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  1. Haines Alaska breaks snowfall record for 24 hours: climate, days, city - Weather
  2. Is it OK to call Dfb/Dsb/Dwb hemiboreal?: climate, warmest, ice - Weather
  3. Which do you prefer: Lima or Walvis Bay?: climate, warmest, temperature - Weather
  4. What will be the climate on islands?: warm, ice, temperatures - Weather
  5. Climate battle: Saint-Petersburg vs Vladivostok: warm, temperatures, days, place - Weather
  6. where is coldest places in 2020?: climate, ice, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  7. A Chillier World: climate, warm, ice, average - Weather
  8. Is it Dxd or Dxb?: climate, warmest, average, months - Weather
  9. Places with very heavy rains but under 20 inches of precipitation?: average, days - Weather
  10. have average monthly US heat index maps?: climate, hot, ice - Weather
  11. Are climates like Happy Valley-Goose Bay (with less than 4 months above 10 C / 50 F) REALLY Dfb climates?: warmest, averages - Weather
  12. Rate the climate Križevci, Croatia: warm, temperature, sunny, annual - Weather
  13. Alternate North America - What Would The Climate And Vegetation Be?: average, precipitation - Weather
  14. Climates of 2019: snow, warm, record, precipitation - Weather
  15. Rate my dream climate (fictional): snowy, hot, warm, record - Weather
  16. The world just experienced its hottest January on record: climate, records, temperatures - Weather
  17. What is the most ideal climate for humans?: live, Mexico, mild - Weather
  18. Upcoming Three Summers to be Very Hot: climate, warm, records - Weather
  19. Which UV index do you prefer at summer solstice: temperatures, days, most - Weather
  20. Rate the climate of Malatya, Turkey: snow, hot, warmest, recorded - Weather
  21. Rate the Fictional Climate: Gaffaja Island: warm, record, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  22. Grand Forks and Oulu - do this make sense?: climate, warm - Weather
  23. Is forest around Helsinki a rainforest?: climate, days, Canada, humidity - Weather
  24. What if there was global cooling?: climate, snowfall, warm, ice - Weather
  25. Specific Time Climate Battle: Warm Winter vs Cool Summer: Winnipeg winter 2016-2017 vs Houston summer 2007: averages, temperatures - Weather
  26. Storm Dennis-Bomb Cyclone: day, forecast, North, rainy - Weather
  27. This or that Chicago: climate, warm, average, season - Weather
  28. Climate Battle: Streante: snowfall, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  29. Cwb climate with low UV index: temperature, precipitation, America, normal - Weather
  30. Rate the fictional climate: Willett: hot, temperatures, season, most - Weather
  31. Rate fictional climate - Grey Steppe: hot, storms, most, sunny - Weather
  32. Cities most prone to drought: climate, averages, rainfall, day - Weather
  33. Wow, This Was Apparently Our 6th Snowiest Winter!: climate, snowfall, recorded - Weather
  34. Rate the climate change possibilities for Omaha, Nebraska: warm, seasons, West - Weather
  35. Glaciers of Montenegro: climate, snowfalls, warm, averages - Weather
  36. Climate battle: Osijek, Croatia vs. Milan, Italy: sunny, cloudy, winters - Weather
  37. Renaming and/or adjusting certain climate classifications?: snow, hottest, warm - Weather
  38. Rate the climate: Chatham Islands, New Zealand: warm, temperatures, season - Weather
  39. April 20: Record breaking snowstorm in northeast China: ice, predict, conditions - Weather
  40. Do you love cold or simply hate heat: snow, hot, days - Weather
  41. Rate the climate Varaždin, Croatia: record, temperature, precipitation, sunny - Weather
  42. More Oppressive Summer: Houston vs. Taipei Basin floor: climate, tornadoes, hot - Weather
  43. Radar loop: climate, precipitation, index - Weather
  44. Which North American city is Virginia Beach's climate most like?: hottest, warm - Weather
  45. Weather and the number of planes in our skies?: days, USA, wear
  46. Rate the climate - Nemuro, Hokkaido: snowy, warm, temp, days - Weather
  47. How many places in the world have daily means above 30 C every month?: climate, hot - Weather
  48. Earthquake in Salt Lake City: tornado, highest, live, amount - Weather
  49. Rate my Climate, Bolton City: snow, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  50. Rate the climate Palić, the sunniest place in Serbia: warm, temperature, town - Weather
  51. Rate Tennessean climates: Cookeville and Silver Point: warm, records, temperature - Weather
  52. Who likes Dwb climates?: snowy, hottest, warm, average - Weather
  53. Colorado has Cfa microclimates?: average, temperature, precipitation, cities - Weather
  54. Rate the Climate: Barrie, Canada: snowfall, warm, seasons, humidity - Weather
  55. Which midsummer day do you prefer?: climate, hottest, warmest, averages - Weather
  56. Climate battle: Wuhan vs Tehran vs Milan vs Madrid vs NYC: snowy, hot - Weather
  57. Rate my dream climate: Viewport: snowfall, hottest, warmest, averages - Weather
  58. How much winter weather does it take to shut things down in your region?: snowy, warm
  59. Its Snowing on Pluto right now: warmest, ice, precipitation, storm - Weather
  60. Rate the Climate: Truth or Consequences: hot, warm, days, city - Weather
  61. Temperatures above 100°F in the tropics?: climate, record, day - Weather
  62. Rate a random fictional climate: snow, warm, days, season - Weather
  63. Why does Florida get 4 o clock showers when equally muggy New Orleans and Houston don't?: temperatures, day - Weather
  64. How much annual precipitation do you think Indianapolis will see for the year 2020?: snowy, warm - Weather
  65. Rate fictional humid subtropical climates: temperature, precipitation, sunshine, annual - Weather
  66. Rate one fictional climate of Hirmuliskosaari Island: snow, warmest, storms - Weather
  67. Climate on alternative Earth: world, most, map, highest - Weather
  68. Rate the fictional climate - Ciudad de Resistencia: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  69. Which temp is cold, warm, hot for you?: climate, warming, temperatures - Weather
  70. What if the west coast of the continents were colder and with greater thermal amplitude than the east coast?: climate, snow - Weather
  71. Rate the Fictional Climate: Backtree: hot, warm, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  72. What is the northernmost frost free place?: climate, recorded, temp - Weather
  73. What is a snow shower ?: snowfall, storm, blizzard - Weather
  74. Climate Model Projections Prove Accurate: warm, global warming, Chicago, most - Weather
  75. inaccurate temperature data is passing QA and is being archived into GHCN-Daily: climate, hot - Weather
  76. Rate my dream fictional climate: storms, blizzard, season, most - Weather
  77. Which city's winter could feel colder?: climate, snowy, temperature, humidity - Weather
  78. Are Austral tundras really too cold for subantarctic forests (e.g. Nothofagus), or is it due to isolation?: climate, average - Weather
  79. Is the US West / SW coast colder than the East Coast at the moment Maine)?: averages, city - Weather
  80. Why does coastal Australia get short scorching heatwaves and then it goes back mild?: hot, temperatures - Weather
  81. Global warming: dry or wet?: climate, hot, record, temperatures - Weather
  82. Climate battle: Chicago, US vs. Sofia, Bulgaria: snowfall, warm, record - Weather
  83. Climate battle: Pittsburgh, USA vs. Gospić, Croatia: snow, record, temperatures - Weather
  84. inquiry on climate change and urbanization answer?: hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  85. Past weather on specific dates?: climate, snowfall, records, temperature
  86. Humid Continental Rainforests?: climate, warm, world, most - Weather
  87. Rate the climate of Artvin, Turkey: snow, warm, recorded, temperature - Weather
  88. Rate the climate Târgu Mureş, Romania: warm, average, days - Weather
  89. Rate the Fictional Climate: Golden Tiger Island: hot, record, temperatures - Weather
  90. Rate my fictional climates - transitional: warm, record, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  91. Climate of China: snow, hot, warmest, ice - Weather
  92. Is it ok to call Dxc/Dxd subarctic ?: climate, warm - Weather
  93. December 2019 Summary: snow, hot, warmest, records - Weather
  94. Climate Battle: Denver vs. Colorado Springs: snowfall, hot, average, temperatures - Weather
  95. Rate this very variable summer forecast: hot, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  96. What is a Tropical Climate?: hot, warm, moon, temperature - Weather
  97. Casual Mid-spring Day: Which one do you Prefer?: climate, snow storm, hot - Weather
  98. Wellington vs New York City - Which city is more subtropical?: climate, warm - Weather
  99. Climate Battle: La Rochelle, France vs Nice, France: warm, precipitation, cities - Weather
  100. Casual Midwinter Day: Which one do you Prefer?: climate, snow storm, hot - Weather
  101. Approximate isotherms for different palm species to thrive long-term?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  102. Rate the climate: Corona, California: hot, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  103. March 2020 Summary: snow, hottest, warmest, records - Weather
  104. Western Sydney records highest temperature ever at 48.9°C (120°F): climate, hottest - Weather
  105. Climate Battle: Rome, Italy vs. Madrid, Spain: warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  106. Could coconut palms grow in Yuma with irrigation?: climate, warm, warming - Weather
  107. UK/European Weather: hot, warm, recorded, 2015
  108. Again, it will be not an april month this year in Chicago...: climate, warm - Weather
  109. The No A/C challenge!: climate, hot, warm, average - Weather
  110. Climate Battle: Cagliari, Italy vs. Fonni, Italy: sunshine, compare, North - Weather
  111. 2019 Annual Summary: snowfall, hot, warmest, recorded - Weather
  112. Rate the fictional climate: Zapadnobolotsk: warmest, averages, temperatures, days - Weather
  113. Summer 2020 Discussion (Northern Hemisphere): hot, record, temperatures, Chicago - Weather
  114. Would you say Springfield, Illinois is this type of climate?: hot, warm - Weather
  115. Best Location to Spend May?: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  116. Rate the Climate - Payson, Az: snowfall, hot, warm, average - Weather
  117. Rate the Climate: Yorkcouver: snowy, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  118. How well does your city/region fare against certain weather types?: climate, tornadoes
  119. Rate the Climate: Midland, TX: snow, hot, averages, days - Weather
  120. Rate the Climate: Sequim, WA: snow, hot, temperature, precipitation - Weather
  121. April 2020 Sunmary: climate, snow, hottest, warmest - Weather
  122. Hardiness zones map?: town, degree, USA, degrees - Weather
  123. How worried should I be about the Grand Solar Minimum?: climate, hottest - Weather
  124. Coastal Mountains Blocking Sea Breeze: climate, snowfall, warm, recorded - Weather
  125. Polar vortex to hit Australia: snowing, warm, recorded, warming - Weather
  126. Rate the climate of Bodrum, Turkey: snow, hottest, warm, recorded - Weather
  127. Which region based upon weather?: climate, hot, warm, storms
  128. Furthest east “desert” climate in North America?: ice, days, precipitation - Weather
  129. rate my new fictional climates, including the worst you'll ever see.: snowfall, hot - Weather
  130. Rate the Climate: St Helier, Jersey: warm, average, temperatures, days - Weather
  131. Which is more subtropical: Wuhan vs. San Francisco: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  132. Casual Midsummer Day: Which one do you Prefer?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  133. Rate the climate of Muğla, Turkey: snow, hot, record - Weather
  134. Sunniest places in the world for each month: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  135. Rate the climate: Warwick, Queensland: hot, warm, record, days - Weather
  136. Rate the Fictional Climate: Subarctic City (REMAKE): snowy, warm, average - Weather
  137. How much sunny days do you want in summer: climate, warm, rainfall - Weather
  138. Rate my first fictional climate: Atlantic Island: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  139. How much sunny days do you want in winter: climate, snowfall, warm - Weather
  140. Climate Battle; Alanya ( Turkey), Sydney ( Australia): hottest, average, temp, rainfall - Weather
  141. Koppen-Grega94 Climate Classification System: snow, hot, warmest, ice - Weather
  142. Which city is the most tropical? Least? Tampa vs. Yuma vs. Avalon: climate, hot - Weather
  143. Can you grow temperate plants in the tropics?: climate, average, temperature - Weather
  144. Climate Battle: Tempe vs Tampa: hot, warm, rainfall, storms - Weather
  145. What do you think about this type of clothes?: climate, hot, temperatures - Weather
  146. Looking for the place with the world's most continental climate that is not a subarctic climate: snowy, hottest - Weather
  147. Climate Battle - Tampere vs Tampa: warm, rainfall, season, world - Weather
  148. Do you have trouble acclimating back to conditions back home after a trip abroad?: climate, hot - Weather
  149. What if equator swapped with 180th meridian?: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  150. Rate (and critique) my nightmare climate: tornadoes, hot, warm, records - Weather
  151. Rate the Fictional Climate: Medditarionis: record, days, locations, freezing - Weather
  152. Hottest places in the Southwest: climate, averages, temperatures, days - Weather
  153. Rate the fictional climate - Hirmuliskosaari: snow, warmest, temperature, season - Weather
  154. Lowest latitude place at sea level where it's snowed: snowfall, recorded, places - Weather
  155. Does a Subtropical Highland Climate exist in the U.S.?: snow, warmest - Weather
  156. Rate the climate: hot, warm, record, warming - Weather
  157. Spring 2020 Discussion Weather (Northern Hemisphere): snowfall, hottest, warm, record
  158. The 'Continental World: climate, snowfall, hottest, warm - Weather
  159. Your definition of a rainforest: climate, snow, average, temperature - Weather
  160. How warmer Earth should be for palms to grow in Moscow without protection in winter?: ice, global warming - Weather
  161. What temps/conditions keep you indoors?: snowfall, hot, temperatures, degree - Weather
  162. Antarctica records it’s highest ever temperature.: climate, warm, recorded - Weather
  163. How would you define the seasons where you live, and what's the uintessential month of each season?: climate, snow - Weather
  164. What is good in mediterranean climates?: snow, hot, warm, average - Weather
  165. Climate Battle: Shanghai vs. Wilmington, North Carolina vs. Memphis, TN: warm, record - Weather
  166. Bigger South America - what will the climate be?: hot, warm, most - Weather
  167. rate my dream climate: snow, record, storms, city - Weather
  168. Climate Battle - Pacific Islands: warm, places, seasons, frost - Weather
  169. Rate my fictional climates (constants and extremes): snowy, hottest, warmest - Weather
  170. Climate battle: improved Antalyas: hottest, warm, temp, precipitation - Weather
  171. What if everyday was June 21st?: climate, warm, average, global warming - Weather
  172. Cold weather people - Help me understand your preference: climate, snowy, hot
  173. WWF biome classification map: climate, warm, average, rainfall - Weather
  174. Stereotypes about climate: snowy, hot, warmest, ice - Weather
  175. If the Earth's axis suddenly became a 0 degree tilt, what do you think would happen to your area's climate/vegetation?: hot, warmest - Weather
  176. January 2020 Weather Summary: snowfall, hottest, warmest, recorded
  177. What area or city in east/southeast Asia has your favorite year-round climate?: snow, hot - Weather
  178. Climate and coronavirus pandemic: warm, temperature, places, sunshine - Weather
  179. Rate the climate of Şanlıurfa, Turkey: snow, hot, recorded - Weather
  180. Climate Battle: Mid Continental Climates: hot, warm, Chicago, history - Weather
  181. The world if every temperature were 7 degrees cooler vs. 7 degrees warmer: climate, ice - Weather
  182. Rate the climate of Aydın, Turkey: hottest, warm, averages - Weather
  183. Spring 2020 Photo (NH): temperature, city, most, annual - Weather
  184. Rate my dream climate - Hill City: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  185. February Summary 2020: climate, snowfall, hot, warmest - Weather
  186. Climate Battle: San Juan vs. Singapore: hot, recorded, rainfall, day - Weather
  187. What's the most rainiest month in your city?: average, rainfall, statistically - Weather
  188. Lima Peru vs Santa Cruz CA vs Albuquerque vs Oklahoma City weather: climate, tornadoes
  189. Title - Which City Is The Most Subtropical? Least? Atlantic City vs. Oklahoma City vs. Albuquerque: climate, snow - Weather
  190. Is summer rain in Austin as rare as summer rain in San Diego?: climate, hot - Weather
  191. Climate Battle: Austin vs. OKC: tornadoes, hottest, warm, record - Weather
  192. How many days do you want below 0°C?: climate, ice, recorded - Weather
  193. Fictional country and it's climates: snowy, hot, warm, average - Weather
  194. What would the world's climates be like if our atmospheric pressure increased?: most, heat - Weather
  195. Temperate, Continental, Subtropical, Oceanic..: climate, hot, warm, winter - Weather
  196. Highest Recorded Wind Speed - Weather
  197. Summer 2019/20 (Southern Hemisphere): rainfall, world, highest, rain - Weather
  198. Climate data for locations by thirds of months: hottest, record, city - Weather
  199. Rate Climate of Da Lat: temperatures, season, rainy, best - Weather
  200. Help Great Britain Rescue Its Old Rainfall Records: climate, temperature, precipitation - Weather