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  36. Dangerous weather trends: climate, warm, warming, may
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  52. Weather Events: tornado, hot, record, temperatures
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  56. Climate change possibilities for Beijing, China: warm, average, global warming, temperatures - Weather
  57. Critique New Surrey (my ideal climate): warm, records, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  58. Which regions of the world have things in common with the Midwestern United States topographically and weather wise?: climate, snow
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  62. Weather Balloons: ground, forecast, date, Ohio
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  64. Weather records by climate zone: snow, recorded, temperature, most
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  68. National Weather Service: Lowest wind-chill recorded was -66 in Ponsford, Minnesota: climate, temperatures
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  75. Short for my fellow cd members in the weather forum, answer: climate, warm
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  80. Does a marginal Af/BSh climate exist in reality?: hottest, warm, averages - Weather
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  93. What major U.S city is the least at risk for natural disasters?: tornado, snow storm - Weather
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  95. Western Oregon is a mess: climate, snow, hot, average - Weather
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  97. Rate Climate of Kisiwa Cha Kilima: snow, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  98. Why does Eastern China and Japan have low sunshine hours?: climate, warm - Weather
  99. What climate fits humans best?: warm, average, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  100. Does your area see active weather patterns within a week?: climate, warm
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  113. Spring-Summer Mojave-Sonora Desert weather: warm, storms, cities, sunny
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  115. Wakanda (Black Panther) fictional climate: hot, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  116. What do you like and dislike about my dream climate?: hot, warm - Weather
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  137. Fictional geography: Mediterranean sea with inflow from Red sea and Indian ocean.: climate, snow - Weather
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  145. Continental climates in the southern hemisphere?: snowfall, hot, warmest, ice - Weather
  146. January record highs for your city: recorded, temperatures, 2015, degree - Weather
  147. Why is the west (California) so warm: climate, warming, nights - Weather
  148. Rate the climate: Angelgong (Los Angeles and Hong Kong combined): snow, hot - Weather
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  166. Would you sleep full night in a car through the blizzard (-21C/-7F) without engine on ?: snowfall, warm - Weather
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  175. Sun at the Equator: record, moon, days, world - Weather
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  181. How cold is -20C/-4F to you?: climate, snow, record - Weather
  182. Do certain climates influence your way of thinking?: hot, 2013, days - Weather
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  199. weather on Mars
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