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  101. What is the temperature of the sea now in your country? II: warm, temperatures - Weather
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  138. Short for my fellow cd members in the weather forum, answer: climate, warm
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  170. What will London's highest tenperature be this weekend (29-30 June)?: climate, hot - Weather
  171. What are the closest places to the equator that have 'four seasonal' variation in vegetation?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  172. Why is Köppen or Trewartha better than the other?: climate, hot - Weather
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  194. Favorite Climate Features: snowfall, hot, warm, record - Weather
  195. Winter 2019 Southern Hemisphere): snowfalls, warm, record, rainfall - Weather
  196. London snowfall: climate, record, cities, season - Weather
  197. How changeable do you prefer the weather to be?: climate, tornadoes, snowy
  198. Which Southern Ontario zone has the absolute mildest winter weather and can grow figs outdoors?: climate, warmest
  199. Juneau's Extremely Wet Snow?: climate, snowfall, average, precipitation - Weather
  200. Cities Create Constant Clouds: degree, degrees, may - Weather