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  1. At What temp do you turn on the A/C in your Fisher-Price ride on?: warm, North - Weather
  2. POLL: San Diego winters vs Miami summers: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  3. Rate the Fictional Climate: Marbleton: snowfall, temperatures, precipitation, storm - Weather
  4. Incredible 40,000 Foot View of Storm on May 31, 2013: tornado, recorded, storms - Weather
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  8. Unusual Lightning Clouds: snow, ice, storm, freezing - Weather
  9. French Ski Resort To Open For Skiing, June 2013: snow, hot, average - Weather
  10. What height are measurements?: snow, temperatures, predict, winter - Weather
  11. Rate the fictional climate: Arcticpolis: snowfall, warm, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  12. Battle of the climates: Mildpolis vs. Extremepolis: snowfall, warm, record - Weather
  13. Russians cross Arctic from Russia to Canada, in a bus: warm, ice - Weather
  14. Rate the climate: Djelfa, Algeria: snow, hot, precipitation, months - Weather
  15. Rate my updated dream climate...: snowfall, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  16. Rate Fictional Climate: New Sub-Arctique: snow, hot, warm, records - Weather
  17. Unusually Late Snow In NorthEast U.S & Europe: snowfall, warm, record - Weather
  18. Climate battle - Pleasant Camp, Canada vs. Thompson, Canada: snowfall, records, East - Weather
  19. Climate battle: Valencia, Spain vs Lisbon, Portugal: warm, days, precipitation - Weather
  20. Rate the fictional climate: Mount Okla: hot, day, city, sunshine - Weather
  21. Climate battle: Shore vs. City vs. Mountains: snow, hot, day - Weather
  22. Nanchong vs Boston: climate, record, temperatures, cities - Weather
  23. Climate battle: Hornicia (fictional country): snowfalls, hot, warmest, recorded - Weather
  24. Climate battle - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil vs. Odessa, Ukraine: hot, recorded - Weather
  25. Climate Battle - Havana, Cuba vs Bali, Indonesia: warm, storms, cyclone - Weather
  26. Rate the climate, Abadan: hot, averages, temperatures, place - Weather
  27. Climate Battle: Ad vs. Pergium: hot, temperature, city, freeze - Weather
  28. Climate battle: Japan Vs the East coast of the United States: snowfall, warm - Weather
  29. Climate battle - Atlanta, GA vs. Yalta, Ukraine: average, temperature, degree - Weather
  30. Rate the climate: Viseu, Portugal: warm, records, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  31. Rate the climate - Zhytomyr, Ukraine: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  32. Rate the fictional climate: Bánh Lông: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  33. Rate this fictional climate- Dustee: hot, warm, averages, temperature - Weather
  34. Amazing images from space of Pavlof Volcano eruption: records, cloud, Alaska - Weather
  35. Rate the Fictional climate: Thanatos: snowy, hot, rainfall, precipitation - Weather
  36. Rate this fictional climate: Claytown: snowy, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  37. Silly and unrealistic fictional climates???: places, cold, opinion - Weather
  38. Rate the Fictional Climate: Whitewater: snowfall, warm, days, degree - Weather
  39. Driving cross country: tornadoes, storms, city, degree - Weather
  40. North Dakota adds to the list Cold Springs: climate, snowy, warmest - Weather
  41. Temperature data only during sunlight: averages, temperatures, day, precipitation - Weather
  42. Rate this fictional climate: hot, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  43. Blood Falls from Antarctic glacier: ice, 2013 - Weather
  44. Rate the fictional climate: Forpa: snowfall, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  45. Rate the fictional climate: Mount Whiskley: snowfall, hot, warm, icy - Weather
  46. Natural Disasters In United States 2013: rainfall, storms, city, most - Weather
  47. Boulder, Colorado has a Cfa climate?: snow, hot, record, temperature - Weather
  48. Rate Fictional Climate: Sub-Arctique: snow, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  49. Rate the fictional climate: Icecap City: snow, warmest, record, precipitation - Weather
  50. Middle East Climate Battle - Shiraz vs Amman vs Sanaa vs Doha: snow, hot - Weather
  51. Astoria's climate: snow, warm, records, days - Weather
  52. Rate the Climate : Karachi, Pakistan: hot, warm, sunny, lows - Weather
  53. Snowiest May in 127 years worth of records in Rochester, MN: snowfall, recorded - Weather
  54. warmest and/or sunniest places in Argentina in the winter: climate, city - Weather
  55. Rate this fictional climate - Snowville: snowfall, hottest, average, temperature - Weather
  56. Rate the Fictional Climate: Red Lagoon: snowfall, hot, warm, records - Weather
  57. Climate Battle: Karlsruhe, Germany vs. Chilliwack, BC, Canada: warm, sunshine, summers - Weather
  58. South America Battle - 35°S vs 45°S vs 55°S: climate, snow - Weather
  59. Summer 2013 Photo: climate, temperatures, day, city - Weather
  60. Rate the fictional climate: Gloomy City: snowfall, hot, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  61. Climate battle - Beijing vs. Sapporo: snowfall, warm, winters, cold - Weather
  62. Rate my fictional climate- COMFORTVILLE: warm, temperature, nights, place - Weather
  63. Battle of the climates- Comfortville vs. Wonderful: tornadoes, snowy, hot - Weather
  64. 12c too hot to sleep in?!: warm, record, temperature, day - Weather
  65. Climate battle: Alexandra, New Zealand vs Cambridge,UK: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  66. Climate Battle - Eindhoven, Netherlands vs Copenhagen, Denmark: warm, averages, North - Weather
  67. s my idea of an A + climate: how would you rate it?: snowy, hot - Weather
  68. Rate the climate: Bragança, Portugal: snow, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  69. Rate this Climate! Inertion City: snowfall, temperatures, day, precipitation - Weather
  70. Cities who haven't hit 90°F 2013: hottest, temperature, days - Weather
  71. Climate Battle - Niigata, Japan vs Antananarivo, Madagascar: snowfall, warm, humidity - Weather
  72. Rate my A grade Climate: Manacea: snow, hot, warm, ice - Weather
  73. Rate this climate - Penang, Malaysia: warm, averages, season, rain - Weather
  74. What's the most number of CONSECUTIVE DAYS seen with ZERO precipitation?: climate, recorded - Weather
  75. Rate the climate: Braga, Portugal: warm, record, temperatures, days - Weather
  76. Rate the climate: Beijing: snowfall, hot, warmest, precipitation - Weather
  77. Rate my desired fictional climate:: hot, warm, temperatures, seasons - Weather
  78. Trewartha got it wrong on Australia and New Zealand!: climate, averages, temperatures - Weather
  79. Tempature types and colours: climate, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  80. Rate the Climate: Passo Fundo, Brazil: snowfalls, hot, warm, record - Weather
  81. Climate Battle - Lincoln UK vs Lincoln USA: hot, warm, record - Weather
  82. Climate battle - Athens, Greece vs. Lviv, Ukraine: hot, warm, freezing - Weather
  83. Rate the fictional climate: Snowland: snowfall, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  84. Rate the climate: Muscat, Oman: hottest, record, temperature, nights - Weather
  85. Rate the fictional climate: Skyford City: snowfall, hot, warm, record - Weather
  86. Which country in Europe has THE BEST climate overall?: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  87. Yesterday, I experienced a 40 degree temperature difference by driving 50 miles (all at sea level).: climate, warm - Weather
  88. What time is sun set in your city during longest day of the year?: date, summer - Weather
  89. Climate Battle: Hobart, Australia vs. Toronto, Canada: snow, warm, average - Weather
  90. Rate the climate of Shangri-La, aka paradise: warm, temperatures, night - Weather
  91. Let's make this happen - Wikipedia sunshine hours and percentage!: climate, record - Weather
  92. Climate Battle - The warmest city in UK vs the warmest city in Germany: average, temperatures - Weather
  93. Battle of the fictional climates- perpetual comfort vs. every type of climate on earth in one location: tornadoes, snowy - Weather
  94. Four way battle of seasonless climates- part 2...: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  95. New York City have a Humid subtropical climate or a humid continetal humid climate ?: ice, freeze - Weather
  96. Climate Battle: Astana, Kazakhstan vs. Regina, SK, Canada: snowfall, warm, record - Weather
  97. Climate Battle - Whangarei, New Zealand vs Hobart, Australia: warm, record, rainfall - Weather
  98. Rate the Climate: Los Angeles, CA: snowy, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  99. What is the hottest city year-round in the world?: climate, warmest, record - Weather
  100. Top 3 cities with the highest and lowest average high temperature?: climate, annual - Weather
  101. Cities that have not reached 25°C in 2013: warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  102. Whether Lima, Peru has safest city in terms of weather?: climate, tornadoes
  103. Scandinavian capitals are sunnier than Western European: climate, averages, days - Weather
  104. Rate the Climate: Maracaibo, Venezuela: hottest, temperatures, rainfall, days - Weather
  105. Battle of four different types of seasonless climates....: snow, hot - Weather
  106. Climate Battle: Seattle, Washington vs. Olympia, Washington: snow, warm, record - Weather
  107. Countries Climate Battle - UK vs Sweden: warm, place, South - Weather
  108. Rate my fictional climate- You CAN have it all!!!: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  109. Climate Battle: Honolulu, vs. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: warm, nights, East - Weather
  110. Which South American capital has the best climate?: snow, hot, record - Weather
  111. Battle Dsb: Hawley Lake, Arizona VS Skagway, Alaska: climate, snowfall, warm - Weather
  112. Rate the fictional climate: Icicle Mountain: snowfall, hot, ice, recorded - Weather
  113. Rate the Climate: Malé, Maldives: hot, record, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  114. It's Official. Widest Tornado On Earth May 31, 2013. 2.6 Miles Wide: tornadoes, recorded, day - Weather
  115. Calama, Chile VS Turpan, China: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  116. What temperature do you put your Ferrari's windows down?: cloud - Weather
  117. San Diego's summers vs Miami's winters: climate, warmest, record, temperature - Weather
  118. The coldest spring in UK for 30 years!: snowing, hot, warm - Weather
  119. Rate my dream climate: Calebpolis: snow, hot, warm, rainfall - Weather
  120. Mild Weather: climate, warm, days, cities
  121. Climate Battle - Guadalajara, Mexico vs Cape Town, South Africa: warm, averages - Weather
  122. Most memorable Weather event: snowy, hot, average, temperatures
  123. Rate the Climate: Esquel, Chubut, Argentina: snow, warm, record, days - Weather
  124. A Way to minimise Tornadoes?: warm, temperatures, storms, Canada - Weather
  125. Sunshine Hours Data, & Why is East TX Always So Cloudy?: climate, hottest - Weather
  126. Climate battle - New York City vs. Berlin: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  127. Climate battle: Vancouver vs. New Orleans (only summer): warm, warming, days - Weather
  128. Is Coastal Southern California more similiar to Coastal Northern Chile or the real Mediterranean?: climate, snow - Weather
  129. The weather people annoy me when they do this: climate, degree, degrees
  130. Climate Battle, Sandy Acre vs Harley Point: hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  131. Rate the climate: Chicago: snow storm, hot, warm, rainfall - Weather
  132. Climate Battle: Oslo, Norway vs. Sapporo, Japan: snowfall, warm, averages - Weather
  133. Climate Battle: Manila, Philippines vs. Saskatoon, SK, Canada: hot, season, world - Weather
  134. Climate Battle: Tristan da Cunha vs. Amsterdam Island: warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  135. What is your favourite tropical climate?: hot, warm, places, frost - Weather
  136. Climatic Battle- Oklahoma City vs. San Diego.: climate, tornadoes, snow - Weather
  137. Climate battle - Reykjavík vs. Yakutsk: snow, warm, temperatures - Weather
  138. Does Newark weather station is more representative of the temperature in Manhattan than central park weather station ?: hot, record
  139. Massive tornado in Oklahoma City: warm, days, storms, blizzard - Weather
  140. Rate the climate: La Quiaca, Jujuy, Argentina: warm, icy, temperature - Weather
  141. Climate Battle: Amsterdam Island vs. Edinburgh, Scotland: snow, warm, temperatures - Weather
  142. Which climates have experienced the most anomalous weather relative to their norms?: snowfall, hot
  143. Little Ice Age Coming in 2014?: climate, snow storm, warm, recorded - Weather
  144. San diego vs Los Angeles: climate, warm, city, traffic - Weather
  145. Try this forecast for a mid spring week:: city, highs, lows - Weather
  146. Rate the climate: Jacobabad, Pakistan: record, rainfall, 2013, days - Weather
  147. Study: High blood pressure is linked to cold wet weather: snow, warm
  148. Climate battle - Florianopolis (Brazil) vs. Gold Coast (Australia): warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  149. Battle of the MICROCLIMATES: hot, warmest, records, moon - Weather
  150. Rate the climate: Santiago de Compostela, Spain: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  151. Post your dream climatic averages: climate, tornadoes, snowfall, warm - Weather
  152. Climate battle - Dallol vs. Winnipeg: snow, hot, day, freezing - Weather
  153. What temperature do you put your A/C at?: snowy, hot, warmest - Weather
  154. Which climatic event would cause the most consternation (FREAKING OUT) its locals?- GLOBAL EDITION: climate, snowfall - Weather
  155. Which JUNE would you rather have? Stockholm vs Budapest vs Seville: climate, average - Weather
  156. Rate my fictional climate (Dsb or Dfb, depends on the definition): snowy, warm - Weather
  157. Rate this fictional climate : Oceanica de Villa: snowfall, warm, record - Weather
  158. Rate the fictional climate: BIPOLARIA: hot, place, compared, highs - Weather
  159. May 2013 Summary: hot, warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  160. Rate the climate - Luhansk, Ukraine: hottest, warm, average, rainfall - Weather
  161. Climate Battle; New Surrey vs Casablanca: warm, temperature, days, precipitation - Weather
  162. Help me compare 11 American Cities: climate, tornado, snow, hottest - Weather
  163. Climate battle : Lugo, Spain vs Seattle, United States: snow, warm, record - Weather
  164. Rate the fictional climate: Cryopolis: snow, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  165. Climate Battle - Dunedin, New Zealand vs Carlisle, England: warm, temp, rainfall - Weather
  166. Winter 2013 (Southern Hemisphere): snow, warm, icy, temperatures - Weather
  167. Battle of the climates- Loco vs. Fou: snowfall, hottest, warm - Weather
  168. Climate Battle - Tokyo vs London: snow, hot, warmest, rainfall - Weather
  169. Mississippi River Climate Battle - New Orleans vs Memphis vs St Louis vs La Crosse: tornadoes, snow - Weather
  170. Rate my dream climate: fznamznongrad: snowfall, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  171. Autumn/Spring summaries: climate, hottest, warmest, ice - Weather
  172. Florida Climate Battle - Miami vs Orlando vs Pensacola: hot, warmest, average - Weather
  173. Another same name climate battle - Manchester, NH vs. Manchester, England: snow, hot - Weather
  174. Climate Battle: Bermuda vs. Lord Howe Island: hot, warm, world - Weather
  175. Rate the climate: Marrakech, Morocco: hot, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  176. Climate battle: Abadan vs Uranium city: temperatures, night, precipitation, seasons - Weather
  177. Rate two climates in my fictional country: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  178. Rate this fictional climate...Paradise Plateau: snow, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  179. Rate the climate: Aveiro, Portugal: warm, record, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  180. Battle of the Office Climates...San Diego vs. Iquique, Chile: tornadoes, snowy - Weather
  181. Rate the Fictional Climate: Oymyakon Station: snowfall, hot, warm, ice - Weather
  182. Climate Battle; London vs Chongqing: hot, warm, sunshine, months - Weather
  183. Rate the fictional climate: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  184. Rate the Climate: Hawley Lake, Arizona: snowfall, warm, average, nights - Weather
  185. Spot the fake:: climate, city, sunshine, West - Weather
  186. Rate my fictional climate: snowy, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  187. Climate Battle - Surgut, Russia vs Aswan, Egypt: average, sunny, months - Weather
  188. Climate battle - Nairobi vs. Rio de Janeiro: hot, warm, record - Weather
  189. Rate the climate - Tromsø, Norway: snowfall, warm, record, day - Weather
  190. Rate Fake Climate: LOCO Plateau: hot, ice, record, temperatures - Weather
  191. Which city is more prone to cold snaps in winter relative to their averages Miami or Vancouver?: climate, warm - Weather
  192. Lowest daily maximum temperature record in your city: records, month, january - Weather
  193. Rate my new fictional climate- LOCO: snow, hottest, warm, day - Weather
  194. Rate the Fictional Climate: Blackmount: snowfall, hot, warm, ice - Weather
  195. Climate battle - Reykjavík vs. Winnipeg: tornadoes, warm, blizzard - Weather
  196. Climate data for Rogers Pass, Montana: average, temperature, highs, winters - Weather
  197. PNW dry season linked to Asian summer monsoon?: rainfall, America, compared - Weather
  198. GOES-13 Satellite to be fixed: degree, degrees, East, coast - Weather
  199. Why do tornadoes happen so frequently in Tornado Alley?: warm, storm, Canada - Weather
  200. What kind of air conditioner should I get?: summers, Seattle - Weather