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  2. cold weather and toddlers: snow, warm, days, months
  3. What is the snowiest town of size in the Nordic countries?: snowfall, record - Weather
  4. freeze to death car: 2014, days, city, world - Weather
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  11. 5 charts that show why it's so cold in parts of the US now: record, 2014 - Weather
  12. New Scenerio: Tasmanland: climate, snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  13. Do you think this climate can support citrus cultivation?: warm, recorded, temperature - Weather
  14. Is the climate of downtown L.A. more similar to Perth or Cairo?: snowfall, hot - Weather
  15. Earliest Satellite Images of Antarctica Revealed: climate, warm, ice, recorded - Weather
  16. USA - get ready for the BIG CHILL!!!!!: storm, Alaska - Weather
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  19. Accuweather: Highlights of winter 2014-2015: snow, warm, average, rainfall
  20. D climates in the Southern Hemisphere using O degrees C: averages, places - Weather
  21. Terrible storm expected in Alaska this weekend (11-8-14): 2014, days, cyclone - Weather
  22. What would a climate sandwiched between a hot place and a cold place be like?: snow, warm - Weather
  23. Bombogenesis: snow, warm, 2014, Chicago - Weather
  24. Is this a fluke?: warm, record, temp, night - Weather
  25. General range of daily record temps by month: temperature, most, highs - Weather
  26. Carbon emissions worst in the northern hemisphere than the southern hemisphere!: warm, global warming - Weather
  27. Rate the climate: Lienz, Austria: snowy, warm, record, days - Weather
  28. Why does fog drop temp: warm, temperature, humidity, dew point - Weather
  29. Rate My City Climate: João Pessoa: hottest, warm, temperatures - Weather
  30. How useful are hardiness zones really?: climate, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  31. ***Which forecast would you prefer for this week?***: hot, Canada, highs - Weather
  32. Places in the world that get bigger snowfalls than rainfalls?: climate, warm - Weather
  33. Is Valdez, AK the snowiest place on earth that is situated on the Ocean?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  34. Every second, it's 75F / 24c degrees and Sunny on earth?: storm, thunderstorm - Weather
  35. Weather site giving 20 year historical data for range of dates: climate, records
  36. Temperature/Humidity/Wind on your ideal day: snow, warm, storm - Weather
  37. Where on is Past 24 Hours Snowfall?: precipitation, city
  38. A ferocious storm has lashed the South East Queensland, Australia!: tornado, days - Weather
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  40. Her Car Buried in Snow, Mom Writes Letters to Kids: 2014, storm - Weather
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  42. Best climate for asthma and seasonal allergies?: hot, humidity, winter - Weather
  43. Harbin Ice Festival 2015: climate, snow, days, world - Weather
  44. Which forecast do you prefer?: climate, warmest, days, city - Weather
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  46. East Coast snow?: records, cities, most, inches - Weather
  47. Lowest maximum daily precipitation?: snow, records, days, places - Weather
  48. Battle of the Thanksgiving weekend weather (L.A. style)!: hot, warm, record
  49. MJO phases 1-8 effects on the U.S? - Weather
  50. Southernmost valley where winter radation fog tend to occur: days, cities, sun - Weather
  51. what is most cold? falkland island or uk?: climate, warm, record - Weather
  52. It is always warmer in the morning at my place than the news says, why?: temp, city - Weather
  53. Savannah, GA: More like Charlotte or more like Orlando?: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  54. Does this happen to others ?: hot, warm, temperatures, humidity - Weather
  55. What criteria do they use...: climate, hot, temperature, annual - Weather
  56. Longest period of below average temperatures this year: days, month, summer - Weather
  57. Warmest places (in the winter) that get snow regularly: climate, snowfall, averages - Weather
  58. Dew point: record, temperature, fog, West - Weather
  59. warmest place with coldest month below freezing: average, city, world - Weather
  60. Which place would feel snowier in the winter?: climate, snowy, average - Weather
  61. Rate the climate: Laguna de Sanchez: snow, warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  62. If there was no mountains in Southern California.: climate, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  63. Climate-Chart generator for Eclipse.: averages, temperature, 2013, precipitation - Weather
  64. Do Northern or Midwestern Cities have climates similar to them, analogues?: warm, Chicago - Weather
  65. Above, neutral or below the mean of hottest/coldest months?: warm, average - Weather
  66. Rate the fictional climate: Thompson: warm, nights, place, Canada - Weather
  67. Places with low diurnal ranges: climate, record, season, cloud - Weather
  68. Coldest climates that have NOT recorded a low below freezing: temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  69. British Snow Survey: snow storm, record, days, storms - Weather
  70. Rate the climate: Östersund, Sweden: hottest, days, precipitation, sunshine - Weather
  71. Climate comparison: Baltimore, MD and Chicago, IL: snow, record, days - Weather
  72. Which climate is more subarctic do you think?: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  73. Climate battle: Dubai vs. Singapore: hot, 2014, storms, places - Weather
  74. Thanksgiving Storm 2014: snowfall, warm, temperatures, day - Weather
  75. Where in the US does it rain: climate, hot, average - Weather
  76. Rivers Freezing Up 2014-15: hot, warm, ice, records - Weather
  77. Highest Percentage of Annual Precipitation in a Single Month?: record, days, storms - Weather
  78. Wunderground Weather Stations: climate, average, 2014, days
  79. Is the climate of Chicago more like Charleston, SC or Fairbanks?: tornadoes, snowfall - Weather
  80. News, In Buffalo, Roofs Are Collapsing: climate, snowfall, 2014, day - Weather
  81. Rate my fictional ideal climate - Cypressville: tornadoes, snow, hot - Weather
  82. Rate the fictional climate: Mari-Kansas: tornadoes, snow, warm, temperatures - Weather
  83. UK max temps could be broken for Halloween and for the first day of November: snow, warmest - Weather
  84. Another Met Office weather station closed: climate, warm, recorded, precipitation
  85. Which January in my location would you choose?: snowfall, warmest, ice - Weather
  86. What weather conditions required your school to declare an indoor recesses when you were a kid?: snowy, hot
  87. Record breaking weather in florida today!: snow, warm, recorded, temperatures
  88. Will lake effect WNY areas flood?: snowfalls, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  89. Best climate for a year-round professional baseball, soccer, and tennis.: hot, warmest - Weather
  90. View this improved map of North America: climate, tornadoes, snowfall - Weather
  91. Which would you prefer, hot days with cool dry nights or comfortably warm days with humid nights?: averages, temperature - Weather
  92. Do you prefer walking into a cold A/C room when you're sweaty or a hot heated room when you're freezing?: climate, warm - Weather
  93. Rate the climate: Charlotte Pass, NSW: snowfall, hot, warm, record - Weather
  94. Rate the climate: Nazareth, Israel: snow, hot, temperatures, place - Weather
  95. Rate the climate: Hami City, China: hot, rainfall, storms, freezing - Weather
  96. Rate the climate: Esquel: snow, warm, averages, rainfall - Weather
  97. Most interesting anomaly of your climate: snow, warm, ice, recorded - Weather
  98. Snow in downtown Los Angeles? Not as farfetched as you think!: climate, snowfall - Weather
  99. What are the most extreme weather conditions you have ever experienced?: climate, tornadoes
  100. Battle of the climates: Brisbane vs. Los Angeles: hot, warmest, records - Weather
  101. UK cold snap next week, no where near as bad as the US... but still - far to cold for me!: climate, snowy - Weather
  102. First Snowfall Eastern U.S Oct31-Nov2, 2014: temperatures, night, storm - Weather
  103. Longest gone without seeing sunshine?: climate, days, moving - Weather
  104. Best weather web site?: climate, snow, averages, temperature
  105. Three-Way Climate Battle: Toulouse, Perpignan, Marseille: snow, warmest, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  106. How would you rate this improved (IMO) Portsmouth?: climate, snowing, warm - Weather
  107. Rate the climate: Casablanca, Morocco: warm, nights, city, season - Weather
  108. Climate battle: Sacramento, CA vs Raleigh, NC: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  109. Settling the US subtropical debate, poll: climate, snowfall, warm, average - Weather
  110. Would you like 's afternoon temps to be 65-70 degrees (365 days a year)?: climate, snow - Weather
  111. Gothenburg and Turku are temperate paradises: climate, snow, hot, warmest - Weather
  112. Which dewpoint is the lowest you could call humid?: temperatures, days, season - Weather
  113. Snow and cold outbreak Canadian Prairies November 27-30: climate, snowfall, warm - Weather
  114. Rate the climate - Ballarat, Victoria: rainfall, days, places, degree - Weather
  115. What temp-range is considered heat to you?: hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  116. Forecast Battle: San Juan vs Helsinki vs Melbourne vs Chicago: climate, warm - Weather
  117. ....Just one statement:,,,,: climate, warm, warming, day - Weather
  118. Which city is considered closer to the boundaries of the warm temperate humid climate: warmest, average - Weather
  119. Is 37C (99F) with 32% RH considered humid?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  120. Rate the climate of Rio De Jeneiro: hot, warm, rainfall - Weather
  121. The US South is subtropical paradise: Part 2: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  122. IN a year: what is your ideal highest and lowest temperature?: records, temperatures - Weather
  123. Your criteria for a true four-season climate?: snowfall, hot, warmest - Weather
  124. Climate change is 'nothing but a lie': warmest, ice, record - Weather
  125. Why are people so obsessed about the South and it's winter variations?: climate, snow - Weather
  126. What is the hottest place you have been to and the coldest place you have been to?: temperatures, 2014 - Weather
  127. NY Governor Cuomo Says No Warnings for Buffalo Lake Effect Snows - WRONG: tornado, snowfall - Weather
  128. Fictional TV shows/movies that misrepresent climates of the regions they take place...: snowy, hot - Weather
  129. What's the min temp your area considers a heatwave and what's the max temp your area considers to be a Cold Snap?: warm, average - Weather
  130. 5 way climate battle: tropical to tundra scale: snowy, hot, temperatures - Weather
  131. What do people consider above warm, warm, mild, cool, chilly, cold and freezing during winter?: climate, snow - Weather
  132. Climate battle: Wyndham vs. Mount Wellington (Hottest vs. Coldest place in AUS): season, world - Weather
  133. Rate my fictional climate :): snowfall, hot, days, precipitation - Weather
  134. Climate Battle : New York City vs Marseille: warm, rainfall, days - Weather
  135. Is it for your climate to have warmer days in mid-winter than your average summer day?: warmest, recorded - Weather
  136. How many clear days a city should have annually to be considered 'sunny'?: climate, warm - Weather
  137. Tropical climate without AC or Oceanic climate without heating?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  138. Rate the climate, ****, Croatia: warm, averages, city, winters - Weather
  139. Make a climate chart showing your ideal climate.: warm, city, winters - Weather
  140. Why do people like Autumn?!: snow, hot, average, temperatures - Weather
  141. Which month is most similar to your location's stereotype?: climate, snowy, hot - Weather
  142. Which capital do you think is snowier overall?: climate, snowfall, warm - Weather
  143. Is Sydney's climate more like Los Angeles (Downtown) or Charleston, SC?: hot, temperatures - Weather
  144. Climate Battle - Brisbane vs Adelaide: hot, warm, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  145. Worst place to possibly live in.: climate, hot, ice, average - Weather
  146. Why does the Pacific High Pressure system extend so far north in the summer?: climate, snow - Weather
  147. Climate Battle: Minneapolis,MN vs Chicago,IL vs Columbus,OH vs Kansas City,MO: snow, warm - Weather
  148. Rate the fictional climate: New Portsmouth: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  149. Is Atlanta's climate more like Miami or Montreal?: snowy, warm, ice - Weather
  150. Afternoon thunderstorms: hot, warm, average, temperature - Weather
  151. hate snow but love the cold?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  152. Snowfall Totals from 2014-15 Season: record, day, city, USA - Weather
  153. Subpolar Oceanic vs Highland Tropical?: climate, average, place, world - Weather
  154. Is the climate of Miami more similar to the climate of Bangkok or to the climate of Atlanta?: hot, warm - Weather
  155. Ice day tally: snow, averages, days, storm - Weather
  156. Lowest rainfall to highest amount of annual rainy days ratio?: climate, averages - Weather
  157. Climates classification by Wincenty Okołowicz: warmest, averages, rainfall, frost - Weather
  158. Mid November 2014 U.S Snow & Cold: snowfall, average, day - Weather
  159. What is your favorite place according to climate?: hot, warm, Chicago - Weather
  160. Dunkirk, NY - Cfa Microclimate?: snow, hot, averages, temperature - Weather
  161. Do you prefer to get your rain in drizzle or downpours?: climate, temperature - Weather
  162. Are the climates of Seattle/Portland, OR are more like London or Los Angeles?: warm, temperatures - Weather
  163. who hates the British climate? (Just for fun!): snow, hot - Weather
  164. Coldest places (in winter) that rarely or never get snow?: snowfall, warm - Weather
  165. Predict the following stats for your location for November 2014: snowfall, average, temperature - Weather
  166. If the world were upside down...: climate, cities, USA, lows - Weather
  167. Is London's climate more like Aberdeen or Bilbao?: warmest, record, temperatures - Weather
  168. Rate My Dream Climate: SomewhereCold: snowy, warm, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  169. Climate Battle: Addis Ababa vs Bahir Dar: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  170. Which is more reliable, 1981-2010 normals or the all years data?: climate, warm - Weather
  171. Rate the Climate: Villa Puerto Eden: snow, town, degree, sunshine - Weather
  172. Climate Battle: Kiev Vs. St. Louis: snowfall, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  173. Who has the most accurate 14 day forecast?: snow, warm, averages - Weather
  174. A BIG Difference in Humidity. Miami with 90F feels hotter than Phoenix with 112F in summer. Who have a same experience?: hot, warm - Weather
  175. Snow Monitoring Europe: snowfall, recorded, 2014, night - Weather
  176. Judge a climate by it's records and variations or its averages and norms?: warmest, temperatures - Weather
  177. October Summary: climate, snow, warmest, recorded - Weather
  178. Climate Battle: Honolulu vs Key West: warm, record, 2014, days - Weather
  179. At what temperature do you start to wear short-sleeves?: temperatures, days, seasons - Weather
  180. Battle of the beach climates: Laguna Beach vs. Charleston Beach: warm, temperatures - Weather
  181. How do you rate this improved London climate?: snow, warm, record - Weather
  182. Climate Battle - Singapore vs Macquarie Island: snowy, warm, record - Weather
  183. Do Deep Southern and Pacific Northwestern winters feel similar?: snowfall, warm, icy - Weather
  184. Is the climate of Baltimore, MD more like Raleigh, NC or Grand Rapids, MI?: snowfall, averages - Weather
  185. Oulu vs. Ottawa - which city is snowier?: climate, snow storm, storm - Weather
  186. What is the snowiest city in the Nordic countries?: climate, cities, Canada - Weather
  187. Rate My Dream Climate: Sabal Bay: hot, warm, record, days - Weather
  188. Rate my climate: the new and IMPROVED L.A.: hot, warm, average - Weather
  189. Rate my dream climate: Elm River: snow, warm, recorded, temperature - Weather
  190. Rate the climate: My improved version of Bremerhaven: snow, warm, record - Weather
  191. Improved Buxton Climate: warm, averages, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  192. Rate This Strange Climate: Salalah, Dhofar: hot, temperatures, days, season - Weather
  193. Rate the climate: Improved Melbourne: snow, hot, warm, average - Weather
  194. Should we be worried about buffalo and other areas in the area?: snow, warm - Weather
  195. about the 2011 Japan Tsunami: storm, flood - Weather
  196. The Global Warming War: climate, sun, ground, may - Weather
  197. Winter netweather: snow, 2015, forecast, month
  198. Will the overall weather pattern ever change in the US again?: warm, average
  199. At what temperature do you start to wear short-sleeves? - Weather
  200. a the continentality index: climate - Weather