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  1. Large day to night range in humid climates at low elevation: warm, recorded - Weather
  2. Rate the Climate: Kelvin Seamount (hypothetical island at this location) -- 380 miles off Mass Coast: day, cities - Weather
  3. Cool and Warm places 10 miles apart -US: climate, snow, average - Weather
  4. Create a hypothetical climate where each month comes from an actual place: cities, East - Weather
  5. How come people always exaggerate the effect of humidity but ignore sunlight?: hot, warm - Weather
  6. Black Sea vs Australia: warm, winters, colder, coast - Weather
  7. Can someone find this for me?: hottest, city, America - Weather
  8. For people who are from your state/country/region...: snow, warm, places - Weather
  9. What's the best weather to play sport in?: hot, warm, temperatures
  10. Rate the climate: Woolbrook, NSW: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  11. Battle of the Thanksgiving weekend weather (L.A. style)!: hot, warm, record
  12. 39 and 58 degrees within 20 miles in miami???: climate, warm, nights, South - Weather
  13. Which city is more tropical - Reykjavík or Barnaul?: climate, winters - Weather
  14. What do you think Aoraki/Mt Cook's climate is at the summit?: snowfall, warmest - Weather
  15. Which day would you think has a warmer feel to it?: average, temperatures - Weather
  16. World record severe thunderstorm warning?: tornado, hot, 2014, Chicago - Weather
  17. Find Climate: Sunny Winter/Cloudy Summer: days, storms, cities, seasons - Weather
  18. Rate the climate: Cinchona Gardens: warm, temperatures, city, season - Weather
  19. Which is more continental? Tucscon or Tampa?: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  20. Northern and western parts of the UK get a real winter battering!: snow, hot - Weather
  21. Climate battle: Louisiana: snow, warmest, temperatures, storms - Weather
  22. Thunder predicted/forecasted, never hear it!: snow, warm, warming, 2014 - Weather
  23. Would Entebbe be the best climate in the US?: warm, record, rainfall - Weather
  24. Rate the climate: Kassala, Sudan: hot, average, moon, nights - Weather
  25. Climate battle: Warrnambool vs Weipa: East, winters, cold, Australia - Weather
  26. Rate my locaton's Christmas Day weather and 5 day forecast afterwards: climate, snow
  27. Global Warming = Global Drying?: climate, warmest, ice, records - Weather
  28. Los Angeles of 2050: climate, hottest, warm, average - Weather
  29. Has Pyongyang the coldest winter in the world? (below 40º, coastal place, sea level): climate, average - Weather
  30. News, 139 motorists rescued from snow on California mountain pass: temperatures, 2014, East - Weather
  31. Climate Battle: Spearfish,South Dakota vs Sivas,Turkey: snow, averages, precipitation - Weather
  32. Where will the 1st Eastern U.S Storm of 2015 Go?: snow, warm - Weather
  33. Is that ?: climate, snow, 2013, day - Weather
  34. Which day is more pool friendly for you?: warmest, temperature, days - Weather
  35. Rate my fictional climate: Ushgabal: hot, days, cities, seasons - Weather
  36. Driest and Wettest Month Over the Past 12 Months?: record, 2014, cities - Weather
  37. Rate the climate - Karridale, Western Australia: warm, rainfall, city - Weather
  38. Monstrous NE Christmas snow stom in the works?: warm, 2014, city - Weather
  39. Rate Peruvian places:: climate, average, days, sunshine - Weather
  40. Lightning storm on a clear night (Oregon): climate, hot, warm - Weather
  41. Planet weather: snowfall, hot, averages, temperatures
  42. Rate the Croatian climates: hot, warm, days, city - Weather
  43. Another fictional climate (sigh): Forever Spring: warm, record, temperatures, nights - Weather
  44. mPing Project - Report your Precip Type: Chicago, precipitation, ground - Weather
  45. What do you rather have for the midsummer days ? 70F high with 7PM sunset? Or 100F high with 10PM sunset?: hot, degree - Weather
  46. Rate My City Climate: João Pessoa: hottest, warm, temperatures - Weather
  47. Is Valdez, AK the snowiest place on earth that is situated on the Ocean?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  48. Day colder than Night: warm, temperatures, days, degree - Weather
  49. Temperature/Humidity/Wind on your ideal day: snow, warm, storm - Weather
  50. Why does fog drop temp: warm, temperature, humidity, dew point - Weather
  51. Places in the world that get bigger snowfalls than rainfalls?: climate, warm - Weather
  52. ***Which forecast would you prefer for this week?***: hot, Canada, highs - Weather
  53. Weather site giving 20 year historical data for range of dates: climate, records
  54. How useful are hardiness zones really?: climate, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  55. Her Car Buried in Snow, Mom Writes Letters to Kids: 2014, storm - Weather
  56. Does wind lower the heat index if the RH is high?: warm, temperature - Weather
  57. Where on is Past 24 Hours Snowfall?: precipitation, city
  58. Every second, it's 75F / 24c degrees and Sunny on earth?: storm, thunderstorm - Weather
  59. Warmest place in the world that gets most of its precipitation from snow?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  60. A ferocious storm has lashed the South East Queensland, Australia!: tornado, days - Weather
  61. Rate the climate: Belgrade: snow, record, temperatures, seasons - Weather
  62. A for living outside the US: Is American weather the most extreme in the world?: climate, tornadoes
  63. Your threshold climate for an outdoor swimming pool: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  64. Snow and cold outbreak Canadian Prairies November 27-30: climate, snowfall, warm - Weather
  65. Your criteria for a true four-season climate?: snowfall, hot, warmest - Weather
  66. Rank Finnish cli... no, wait, I'll do it for you!: climate, snowy - Weather
  67. Is there is a dramatic difference between 0C and -40C (32F/-40F)?: climate, snow - Weather
  68. Climate battle : Philadelphia vs Lille: snow, hot, warm, average - Weather
  69. Rate the climate: Alamosa, Colorado: snowy, average, rainfall, nights - Weather
  70. Why are people so obsessed about the South and it's winter variations?: climate, snow - Weather
  71. Indonesian Climates : Vote 3 best climates from the poll, according to your opinion: hot, warm - Weather
  72. What is the temperature in your city? (Part 9): rainfall, 2014, days - Weather
  73. Which dewpoint is the lowest you could call humid?: temperatures, days, season - Weather
  74. Pick your favorite four season climate: snowy, hottest, warm, record - Weather
  75. Lack of snow and cold in Nordic capitals: warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  76. UK cold snap next week, no where near as bad as the US... but still - far to cold for me!: climate, snowy - Weather
  77. Why hot (80-95F) weather is superior to cold (anything below freezing) weather.: climate, snowy
  78. Coldest Town/City in Southern Hemisphere?: climate, record, history, annual - Weather
  79. Los Angeles VS Miami on Christmas eve/Christmas.: snow, hottest, warm - Weather
  80. Rank Indian climates in order of your personal preference:: hot, warm - Weather
  81. Answer the weather trivia above you: snowfall, warmest, average
  82. Rate your own city's climate: snowy, hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  83. Most interesting anomaly of your climate: snow, warm, ice, recorded - Weather
  84. Rank the Ukrainian places:: climate, frost, winters, cold - Weather
  85. Rate UK places into order:: climate, warmest, average, cities - Weather
  86. Would you rather spend a summer in L.A's hottest summer microclimate or in Washington D.C without AC?: warmest, records - Weather
  87. Battle of the climates: Brisbane vs. Los Angeles: hot, warmest, records - Weather
  88. Rate My Dream Climate and discuss where in the world it might exist!: snowfall, hot - Weather
  89. East Asian climate battle: snowy, days, precipitation, sunshine - Weather
  90. Is the entire western US hot for its latitude?: climate, hottest, warm - Weather
  91. Climate Battle: UK vs British Columbia(south of 53N): hot, warmest, nights - Weather
  92. What temp-range is considered heat to you?: hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  93. Cold and wind?: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  94. Does London have the lousiest climate of big city in the World?: snow, warm - Weather
  95. Is Redding, Ca the hottest city in the world above 40º?: climate, warmest - Weather
  96. who likes oceanic climates?: snow, temperatures, rainfall, precipitation - Weather
  97. UK overseas territory climate battle.: warm, rainfall, storms, sunshine - Weather
  98. Rate the climate: Turin: snow, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  99. Forum member climate battle, Europe edition.: hot, warm, city, moving - Weather
  100. December 2014 summary: climate, snowfall, warmest, recorded - Weather
  101. Rate that Climate: Obihiro, Japan: snowy, warmest, average, rainfall - Weather
  102. Wet grass when temperature doesn't reach dewpoint?: climate, warm, recorded - Weather
  103. Rate the climate: Esquel: snow, warm, averages, rainfall - Weather
  104. Las Vegas Nevada Snow: climate, snowfall, warm, temperatures - Weather
  105. Global Warming Poll: climate, snow, hottest, warmest - Weather
  106. Which climate feels more wintery ? Palm Springs or Tampa?: snow, hot - Weather
  107. Your weather forecast for Christmas Eve and Day: snow, 2014, city
  108. How do you feel about thunderstorms?: climate, tornadoes, snowfalls, earthquake - Weather
  109. Which weather would feel colder?: average, temperature, day, humidity
  110. What are your criteria for an A climate?: tornado, snow, hottest - Weather
  111. Rate the climate: Kingston SE, South Australia: warm, rainfall, days - Weather
  112. What is the hottest place you have been to and the coldest place you have been to?: temperatures, 2014 - Weather
  113. What is wrong with your climate?: snowy, warm, average, temperature - Weather
  114. A Christmas (Weather) Disaster: snow, average, days, place
  115. NY Governor Cuomo Says No Warnings for Buffalo Lake Effect Snows - WRONG: tornado, snowfall - Weather
  116. Which summer feels more summery? London vs Hobart: climate, warm, record - Weather
  117. Climate battle: Bordeaux vs Mar del Plata: snowfalls, warm, records - Weather
  118. The US South is subtropical paradise: Part 2: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  119. Your New Year's eve and New Year's day forecast + hottest and coldest New Year Eve/Day at your location.: snow, records - Weather
  120. Places in the world where the record high has reached 40C (104F) or higher in every month: climate, recorded - Weather
  121. Rate The Fictional Climate: Low Calgary: hot, warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  122. Snowless December means Below Normal Season: snowfall, warmest, recorded, 2014 - Weather
  123. What is the coldest temperature your country has reached this winter?: climate, recorded - Weather
  124. European lightning density map: climate, snow, record, 2014 - Weather
  125. Predict your Christmas/New Year Weather: climate, snowfall, records, 2015
  126. Climate battle: Sydney vs. San Francisco: warmest, temperatures, rainfall, nights - Weather
  127. Winter Photo 2014-15 (NH): snowfall, warm, temperatures, day - Weather
  128. November 2014 summary: hottest, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  129. 100 Degrees is NOT 100 Degrees (F)!: climate, hot, record, temperatures - Weather
  130. How accurate are record highs and lows for Australia?: recorded, temperatures - Weather
  131. Which U.S. City Has The Most Unpredictable Weather?: warm, averages, temperature
  132. Do you consider rain at 66 F to be cold rain or warm rain?: most, sun - Weather
  133. 10 Interesting Weather Facts about Coastal Southern California: climate, hottest, warmest
  134. Snow-Rain Storm December 9-10, 2014: snowfall, warm, warming, days - Weather
  135. South Florida 2014-2015 Winter: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  136. How many rain days a year would make a city 'wet'?: climate, precipitation - Weather
  137. Australia Is A Subtropical Paradise: climate, hottest, warmest, recorded - Weather
  138. Do you think this climate can support coconuts?: hot, warm, records - Weather
  139. What do you prefer to talk about in the Weather Forum?: climate, records
  140. Central Florida is a frozen wasteland: climate, snow, warm, records - Weather
  141. Lightning Flash Density: climate, tornadoes, hot, 2015 - Weather
  142. 2014-15 Summer (Southern Hemisphere): climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  143. Warmest year on record for the UK...: climate, hottest, recorded - Weather
  144. Predict December 2014 in your location: snowfall, average, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  145. Almost 9000 Record Daily Cold Temps November 2014: climate, warmest, records, warming - Weather
  146. Europe - where to find warm, sunny climate, cool summers? Portugal?: hot, warmest - Weather
  147. Rate this climate: Larissa, Greece: snow, hottest, recorded, temperature - Weather
  148. Climate battle: Houston vs. Seville: hot, record, temperatures, city - Weather
  149. Is the climate of Brisbane more similar to Singapore or to New Orleans?: tornadoes, snow - Weather
  150. Which is more tropical: Miami or Bermuda: climate, warm, record - Weather
  151. Good news for drought stricken CA - rainy season off to healthy start: snow, warm - Weather
  152. A song that is descriping the weather you have right now, and how you feel about it.: storms, world
  153. Will sea level rise affect the rivers connected to them?: climate, snow - Weather
  154. Climate Battle: Binghampton Vs. Turku: snow, warm, city, humidity - Weather
  155. Global Warming: Interesting Truthful Article: climate, hottest, warmest, ice - Weather
  156. Should TWC name Winter Storms?: climate, snow, record, 2015 - Weather
  157. NASA - Are Small Volcanic Eruptions Slowing Global Warming?: snow, records, temperatures - Weather
  158. What dewpoint/RH and temp combo is considered 'humid heat'?: hot, temperature - Weather
  159. Spring 2015 (Northern Hemisphere): snow, warmest, record, temperatures - Weather
  160. Rank Australian cities in order of your desired climate.: snow, warm - Weather
  161. Which is more subtropical: Washington DC or Auckland NZ?: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  162. Would people say that Portsmouth's climate is ideal for sports and jogging?: snow, hot - Weather
  163. Gothenburg and Turku are temperate paradises: climate, snow, hot, warmest - Weather
  164. Would you like 's afternoon temps to be 65-70 degrees (365 days a year)?: climate, snow - Weather
  165. Free online classes in meteorology?: climate, snow, temperatures, world - Weather
  166. Which would you choose? A winter in Miami or a winter in L.A. WITHOUT central heating?: climate, warmest - Weather
  167. Settling the US subtropical debate, poll: climate, snowfall, warm, average - Weather
  168. Which is more comfortable without heating?: warm, temperature, nights, most - Weather
  169. Three-Way Climate Battle: Toulouse, Perpignan, Marseille: snow, warmest, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  170. Rate The Climate: Kamyshin, Russia: hot, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  171. Holiday Weeks U.S SnowStorms Dec. 2014: days, precipitation, Canada, America - Weather
  172. What is the single best month anywhere in the world?: climate, snow - Weather
  173. The east coast warm wedge: climate, snow, warmest, recorded - Weather
  174. Climate scavenger hunt: warmest, recorded, temperatures, nights - Weather
  175. Rate the Climate: Tehachapi: snowfall, warm, rainfall, nights - Weather
  176. Best weather web site?: climate, snow, averages, temperature
  177. What are the most extreme weather conditions you have ever experienced?: climate, tornadoes
  178. Which feels better, cold weather with strong sun or hot weather with weak sun?: warm, temperatures
  179. Which climate would feel more uncomfortable in winter without indoor heating?: warm, average - Weather
  180. Wich summer is more prone to extreme heat wave : Richmond (Virginia) or Kansas City (Missouri): climate, hot - Weather
  181. Sunrise/set on Christmas Day in your city: snow, 2014, USA - Weather
  182. What is the worst non-extreme weather for you?: snow, hot, warm
  183. Juno Beach, FL - northernmost tropical climate in the U.S.?: hot, warm - Weather
  184. Which is more uncomfortable, 19C (66F) with 18C (64F) or 33C (91F) with 10C (50F) dewpoint?: hot, warm - Weather
  185. what state has the best spring: tornadoes, warm, seasons, humidity - Weather
  186. What should they add to the Wiki climate boxes?: snowfall, icy - Weather
  187. What is the lowest maximum your city has recorded in summer?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  188. Are there are winter microclimates similar to the coastal/inland differential in California's summer?: snowing, warm - Weather
  189. Climate battle: Sacramento, CA vs Raleigh, NC: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  190. Your favorite and least favorite climate in your country: snowy, cities, humidity - Weather
  191. Climate battle: Virginia Beach vs Bega, NSW: warm, days, storms - Weather
  192. How would you rate this improved (IMO) Portsmouth?: climate, snowing, warm - Weather
  193. Highest Diurnal Ranges in the World: climate, hot, average, temperature - Weather
  194. Which is worse, high temperature fluctuations in winter or summer?: warm, temperatures - Weather
  195. Weather Trivia: climate, warm, recorded, places
  196. Should we be worried about buffalo and other areas in the area?: snow, warm - Weather
  197. about Vostok ice core data: snow, temperature - Weather
  198. Typhoon hagupit or ruby in manila: forecast, best - Weather
  199. Winter netweather: snow, 2015, forecast, month
  200. Rate the climate: USA Overall and Extremes: average, United States - Weather