary school - Oregon (OR)
  2. Is it really that HARD to get a job in Portland a low end one)?: look for a job - Oregon (OR)
  3. Gangland Episode - Hoover Criminals: Portland: live, gangs, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  4. commuting from Happy Valley to Portland Airport: Milwaukie, Sunnyside: car, parking - Oregon (OR)
  5. looking for rental in Clackamas area: Hillsboro, West Linn: rental homes, house, schools - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  6. Help me plan my driving route: Portland, Beaverton: lease, live in - Oregon (OR)
  7. Cable VS. Satelite: Portland: sales, prices, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  8. Where to find a room to rent?: Portland: rentals, mortgage - Oregon (OR)
  9. What would you consider a good school?: home, school district - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  10. trying to find the right town...: Portland, Eugene: to rent, house, universities - Oregon (OR)
  11. Clackamas Trails Apartment: Portland: apartment complexes, lease, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  12. What can I rent in Hillsboro for $800: Portland, Rockcreek: sales, apartment complexes - Oregon (OR)
  13. Japanese food lover looking for authentic sushi: Portland, Beaverton: neighborhood, restaurant - Oregon (OR)
  14. Rent a car in the portland airport?: Salem: rental car, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  15. Oak Grove/Milwaukie fixer-upper: Portland: for sale, real estate, attorney - Oregon (OR)
  16. 3 weeks to find a 3 or 4 bederoom house within 10 miles of PDX. help?: Portland: extended stay - Oregon (OR)
  17. Mother of 2 young kids. Where to live?: Portland, Gresham: section 8, apartment complexes - Oregon (OR)
  18. Non-toxic Tattoos: organic, shop, build - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  19. Looking for beaders: Lincoln City: store, best, people - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  20. US Highway 16 at Powell Blvd - noisy?: to live, zip code - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  21. philwithbeard memorial by phone, today 7/29 5:15pm: home, delayed, Friday - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  22. Driving From Reno To Portland Oregon Best / Fastest Route: Eugene: maps, limit - (OR)
  23. Substitute Teaching In Portland OR: Beaverton, Clackamas: transfer, school districts, contractor - Oregon
  24. IT / Teaching Jobs?: Portland: job market, elementary school, universities - Oregon (OR)
  25. How do I know if my medical bills will be covered?: gynecologist, health insurance - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  26. Bennett Pearson Chater: Salem: apartments, homes, school - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  27. New/ Used Car Dealers in SW Portland Metro: Beaverton, Hillsboro: sales, buying - Oregon (OR)
  28. Where to have breakfast between Portland airport and Welches: Gresham: food, areas - Oregon (OR)
  29. Portland, Oregon, growth, and the roads not taken: Wilsonville: taxes, live - (OR)
  30. Is there truth to this?: Portland: appointed, fit in, living - Oregon (OR)
  31. Where to photograph Mt. Hood (and Portland) sunrise: St. Helens, Sandy: floor, garden - Oregon (OR)
  32. Transferring to Portland State, need advice on the school and jobs.: apartment, job market - Oregon (OR)
  33. Dog obedience class reccomendation?: Portland: credit, home, community college - Oregon (OR)
  34. Portland, Or neighborhoods near Zoo: Beaverton, Cedar Hills: for sale, rentals, condos - Oregon (OR)
  35. Gated Communities in Lake Oswego?: houses, drive, close to - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  36. private landlords: Portland: apartments, neighborhoods, living - Oregon (OR)
  37. Which Minivan in PDX? Is AWD important/popular?: Portland: buy, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  38. East Bank Esplande: Portland, Burns: parking, best, park - Oregon (OR)
  39. Seattle/Portland neighborhood equivalents: Beaverton, Lake Oswego: apartments, condo, houses - Oregon (OR)
  40. Does Portland have of hole in the wall liquor stores/cafes/corner stores?: for sale - Oregon (OR)
  41. Looking to move and start a business: Portland: low crime, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  42. Inclusion/Mainstream Supportive Public Schools: Portland, Wilsonville: lawyer, house, school districts - Oregon (OR)
  43. Accounting jobs in Portland, Oregon: job market, transfer to, tax - (OR)
  44. Moving to Portland this winter: Salem, Beaverton: rental, houses, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  45. Portland in the NYTimes: house, neighborhood, live - Oregon (OR)
  46. really like this hipster music: Portland: good, people, images - Oregon (OR)
  47. Tbinking about a big move to Portland, Or from New Orleans, La: Salem: low income - Oregon (OR)
  48. Oregon Cannabis laws: Portland: to rent, home, neighborhood - (OR)
  49. Portland Job Fair: job market, gated, military - Oregon (OR)
  50. HELP US! Where to move to?: Portland, Eugene: house, unemployment rate - Oregon (OR)
  51. Does Anti-radiation Jacket really work?: buy, office, electric - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  52. Abror Roses area?: Hillsboro: safe neighborhoods, elementary school, camps - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  53. Acting in Portland?: theater, living, professionals - Oregon (OR)
  54. Nice area for single mom of one year old?: Portland: rent, house - Oregon (OR)
  55. interesting/strange position. moving?: Portland: apartment, crime, employment - Oregon (OR)
  56. Beaverton apartments/no car: Portland, Cedar Hills: city hall, crime, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  57. Arlington Heights?: Portland, Burns: house, neighborhoods, high school - Oregon (OR)
  58. Lawn maintenance SE Portland: Sunnyside: home, neighborhood, upkeep - Oregon (OR)
  59. Soup Nazi: Portland, Sandy, Burns: home, live, prices - Oregon (OR)
  60. 1 year in Portland for school, apartments?: Cedar Mill: cheap apartment, for rent, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  61. Quick Move Needs Checklist for you - thanks.: Dallas: apartments, rental - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  62. St. Johns area - pros and cons?: Portland: renting, houses - Oregon (OR)
  63. Ever wonder how much kWh of power something use? The meter can be borrowed for free at Multnomah County Library: Home Depot - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  64. Portland Waldorf schools?: Milwaukie: neighborhood, residential, office - Oregon (OR)
  65. New Santa Fe- Front or AWD in Beaverton?: Portland: rental, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  66. IT jobs there?: Portland: sales, job market, income - Oregon (OR)
  67. kids eat free?: coupons, places to eat, deals - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  68. I need help with my move... Portland or Vancouver?: apartment, for rent - Oregon (OR)
  69. need my deposit!: Portland: real estate, apartments, renter - Oregon (OR)
  70. Sushi?: Portland, Beaverton, Beaver: coupons, how much, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  71. A specific about moving: Portland, Eugene: transfer to, university, camping - Oregon (OR)
  72. Single living in the Portland area with a dog' location Help': apartment, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  73. Has used Clear internet?: Portland: appointed, movies, price - Oregon (OR)
  74. Recommend me a rental company in SW Beaverton: Portland: real estate, rental market - Oregon (OR)
  75. Nursing in Portland: Hillsboro, Sunnyside, Sisters: 2013, job market, university - Oregon (OR)
  76. Planning a visit to Portland next year sometime: hotels, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  77. Portland Legal Market?: Clackamas: headhunters, lawyers, employment - Oregon (OR)
  78. Visiting in September what to do?: Portland, McMinnville: rentals, hotel, houses - Oregon (OR)
  79. Housing market in the Bethany area: Portland: real estate, renters, houses - Oregon (OR)
  80. Radiant Barrier Installation?: 2014, cost, vs - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  81. Affordable, Loud...survey says?: Portland: appointed, lofts, month to - Oregon (OR)
  82. Volunteer Opps: Portland, Beaverton, Phoenix: home, live, young professionals - Oregon (OR)
  83. job in Portland: apartments, to rent, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  84. Good hiking and camping guidebooks to the PDX/Gorge area?: Portland: sale, amusement parks - Oregon (OR)
  85. How often do western Oregonians water their gardens?: Portland: how much, organic - (OR)
  86. Moving in August, Hillsboro commute: Portland, Beaverton: find a job, neighborhood, private school - Oregon (OR)
  87. New to Portland, living downtown: Jefferson: apartment complex, rent, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  88. Keep the Good/Leave the Bad: Portland, Beaverton: sales, apartment, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  89. September in Portland: Gresham, Milwaukie, Clackamas: rentals, hotel, houses - Oregon (OR)
  90. Programs for Special Needs kids: Portland, Beaverton: daycare, living, move - Oregon (OR)
  91. Quick - Where to find a home alarm window magnet: Beaverton: buy, stores - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  92. Need More on Beaverton, OR: Portland, Cedar Hills: apartment complexes, leasing, condos - Oregon
  93. Cost of living in downtown Portland?: Winston: affordable apartment, rental, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  94. I really like Wilsonville: Salem: live, shop, pine - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  95. Living in East Gresham near the MAX?: Portland, Beaverton: apartment, city hall - Oregon (OR)
  96. Stand up comedy in PDX?: Portland: appointed, school, casinos - Oregon (OR)
  97. Helping hands: Portland: homes, neighborhoods, live - Oregon (OR)
  98. Short Trip Before Moving to PDX: Portland: hotels, food, housing - Oregon (OR)
  99. Mobile Internet Providers -Tigard?: Portland: house, shops, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  100. Entertainment/Video Production Industry: Portland: college, living, move to - Oregon (OR)
  101. Portland is the worst US city for travel taxes...: Beaverton: rental car, sales - Oregon (OR)
  102. North Clackamas: Portland, Tigard, Troutdale: for rent, house, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  103. Can Subletter Collect Rent If They Move In Early?: wood floors, sublease - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  104. Moving from Hawaii to Portland. ? about neighborhood: Beaverton, Aloha: renting, houses - Oregon (OR)
  105. Bears: Portland: appointed, moving, time - Oregon (OR)
  106. Temporary Housing: Portland, Springfield, Altamont: extended stay, renting, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  107. Moving to Portland alone - help?: Ashland: theater, living in, license - Oregon (OR)
  108. Portland and it's crime.: violent crime, how much, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  109. Owning exotic pets in Portland: Oregon City, Milwaukie: landlord, live, legal - (OR)
  110. Gorgeous downtown: Portland: new home, automobile, friendly - Oregon (OR)
  111. A little bit of a strange ..: Portland: movers, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  112. Moving to Portland to work in Llloyd district, need advice on living close to office or convenient to public transport: Corvallis: apartment complexes - Oregon (OR)
  113. Free Boat Rides?: Portland, Oregon City, Astoria: 2013, homes, to live - (OR)
  114. Where I can sell Old-style 20 Pounds bank note?: Portland, Banks: to buy, legal - Oregon (OR)
  115. trailer and land near portland: St. Helens, Scappoose: mortgage, loans, house - Oregon (OR)
  116. and good cleaning companies?: Portland: rental, house, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  117. Places to Stay in Mt Hood Area: Portland, Estacada: rentals, hotels - Oregon (OR)
  118. Portland Outdoor Recreation: Corvallis, Forest Grove: garden, moving, arboretum - Oregon (OR)
  119. So how's the real estate market doing?: Portland, Beaverton: foreclosures, renting - Oregon (OR)
  120. Portland vs Seattle: rent, violent crime, credit - Oregon (OR)
  121. My week long trip Itinerary?: Portland, Salem: hotel, motorhomes, school - Oregon (OR)
  122. Ok, it rains a lot, but what about storms?: Portland: appointed, house - Oregon (OR)
  123. How's the economy?: Portland, Hillsboro, Dallas: home, unemployment rate, buying - Oregon (OR)
  124. Banks in Portland: credit, shop, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  125. Oregon's Middle Class: Portland, Salem, Detroit: middle-class, transplants, mortgage - (OR)
  126. Is swimming at all common within Portland?: Salem, McMinnville: waterpark, high school - Oregon (OR)
  127. Portland vs. Las Vegas. I can't choose, need help?: find a job, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  128. Does the dampness continue indoors?: Portland: apartments, renting, houses - Oregon (OR)
  129. Which neighborhoods do you think are the BEST?: Portland, Beaverton: houses, established neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  130. Do you use a water filter?: Portland: apartment, house, buy - Oregon (OR)
  131. La Nina - you folks ready??: Portland: to buy, dryer, car - Oregon (OR)
  132. Where to go for train rides for kids: Portland, Seaside: house, school - Oregon (OR)
  133. Good car insurance without an outrageous fee hike?: renters, school - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  134. Jobs in Portland, Oregon area?: job market, theater, school - (OR)
  135. Out of state license plates: Portland: DMV, cost, title - Oregon (OR)
  136. Snow Chains?: Portland, Eugene, Bend: neighborhood, to buy, live in - Oregon (OR)
  137. Overheard from a Local about Hillsboro: Portland, Salem: low income, rent, income - Oregon (OR)
  138. Relocation HELP! Good schools/larger lots??: Portland, Beaverton: for sale, condos, houses - Oregon (OR)
  139. Is this a bad area of Gresham?: Portland, Beaverton: apartment complexes, leases - Oregon (OR)
  140. Neighborhoods in Tualatin/Sherwood: Portland, Tigard: leasing, townhome, income - Oregon (OR)
  141. Portland one of Five Local Economies Set to Take Off: Corvallis: real estate, home - Oregon (OR)
  142. What I could NOT live without if I ever moved out of Portland...: college, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  143. A couple questions, thinking of relo to the area: Portland: for sale, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  144. How close is Portland to outdoor recreation REALLY: Bend, Redmond: rent, home - Oregon (OR)
  145. San Diego or Portland.: Phoenix: transplants, short sale, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  146. Thinking of starting fresh in Portland: Beaverton, Beaver: transplants, sales, apartment complexes - Oregon (OR)
  147. Requesting advice on cities or neighborhoods near portland.: Gresham, Hillsboro: transplants, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  148. What Portland needs (and Oregon): Tigard, Baker City: nicest, station, gas - (OR)
  149. Good Portland Sub place: Beaverton, Tigard: insurance, to live in, shops - Oregon (OR)
  150. Favorable Impression of Portland: credit card, train, friendly - Oregon (OR)
  151. Labor day weekend '11: Portland, Salem: salons, to rent, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  152. Our vacation starts August 31st!: Portland, Beaverton: rental car, rentals, credit card - Oregon (OR)
  153. Things I need to know before driving in PDX: Portland: renting, law - Oregon (OR)
  154. Portland Gang Violence: Tigard: appointed, crime, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  155. Very rude teens downtown...: Portland, Spray: to buy, to live in, legally - Oregon (OR)
  156. Raleigh NC to Portland: Hillsboro, Durham: real estate, apartments, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  157. Income Restricuted Housing and LIHTC: Portland, Burns: rent, tenant, living - Oregon (OR)
  158. NYC to Portland: Bend, Dallas: sales, apartments, movers - Oregon (OR)
  159. Your favorite restaurants/food in Portland?: Burns: limo, live in, price - Oregon (OR)
  160. pros and cons of Oregon?: Portland: appointed, sales, low crime - (OR)
  161. PNW turned me into a wimp: Portland: summer, resident, creek - Oregon (OR)
  162. From Philly, Pa to Portland, Or?: Lake Oswego, Tualatin: rentals, credit, houses - Oregon (OR)
  163. Moving to Portland - seeking very friendly neighborhood with amazing schools: Lake Oswego: how much, house - Oregon (OR)
  164. Bear spray/bell necessary for hiking on Mt Hood/in the gorge?: Portland: homes, school - Oregon (OR)
  165. Need furniture - advice?: Beaverton, Beaver: sales, mattress, consignment - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  166. Apartment locators?: Portland: extended stay, real estate, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  167. What If Asa Lovejoy Won The Coin Toss?: Portland, Sherwood: office, cities - Oregon (OR)
  168. know where Philwithbeard is??: Portland: 2014, cell phone, good - Oregon (OR)
  169. Soon-to-be NYC transplant: Portland, Green: transplants, real estate, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  170. Extra deposit for kids over 18 w/o a job?: Portland: transplants, lease - Oregon (OR)
  171. Portland vs St louis: Hillsboro, Lafayette: lofts, townhouses, job market - Oregon (OR)
  172. temporary housing for large family: Portland: apartment, foreclosed, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  173. Moving to Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Salem: crimes, job market, neighborhoods - (OR)
  174. Bigfoot in Molalla?: transplants, buy, camping - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  175. Breakfest after I land in Portland: Sunnyside, Clackamas: hotel, neighborhoods, theater - Oregon (OR)
  176. a move to Portland: Beaverton, Coos Bay: real estate, apartments, renting - Oregon (OR)
  177. Is in love with portland?: Hillsboro: sales, crime - Oregon (OR)
  178. Visiting Portland - where to stay?: hotels, neighborhood, price - Oregon (OR)
  179. What is the best internet provider in Portland?: Hillsboro, Lake Oswego: lease, how much - Oregon (OR)
  180. a move to Portland...: Bend: for rent, houses, job market - Oregon (OR)
  181. summer weather: Portland: appointed, spring break, live - Oregon (OR)
  182. Grocery Stores Recommendations?: Portland, Eugene, West Linn: sales, coupons, co-op - Oregon (OR)
  183. Moving to Portland from TX: Salem, Dallas: to buy, live in, cost of - Oregon (OR)
  184. My vacation has been BOOKED!: Portland, Newport: shops, bill, beach - Oregon (OR)
  185. Moving to PDX and looking to lease in SE or NW: Portland: apartments, leasing - Oregon (OR)
  186. Oregon's University system: Portland: transfer, school, universities - (OR)
  187. Beaverton or similar: Portland: coop, houses, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  188. Having a hard time finding a dog-friendly rental: Portland, Milwaukie: appointed, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  189. Relocating for a job in Hillsboro - Trendy, Safe and fun area to live?: Portland: apartments, lease - Oregon (OR)
  190. new residents starting to worry about this weather?: how much, living - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  191. Need help asap!: Portland, Harbor: sales, Home Depot, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  192. How expensive is housing really in Portland?: Gresham, Beaverton: real estate, apartment complex - Oregon (OR)
  193. Looking to hear from Sellwood afficianados.: Portland, Milwaukie: to rent, houses, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  194. Moving to Portland, where should we live?: Beaverton, Lake Oswego: high crime, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  195. I don't see geese in Portland: Beaverton, Tualatin: neighborhood, live - Oregon (OR)
  196. need my deposit!: apartment, lawyer, eat - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  197. How do you feel about Newberg?: Portland, Beaverton: rentals, move, area - Oregon (OR)
  198. Schools, schools, schools: home, private school, best - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  199. Why hose111/derniss Should Abandon Portland For Syracuse: restaurants, shops - Oregon (OR)
  200. Lake Oswego Easements: house, purchasing, boating - Portland, Oregon (OR)