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  18. Critique (not grade) the fictional climate above you and then optional post your own fictinal climate: hot, warm - Weather
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  20. How does work?: days, precipitation, most, forecast
  21. Texas, but with higher mountains and hills: climate, snowfall, hot - Weather
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  31. What are the places and/or times with the biggest disparities between UV levels and temperature?: snow, warm - Weather
  32. Cities in the Eastern US that cool down the most at night in Summer?: climate, hottest - Weather
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  34. Thermos melt test? How long to go from solid ice to all liquid?: hot, temperature - Weather
  35. Ice & Snow In Montreal today = Crashes: world, North, may - Weather
  36. rate the climate: jumla, nepal: warm, average, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  37. What are the odds of a strong La Niña in the first half of 2017?: 2014, Chicago - Weather
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  52. What's your Current Indoor Temp?: temperature, weatherman, degree, degrees
  53. Australia/NZ Weather and Climate Discussion: snowy, hot, temperature, Chicago
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  58. Climates that are surprisingly good: snow, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  59. Climate battle: San Sebastián/Pamplona/Zaragoza: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  60. Lowest Elevated Glacier by Latitude: snowfall, warm, ice, places - Weather
  61. Which is more common? 30s in Miami area or single digits in DFW?: recorded, temperatures - Weather
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  64. Dsd climate: warmest, average, precipitation, places - Weather
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  66. Weather people in the west on: climate, snow, seasons
  67. Winter 2016-17 Photo (NH): snow, warm, 2015, days - Weather
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  69. Miami in January vs Halifax in July: climate, warmest, temperature - Weather
  70. Is the climate of Sydney more similar to the climate of Dubai or Dublin?: snow, hot - Weather
  71. At what temperature is it too cold to eat outside?: snow, warm - Weather
  72. What Location will Dec 7-9 Snowstorm/Blizzard hit hardest?: snowfall, Chicago, days - Weather
  73. November 2016 Summary: snowfall, hottest, warm, recorded - Weather
  74. Summer 2016-2017(Southern Hemisphere): climate, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
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  80. Hardness zones of Europe and East Asia: 2013, places, most - Weather
  81. Climate battle: San Francisco vs Bilbao: warm, recorded, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  82. Which climate do you think feels more depressing in the winter?: snow, warm - Weather
  83. Most Subtropical Climate in Europe/Western Asia: warmest, average, temp - Weather
  84. Predict your Christmas Eve/Christmas Day and New Year's Eve/New Year's Day weather: warm, days
  85. (Find) Ridiculous Wikipedia Climate Classifications: hottest, warm, temp, precipitation - Weather
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  87. Average Precipitation per Day: climate, snowfall, rainfall, days - Weather
  88. How high does the Apalachian mountain chain have to be to block out the cold?: climate, warm - Weather
  89. Positive feedback loop for Hudson Bay: climate, warm, ice, global warming - Weather
  90. Naming winter storms: tornadoes, 2015, days, United States - Weather
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  92. C Climates with the most snow: snowfall, warm, averages - Weather
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  94. Describe the coldest and hottest day ever been through: climate, snow - Weather
  95. Climate Battle: Choose your favorite warm sunbelt climate: snowfall, recorded, 2013 - Weather
  96. Your lowest record high/highest record low for each month: climate, warmest - Weather
  97. Wich summer feel wetter, stormier, tropical... between of Philadelphia and of Kansas City ?: hot, temperature - Weather
  98. Snow at Tropical Locations at Sea Level?: climate, snowfall, recorded - Weather
  99. Which climate is more subtropical, Washington D.C or Batumi, Georgia?: snowy, hot - Weather
  100. Rate the classification: Trabzon: climate, hottest, warmest, average - Weather
  101. Which city has better winters: New Orleans, LA or Jacksonville, FL: climate, snow - Weather
  102. Rate the climate: Gap, France - The perfect four-season climate?: snowfall, hot - Weather
  103. Which type of hot summer would you prefer?: climate, hottest, warm - Weather
  104. Why is it snowing before thanksgiving?: records, 2015, precipitation, inches - Weather
  105. 1st Winter Storm Northern Plains = Blizzard Nov 18, 2016: snowfall, warm, average - Weather
  106. What would be one thing you would change about New York's climate?: warm, average - Weather
  107. with the Reaumur temperature scale?: hot, warm, record - Weather
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  109. Climate battle: Tristan da Cunha vs. Edinburgh, Scotland: snow, warm, record - Weather
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  111. Are you fluent in both Fahrenheit and Celsius?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  112. Should Wikipeidas climate graphs be in metric first?: temperatures, cities, world - Weather
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  115. Can Antarctica have a city with 20,000 inhabitants?: climate, snow, blizzard - Weather
  116. State clearly your climate preferences so everyone knows: snowy, hot, warmest - Weather
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  118. s about the climate of Barcelona: hot, warm, average - Weather
  119. Climates you consider to be an utter joke: snow, warmest, averages - Weather
  120. What would New Zealand's climate be like without Australia?: hot, warm, records - Weather
  121. Climate Battle: Eastern Russia Maritimes: snow, warm, warming, precipitation - Weather
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  123. Where Growing Season Has Ended: warm, recorded, temperatures, days - Weather
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  126. Climate Battle : Toulon vs. Toulouse: warm, records, locations, sunshine - Weather
  127. Climate battle: Moncton vs Bremen: snowfall, warm, days, storms - Weather
  128. What air temperatures would you expect in the parts of the world which are part of the sea/the ocean?: climate, warm - Weather
  129. Is this fictional climate oceanic, subtropical or tropical?: warm, temperatures, day - Weather
  130. What would the UK's climate be like if it's location was inverted ?: snow, hot - Weather
  131. Weather and Elevation: climate, tornado, snow storm, hot
  132. Which is cooler in your place, late autumn or early spring?: snow, warm - Weather
  133. Do you consider this location to be a subtropical climate?: snow, warm - Weather
  134. Northeast Drought 2016: climate, hot, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  135. Climate Battle: Lerwick vs. Turpan: snowfall, hot, warm, average - Weather
  136. Your Least Favorite Climate Within Your Country vs. Your Least Favorite Climate Outside Of Your Country: city, season - Weather
  137. Trewartha climate scheme - where does Eureka, CA fit?: warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  138. The most-continental climate in the Southern Hemisphere?: warmest, temperature, places - Weather
  139. Is this fictional climate mediterranean, oceanic, humid subtropical or humid continental?: record, temperatures - Weather
  140. Climate battle of the Alpha World cities: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  141. September 2016 Summary: warmest, recorded, temperature, rainfall - Weather
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  145. Your impressions of other Weather Forum members: climate, month, picture
  146. Transition zones and their bizarre weather. Experiences in Austin, TX.: climate, record
  147. Rate the climate in Boise, Idaho: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  148. Defining and separating Med climates from Cfa and Cfb: warm, moon, rainfall - Weather
  149. Favorite Climates north/south of X latitude: warm, city, seasons - Weather
  150. Do you think Vancouver should plant feather palms all over if the climate can support it?: rainfall, city - Weather
  151. What is your favourite season of the year?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  152. Climate battle : Perpignan vs Melbourne: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  153. Your Halloween forecast: climate, hot, record, most - Weather
  154. rate the climate: stornoway: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  155. Which city would feel hotter in summer, Sydney or Boston?: climate, hot - Weather
  156. Snowfall Totals for 2016-17 Season: record, 2015, city, inches - Weather
  157. North American Sunshine hours??: climate, record, Chicago, cities - Weather
  158. mPing - Report the Precip You See!: snow, ice, 2013 - Weather
  159. Do you consider this location to have a year round growing season?: climate, warm - Weather
  160. Happy Valley-Goose Bay vs Umeå - the biggest flaw of the subarctic system?: climate, warmest - Weather
  161. Do you think this climate can grow palm trees and other 'exotics' in the future?: hot, warm - Weather
  162. Best climate above 60'N/S: snow, warm, averages, 2015 - Weather
  163. Rate the climate: Picton, NSW (Sydney's most continental suburb): hot, warm - Weather
  164. Rate: Leeds: climate, precipitation, city, season - Weather
  165. Which location in North America receives the highest amount of snowfall in a single month?: climate, records - Weather
  166. Climate Battle: Abu Dhabi (Persian Gulf) vs. Ipoh (Maylasian rainforest) vs. South Pole: hot, average - Weather
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  168. October 2016 Summary: snow, warmest, recorded, temperature - Weather
  169. Predict the following stats for your location for November 2016: snowfall, record, temperature - Weather
  170. Highest humid average lows in the world in one month?: climate, warmest - Weather
  171. The most climatically diverse country relative to its size: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  172. Why is Italy so much wetter than other European countries?: climate, snowy - Weather
  173. Dream Climate Battle: Steelernation71 vs Gordo: snowy, warm, temperature, rainfall - Weather
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  175. Rate (Victoria's coldest) climate: Mount Baw Baw: snow, warm, record - Weather
  176. What do you think about this map?: climate, hot, averages - Weather
  177. Rate the climate: Londrina, Brazil: hot, warm, temperature, days - Weather
  178. Which week would you find most interesting: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  179. If New Zealand was located what would the climate be like?: snowfall, averages - Weather
  180. Fictional Daily Weather Observations: climate, snowfall, warm, record
  181. Is the climate of London more similar to the climate of Sydney or to New York City?: snowfall, hot - Weather
  182. Why is East Asia so much colder than most of Europe?: climate, warm - Weather
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  188. Which is more subtropical: New York City or Brisbane?: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  189. Victoria vs Burlington: climate, snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  190. Worst inhabited climate between 40N and 40S with an elevation less than 500 meters.: snow, warm - Weather
  191. Best and worst climate between 50N and 60N or 50S and 60S with an elevation between 0-1000M: warm, temperatures - Weather
  192. 5-15 Inches of Snow in a Season - Ideal?: climate, averages, temperatures - Weather
  193. What will be happen if there's a land masses between Australia and South Africa?: climate, map - Weather
  194. Valdez and Thompson Pass, AK snowfall link: locations, season, inches - Weather
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  197. Personal Weather Station: rainfall, humidity, rain, pressure
  198. Earthquake visual from NOAA: earthquakes, America - Weather
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  200. What Causes The Gulf Coast To Be Wetter In Winter Than The Atlantic Coast?: climate, temp - Weather