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  1. Is naming and sterotyping generations a valid way to undertand/study human relationships/dynamics?: suspect, 9/11 - Great Debates
  2. Is it to be well informed in America?: Iraq, health care, suspect - Great Debates
  3. What Will It Be?: support, voting, medical, worker - Great Debates
  4. Should you teach other what you know or keep the knowledge to yourself because others may become better than you later?: dollar, working - Great Debates
  5. Family Law Reform: legal, abortion, school, bias - Great Debates
  6. What Is Up With Americans and Vacation Time: Canada, school, European - Great Debates
  7. 50 Years Ago - Should Folk Music Have Gone Electric (Bob Dylan): radical, Denver - Great Debates
  8. Three questions?: Mexicans, economy, million, slavery - Great Debates
  9. Pit bulls attack man in NY: illegal, deaths, school, party - Great Debates
  10. 35 yrs of living or 70 yrs of not? Which would you choose?: death, vote - Great Debates
  11. Would you spend eternity with someone like you?: million, work, own - Great Debates
  12. Refugees! The Poorest Always Left Behind?: border, invasion, crime rate, compare - Great Debates
  13. Manditory Insurance--Is this excessive?: premium, death, million, news - Great Debates
  14. Do you think English is a threat to many languages?: education, world - Great Debates
  15. Wanting to Stop Crime is about Keeping Things the Same. Really?: high school, education - Great Debates
  16. Islam's origins: radical, state, claim, thesis - Great Debates
  17. eplain tv car commercials: television - Great Debates
  18. Against vaccinations OK.......: Jesus, school, New York, world - Great Debates
  19. Do you believe advertising and marketing companies are influential?: controversial, brainwashing, how much - Great Debates
  20. corrupt state politicians: Minnesota, compared, leader, party - Great Debates
  21. Is there free will ?: rating, program, billion, world - Great Debates
  22. Not new problem for psychology: generations, global warming, drugs, stats - Great Debates
  23. Survey of trust, are you sure to have an opinion ?: abuse, world - Great Debates
  24. 25 Things Americans Shouldn't Do in Other Countries: states, claim, considered - Great Debates
  25. I'm quickly becoming a human racist...: death, state, tattoo, world - Great Debates
  26. Qualifying Capital punishment....An Opinion: death - Great Debates
  27. Pre Historic Inhabitants of North America: Brown, speech, states, European - Great Debates
  28. So is no one going to talk about the Transgender Agenda ?: society, against - Great Debates
  29. Too much Awareness: Iran, cost, education, money - Great Debates
  30. Why have Asians succeeded where Blacks and Hispancis have not?: generation, racism - Great Debates
  31. MARRY Money: education, state, income, dentist - Great Debates
  32. medicare, medicaid cost a trillion $ this year: generations, Baby Boomers, statistics - Great Debates
  33. Found a gift card: money, claim, income, taxes - Great Debates
  34. A Mexican wall is worthless without rifle towers.: border, fence, cost - Great Debates
  35. African elephants, Hippos, Rinos, Whales related to Dinosaurs? - Great Debates
  36. If Canada had a similar regime as Iran......: middle east, enemies, Mexicans - Great Debates
  37. Is the United States a country based off a Premier-City System or a Primate-City System?: leader, economy - Great Debates
  38. The White House: racist, KKK, elect, abuse - Great Debates
  39. Democracy is...: wisdom, party, education, government - Great Debates
  40. Mediocrity and Partisanship in the Federal Judiciary: independence, school, leader - Great Debates
  41. Why are white Americans decreasing and black Americans increasing?: Nebraska, Hispanics, state government - Great Debates
  42. GOP House budget will gut Social Security for current payees: retirement, support - Great Debates
  43. Who benefits the most?: cost, politicians, elections, elect - Great Debates
  44. Social-psychology biases: independent, ideologies, stereotypes, state - Great Debates
  45. Why can Mexican Americans be made fun of?: Mexicans, drugs, racist - Great Debates
  46. Are Red hair people a different race?: Brown, attractive, female - Great Debates
  47. Trustwise, Is There Much Difference Between Scientists And Politicians?: Al Gore, global warming, state - Great Debates
  48. Why aren't cops subjected to civilian oversight?: accuse, independent, military - Great Debates
  49. ZERO deadly Stampedes to see the Pope: deaths, biased, 2014 - Great Debates
  50. Interesting Points on GLOBALIST ELITES population reduction: Putin, Iran, Iraq - Great Debates
  51. Are there advantages to being an unnactractive person?: attractive, work, great - Great Debates
  52. Do you think caffeine addiction is a problem?: drugs, regular, school - Great Debates
  53. USA population growth mystery: employment, legal, stats, deaths - Great Debates
  54. What useful recourse is there in a Democracy when a person disagrees with constitutional majority backed laws?: Obama, politicians - Great Debates
  55. America, through the Looking Glass: unemployment, enemies, legal, healthcare - Great Debates
  56. Date rape: drugs, accuse, regular, dollars - Great Debates
  57. So demographics are changing but...: generations, Hispanics, government, claim - Great Debates
  58. Guns VS Terrorism...: legal, death, crime, Hispanics - Great Debates
  59. Should Suicide Be Listed As A Cause Of Death In Obituaries?: drug, highway - Great Debates
  60. Do you think calling someone a hipster is a racist insult?: generations, activist - Great Debates
  61. Drunk Parade Crasher VS. Mass Shooter: illegal, drugs, weapons, deaths - Great Debates
  62. Racial Profiling- Is It Ever Right?: illegal, drug, statistics, suspect - Great Debates
  63. What to do about anti-vaxxers?: injection, border, how much, private school - Great Debates
  64. How to Solve The Gun Problem in USA 101 - an European perspective: Congress, illegal - Great Debates
  65. Iphones Etiquette? Where Art Thou?: generation, regular, cost, elect - Great Debates
  66. Gun Control, Per Capita Stats and Population Density: legal, health care, statistics - Great Debates
  67. Does welfare encourage single motherhood?: Clinton, Obama, insurance, dollars - Great Debates
  68. What makes a president great?: house of Congress, Israel, Mexican - Great Debates
  69. Where should you draw the line? (solutions to redshirting, school entry age, being the oldest/youngest in your class): high school, education - Great Debates
  70. Health Insurance, is it justified?: Congress, salary, illegal, Pelosi - Great Debates
  71. Why are people who are partly white and partly black referred to as black?: generation, Baby Boomers - Great Debates
  72. Should people have to demonstrate understanding of where candidates stand on the issues before being allowed to vote?: Congress, interview - Great Debates
  73. Should religious beliefs trump job requirements?: employment, wage, legal, holidays - Great Debates
  74. Does the way a person dresses influence your perception of their race?: economic, vs - Great Debates
  75. Why does everyone always mention Brazil when talking about mixed race?: Mexicans, racism - Great Debates
  76. Why is it not OK to have a negative opinion about the military?: Congress, Iraq - Great Debates
  77. Broadcasting Criminal's Names and Images: legal, CNN, regular, suspect - Great Debates
  78. is global warming believed to be human caused?: Al Gore, salaries, gasoline - Great Debates
  79. Who Should Move The Towns?: global warming, insurance, companies, cost - Great Debates
  80. Discrimination/Segregation in Modern Times?: illegal, drug, healthcare, statistics - Great Debates
  81. Mental Health screenings, what does the new reality called for actually look like?: drugs, death - Great Debates
  82. Common Sense Cell Phone Laws: Iraq, illegal, Afghanistan, statistics - Great Debates
  83. Why do we value the lives of that don't deserve to be considered human?: drugs, attorneys - Great Debates
  84. Is it time to bring back Insane Asylums?: Reagan, death, border - Great Debates
  85. Electoral College v. Straight Vote: interstate, Congress, Obama, ideology - Great Debates
  86. Preserving Historic Districts - For or Against?: generations, Clinton, speech - Great Debates
  87. Which Immigrants Are The Quickest To Assimilate?: employment, middle east, enemies - Great Debates
  88. Would You Support A Breathalyzer In Every Vehicle: drug, death, solution - Great Debates
  89. Did integration help or hurt?: high school, economic, government, assistance - Great Debates
  90. Atheist Theories about the Creation of the Universe: carry, claim, laws - Great Debates
  91. How best to organize the primary election system?: polls, Hispanics, parties - Great Debates
  92. Hawaii Native Status: Congress, activist, military, cost - Great Debates
  93. people say if you kill somebody you will live with it the rest of your life?: suspect, military - Great Debates
  94. How should states measure population when drawing voter districts?: house seat, Congress - Great Debates
  95. If 50% of all interstate traffic deaths...: interstates, statistics, highway, Missouri - Great Debates
  96. Legalizing the euthanization of hopeless people?: unemployed, ethical, illegal, drug - Great Debates
  97. Something to Ponder, Poor vs Middle Class: unemployment, minimum wage, health care - Great Debates
  98. Millionaires to broke quickly: unemployment, minimum wage, illegal, lawyer - Great Debates
  99. Is the Interstate Highway System a net benefit or detriment to the U.S.?: employment, interstates - Great Debates
  100. Enough is enough!!: Congress, illegal, speech, illegals - Great Debates
  101. Asteroid to Buzz Earth: Iran, middle east, illegal aliens, independent - Great Debates
  102. Serial Killers VS. Mass Shooters: interview, FBI, statistics, border - Great Debates
  103. Why is intolerance at an all-time high?: Rush Limbaugh, Congress, enemy - Great Debates
  104. Social Security vs Welfare: generation, illegal, politicians, financial - Great Debates
  105. A dangerous precedent: enemy, regular, brainwash, school - Great Debates
  106. 14 years with no major terrorist attacks...not long enough?: enemies, weapons, highway - Great Debates
  107. Why do the poor and uneducated have the most children?: wages, healthcare - Great Debates
  108. OK, College Football Fans!: regular, Obama, March, layoffs - Great Debates
  109. Using Immigration to help places like Detroit: unemployment rate, middle east, illegal - Great Debates
  110. How much longer can the concept of marriage last?: generation, legal, government - Great Debates
  111. Is the Constitution Still Taught and Respected?: Congress, legal, suspect - Great Debates
  112. Would You Be More Productive If There Were No Discussion Forums?: interviews, legal - Great Debates
  113. Can you have utopia (as described) without socialism?: generation, health care, solution - Great Debates
  114. There was a time.: NAFTA, minimum wage, Mexicans, Reagan - Great Debates
  115. Is it time for a new socio-economic paradigm ?: generation, Reagan, radical - Great Debates
  116. Will western civilization start to decline?: Iraq, middle east, radical, conspiracy - Great Debates
  117. If we remove all vestiges of slavery, should all descendants of slaves and slave owners go back home ?: generations, Mexican - Great Debates
  118. Why do you suppose Chicago is the media's punching bag?: generations, illegal - Great Debates
  119. How should America celebrate its 250th Anniversary?: enemies, independence, military - Great Debates
  120. Alcohol impairs judgment?: Reagan, illegal, drugs, abuse - Great Debates
  121. Should we allow prisoners to kill themselves?: interview, injection, statistics - Great Debates
  122. How does this Hate Happen?: Iraq, middle east, enemy, soldiers - Great Debates
  123. American culture engineers people to be isolationist, self-loathing and insatiable: middle east, Mexican - Great Debates
  124. Are millenialls lazy or unlucky?: unemployment rate, interviews, minimum wage, generations - Great Debates
  125. How is the US the richest nation ?: revolution, how much, military - Great Debates
  126. Why the Gay Rights Movement succeeded.: employment, illegal, March, military - Great Debates
  127. Which is worse? Being addicted to drugs or addicted to food?: illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  128. The psychology of western civilization(or why mass immigration is bad): salaries, drug - Great Debates
  129. Can good people choose to hold evil ideologies?: radical, death, fence - Great Debates
  130. Philippines - Hub of civilization by far?: middle east, generations, layman - Great Debates
  131. THE Holocaust?: regime, highway, death, solution - Great Debates
  132. marriage for life a man made custom? not practical in today's modern world: legal, suspect - Great Debates
  133. Compare Mexican spanish vs. Spain's language: Mexicans, border, high school, compared - Great Debates
  134. What if we changed the rules for voting, to vote against politicians instead of for them?: elections, elect - Great Debates
  135. As an American Do you think its important to vote??: polls, party - Great Debates
  136. How many more people can the Earth handle?: global warming, death, crime - Great Debates
  137. How about a relative minimum wage?: salaries, generation, Mexicans - Great Debates
  138. can and should the Burmese Python be eradicated?: ratings, states, Florida - Great Debates
  139. Nationwide Police Strike: crime, carry, election, elect - Great Debates
  140. Is Marijuana really harmless like people say it is??: illegal, drug, regular - Great Debates
  141. Is success in anything with pure ambition or is there more?: regular, revolution - Great Debates
  142. Is America's religiosity exaggerated?: legal, stats, Canada, abortion - Great Debates
  143. 99 Reasons why it's better to be Canadian.: unemployment rate, minimum wage, illegal - Great Debates
  144. Should the Civil Rights Act be expanded to include clothing?: Congress, interview - Great Debates
  145. New 3D Printer that can make everything from guns to live human tissue ?: illegal, weapons - Great Debates
  146. What IS Sexual Morality?: parade, ethics, illegal, controversial - Great Debates
  147. Should porn be more regulated in the united states: interview, Reagan, illegal - Great Debates
  148. If You Are a Constitutional Conservative, Are You Still One if You Oppose Gay Marriage?: Brown, Obama - Great Debates
  149. Did the literal Genesis movement kill Christianity?: polls, regular, weapon - Great Debates
  150. How would you feel about women that give false rape accusations the same sentence as man if convicted?: activist, accuse - Great Debates
  151. Disappearance of a space mission: what stage of evolution, would it take for the public to accept ?: generation, death - Great Debates
  152. Is black American culture simply white American culture in disguise?: drug, regular - Great Debates
  153. Mined verses man made diamonds: Denver, cost, rating, versus - Great Debates
  154. Should Adultery Really Be Legal Grounds For Divorce?: illegal, attorneys, fence - Great Debates
  155. If the south wanted to secede now would the rest of america have objections.: healthcare, Canada - Great Debates
  156. Should there be privacy on the internet? Yes or no: drug, regime - Great Debates
  157. Ferguson/Michael Brown 1 year later.: Iran, enemies, suspect, extremist - Great Debates
  158. What should the Age of Consent be: legal, poll, financial - Great Debates
  159. Police As Revenue Generators For Cities, Alternatives?: salaries, generations, Mexican - Great Debates
  160. Mentally disabled child: what would you do?: legal, death, abortions - Great Debates
  161. Humanly Killing People: unemployment, ethical, drug, controversial - Great Debates
  162. Are we diluting the term sexual assault ?: legal, solution, violent crime - Great Debates
  163. Why send people into space to explore?: weapons, military, cost - Great Debates
  164. Creating a Refugee Country: Iraq, middle east, legal, border - Great Debates
  165. Criminal child - abortion?: interview, drugs, serial killers, death - Great Debates
  166. Extremely Morbidly Obese: healthcare, premium, death, ideology - Great Debates
  167. Is self defense against a woman wrong?: weapon, death, biased - Great Debates
  168. Becoming parents late in life: legal, high school, parties, financial - Great Debates
  169. Different names for the same put-down?: politicians, examples, education, state - Great Debates
  170. Punishment by animals?: illegal, cocaine, drugs, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  171. Should men have a child support opt-out *if* women promised to get an abortion and changed their minds later?: death, financial - Great Debates
  172. Mandatory Diversity Checkbox on the Jury Confirmation Form: legal, crimes, Hispanic - Great Debates
  173. Do ugly people commit more crime?: drugs, suspect, financial, money - Great Debates
  174. Saving Modern Society - Four Radical Ideas: unemployment rate, fast food, Putin - Great Debates
  175. Was The World Better Off Before The Internet.,,?: revolution, solutions, invasion - Great Debates
  176. Gender inequality: women are partly responsible: middle east, legal, regular, leader - Great Debates
  177. Is social media just a poison platform: middle east, generations, lawyers - Great Debates
  178. Children Sentenced As Adults: stats, death, crime, states - Great Debates
  179. France Bans Work Emails/Phone Calls after 6PM? Should the USA do the same thing?: brainwash, money - Great Debates
  180. 80% of guys in prison hurt/stole nobody/nothing: legal, statistics, weapons - Great Debates
  181. I think it's time to do things differently in this country: Congress, enemy - Great Debates
  182. Is it to always have enough jobs for everyone?: unemployment rate, salary - Great Debates
  183. New study indicates class mobility in the US is worse then was expected: employment, suspect - Great Debates
  184. What if cheating was BANNED and ILLEGAL?: death, Somali, states - Great Debates
  185. Should the US make a college degree a prequisite to becoming a police officer?: Pittsburgh, school - Great Debates
  186. The constitution: Congress, legal, weapon, treason - Great Debates
  187. How can we bring manufacturing back to this country?: employment, drugs, companies - Great Debates
  188. Do our ~ million strong Cops/Storm Troopers make us a better nation?: military, abuse - Great Debates
  189. How do other nations feel about USA's right to bear arms?: illegal - Great Debates
  190. Before Eliminating Planned Parenthood !!: employment, legal, stats, Obama - Great Debates
  191. You do anything about climate change .: global warming, revolution, politicians - Great Debates
  192. Are humans a virus in the earth?: global warming, border, solution - Great Debates
  193. Interracial dating/marriage statistics: middle east, independent, Hispanics, stereotypes - Great Debates
  194. Child Support Reform (men AREN'T ATM'S): dollars, money, problems, welfare - Great Debates
  195. Is the for-profit prison industry good for Americans?: drugs, Sanders, border - Great Debates
  196. Minimum Wage to $15- Good or Bad Idea?: employment, fast food, salaries - Great Debates
  197. Refugee Rescue; what if it was only about children?: middle east, parent - Great Debates
  198. NRLB States All Franchise Employees Work For The Parent Comany For Unionization Purposes: wages, companies - Great Debates
  199. Gender and race: social constructs and the science of fear and arrogance. - Great Debates
  200. Does Charitable Giving Satisfy Obligation to Help the World?: unemployment, city - Great Debates