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  1. New fictional climate: Fish Lake 51N: warm, place, sunshine, annual - Weather
  2. Why Average Daylength is More Than 12 Hours: temperature, 2014, day - Weather
  3. Great Lakes Water Levels Rise: climate, snowfall, ice, 2014 - Weather
  4. What do you feel when it's hot and windy outside?: warm, temperatures - Weather
  5. Which subtropical areas fall into the tropics under the koppen Climate classification or Vice versa: snow, warm - Weather
  6. What will the highest temperature recorded in Hong Kong in 2014 be?: hot, humidity - Weather
  7. Rate the Month: June 2014, Palmer, Antarctica: snow, average, temperatures, history - Weather
  8. Dream climate battle: Southbourne vs. Perfecton vs. Whiteford vs. Vyodns: warm, icy - Weather
  9. April 2014 Climate Battle: Winnipeg, Manitoba vs Esperanza, Antarctica: snow, city, history - Weather
  10. Inhabited places with the warmest month below freezing: temperature, months, population - Weather
  11. Do You Think This is Due to Global Warming?: warmest, recorded, night - Weather
  12. Rate the fictional climate: Upville: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  13. Rate the (unnamed) fictional climate: snowfall, hot, warm, record - Weather
  14. Why exactly Mediterrannean climates have dry summers?: city, season, cyclone - Weather
  15. Interesting iPhone App: temperatures, locations, humidity, forecast - Weather
  16. Climate Battle: Orlando, FL vs Memphis, TN: tornadoes, snow, warm - Weather
  17. Rate the fictional climate - Morgan City: snowy, hottest, warm - Weather
  18. Which location is most likely to get two inches of snow accumulation in July?: climate, town - Weather
  19. Seasonal Climate Summaries !: snow, hottest, warmest, record - Weather
  20. What do you think of people who wear mascot/character costumes at heat indexes of over 100 F (38C)? - Weather
  21. What type of clouds are: East, live, Nevada - Weather
  22. Longitudes with hottest summers: record, city, season, America - Weather
  23. Gulf Coastal/Inland Areas vs. Coastal Atlantic Areas: climate, warm, average - Weather
  24. Heavy hail shower today in Almazán, Spain (180 km away northeast to Madrid): 2014, storm - Weather
  25. Climate Battle: Phoenix, AZ vs Delhi, India: warm, average, temperature - Weather
  26. How will your summer 2014 turn out to be?: warmest, record, temperature - Weather
  27. When will Vostok reach -80 °C in 2014?: temperatures, hours, august - Weather
  28. Biome: climate, warm, average, temperature - Weather
  29. Best Extended Forecast: hot, America, most, predict - Weather
  30. Southern Hemisphere: climate, temperatures, place, season - Weather
  31. What are the chances NJ will see below freezing lows this september: records, temperature - Weather
  32. Is downtown L.A. more likely to see a high of 50 C in August or a high of 50 F in January?: record, days - Weather
  33. Snowfall prediction for South Atlantic Cities (2014-2015): warm, recorded, all-time - Weather
  34. Does Houston get less sunlight than Miami?: Chicago, storm, city - Weather
  35. Rate The Climate: Narooma, NSW: snow, warm, record, rainfall - Weather
  36. Annual number of days with comfortable temperatures: climate, average, Chicago - Weather
  37. Rate the fictional climate: Burlington: hot, temperatures, precipitation, sunshine - Weather
  38. Rate the fictional climate: Storm Lake: snowfall, hottest, warm, averages - Weather
  39. Which city has better climate: snow, hot, warm, precipitation - Weather
  40. Has relocated to their ideal climates? Impressions?: hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  41. Why are Southern Cal mountains classified mediterranean: snowfall, warm, places - Weather
  42. Climate Battle: Serhetabat, Turkmenistan vs. Tulsa, OK, USA: tornado, hot, warm - Weather
  43. Weather geeks, Where would you choose to live: climate, warm, record
  44. The Meeting of the Treelines: hot, records, temperature, precipitation - Weather
  45. Rate the semi-fictional climate - Greenhouseville in central Canada: record, temperatures, nights - Weather
  46. Official record high temperatures for hot deserts: climate, hottest, recorded - Weather
  47. Difference between 5C (41F) with low humidity and high humidity?: warm, night - Weather
  48. Mildest winters below Antarctic Circle: warm, average, temperatures, city - Weather
  49. What will the highest temperature recorded in Nashville in 2014 be?: 2015, degree - Weather
  50. Advection fog or Valley fog?: climate, warm, rainfall, 2014 - Weather
  51. Rate the fictional climate: Iaitii: snowfall, hot, average, temperatures - Weather
  52. What is the most continental climate in South America?: hottest, recorded - Weather
  53. List of fictional climates: snowy, warm, records, town - Weather
  54. Places north of the tropics where September is the 5th warmest month of the year: climate, hottest - Weather
  55. Soil in Florida: climate, average, days, inches - Weather
  56. Rate Climate: Page, Arizona: snowfall, hot, warm, night - Weather
  57. Locations in US where temp on day is closest and farthest to monthly average: record, moon - Weather
  58. Which of climates Would you consider to have an overall better beach weather? Santa Cruz vs Hampton VA: hot, warm
  59. Summer rainfall patterns in the Southeast & South Central U.S.: climate, temperature - Weather
  60. How long can a human stand being in a temperature above human body?: climate, hot - Weather
  61. Which is more likely in July? 32 C in Reykjavík or 32 F in Denver (overnight low)?: climate, hot - Weather
  62. Where besides Newfoundland is spring budding just starting?: snow, ice, average - Weather
  63. Where in the future?: climate, snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  64. Why do the majority of people whine about bad weather: climate, warm
  65. India Heatwave: climate, averages, temperatures, 2014 - Weather
  66. Mean Sea Level Pressure?: storms, Canada, most, annual - Weather
  67. Hottest winter average Temps?: climate, warmest, temperature, cities - Weather
  68. Candidates for hosting 2022 winter olympics: climate, snowfall, temperatures, days - Weather
  69. Climate Analogue Website: temperature, precipitation, cities, world - Weather
  70. Which climate do you consider more summery ? Sacramento vs. Washington D.C.: hot, warm - Weather
  71. Will the coming winter be like the past one?: snowy, warm, ice - Weather
  72. Correlation of sunshine with daily temperature: climate, hot, warm, record - Weather
  73. What time of the year would feel the most 'wintry' to you?: climate, averages - Weather
  74. Summer Predictions 2014: hottest, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  75. Climate vs. Family: Chicago, most, hours, Alaska - Weather
  76. Piece of Polar Vortex in Summer?: record, 2014, day - Weather
  77. Climate battle: Tel Aviv, Israel vs Penrith, NSW: warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  78. Happy III: days, storms, sunshine, thunderstorms - Weather
  79. Rate the Climate: Santa Cruz de Tenerife: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  80. Which climate is more summery ?: warmest, averages, world - Weather
  81. Could extreme cold lead to eye damage?: climate, temperatures, storm - Weather
  82. Climate Battle; Semi-final Edition.: snowfall, warm, temperatures, nights - Weather
  83. 57 °F/14 °C temperature of happiness, do you agree?: warm, average - Weather
  84. When would be your ideal height of summer?: climate, hottest - Weather
  85. Los Angeles climate: hot, warm, days, storm - Weather
  86. Does Portland Oregon have a 4 season climate in your opinion?: snowy, hot - Weather
  87. Predict your climate's hottest day of 2014...: warmest, record, storm, humidity - Weather
  88. When its September 1st, what weather do you expect: warm, average, temperature
  89. Predict the biggest weather headlines of summer of 2014 (your local, national, or global): climate, tornado
  90. Rate the climate - Tarifa, Spain: snow, temperatures, precipitation, seasons - Weather
  91. Climate battle: Barcelona vs Canberra: warm, days, city, sunshine - Weather
  92. Rate the fictional climate: Autumntown: snowfall, hot, warm, average - Weather
  93. The 2014 Thunderstorm: climate, snow, average, temp - Weather
  94. Rate this climate: Sofia, Bulgaria: snowy, warm, average, nights - Weather
  95. Rate the fictional climate: Clearwater: snowfall, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  96. Rate the climate: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina: snow, hot, record - Weather
  97. Climate battle: Léon, Spain vs Lyon, France: warm, records, precipitation - Weather
  98. Battle of the climates: Sacramento, CA vs. Lima, Peru: warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  99. Which region of the 48 states has the most windchill in winter and most humid summers.: climate, icy - Weather
  100. Heat Bursts: hottest, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  101. Furthest North That Gets 40 Degree C Heat Waves?: recorded, temp, 2014 - Weather
  102. Will Florida get a direct hit by hurricane this season?: place, North - Weather
  103. But it's a dry heat: hot, temperatures, 2014 - Weather
  104. Fall 2014 - Northern Hemisphere: climate, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  105. What's the location with the highest all-time low in your country: climate, warmest - Weather
  106. At what degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit...: climate, hot, temperatures, nights - Weather
  107. In summer, define hot, warm and cool days: temperatures, Canada, degree - Weather
  108. Battle of the Springfields u_u (this is the last one I'll do in this week, don't delete): climate, record - Weather
  109. Climate Battle of the Portlands xD: snow, hot, warmest, averages - Weather
  110. European locations with an all-time low higher than -5ºC: climate, warm - Weather
  111. Help Me Find My Perfect 4 Season Climate: snowy, warm, days - Weather
  112. Rate this climate: Serres, Greece: snow, hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  113. Where is the snow line: climate, snowfalls, records - Weather
  114. What would you consider a warmer climate overall?: hot, Chicago, days - Weather
  115. Schools closed for heat?: snow, hottest, ice, record - Weather
  116. Choose your TOP 4 German Climate: warmest, cities, world, South - Weather
  117. Rate the Climate: Chaghcharan: snowy, hot, warmest, average - Weather
  118. Rate (Fictional) Climate: Moderato: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  119. My Ultimate Dream Climate - rate it!: snowfalls, hot, warm - Weather
  120. Climate Battle: NYC vs Lyon: warm, average, days, city - Weather
  121. Does Coastal Moderation Suck (Rant Poll): climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  122. What is the most common type of weather in your happy birthday?: snowy, hot
  123. Driest years in your city: climate, snow, recorded, temperature - Weather
  124. What's your favourite weather forecast description?: snowfalls, record, temperatures, 2014
  125. Your top three favourite climates...ever.: snowy, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  126. What is your favorite sun angle and why?: averages, temperatures, freezing - Weather
  127. An ideal year of Ioannina Greece (best months of Ioannina in the period 2007-2014): warm, average - Weather
  128. Rate the climate: Odense: warm, city, seasons, freezing - Weather
  129. When is your LAST thunderstorm of the year usually?: tornado, snow, warm - Weather
  130. How hot will summers be in your city in the year 2100?: climate, warm - Weather
  131. Number of safe exposure hours of daylight in your city: snow, hottest - Weather
  132. Can wind make a hot day feel hotter ?: warm, temperature, places - Weather
  133. Would you classify this type of climate as subtropical(Csa by Koppen): Taraz,Kazakhstan?: snowy, average - Weather
  134. Climate of the East Coast with taller Appalachians: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  135. What do you think people who walk around in shorts and a tee outside when the temperature is below freezing?: snow, warm - Weather
  136. Rate the daily weather - Nashville, TN, October 7, 2000: climate, hottest, warm
  137. Do you really feel the heat on hot cloudy days?: temperatures, degree - Weather
  138. Is 33ºC enough to melt pavements and to set flowers on fire?: hottest, average - Weather
  139. Climate Battle : Northern Ireland vs Scotland: snowy, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  140. Rate my new fictional climate: Heat Lover's Paradise: hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  141. When will Dallas Texas(DFW) hit 100°F/38C in 2014?: climate, hot - Weather
  142. Battle of the water park climates- hot and dry vs. hot and humid vs. mild to warm days and cool nights: storms, humidity - Weather
  143. Rate my unnamed fictional climate: snowfall, warm, record, 2014 - Weather
  144. Which summer provides a better climate for outdoor concerts in summer?: hot, warm - Weather
  145. Climate Battle: Athens, GA Vs. Athens, Greece: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  146. Seattle VS Dallas ( Year Round Weather ): climate, hot, warm, storm
  147. What's more likely to happen this July: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  148. Rate the fictional climate - Buckston: snow, sunshine, hours, winters - Weather
  149. Rate the Climate Seville, Andalusia: hottest, warm, temperature, days - Weather
  150. What Dew Point do you personally consider it to be Humid outside?: temperature, degree - Weather
  151. Weatherwise, what would be your ideal location for retirement: climate, warm, compared
  152. Rate the fictional climate - Biasini: snow, hot, record, degree - Weather
  153. Rate this climate: Thessaloniki, Greece: snowfalls, hottest, warm, recorded - Weather
  154. Sunshine duration, wrong?: climate, snowfall, records, 2014 - Weather
  155. Would you like this?: climate, hot, temperature, precipitation - Weather
  156. Classify Molina de Aragon, Spain: climate, record, rainfall, nights - Weather
  157. most and least continental climate in your country?: hottest, warmest, average - Weather
  158. At what 2 moments of the year is the daily average high equal to the annual average high?: warm, averages - Weather
  159. Battle of the climates: Dublin vs. Delhi: warm, days, season - Weather
  160. Does a climate exist with no hot summer?: warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  161. Gwenn climate classification: hottest, warm, ice, record - Weather
  162. Could a climate JUST under 10 C / 50 F year round grow trees?: snow, warmest - Weather
  163. Have you ever had a sunburn on a December day?: snowy, city - Weather
  164. Where to find an obsolete weather forecast for a historic calendar date: climate, snow
  165. Tell me your city and I will tell you how many minutes till you sunburn: snow, average - Weather
  166. Rate this climate: Kavala, Greece: snowfall, warm, average, rainfall - Weather
  167. Records hard to beat?: climate, recorded, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  168. Largest hail you have experienced: 2014, storms, city, most - Weather
  169. Rate the climate: Sagres, Portugal: warm, averages, global warming, temperatures - Weather
  170. Will Phoenix, AZ reach 122 F (50 C) this summer?: recorded, temperatures, days - Weather
  171. Does a city in North America have this kind of weather?: climate, average
  172. Most extreme Mediterranean Climates: rainfall, 2013, precipitation, places - Weather
  173. Will Dublin hit 30 C this summer?: record, predict, july, London - Weather
  174. Rate the Climate: Prince Rupert, BC: snow, warm, cities, Canada - Weather
  175. Battle of the climates: Sacramento vs. Singapore: warm, rainfall, storm - Weather
  176. Rate the fictional climate : Rockbound Beach: temperatures, rainfall, precipitation, storms - Weather
  177. Which city is most likely to hit 50C (122F), Sydney or Los Angeles?: climate, hot - Weather
  178. Predict your climate averages for 100 years into the future: snowfall, warm, global warming - Weather
  179. 7pm latest sunset with 90F/32C high vs 10pm latest sunset with 60F/16C high?: climate, cities - Weather
  180. Ideal sunrise/sunset times in winter/summer?: town, South, march - Weather
  181. Rate my dream climate - Hondaville: snowy, hottest, warm, records - Weather
  182. Rate the climate: Orange, Australia: snowfall, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  183. Better Climate: San Diego, CA vs. Medellin, Colombia: warm, average, temperature - Weather
  184. Summer - Portland vs Toronto: warm, averages, days, storms - Weather
  185. Which JULY would you rather have? NYC vs Manchester vs Denver vs Krakow: climate, hot - Weather
  186. Which year-round climate would you prefer: Seattle, Toronto, San Francisco or Chicago?: hot, warm - Weather
  187. Snow in Scotland: snowfall, records, days, precipitation - Weather
  188. Key for new climate classification: hot, warmest, ice, average - Weather
  189. Will Pittsburgh reach 90°F in 2014?: climate, hottest, warm, records - Weather
  190. Rate The Climate: Saratov, Russia: snowy, hot, warm, average - Weather
  191. Will San Fransisco reach 95 F (35C) this summer?: climate, hot, warmest - Weather
  192. Warmest winters outside the tropics?: climate, recorded, temperatures, places - Weather
  193. June 2014 summary/rating: snowfall, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  194. Yellow grass, like it or not.: climate, snow, temperatures, days - Weather
  195. BBC VS WeatherOnline Forecasts: temperatures, days, most, predict
  196. Will Los Angeles see measurable rain this summer?: day, storms, America - Weather
  197. Video: The heaviest rainfall of the last 50 years in Naousa Greece: 2014, floods - Weather
  198. For all you weather buffs, does the new National Hurricane Museum excite you?: most
  199. The perceived accuracy of science...: climate, warm, global warming, 2013 - Weather
  200. Oklahoma City Had Big Downpour Tuesday Night: map, summer, rain - Weather