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  2. From Tokyo to California. Need living advice: Los Angeles, San Diego: apartment, find a job (CA)
  3. Article - Arizona, Nevada, New York All Have Higher Percentage Budget Deficits Than California: Los Angeles: sales (CA)
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  9. Air Pollution in Azusa: Los Angeles, Riverside: living in, health, places - California (CA)
  10. Truckee / Lk Tahoe overview / boating: Crest: home, move, vacation - California (CA)
  11. Tax (Wire Transfer): Santa Clarita: lawyer, house, buying - California (CA)
  12. Seeking information - santa cruz & vicinity: San Francisco, Salinas: fit in, apartment - California (CA)
  13. Best known So Cal cities: Los Angeles, San Diego: home, college, beach - California (CA)
  14. mortgage rate- house is ready but builder not ready to close: Sunnyvale: lease, mortgage broker - California (CA)
  15. California Legislators: tax, living in, retirement (CA)
  16. Fairfield CA - Paradise Valley pros and cons: new home, purchasing - California
  17. wine experts - - the vanishing wine barrel: Temecula: for sale, house - California (CA)
  18. Rain/thunderstorms in Southern California :): Los Angeles, San Diego: credit, home, live in (CA)
  19. There Will Never Be Another: images - California (CA)
  20. Moving to Agoura Hills ... need apartment: Thousand Oaks, Burbank: apartments, townhouse, tenants - California (CA)
  21. Meth Lab found on City of Bell mayor's property: Los Angeles: renter, attorney - California (CA)
  22. Does Folsom have hungry bugs?: scorpions, live in, rattlesnakes - California (CA)
  23. best town: Sacramento, Santa Monica, Sutter: home, schools, living - California (CA)
  24. Crime Reports?: Torrance, Corona, Lancaster: for sale, houses, transfer - California (CA)
  25. Lit cigarettes out the window (Paseo Robles?): Atascadero: school, live - California (CA)
  26. Funeral Homes List Needed: average cost, licensed, cemetery - California (CA)
  27. Happy Juneteenth: homes, wages, live - California (CA)
  28. From SJC to Santa Cruz: San Jose, Santa Clara: renting, cost, bus - California (CA)
  29. Job related move, Santa Clara or Huntington beach?: San Jose: for sale, real estate - California (CA)
  30. Trying to Embrace The Citylife Near Fairfield And Vacavilla: San Francisco: homes, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  31. Whales surfacing between Shell Beach and Pismo: Pismo Beach, Nice: schools, living - California (CA)
  32. What's it like for minorities (Mexican, Black, Indian that live in Yucaipa, California?: Orange: schools (CA)
  33. What are the resitrictions on a gear head?: Davis, Pismo Beach: house, law school - California (CA)
  34. for getting rebate from installing a solar system.: credit, home - California (CA)
  35. Long Beach: Lakewood, Belmont, Signal Hill: condos, home, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  36. Where to buy? Antioch or Brentwood: Walnut: foreclosures, houses, neighborhood - California (CA)
  37. Stockton...?: Vallejo: gangs, pool, things to do - California (CA)
  38. Is there a California state scholarship program for college?: high school, colleges (CA)
  39. News, Calif. teen to run for city council.: San Jose, Fremont: high school, place - California (CA)
  40. Fresno Assemblyman Leaves Democratic Party - Says Will Be Independent of Party: San Francisco: house - California (CA)
  41. Collyfornia: stereotypical, typical, hours - California (CA)
  42. fresno condos on shaw and platt: Clovis, Fowler: apartments, rentals, loft - California (CA)
  43. fresno safety and air quality??: San Diego, San Francisco: violent crime, neighborhoods, allergies - California (CA)
  44. Need your advice: Relocate to CA or NY?: San Jose: rentals, job market - California
  45. How scared should we be???: Empire: real estate, to rent, mortgage - California (CA)
  46. DROUGHTLESS areas of nothern california that are farmable ??: Sacramento: renting, houses - California (CA)
  47. San Ramon/Danville Stay-at-home Moms: San Jose: fit in, daycare, neighborhood - California (CA)
  48. 3 dead, 7 injured in Pico Rivera drive by shootings: Nice: violent crime, home - California (CA)
  49. Healthcare workers sue state over pay: Los Angeles, Oakland: homes, college, salary - California (CA)
  50. moving to Santa Barbara....HELP:): Oxnard, Alameda: movers, houses, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  51. go back and forth from East to West Coast?: San Diego: apartment, house - California (CA)
  52. rent refund: renter, month to, lawyer - California (CA)
  53. looking to move to paradise / magnalia,ca: Magalia: sex offenders, schools - California (CA)
  54. Out of state speeding ticket: insurance, school, live in - California (CA)
  55. I'm Susan!: house, income, babysitting - California (CA)
  56. drivers license as an internationmal student?: requirement, passport, students - California (CA)
  57. Finding a roofer with good refs near Pacifica?: home, area - California (CA)
  58. Give Arnold a Chance!: Sacramento: buy, office, mayor - California (CA)
  59. Getting New CA Drivers License = pain?: San Diego: apartment, hotel, DMV - California
  60. What will be the eventual outcome of the California Budget Crisis?: Sacramento: houses, unemployment (CA)
  61. 55+ Mobile Home Parks. Chico and North: Redding, Oroville: sale, live in, club - California (CA)
  62. Music Career: living, cost, move to - California (CA)
  63. living between UCLA & Orange County: Long Beach, Huntington Beach: renting, safe neighborhood, school districts - California (CA)
  64. CA school performance maps: high school, homeowner, areas - California
  65. California Casualty Nurse's preferred Auto Insurance plan: discount, estimated (CA)
  66. Future of Transports: San Diego, Fresno, Sacramento: sales, new house, subsidized - California (CA)
  67. Relocating to the Santa Cruz Area?: Watsonville, San Luis Obispo: apartments, to rent, condo - California (CA)
  68. how much money should I save to move to California(northern, humboldt/mendo, or bay area): college (CA)
  69. Santa Rosa Bugs: Petaluma, Folsom: motels, houses, live - California (CA)
  70. Want to move to cooler part of CA: Fresno, Sacramento: find a job, minimum wage - California
  71. You know if Stockton...: Modesto, Redwood City: section 8, crime, loans - California (CA)
  72. for long time Vallejo residents: station, photos - California (CA)
  73. help me reminisce-don't quite know where to post: San Francisco: rental car, rental - California (CA)
  74. Advice on Apt. Rentals In Goleta: Santa Barbara, Vista: apartment, how much, mobile home - California (CA)
  75. Looking to buy land and buy a manufactored home in Humboldt Co: Mountain Ranch: for sale - California (CA)
  76. Commute from Santa Cruz to Monterey: San Jose, Pacific Grove: to live in, commute to, area - California (CA)
  77. California Unemployment Sees Very Small Drop in April to 11%: Fresno: unemployment rate, construction (CA)
  78. Closing 80% of state parks? What's a tourist to do?: San Diego: construction, salary - California (CA)
  79. Davis California, worth moving to?: Sacramento: houses, public schools, university (CA)
  80. Forbes Article - Can California Make A Comeback: Fresno: insurance, brokers (CA)
  81. Road Trippin' Northern California: San Francisco, Sacramento: hotel, construction, camping (CA)
  82. Op-Ed: How Environmentalists Impoverish Blue Collar Californians: San Francisco, Sacramento: agriculture, rated (CA)
  83. Moving from Vail, Colorado to Humboldt county: Imperial, Arnold: rent, job market - California (CA)
  84. LA to Chicago on Route 66?: Los Angeles, Mojave: living, restaurant, versus - California (CA)
  85. Rape in Hanford: marketplace, celebrity, office - California (CA)
  86. California Teachers:Will you tough it out or move: San Diego: homes, public schools (CA)
  87. NY Times article: Slump Dashes Oregon Dreams of Californians: Fresno: transplants, house prices (CA)
  88. help! I am looking to relocate from Arizona to Cali.: San Diego: real estate, rental - California (CA)
  89. NEED ADVICE: Looking to relocate from Indiana to Northern California: Fresno: low crime, employment (CA)
  90. Where to move? Modesto or Riverside, CA?: Los Angeles, San Diego: section 8, real estate - California
  91. Can moving to CA be a good decision during times?: Arnold: sales, apartment - California
  92. Let's lighten the mood a little: Nice: rental, house, buy - California (CA)
  93. Need for Drive from Chicago to LA: Los Angeles: motel, movies - California (CA)
  94. Los Angeles traffic vs. Bay Area traffic: illustrated: San Francisco, Sacramento: rentals, homes - California (CA)
  95. How Expensive is California? (Compared to AZ?): San Diego, San Jose: sales, leasing (CA)
  96. Red alert, Red alert! CA is losing it...: sales, layoffs - California
  97. State Adds Marijuana Smoke to List of Known Carcinogens: San Jose: asbestos, live - California (CA)
  98. Exit tax in California??: income, taxes, live (CA)
  99. To all you geniuses who think You can easily balance the budget....: Los Angeles: sales, how much - California (CA)
  100. Englishman Redding, CA: San Francisco, Sacramento: to rent, crime, buying a home - California
  101. Ghost Towns and other Desert Site seeing?: Sacramento, Mojave: living, shopping mall - California (CA)
  102. Thinking about moving to California, but need help: San Diego: fit in, sales (CA)
  103. California is BROKE, but they have plenty of resources for THIS!: bankrupt, tax (CA)
  104. Moving to Frazier Park, California: Bakersfield, Santa Clarita: apartment, renting, violent crime (CA)
  105. Looking for my son's father can you help?: Visalia, Tulare: high school, living in - California (CA)
  106. Moving to Tehachapi: Los Angeles, Golden Hills, Keene: best town, transplants, real estate - California (CA)
  107. Lompoc, Whats the story?: San Francisco, Fresno: appointed, renting, houses - California (CA)
  108. 5225 Figueroa Mountain Rd, Los Olivos, CA 93441 (Another way to make money): Santa Barbara: motels, house - California
  109. Why are CA's freeway signs so dirty?: San Diego, Orange: living in, versus - California
  110. HELP. Best place to live in California in your opinion?: Los Angeles: find a job, living (CA)
  111. Calabasas or San Luis Obispo? Which is the Best?: Los Angeles: home, employment - California (CA)
  112. Looking to move from Boston to Cali!: home, unemployment - California (CA)
  113. relocation to California--Santa Cruz? Monteray? Watsonville?: San Jose, San Francisco: to rent, crime (CA)
  114. California Collapsing: attorneys, employment, construction (CA)
  115. Time to impeach Arnie: Davis, Arnold: low income, sales, crime - California (CA)
  116. Young farm family looking for opportunity: Chico, Petaluma: for sale, lease, homes - California (CA)
  117. bakersfield: Fresno, Oildale: find a job, transfer to, buy - California (CA)
  118. California in Comparison: Sacramento, August, Klamath: home, maintenance, live (CA)
  119. Living expense calculator for CA: Los Angeles, San Francisco: apartment, renting, how much - California
  120. State of California preparing for IOU's: Fresno: lease, bad credit, high school (CA)
  121. Go to school in Cali for 1 year from Toronto, Ontario?: San Francisco: credit, loans - California (CA)
  122. Why is Stockton overwhelmingly Latino?: Fresno: how much, living in, gangs - California (CA)
  123. What city (area/town) Should I live in Cali?: San Francisco: best cities, safe area - California (CA)
  124. about the Governator...: Anaheim, Arnold: section 8, renting, hotel - California (CA)
  125. California the Beautiful - Redwoods and Rhododendrons: Santa Monica, Arcadia: house, earthquake (CA)
  126. Relocating to CA- looking for small towns with hospital: San Francisco: school, university - California
  127. HUGE uprise of CA natives in Indiana: Los Angeles, Oakland: transplants, rent - California
  128. Battle of the Southern California Beaches: Los Angeles County vs. Orange County vs. San Diego County: Riverside: rentals, live (CA)
  129. Mendocino / Yuba City - move.. ideas?: San Diego, Sacramento: fit in, real estate - California (CA)
  130. Where to move - Silicon Valley, LA area, OC, San Diego?: San Francisco: rental, tech jobs - California (CA)
  131. So Cal and Nor Cal lifestyles the same or different?: San Diego: fit in, living - California (CA)
  132. Pomona Area: Diamond Bar, Claremont, Nice: how much, safe neighborhoods, good schools - California (CA)
  133. Redding: San Diego, Sacramento, Riverside: sex offenders, income, living in - California (CA)
  134. Southern California Bowhunting: Los Angeles: activity, best place, rattlesnakes (CA)
  135. CA Low Cost Auto Insurance Program: Los Angeles, San Diego: low income, vehicle registration, broker - California
  136. California Vs. Arizona: San Diego, Nice, Julian: real estate, apartment, rentals (CA)
  137. CA housing: undervalued: Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside: middle-class, for sale, real estate market - California
  138. Relocating..weighing pro's & con's: Sacramento, Santa Clara: fit in, houses, job market - California (CA)
  139. soak the rich, lose the rich Sacramento, Orange: loan, attorney - California (CA)
  140. location n cali: Fresno, Merced, El Centro: high crime, employment, place to live - California (CA)
  141. Fastest way from LAX to Disneyland: Los Angeles, Irvine: houses, construction, bus - California (CA)
  142. California Government Not Bloated?: Sacramento, Davis: sales, credit, schools (CA)
  143. Governor proposes $5.5 Billion in cuts to welfare, healthcare, prisons, higher ed, parks: Fresno: public schools, college - California (CA)
  144. Car Registration Fees: Davis: DMV, income, income tax - California (CA)
  145. Marin County or Contra Costa County..where would you move?: San Francisco: good schools, college - California (CA)
  146. California weather: Fresno: crime rates, house, closing (CA)
  147. CA School Performance Map- best one I've found: house, buying - California
  148. What happened to California?: Montclair: unemployment, tax, agricultural (CA)
  149. Will the economic impact of the State Park Closings be higher than the taxpayer support?: San Francisco: sales, hotel - California (CA)
  150. Moving to Santa Clarita area, Help with neighborhoods!: Vista, Soledad: rent, new home - California (CA)
  151. Raise a family in Illnois or California: Los Angeles, Long Beach: rent, loans (CA)
  152. Best Overall Restaurant In California (For a Roadtrip): San Diego: house, live (CA)
  153. 5% cut for State Workers...: crime, bankrupt, school - California (CA)
  154. I'm transfering to College of the Redwoods in Humboldt and curious as to where I should live: Eureka: rental, good credit - California (CA)
  155. landlord in default: Temecula: for sale, real estate, foreclosures - California (CA)
  156. Good Fishing Spots in California: Big Bear Lake, Bishop: shop, best, area (CA)
  157. Long Distance Renting, Atascadero: Vista, August: apartments, rental, broker - California (CA)
  158. Is Pacific Garden Mall in Santa Cruz like Downtown Center in San Luis Obispo?: Chico: salon, home - California (CA)
  159. Trail running & dog walking in Santa Barbara: high school, college - California (CA)
  160. cool june: apartment, DMV, live in - California (CA)
  161. No Central Valley Subforum?: San Jose, Fresno: home, preschools, living in - California (CA)
  162. From Houston to California..Where should I go?: San Diego, Fresno: renter, transfer (CA)
  163. Can semi-conservative, non pot-smoking Southerners be happy in Humboldt County?: Sacramento: fit in, renting - California (CA)
  164. Zagat's rates In-N-Out best Fast Food Burger in America: Vacaville: price, rated - California (CA)
  165. Let's Rename California: Yuba City, Winters, Arnold: land, winters, capita (CA)
  166. Texan teen moving to California-right move?: Los Angeles: apartments, rent, school (CA)
  167. Connecticut vs. Southern California: San Diego, Orange: low income, crime, home (CA)
  168. state parks & possibly another vlf increase: San Diego, Sacramento: sales, car registration - California (CA)
  169. California: Raise taxes wealthy and business will flea, cut services, poor will end up homeless: crimes, school (CA)
  170. Most environmentally conscious towns in California?: Los Angeles, San Diego: best cities, sales, house (CA)
  171. Move from Indiana to California: Woodland, Winters: real estate, crime, how much (CA)
  172. Road trip: Need your top 5 fun places to visit in Northern CA: San Diego: hotel, camp - California
  173. What's Up with CalJobs???: employment, dangerous, money - California (CA)
  174. Moving to Mountain View where to live?: Sunnyvale, Walnut Creek: apartments, rent - California (CA)
  175. SLO only CA city to make the list: homes, purchase - California
  176. is the 1/4 to shelter rule-of-thumb still applicable?: San Luis Obispo, Pacific Grove: for sale, real estate - California (CA)
  177. California Allergies!! Best place to live in CA!!: San Francisco: houses, buy
  178. schoolbooks going digital: home, purchase, high school - California (CA)
  179. Confusion on CA minimum tax laws imposed on LLCs... help!: insurance, how much - California
  180. vehicle smog & moving permit in ca: Sacramento, San Leandro: car registration, insurance - California (CA)
  181. Squatter Rights during eviction from home that has previously foreclosed and vacated: San Diego: squatters, house - California (CA)
  182. Less Than Flattering Alternate City Names?: Anaheim, Oxnard: foreclose, crime, felony - California (CA)
  183. on Fresno: Clovis, Rodeo: foreclosures, home, job market - California (CA)
  184. Humboldt Co; Relocating and need Rental: Arcata: employment, housing, requirements - California (CA)
  185. RN interested in the Folsom area: how much, safe area, utilities - California (CA)
  186. CA laid-off workers to receive aid for health insurance: law, bill - California
  187. Bufest: should - California (CA)
  188. Tahoe area and Income tax differences: Truckee: where to live, restaurants, pubs - California (CA)
  189. Haunted Hotspots In California (CA)
  190. Best beach in South Lake Tahoe?: people - California (CA)
  191. Bars in Palmdale?: Lancaster: hotel, restaurants, places to go - California (CA)
  192. searching for my Cousin: Fresno: living in, near, address - California (CA)
  193. Trouble renting in Bakersfield w/ 1 child: Delano: low income, rental, loans - California (CA)
  194. rv parks near sacramento and yuba city: drive - California (CA)
  195. Health Plan Administrators, Inc problems: health insurance, company, payment - California (CA)
  196. See You All In Yosemite or at Hearst Castle!: Fresno: parks, near - California (CA)
  197. Commute time from American Canyon/Napa to Novato?: estimate, drive - California (CA)
  198. California residency: to rent, tenant, school (CA)
  199. Visit Palm Springs by our discount code LKSC and get 10% discount: hotel - California (CA)
  200. 55+ Mobile Communities in Northern California: Sacramento: pros and cons, upkeep, live (CA)