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  104. Snow In U.S July 2011: season, sun, normal, comparison - Weather
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  106. Global cooling? HAARP weather control? What's really going on?: climate, tornado, hot
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  125. For all you Winter Haters.....: climate, snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  126. What's your favourite/least favourite thing about your climate?: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
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  128. Comes The Heat in NorthEast: snow, temperatures, days, city - Weather
  129. For People who Hate Summer: hot, warm, record, sprinkle - Weather
  130. Out of every city in the world, which has your most ideal conditions?: climate, tornadoes - Weather
  131. How would you rate the weather climate of Chicago USA?: snowfall, hot
  132. How would you rate the weather/climate of Sapporo Japan?: snowfall, averages
  133. Rate the Climate: Duluth, MN: snowy, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  134. Summer 2011: warm, temperatures, days, storm - Weather
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  142. One more cool spell for the south: warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  143. Is it to snow with temperatures above 0ºC/32ºF?: snowfall, warmest - Weather
  144. Weather Stories: Cold waves (that been under) to: climate, snowfall, warmest
  145. How habitable do you think the Kerguelen Islands are?: climate, warm, record - Weather
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  148. Climate or weather?: tornadoes, snow, warm, recorded
  149. Rate the climate - Paris, France: snow, warm, recorded, rainfall - Weather
  150. Texas beats Florida north of Key West for the first 80 degree low!: climate, hot - Weather
  151. Great and Awful, or Constantly Mediocre: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  152. State/City with 4 seasons but...: climate, snow, warm, average - Weather
  153. like foggy, warm to cool weather?: climate, average, days
  154. How long/warm of a summer do you feel is the minimum to feel like summer for you?: climate, hot - Weather
  155. How would you rate the weather climate of Mumbai, India?: record, temperatures
  156. Where are all the threads about moving south now for better weather?: snow, warm
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  171. Did of your weather preferences change over time in your life?: climate, snow
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  184. Why is it that to most people great weather = sunshine and heat?: climate, snow
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  186. Major cities in the world with very cool summers.: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  187. RATE this climate: Nuuk- the capital of Greenland: warmest, ice, average - Weather
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  194. storm: world - Weather
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