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  1. San Antonio to Houston ???: home, gated communities, property taxes - Texas (TX)
  2. Mixed couples in Texas: Houston, San Antonio: home, to live, military - (TX)
  3. Help With Neighborhoods: Houston, Austin, Deer Park: HOA, house, new construction - Texas (TX)
  4. moving to houston from miami: The Woodlands, Tomball: townhome, school, property taxes - Texas (TX)
  5. Rice military (memorial park) area: Houston, West: house, new construction, schools - Texas (TX)
  6. Average Heating/Cooling bills?: renters, houses, live in - Houston, Texas (TX)
  7. Hot Town/ Cool City PBS Insight of Houston: living, schedule - Texas (TX)
  8. Visiting Houston: San Antonio, Spring, Orange: best hotel, houses, theatre - Texas (TX)
  9. Zip Code 77027 !!: Houston, River Oaks: middle school, live, zoned - Texas (TX)
  10. The Woodlands favorite neighborhood: Conroe, Spring: homes, moving to, nicest - Houston, Texas (TX)
  11. 288/518 or 45/1959(Dixie Farm): Galveston, Pearland: house, to buy, pros and cons - Houston, Texas (TX)
  12. 77018: Houston, Kyle, Shepherd: apartment complexes, crime, house - Texas (TX)
  13. How do you protest your taxes?: Galveston: foreclosed, insurance, homes - Houston, Texas (TX)
  14. Old Town Spring: Houston: homes, schools, subdivisions - Texas (TX)
  15. I really need to know about Sugarland: Houston: to live in, toddlers - Texas (TX)
  16. Cost of a pool: Katy: how much, tile, maintenance - Houston, Texas (TX)
  17. Car window tinting?: Webster: price, shop, cheapest - Houston, Texas (TX)
  18. builders: houses, neighborhood, buy - Houston, Texas (TX)
  19. Newer apt complex in Katy: apartment complex, lease, house - Houston, Texas (TX)
  20. on Gun stores: Walmart, sell, firearms - Houston, Texas (TX)
  21. Spring, TX?: Houston, Howe: violent crime, to live, moving to - Texas
  22. School reports? not working on China: schools, free - Houston, Texas (TX)
  23. Family moving to houston: Richmond, West: rentals, crime, townhomes - Texas (TX)
  24. Relocating to Houston: The Woodlands, League City, Pearland: good schools, property taxes, price - Texas (TX)
  25. Best areas for single black professionals in Houston.: River Oaks: leasing, homes - Texas (TX)
  26. Hearthstone: Houston: to buy, living in, moving - Texas (TX)
  27. Parks and Parades: Houston: distance, sidewalk, people - Texas (TX)
  28. Finding a house to rent?: Houston, The Woodlands: for sale, rentals, buying a house - Texas (TX)
  29. Need Your Help! Need to move near Houston Community College Northeast and Houston University: Katy: school - Texas (TX)
  30. Dogs and renting: Houston: apartments, leasing, condos - Texas (TX)
  31. Best area for academics and athletics: The Woodlands: school district, college, station - Houston, Texas (TX)
  32. Kingwood/Woodlands and airplane noise: Houston, The Woodlands: homes, neighborhood, construction - Texas (TX)
  33. recommend a realtor in clear lake: house, buyers - Houston, Texas (TX)
  34. Fire Ants needed!!! due to allergic reaction to them =(: Houston: home, live - Texas (TX)
  35. Houston/Atlanta/Phoenix/Portland/: Austin: homes, movie theater, school - Texas (TX)
  36. Best Central Location between Bush Airport and University of Houston? And how is the Social Work Masters Program at UH?: Dallas: custom home - Texas (TX)
  37. Galveston Beach House rental questions: West, Moody: rentals, condos, hotel - Houston, Texas (TX)
  38. Single black female looking to relocate: Houston, Howe: lease, month to, school - Texas (TX)
  39. city life in houston: where to stay, theatres, shop - Texas (TX)
  40. i am sad: Houston, Waco, Anahuac: for sale, real estate, buying - Texas (TX)
  41. Relocating from NJ to Houston: Spring, Bellaire: transfer, school districts, live in - Texas (TX)
  42. 935 Bryne St 26 in Woodland Heights, good place?: White Oak: apartment complex, safe area - Houston, Texas (TX)
  43. Humble, Kingswood, TheWoodlands, Cypress: Houston, Sugar Land: fit in, new home, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  44. From AL to TX (Dallas, Austin, Houston): San Antonio, Waco: apartments, to rent - Texas
  45. Recommendations for private school in the Clear Lake/Friendswood area?: League City: private schools, college - Houston, Texas (TX)
  46. Property tax exemption for disabled Veterans/disabled people: Houston, Center: loans, house - Texas (TX)
  47. electric providers: Houston, Austin: insurance, house, luxury - Texas (TX)
  48. Interested!: Houston, Dallas, Sugar Land: fit in, house, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  49. House or townhouse in Houston: Pasadena, La Porte: apartment complex, rent, condos - Texas (TX)
  50. Museum District and Medical Center: Houston, West: real estate, apartments, rentals - Texas (TX)
  51. Clear Lake/Leage City/Kemah/Pasadena: League City, Stafford: affordable apartments, renting, to buy - Houston, Texas (TX)
  52. Country or Suburbs?: Houston, The Woodlands, Conroe: house, living in, move to - Texas (TX)
  53. Buyer REALLY need an attorney while buying home in Houston ?: Waco: real estate, lenders - Texas (TX)
  54. Best Houston subdivisions for keeping horses and equestrian activities: Waco: HOA fees, crime - Texas (TX)
  55. weather?: Houston, El Paso, Spring: fit in, statistics, relocating to - Texas (TX)
  56. Painter in Spring: Katy, San Diego: house, cabinets, live in - Houston, Texas (TX)
  57. moving to Houston and looking for rentals: Webster, West: apartment complexes, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  58. Where To Move In Houston: Atlanta: transplants, affordable apartments, loan - Texas (TX)
  59. Best Apartments in NW Houston?: Portland: appointed, transplants, apartment complex - Texas (TX)
  60. Camden-Midtown, Opinions?: Houston: apartment complex, renting, home - Texas (TX)
  61. How is the SOUTHWYCK/Silverlake Area????: Pearland, Alvin: live, restaurants, shopping centers - Houston, Texas (TX)
  62. Does Houston meet my criteria for a place to live?: Austin: cul-de-sac, sales - Texas (TX)
  63. SW Houston: Sugar Land, Dickinson, New Territory: new home, neighborhood, luxury - Texas (TX)
  64. You think would help me in Houston.: Portland, Center: apartments, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  65. HOW BEST TO WASTE THE 250k!: Houston, Dallas: real estate, lease, insurance - Texas (TX)
  66. The Woodlands Homefinder Center: new home, buying, best - Houston, Texas (TX)
  67. Good Moving Companies?: The Woodlands, Van, Point: truck rental, rental, insurance - Houston, Texas (TX)
  68. house or condo?: Houston, West, Rice: foreclosures, HOA fees, condos - Texas (TX)
  69. New job at MD Anderson...where is a good place to rent?: Houston: apartments - Texas (TX)
  70. New Job in La Porte: Houston, Pasadena: homes, neighborhoods, buying - Texas (TX)
  71. In love with Houston! Job Hunting: Center, Industry: transfer, garage, castle - Texas (TX)
  72. family neighborhoods: Houston, Center, Manor: cul-de-sac, townhome, purchase - Texas (TX)
  73. What's up with Linkwood?: for rent, houses, neighborhoods - Houston, Texas (TX)
  74. have a recommendation for a great OB/Gyn in West U./Med center area?: Houston: obgyn - Texas (TX)
  75. New Houston Zoo Photos 5-5-07: trees, park, pictures - Texas (TX)
  76. Black hairdressers in Woodlands, Spring: The Woodlands, Conroe: area, freeway, good - Houston, Texas (TX)
  77. More specifics concerning Sugar Land: New Territory, Richmond: real estate, house, neighborhoods - Houston, Texas (TX)
  78. Commute from Friendswood to MD Anderson/Medical Center?: Sugar Land, Pearland: neighborhoods, new construction - Houston, Texas (TX)
  79. Traffic in Houston: Katy: hotel, live in, airport - Texas (TX)
  80. Buffalo Bayou Photos Pt. I: Houston: pictures, top, town - Texas (TX)
  81. What's with all of the banks?: West, Wells: restaurants, to eat, car - Houston, Texas (TX)
  82. Willis Texas: schools, property taxes, live - Houston, (TX)
  83. Buying a house from a known bulider: Houston: real estate, appliances - Texas (TX)
  84. Possibly moving to Houston..HELP: Austin, Rice: college, live, military - Texas (TX)
  85. Best place to live with horses: Houston, Katy: for sale, homes, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  86. a property in Spring: for sale, how much, house - Houston, Texas (TX)
  87. Septic tank and well water: Spring: house, contractor, inspection - Houston, Texas (TX)
  88. Housing for 15 kids 7/15 ~ 8/04 URGENT: Houston: houses, school, budget - Texas (TX)
  89. Moving Companies?: Sugar Land: price, moving company, land - Houston, Texas (TX)
  90. Houston 360 - Photos 1-28-07: River Oaks: house, construction, living in - Texas (TX)
  91. Parks and Rection activities in KATY: Pearland, Cinco Ranch: hair salon, home, YMCA - Houston, Texas (TX)
  92. Houston - TMC and Rice Photos 12-06: Center, Weir: university, vacation - Texas (TX)
  93. How Much Closer is Pearland to Dowtown Compare to Sugar Land???: Houston: property tax, land - Texas (TX)
  94. Houston's race relations (for residents or visitors): fit in, home - Texas (TX)
  95. Houston - Post Oak Photos 3-02-07: how much, live - Texas (TX)
  96. Houston - A Day at the Museum Photos 2-04-07: West: home, construction - Texas (TX)
  97. Say it isnt so!!! Katy residents to my post!: Houston: college, to live in - Texas (TX)
  98. Tomball, what's it like?: Houston, Dallas: new home, school districts, to live - Texas (TX)
  99. Looking for GOOD on Houston: Austin, Galveston: apartment complexes, rent, crime - Texas (TX)
  100. Relocating To Houston Area Help!: Spring: sales, new home, deductible - Texas (TX)
  101. HOA fees in Canyon Gate @ Northpointe?: live, area, better - Houston, Texas (TX)
  102. Moving to Houston with kids, commute concerns: Pearland, Spring: for rent, homes - Texas (TX)
  103. subdivisions in clear creek isd: for sale, houses, neighborhoods - Houston, Texas (TX)
  104. to all: Houston: living, salsa dancing, parties - Texas (TX)
  105. 55+ communities: Houston, Cinco Ranch, Richmond: new home, subdivision, clubhouse - Texas (TX)
  106. Houston neighborhoods with the highest income (buying power)?: Katy, Cinco Ranch: new home, live - Texas (TX)
  107. Tx not polluted: Houston, Dallas, Austin: buying, living, price - Texas (TX)
  108. Looking for a Job in Houston: Dallas: sales, college, military - Texas (TX)
  109. knows of a good pediatrician in Katy or Houston TX: Magnolia: live, moving to - Texas
  110. Sales tax on car purchased in another state: Houston, Atlanta: transfer, buying - Texas (TX)
  111. Affortable Apartments within the Loop???: Houston, Center: real estate, rentals, lofts - Texas (TX)
  112. Best home / office locations: Houston, Austin: apartment, rent, townhomes - Texas (TX)
  113. therapist recommendation: Houston, Bellaire: live, medical center, psychiatrist - Texas (TX)
  114. We are in dire need of a big amusement park, but where will it go??: Houston: sale, real estate - Texas (TX)
  115. Prop Tax Kingwood vs. Woodlands?: Houston, The Woodlands: HOA fees, homeowners insurance, custom home - Texas (TX)
  116. Taylor Sr High and McMeans Jr High Your Experience: Katy: house, school district - Houston, Texas (TX)
  117. Floods zone in Katy: Houston, Sugar Land: how much, house, buy - Texas (TX)
  118. College Grad possibly moving to Houston: Highland Village, Rice: apartments, HOA fees, townhomes - Texas (TX)
  119. Houston Utilities: apartment complex, rent, how much - Texas (TX)
  120. Review of Houston: Dallas, Sugar Land, Galveston: real estate, lofts, condos - Texas (TX)
  121. Houston Downtown 5-3-07: Portland: live, prices, shops - Texas (TX)
  122. Channel 11 Report: Dubai - Houston's Competition?: Dallas, Commerce: how much, attorneys, home - Texas (TX)
  123. Other Neighbors with Tall/Mature Trees??: Houston, Sugar Land: how much, homes - Texas (TX)
  124. Sugarland Subdivisions Near 59??: New Territory, Sweetwater: homes, neighborhoods, buy - Houston, Texas (TX)
  125. Does Houston meet my criteria for a place to live?: Galveston: sales, real estate - Texas (TX)
  126. Woodlands future: Houston, Dallas, The Woodlands: crime, house, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  127. Public Transportation in Houston: West: big house, school, taxis - Texas (TX)
  128. Wall Homes: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio: home builders, neighborhoods, buying - Texas (TX)
  129. Early Intervention Programs in Houston: Galveston, Conroe: house, school districts, income - Texas (TX)
  130. Home Inspectors For Katy Area.: Houston, Taylor: buying a home, buying, new construction - Texas (TX)
  131. Best areas inside 610: Houston, Hamilton, Van: apartment, to rent, townhouses - Texas (TX)
  132. Houston Theater District Photos 12-08-06: house, pictures, town - Texas (TX)
  133. Is this true: Houston, Dallas, Pasadena: neighborhoods, living, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  134. Near Houston and TAMU: College Station, Brenham: for sale, how much, new house - Texas (TX)
  135. Humidity: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio: home, live, to move - Texas (TX)
  136. A few s about the Galveston area.: Houston, San Antonio: real estate, renting - Texas (TX)
  137. recommend furniture stores: Houston, Allen: hotels, houses, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  138. Possibly building in Shadow Creek Ranch and has questions...: Missouri City: HOA, mortgage - Houston, Texas (TX)
  139. Help Moving to Houston - Never Been There!: Friendswood, Rosenberg: leasing, best schools - Texas (TX)
  140. Bars/clubs: Houston: homes, school, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  141. Houston Art Car Parade 2007: Orange, Highland Village: shop, cars, place - Texas (TX)
  142. Cubans in Houston: Katy, Rice, Miami: home, living in, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  143. Moving to Houston...what area would fit me?: Bellaire, Seabrook: apartments, to rent - Texas (TX)
  144. How do I fire my Custom Home Builder: real estate, attorney - Houston, Texas (TX)
  145. commute from Woodlands to Texas Med Ctr: Houston, Fort Worth: living in, moving to - (TX)
  146. Algerian living in Houston: place, culture, communities - Texas (TX)
  147. Houston DT, Uptown & Galleria Photos 12-01-06: living, mall - Texas (TX)
  148. Are There Lizards In Houston?: how much, home, garden - Texas (TX)
  149. Downtown Houston Park: condo, townhomes, construction - Texas (TX)
  150. High number of sex offenders in Spring-why?: Houston, The Woodlands: apartments, credit - Texas (TX)
  151. Relocating north of Houston: The Woodlands, Conroe: apartments, rental, houses - Texas (TX)
  152. TOWNEWEST Subdivison: Houston, Austin, The Woodlands: condo, low crime, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  153. Kingwood Subdivision Map??: homes, purchase, school - Houston, Texas (TX)
  154. Peach Creek Plantation: Houston, Conroe, Cleveland: how much, house, buying - Texas (TX)
  155. relocation to Houston.: Sugar Land, The Woodlands: houses, neighborhood, school district - Texas (TX)
  156. Houston native or transplant?: San Antonio, Austin: college, living in, costs - Texas (TX)
  157. What's life really like in Houston?: College Station, University Park: sales, apartments, rentals - Texas (TX)
  158. neighborhoods in NW Houston: College Station, Bryan: apartments, condos, townhouse - Texas (TX)
  159. How much winter stuff to pack up and move?: Houston: houses, school - Texas (TX)
  160. Best suburb to commute to downtown Houston from?: Pearland, Katy: gated communities, subdivisions - Texas (TX)
  161. Drive-In Theatres: Houston, Pasadena, Texas City: RV park, apartments, movie theater - (TX)
  162. What the Harris county like?: Houston, Sugar Land: low crime, neighborhoods, to buy - Texas (TX)
  163. Sugar Land the 3rd best small city to live in per CNN money: Houston: best city, violent crime - Texas (TX)
  164. Moving to Aldine: Spring, Teague: high crime, homes, neighborhoods - Houston, Texas (TX)
  165. Help - Need quality PPCD program for 3 year old: Houston: how much, house - Texas (TX)
  166. Moving to to make friends: Rice: university, living in - Texas (TX)
  167. Egyptian Hair Salons in Houston?: Post, Howe: hair salon, live in, moving to - Texas (TX)
  168. How do feel about Imperial Homes?: The Woodlands, Spring: sales, house, neighborhood - Houston, Texas (TX)
  169. subdivision/schools/builders: Houston, Canyon Lake, Taylor: home builders, neighborhoods, buying - Texas (TX)
  170. Moving to Houston, TX from Phoenix, AZ: Sugar Land, League City: real estate, homes - Texas
  171. Austin vs Houston: Dallas, Portland, Howe: fit in, landscaping, universities - Texas (TX)
  172. Houston/Atlanta similarities & differences??: Dallas, San Antonio: home, neighborhoods, university - Texas (TX)
  173. Safe condos/townhouses in the Texas Medical Center Area?: Houston: low income, apartments - (TX)
  174. Opinions on Cinco Ranch for youngish family?: Houston, San Antonio: for sale, 2015 - Texas (TX)
  175. Woodlands vs. living in Spring area outside of Woodlands: Houston: sale, houses - Texas (TX)
  176. What's the Catch with Housing Prices?: Houston, Allen: homeowners insurance, house prices, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  177. on Schools...Kingwood and Kings River Area: Houston, Atascocita: real estate, renting - Texas (TX)
  178. Moving from Seattle to Houston, HELP!: San Antonio, Austin: apartment, houses, property taxes - Texas (TX)
  179. Where to Live in Houston: Sugar Land, The Woodlands: real estate, apartment, to rent - Texas (TX)
  180. Sienna Plantation - Paradigm Cove - Plantation Homes: Houston, Bellaire: HOA, crime - Texas (TX)
  181. For that know Houston: Portland, Kirby: apartments, rentals, house - Texas (TX)
  182. What do you think of Lake Livingston & San Jacinto County: San Antonio: crime, neighborhoods - Houston, Texas (TX)
  183. Waller Co Appraisal District: county, different - Houston, Texas (TX)
  184. Commute from Sugar Land Compare to From Spring: commute to, locations - Houston, Texas (TX)
  185. buyers agents in pearland: recommend - Houston, Texas (TX)
  186. AOL had a huge write up on Houston: travel, 2007 - Texas (TX)
  187. Houston Vacancy Rate - Texas (TX)
  188. Countdown to Houston: apartment, lease, buying - Texas (TX)
  189. Married Couple Looking to Buy in NW Houston: West: homes, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  190. relocating from so. fla.: The Woodlands: private schools, programs, great - Houston, Texas (TX)
  191. What are the best cities in Clear Creek ISD?: Houston: house, schools - Texas (TX)
  192. Sooner: Conroe: schools, moving to, area - Houston, Texas (TX)
  193. Court Reporting Institute of Houston: moving to, working, program - Texas (TX)
  194. New cities to explore: Houston, Austin: to live in, rated, commute to - Texas (TX)
  195. U. of Texas/Health Science Center-Safe??: Houston: condo, safe area, college - (TX)
  196. Home insurance rates after Rita?: title, companies, increase - Houston, Texas (TX)
  197. The Rockets: Van - Houston, Texas (TX)
  198. Jobs hunting: Houston, Katy: employment, wages, shops - Texas (TX)
  199. Relocating from Grand Rapids MI: Houston, San Antonio: property taxes, live, manufacturing - Texas (TX)
  200. Career in Physical Therapy...job market: Houston, Dallas: new home, living in, moving to - Texas (TX)