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  1. Pilbara wind resources: day, cyclone, most, normal - Weather
  2. Ice Age was caused by shift in polar axis?: climate, snow, day - Weather
  3. How would the earth's climate be different if the Arctic was a land mass like Antarctica?: ice, days - Weather
  4. The Arctic Oscillation and the Polar Vortex: climate, warm, ice - Weather
  5. NOAA monthly temperature normals do not match raw GHCN-Daily data - explanation: climate, averages - Weather
  6. Which day is the low temperature shown in weather apps for?: recorded, temperatures
  7. Polar Nights- No sunshine for 66 days in Utqlagvik: climate, snow, recorded - Weather
  8. Where does google get their climate normals from?: averages, temperatures, city - Weather
  9. Has the weather ever been perfect across the world at the same time?: hot, temperatures
  10. Climate battle: Hongkong's winter vs Vancouver's summer: hot, warm, record - Weather
  11. Climate battle - Moscow, Russia vs Vladivostok, Russia: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  12. Climate battle: Nashville 1941-1970 vs Philadelphia 1991-current: warm, averages, city - Weather
  13. Climate battle: Kyoto vs Isle of Wight: snow, warm, season - Weather
  14. Prince climate battle: warmest, Canada, cloud, North - Weather
  15. Climate battle: Cape Hatteras vs Jeju City: warm, average, America - Weather
  16. Rate Australia's driest climate: Coober Pedy, SA: hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  17. Climate battle: Lhasa vs Santa Fe: average, comparison, winter, comfortable - Weather
  18. Rate the climate: Port Moresby: hot, temperatures, rainfall, seasons - Weather
  19. Place in the US with the hottest summers that is outside of Death Valley?: climate, record - Weather
  20. Rate the Climate Astoria:: snowfall, warmest, average, precipitation - Weather
  21. Rate the climate: Rovaniemi: snowy, warm, averages, temperature - Weather
  22. California's climate in a LIA scenario?: snow, warm, ice, records - Weather
  23. Are highs or lows more important in describing the weather?: climate, temperatures
  24. Rate the climate: Sydney Harbour: records, 2015, day, storms - Weather
  25. Climate and Building Energy Performance: warm, temperature, days, cities - Weather
  26. Rate the climate: Carson City: snowfall, temperatures, season, Canada - Weather
  27. Coldest winters in the L.A. area?: city, most, april - Weather
  28. Palm Trees General Discussion Part 2: climate, snow, hot, city - Weather
  29. Rate the Climate: Split, Croatia: snow, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  30. Rate the Climate: Parkersburg, OH & WV: snowy, hot, towns - Weather
  31. Bsh/Bwh Climate battle: North Western Australia vs. Rajasthan: hot, ice, records - Weather
  32. concerning cold weather and humidity: climate, warm, temp, storm
  33. Do Canadians think winter in Beijing is extremely cold?: snow, warm, average - Weather
  34. Is Tutiempo reliable?: climate, snow, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  35. Rate the Fictional Climate: Weathertop: warmest, average, temperature, precipitation
  36. Fictional Climate Battle: temperate and tropical four season climates: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  37. Rate the fictional climate: Miteiru Dake De: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  38. Does Arizona ever have 'snow days' in higher elevations?: storms, places, thunderstorms - Weather
  39. Rate the fictional climate: Shiratama Anmitsu: hot, warm, temperature, days - Weather
  40. Places where temperatures rise very fast in spring.: climate, warm, record - Weather
  41. Rate the climate: Cherrypicked NYC: snowfall, hot, warm, record - Weather
  42. Average high of 32 F (0 C) vs. 90 F (32 C)?: snow, city, cold - Weather
  43. Vilcabamba, Ecuador climate: temperatures, rainfall, cities, season - Weather
  44. A wet Fall for Ketchikan, AK: season, inches, South, raining - Weather
  45. Rate the climate: My Backyard Station: snowy, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  46. Three way climate battle: Cardiff vs Las Vegas vs Thunder Bay: warm, Canada - Weather
  47. Climate battle: Tatras Mountains vs the Adirondacks.: average, towns, seasons - Weather
  48. Rate the climate of Tokat, Turkey: snow, hot, record, temperature - Weather
  49. Climate battle - Valparaiso, Chile vs La Plata, Argentina: warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  50. Climate Battle: Tunis vs San Antonio: snowfall, hot, record, temperatures - Weather
  51. Median Days With >1 Inch of Snow on the Ground: climate, city - Weather
  52. How tough is Arizona against snow in higher elevations?: climate, places, world - Weather
  53. Rate: Sao Tome: climate, warm, places, dew point - Weather
  54. What time is it? It's nor'easter time!: snow, days, rain - Weather
  55. Humidity of cities in the Summer (From Weathersparks): climate, warmest, averages
  56. How much does ocean temperature affect the Socal monsoon season?: hot, warm - Weather
  57. All-Time Record High for Los Angeles County... 121 degrees F: hottest, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  58. Rate the climate: Lakewood, Colorado: snowfall, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  59. Large Fictional Climate Battle: snow, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  60. Rate the climate: Sombor, Serbia: snowfall, hot, record, temperatures - Weather
  61. Where to find a map of average dew points across US?: normal, Oregon - Weather
  62. Should mesothermal climates be a separate group: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  63. Climate Battle: Alaska's 3 Largest Cities: averages, most, inches, sunshine - Weather
  64. Climate Battle: Minneapolis, USA versus Moscow, Russia: snowfall, warm, temperatures - Weather
  65. Rate the Climate: Vancouver 2019: snowfall, warm, temp, city - Weather
  66. Why are the Great Plains in the west quite mild compared to the in the eastern part?: cities, South - Weather
  67. Which continent is more climatically diverse, Australia or Africa?: climate, ice, rainfall - Weather
  68. Guess The Location.: climate, records, rainfall, precipitation - Weather
  69. Eureka CA coastal snowfall?: climate, days, city, freeze - Weather
  70. rate the climate: Ellery lake, California: warm, degree, sunny, degrees - Weather
  71. Dfa climate with hotter summers than Cfa climate: hottest, warm, average - Weather
  72. Airport Climate Battle: LHR vs HPN: snow, hot, average, temperatures - Weather
  73. More concerning future? West Coast Wildfires or Gulf-East coast Storms?: climate, tornado - Weather
  74. Sunniest and Cloudiest Places Where You Live: climate, snow, storms - Weather
  75. VERY dry weather in north-central Minnesota: climate, snowy, record, temperatures
  76. Climate battle Twin Cities vs Phoenix: comparison, different - Weather
  77. Rate my (current) dream climate: snowfall, warm, average, days - Weather
  78. Rate the fictional climate: Kempeitan: average, temperatures, precipitation, city - Weather
  79. Rate the Climate Change possibilities for Illinois: warm, record, warming - Weather
  80. Rate the climate Ćuprija (central Serbia): snow, record, temperature - Weather
  81. know where to find data on thunderstorm days per month?: climate, average - Weather
  82. Which city is most likely to become a desert under unchecked global warming?: climate, temperature - Weather
  83. Which city will become tropical under Unchecked Global Warming ?: climate, hot, warmest - Weather
  84. Holidays that you don't mind or prefer rain?: snowy, temperature, USA - Weather
  85. First and last day with average low below freezing: climate, temperature, city - Weather
  86. Which East Coast USA seaside town has the mildest year round climate?: hot, warm - Weather
  87. Rate the fictional climate: Point Century: snowfall, hot, warm, record - Weather
  88. Northernmost Continental Climate: warm, recorded, days, city - Weather
  89. Best climate for biking: Nanaimo vs Ghent: snowy, rainfall, days - Weather
  90. Weather forecast deceptive for Florida: climate, warm, sprinkle, days
  91. How would you define a climate with four seasons?: warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  92. Climate battle: Cork vs Gatlinburg: snow, hot, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  93. Climate battle: New Haven, US vs. Galaţi, Romania: Connecticut - Weather
  94. Rate the climate: Downieville, CA: California - Weather
  95. Rate the fictional climate: Inside the Dream: warm, days, precipitation - Weather
  96. Why do meteorologists in Toronto think 0C/32F is 'mild' in January?: climate, warm - Weather
  97. Rate the climate: Kangaroo Island, Australia: hot, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  98. Winter 2020-21 Photo (Northern Hemisphere): snow, record, 2015, days - Weather
  99. Rate the fictional climate: Rivendell: snowy, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  100. Why is Brownsville, Texas so cloudy during winter?: climate, records, temperatures - Weather
  101. How would your city’s climate change with global warming?: tornado, snow - Weather
  102. Does the Carolinas have the Goldilocks climate on the East Coast?: snow, hot - Weather
  103. What's your favorite climate type and why?: hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  104. Snowstorm December 16-17, 2020: warm, temp, 2014, days - Weather
  105. Fitzroy Crossing ( Australia ) 2020 Build Up to the Wet Season: climate, hot, recorded - Weather
  106. Coldest, Cloudiest, Snowiest And Most Humid Cities In The USA: climate, warm - Weather
  107. Would you rather live with an average high of 32 F (0 C) or 90 F (32 C)?: hot, temperature - Weather
  108. Correlation between political views and preferred weather: climate, snow, hot
  109. Cfa/Bsh transitional climate vs. Dfb/Bsk transitional climate: warm, average, cities - Weather
  110. What are the warmest winter temperatures that will produce dormant trees?: climate, averages - Weather
  111. strongest cold front in decades reaching East China: ice, record, temperatures - Weather
  112. Rate the Climate: Syracuse, NY: snowy, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  113. Climate battle: Turpan, China vs Prince Rupert, Canada: hot, warmest, averages - Weather
  114. Bangor vs Barbados: climate, snowy, hot, warmest - Weather
  115. Mean minimum and mean maximum temperatures: climate, hottest, record, Chicago - Weather
  116. What are places which have much different weather/climate/landscape to what they are portrayed to have?: snowy, hot
  117. Days like today are why Im glad I live in a Dfa/b climate: snowy, warm - Weather
  118. Why do average highs for places in Southern California go up and down during winter?: climate, warmest - Weather
  119. Places where days in summer are cooler than days in winter: climate, warm - Weather
  120. Rate the Climate- Tagaytay, Philippines: hottest, warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  121. La Nina is back....2020: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  122. Antero Reservoir, Colorado hits -50 on December 30th: snow, warm, recorded - Weather
  123. 1991-2020 Averages: climate, warmest, rainfall, days - Weather
  124. Rate the climate: East Hampton (east coast Mediterranean): snow, warm, record - Weather
  125. 2020 in review: climate, tornado, snowfall, hottest - Weather
  126. Gradient Density Map of Native Palm Species per 10000 km2 (Location of Humid Subtropics): climate, locations - Weather
  127. How many frosty mornings does your city have annually?: climate, average, days - Weather
  128. Inhabited place with the coldest summer: climate, warmest, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  129. What's your LEAST favorite climate type and why?: tornadoes, snow, hot - Weather
  130. Where To Get Recorded High/Lows?: climate, temperature, day, history - Weather
  131. Is the climate of Genoa subtropical or Mediterranean?: snowfall, warm, rainfall - Weather
  132. Northernmost location with four seasons: climate, snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  133. Rate the fictional climate: Hobbiton: snow, warm, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  134. Areas that get significant freezing rain: climate, tornado, snowing, warm - Weather
  135. Linares, Chile CLimate rating: hot, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  136. Which are the most and least climatically diverse continents?: climate, ice, temperatures - Weather
  137. In your climate, in what months or season does the biggest temperature shift occurs?: hot, warm - Weather
  138. Percent of Winters with Measurable Snow: snowfall, warm, averages, days - Weather
  139. Rate the Climate: Las Palmas (de Gran Canaria): warm, temperatures, places - Weather
  140. Koppen Classification vs Environment: climate, warm, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  141. October 2020 Summary: climate, hottest, warmest, records - Weather
  142. Cities that are a Cold weather paradise: climate, snowy, warm
  143. Canadian Territory Capital Climate Battle: snowfall, record, temperatures, days - Weather
  144. Climate battle: Las Palmas vs Palm Beach vs Palm Springs: warmest, places - Weather
  145. What are the hottest US cities where you can maintain an indoor summer temp of 80F without using AC or swamp coolers??: warm, average - Weather
  146. Spring 2020 (Southern Hemisphere): climate, snowfall, warm, record - Weather
  147. When is the first snow faling at your side?: average, 2015, days - Weather
  148. Climate Battle Atlanta vs Washington D.C: hot, warm, average - Weather
  149. What parts of the world is snow most disruptive to populations?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  150. Battle of the very strange climates: snow, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  151. Winter 2020-21 Discussion (Northern Hemisphere): climate, snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  152. How long does your snowpack last?: climate, snow storm, warm, record - Weather
  153. What are Mediterranean Climates that have rather uncomfortable weather?: tornado, hottest
  154. Snowfall Totals 2020-21: warm, record, global warming, 2015 - Weather
  155. Climates that are sunnier/cloudier than they should be?: recorded, days, precipitation - Weather
  156. When does fall start for you?: climate, snow, warm, temperatures - Weather
  157. How do you survive the long, cold winter if you cannot bear the cold?: climate, snow - Weather
  158. Coldest temperature you have experienced: snow, warm, 2014, day - Weather
  159. Is Darwin as hot and humid as the Gulf Coast?: record, days - Weather
  160. Rate the climate Vinnytsia, Ukraine: snow, warm, temperature, city - Weather
  161. Are Brisbane summers closer to Florida or Hawaii summers in terms of dew points?: climate, hot - Weather
  162. Define Temperate Rainforest: climate, snow, warm, averages - Weather
  163. Climates that you'd think would handle snow ice but don't?: snowfall, record - Weather
  164. Difference between your January mean maximum and July mean minimum.: average, locations - Weather
  165. Which Augusta?: climate, hot, records, precipitation - Weather
  166. How would you alter the geography of your climate to influence it?: snowy, warm - Weather
  167. Climate battle: Melbourne, Australia vs Nashville, USA: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  168. What is your average annual last and first day below 50 F (10 C): warm, averages - Weather
  169. Climate battle - Turpan, China vs Torshavn, United Kingdom: hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  170. Nordic and Russian Snowfall Totals: climate, hot, warm, records - Weather
  171. Rate the climate: Knezha, Bulgaria: snow, hot, warm, records - Weather
  172. Typical weather anywhere on Earth: climate, averages, temperatures, day
  173. Climate Battle: Raleigh, NC vs Maebashi, Japan: snow, warm, recorded - Weather
  174. What areas in the US get thunderstorms but otherwise aren't humid?: tornadoes, recorded - Weather
  175. November 2020 Summary: warmest, records, temp, rainfall - Weather
  176. Least frequent # of precipitation days on the east coast: climate, hot, averages - Weather
  177. Does being the warmest place in a cool/cold country make it seem warmer?: climate, tornado - Weather
  178. Summer 2020-2021 (Southern Hemisphere): snowfalls, hottest, warmest, recorded - Weather
  179. September 2020 Summary: climate, hottest, warmest, recorded - Weather
  180. Does Kansas City in January get wet or dry snow more often ?: climate, snowy - Weather
  181. Can olive trees grow in Myrtle Beach ?: climate, snow, warmest - Weather
  182. Max & Min Temps Number of Days within a Range 2020: average, temperature - Weather
  183. Does your grass stay green during the summertime?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  184. Most equatorial location with four seasons?: warm, averages, temperature, locations - Weather
  185. Winter Severity Index (WSI): climate, snow, ice, average - Weather
  186. What do you wear in the rain?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  187. What area of the USA has the lower UV Rays.: cities, most - Weather
  188. What temperature do trees usually start leafing/grow dormant.: warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  189. Why is Seattle so wet?: climate, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  190. When is your average first and last freeze?: snow, temp, 2015 - Weather
  191. Mount Washington NH US (air temp WARMS today with higher altitude: temperature, season - Weather
  192. UAH Global Temperature Update for December 2020: +0.27 deg. C: warmest, record, warming - Weather
  193. Rate your climate year-by-year: snowfall, warmest, record, 2015 - Weather
  194. Weather measurements on the go in Alaska - extreme temperature variations over short distances: humidity, map
  195. Reno Nevada vs Bend Oregon vs Yakima WA vs Calgary Climate Ratings and discussion?: most, West - Weather
  196. Climate battle: Brisbane vs NYC vs Tokyo (Summer only): city, sunshine, summers - Weather
  197. rate the climate: White mtn 2, CA: cold - Weather
  198. Walk Like A Penguin: ice, storm, hours, winter - Weather
  199. Climates that have had more thunderstorms then you'd expect? - Weather
  200. Which fantasy climates on would most likely to close school/work on snow days?: snowfall - Weather