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  40. You KNOW you're a weather geek when...: city
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  51. Earth's climate at a 90° degree tilt?: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
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  53. On average, how much earlier will the sun rise by climbing in altitude above sea level?: snow, day - Weather
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  58. Why is Base Belgrano milder than McMurdo?: storm, cold - Weather
  59. Of Interest: Is your experience of weather based on your world view?: climate, record
  60. Kilimanjaro had glaciers down to 3200 m: ice, average, temperatures, night - Weather
  61. 32 C with 26 C realfeel: hot, temp, humidity, sun - Weather
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  63. What are the practical implications of a diurnal temperature variation?: climate, hot - Weather
  64. Consistency of Snow: hot, ice, temperature, freezing - Weather
  65. What is your favorite tropical desert and why?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  66. Largest cities in the world for each of the Köppen climate classification categories?: Chicago, colder - Weather
  67. Rank my fictional climates in order from your most to least favorite and rate em!: hottest, warm - Weather
  68. Rate the finctional climate: Dream City: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  69. Rate the climate: Tacoma: snow, hot, warm, days - Weather
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  71. No humidity, but extreme climates?: hot, warm, days, places - Weather
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  73. Rate the climate: Colmar, France: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  74. Rate The Incredible Climate of Snowy Spring, Nuthera: hot, record, temperatures - Weather
  75. Which airport will be the first to see a NIGHTIME low of 70 F or higher this spring or summer? LAX in L.A. or JFK in NYC: climate, warm - Weather
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  77. Battle of the Cfb climate's. (6-way): hot, warmest, record, temperatures - Weather
  78. Rank Russian climates in order of your most to least favorite and rate em!: hot, average - Weather
  79. Which is more unbearable in July: Hong Kong or Houston?: climate, hot - Weather
  80. Climate Battle: Portland, Oregon vs Hastings, England: warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  81. If the Americas were shifted 20 degrees south.: climate, snow, hottest - Weather
  82. Predict the weather stats for your location for May of 2015: snowfall, warm
  83. Climate Battle: Fargo, North Dakota vs La Paz, Bolivia: snow, hot, average - Weather
  84. Seattle vs Barcelona: climate, warm, storms, cities - Weather
  85. March 2015 summary: snow, warmest, record, temperatures - Weather
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  87. Which climate can support more palm trees: Hobart, Tasmania or Cape Hatteras, NC: warm, record - Weather
  88. Rate the Climate: Bright, Victoria: snowfall, hottest, warm, record - Weather
  89. How many days a year does your dewpoint exceed 70 F: recorded, temperatures - Weather
  90. The Eastern Sahara 4300 Hours of Sun Annually?: climate, warm, averages - Weather
  91. Temperature at which hands/feet go cold: climate, temperatures, town - Weather
  92. What's your current sun angle at solar noon, and what is it at Spring/Fall equinox and at the solstices?: 2015, days - Weather
  93. Climate Battle: Vancouver, BC vs Le Havre, France: warm, most, normal - Weather
  94. What would New Zealand's climate look like if it was moved 10 degrees further south?: snowfall, warmest - Weather
  95. Climate Battle: Quibdó, Colombia vs. Yakutat, Alaska: snow, hot, temperatures - Weather
  96. Rate this highland climate in 7°S : Dieng, Indonesia: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  97. When will the first 90 F / 32 C temperature be in Crossville, TN in 2015?: hottest, warm - Weather
  98. Do you know a place like this in your country?: climate, snow - Weather
  99. Odd thing you has dicovered in warm/hot/cold weather?: climate, snowy
  100. Predict the following stats for your location's summer (June, July, August) of 2015: snowfall, hottest - Weather
  101. U.S. map - Season with largest diurnal range: climate, record, temperatures - Weather
  102. Winter 2015 (Southern Hemisphere): snowing, temperatures, days, places - Weather
  103. Would you prefer a Vancouver or Asheville winter?: snow, warm, days - Weather
  104. What's the northernmost Cfa climate?: warmest, records, rainfall, city - Weather
  105. Rate the Fictional Climate: Climate Utopia and create your own Fictional Climate: snowy, warm - Weather
  106. Subtropical Debate: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  107. Why do animated TV shows, popular culture, marketing, always give examples of summer having no rain at all?: climate, warm - Weather
  108. Compare ROME(Italy) with your city?: climate, snow, average, temperatures - Weather
  109. Rate: Srinagar, India: climate, hot, average, temperatures - Weather
  110. Rate the climate: Sable Island: warm, average, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  111. Which is more tolerable? 75 / full sun in a suit or 100 / indirect sun in shorts/T-shirt?: warm, days - Weather
  112. Summer Climate Battle: temperatures, rainfall, days, place - Weather
  113. Other than Florida, which part of the South has the most stable climate?: snow, recorded - Weather
  114. Global warming map: climate, ice, temperature, 2015 - Weather
  115. Autumn/Fall 2015 (Northern Hemisphere, Sep-Nov): climate, warm, average, days - Weather
  116. Agree or disagree? If do not agree, why not?: hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  117. Rate The Climate: Stewart, British Columbia: snow, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  118. I-90 climate battle: snowfall, hot, warmest, averages - Weather
  119. Average sea water temperature: which places have warmer ocean waters?: hottest, warmest - Weather
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  121. Travelers Climate Game II (Afro-Eurasia): cities, world, degree, America - Weather
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  123. March 2015 Snow/Ice Storms Eastern U.S: snowfall, warm, night - Weather
  124. How warm was your warmest january on record?: recorded, global warming, temp - Weather
  125. Is Hawaii's climate overrated?: snow, warm, temperature, days - Weather
  126. Do you consider a dewpoint of 16C (61F) to be humid?: hot, warm - Weather
  127. Is the ten-day forecast worth anything?: average, moon, temperature, 2015 - Weather
  128. Demographics And Weather: How Many People Live in Summers Below 60 °F?: climate, warmest
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  142. age-span for weather-forum members: East, population, accurate
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  144. Jobs in Meteorology: snow, record, 2015, Chicago - Weather
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  146. Which do you think offers better outdoor weather?: climate, warm, temperatures
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  151. Autumn 2015 (Southern Hemisphere): climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
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  156. Interesting Weather Stats Season, Anywhere: snowy, recorded, temp, rainfall
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  159. New World Snowfall Record - Italy: snowfalls, records, 2015, days - Weather
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  161. If altitude were doubled.: climate, snow, warm, average - Weather
  162. Combating Florida weather and topography stereotypes: climate, hot, warmest, record
  163. Would you consider L.A's downtown to have seasonality despite occasional 90 + in winter?: climate, snow - Weather
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  165. Summer 2015 - Northern Hemisphere: tornado, hottest, warm, ice - Weather
  166. Are all cloudy days dreary?: climate, snowy, warm, average - Weather
  167. Predict the following weather stats for your location in April, 2015.: snowfall, warm
  168. Climate Battle: London vs Victoria, BC: snow, warm, records, temperature - Weather
  169. April 2015 Snow/Cold eastern U.S... Easter Blizzard?: snowing, warm, average - Weather
  170. Rate the Climate of this Chicago suburb: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  171. Would you say summer is cloudier than winter in a lot of places?: climate, days - Weather
  172. What temperature range do you prefer for painting your backyard fence while wearing summer clothes?: world, heat - Weather
  173. Rate the Climate: Pokhara, Nepal: hot, warm, averages, temperature - Weather
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  176. Rate the climate, Embrun, France, (near Germanwings crash site): warm, records, global warming - Weather
  177. What is you favorite and worst climate types?: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  178. Rank Mexican climates in the order of your most to least favorites and grade 'em!: snow, hot - Weather
  179. If All Land Were at Sea Level: climate, tornado, precipitation - Weather
  180. Rate the Climate: Lakeland,FL: hot, warm, storms, humidity - Weather
  181. Do Denmark and southern Sweden have the best climate in the world?: snowfall, hot - Weather
  182. When was your earliest and latest ice day (0°C/ 32°F) on record?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  183. Would Denver's climate be like Vegas if it were at sea level?: hot, warm - Weather
  184. Rate: Malabo, Equatorial Guinea: climate, records, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  185. When will the first 80 F / 27 C temperature be in Nashville in 2015?: warm, average - Weather
  186. When Do You Predict Miami,Florida's First 90F day of 2015 will occur?: recorded, temperature - Weather
  187. Do you think that New Zealand has a pleasant climate?: hot, warm - Weather
  188. First day of Winter vs. First day of Spring: Which is Warmer in YOUR area?: snow, average - Weather
  189. When will Oymyakon hit 0°C (32°F) for the first time in 2015?: climate, average - Weather
  190. London's first 27c/80f high in 2015: warmest, recorded, day, highs - Weather
  191. When will the city of Los Angeles see its first 110 F of 2015?: climate, temperatures - Weather
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  193. Southern Hemisphere Autumn/Fall 2015: warm, sunny, predict, rain - Weather
  194. Travel forecast: ice, storm, South, different - Weather
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  197. Texas weather-related closings: live
  198. News, Switzerland Burns Snowmen To Celebrate Spring: 2015, place, East - Weather
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  200. Where to rent between Tampa and Orlando?: frost, moving, months - Weather