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  1. What far-away city/region has the most similar climate to where you live?: hot, warmest - Weather
  2. Rate the climate: Weining, Guizhou, China: snow, averages, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  3. Which system do you like better: Köppen or Trewartha? Why?: climate, hot - Weather
  4. What Happened to the Pineapple Express on the West Coast?: climate, days - Weather
  5. Compare this climate with Brisbane: warmest, city, seasons, lows - Weather
  6. Rate this climate: Mt Mitchell, NC (1500-1530 Normals): ice, precipitation, rain - Weather
  7. Rate two adjacent dream climates: hot, warm, rainfall, season - Weather
  8. Turkish Mediterranean Climate Battle: Antalya vs Mersin vs Izmir (1991-2020 averages): snow, temperatures - Weather
  9. Rate The Climate: Kuwait City: hot, season, sunny, months - Weather
  10. Rate the ¿most extreme continental climate on Earth?: snow, hot, warmest - Weather
  11. Rate the climate: Duhok, Iraq (Kurdistan): hottest, average, temperatures, city - Weather
  12. between cold waves in Europe and the US?: snowfalls, record, temperatures - Weather
  13. How much winter weather does it take to shut school down in foothill/mountainous areas of California?: climate, snow
  14. Rate the climate: Kazan, Russia: summers - Weather
  15. Rate this humid continental climate: snow, hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  16. Rate and classify this Mediterranean climate: hottest, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  17. Climate Battle: Which Fictional Four Season Climate?: snowfall, hot, seasons - Weather
  18. Why are snow ratios so low on the USA east coast?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  19. Hottest subtropical climate: warmest, average, temperature, city - Weather
  20. Oasis Ranger Station, Florida forecasted to reach 90°F tomorrow: climate, hot - Weather
  21. Why is 4 months above 10 C used to differentiate temperate and subpolar climates.: averages, day - Weather
  22. Rate the Climate: Island Park, ID: snowfall, temperatures, days, lows - Weather
  23. Rate the Climate: Sky Valley, GA: temperature, Chicago, compared, North - Weather
  24. Northernmost Location with at least 1 month above 18C: normal, july, northwest - Weather
  25. Places in the world with the most extreme sunshine hours variation: climate, precipitation - Weather
  26. Climate Battle: Mohe City vs. Fairbanks: cities, degree, United States, compare - Weather
  27. Rate this weird climate: warmest, temperatures, rainfall, night - Weather
  28. Should the high plains of eastern Colorado join the Midwest?: climate, clouds - Weather
  29. Global Environmental Stratification? Has heard of it?: climate, warm, ice - Weather
  30. Climate battle: Guangzhou vs Miami: warm, city, season, sunshine - Weather
  31. Northwest flow over Portland used to deliver more snow 1910s then today. Why?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  32. Wednesday's Unusually Warm March Rainstorms Set Records In Minnesota: climate, tornado, snowfall - Weather
  33. Compare this climate with Toronto: snowfall, warm, record, city - Weather
  34. One Is What Causes The Small Area Of DWB Koppen Type in Northwest Minnesota? (Highlight Area): climate, warmest - Weather
  35. How much variation is needed for a location to have four seasons (temperature).: climate, warm - Weather
  36. Alexandria (Egypt) vs Almaty: climate, hot, warm, precipitation - Weather
  37. Rate the climate: Geraldton, Western Australia: warm, place, most, compared - Weather
  38. The Office Climate Battle: warmest, days, storms, city - Weather
  39. What do you think of this warm Subarctic climate?: city, hours, june - Weather
  40. Guess this city (SH): South, may, cold, daily - Weather
  41. Compare this climate with Hongkong: record, temperatures, rainfall, city - Weather
  42. Climate Battle: Phnom Penh, Cambodia Vs Maracaibo, Venezuela Vs São Bento, Brazil: hot, rainfall - Weather
  43. Breath of the Wild Climate Battle:: warm, days, place, world - Weather
  44. Wallace J Broecker and his “prototype” model on global warming: climate, temperatures - Weather
  45. Why is this forum chat bots?: temperature, 2014, city, date - Weather
  46. Texas has warning for wall of dust: storm, map - Weather
  47. Climate Battle: Metz, (N.-E. of France) versus Abbotsford, (S.-W. of Canada): days, precipitation - Weather
  48. Rate the 'heart of summer' of: Metz, Moselle (France): climate, warm, average - Weather
  49. Iles de la Madeleine vs Sanya: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  50. Climate Battle: Yellowknife vs Jyväskylä: warm, temperatures, city, Canada - Weather
  51. No ice storms or freezing rain in california.: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  52. Climate Battle: Puget Sound, USA (Seattle-Bellevue-Tacoma) versus Rhine-Ruhr, Germany (Cologne-Dusseld-Bonn-Dortmund): warm, average - Weather
  53. Rate the Climate: Soda Springs, CA: snowfall, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  54. For me in degrees Celsius it would be:: hot, warm, temp - Weather
  55. Biggest Forecast Busts: snow, temperature, day, precipitation - Weather
  56. Climate battle: Lhasa vs Ottawa: warm, temperatures, precipitation, city - Weather
  57. What is happening with UK weatherworld forum? Unavailable for days, now...: city, index
  58. Rate the mild climate: Ooty, India: snow, warm, 2013, precipitation - Weather
  59. Semi arid climactic influences across the United States climate zones: snow, warm - Weather
  60. Climate Battle: Saint George, UT vs Las Cruces, NM: hot, season, North - Weather
  61. Why is 22C used to differentiate DFA/DFB, CFA/CFB,: climate, hot - Weather
  62. Rate the fictional climate: Minas Tirith: hot, warm, temperature, precipitation - Weather
  63. Which locations on other continents have similar climates to Indiana in America?: temperature, places - Weather
  64. Transition seasons in continental and oceanic climate: hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  65. Hot Desert Battle: Cairo vs Phoenix: climate, days, places, season - Weather
  66. Rate the climate Samarina, Greece: temperatures, precipitation, sunny, annual - Weather
  67. Lake Superior *Seasons*: snow, warm, records, temperature - Weather
  68. Climate battle: Stockton, CA và Houston, TX: storm, season, humidity - Weather
  69. How come in remote, clean places there is air pollution?: days, town - Weather
  70. Vaccine distribution in snowy weather: city, health
  71. Rate this climate: Green Glow City: records, temperature, season, compared - Weather
  72. Rate the Fictional Climate: Aledondó: hot, record, temperatures, season - Weather
  73. Climate battle: Brisbane vs Sydney: warm, average, rainfall, precipitation - Weather
  74. Rate the climate: Guatemala City: averages, temperatures, rainfall, season - Weather
  75. Climate of Hyrule Breath of the Wild?: snow, map, forecast - Weather
  76. NWS Forecast discussions (historical) archives anywhere?: day, date, winter, different - Weather
  77. Why aren't cloud cover and wind speed calculated into the heat index?: hot, warm - Weather
  78. Where in the US anywhere west of the Continental Divide does lightning strike the most in July?: climate, tornado - Weather
  79. Rate my fictional climate: Oliver, Land of Swamps: snow, hot, record - Weather
  80. Hokkaido vs. Sakhalin: climate, record, city, degree - Weather
  81. Rank my fictional climate: Verigo, Farris Island: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  82. Rate the fictional climate: Isengard: record, temperature, precipitation, cities - Weather
  83. hPa AGL or AMSL?: warm, temperature, places, ground - Weather
  84. Which set of seasons works best for describing climate in your area?: warm, average - Weather
  85. Max/Min Temp within a Range: Number of days: 2021: city, freezing, highs - Weather
  86. Places that should handle snow better then they do.: snowfall, averages, inches - Weather
  87. Climate battle: NYC vs Zurich: hot, warm, warming, days - Weather
  88. Will the Northern Great Plains get rained out of existence by climate change?: warm, average - Weather
  89. Rate the fictional climate: Edoras: hot, temperature, rainfall, precipitation - Weather
  90. Rate this fictional climate (temperate): hot, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  91. Why does precipitation drop off so quickly in the Great Plains?: climate, rainfall - Weather
  92. Rate the climate: Jacksonville, fl: temperatures, rainfall, season, humidity - Weather
  93. Climate Fun Facts: warm, recorded, locations, America - Weather
  94. Rate the fictional climate: Dale-Esgaroth: warm, temperature, precipitation, towns - Weather
  95. Fictional climate classification: warmest, average, temperature, city - Weather
  96. Rate this daily forecast in summer: climate, hot, warm, average - Weather
  97. What type of climate is this?: warm, record, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  98. Rate the climate: Mengzi City, China: warmest, storms, season, sunshine - Weather
  99. African Humid period Jeddah vs Modern Jeddah: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  100. Rate this humid subtropical climate: hot, temperatures, rainfall, city - Weather
  101. Classify this fictional climate: city, mild, humid - Weather
  102. Gibraltar vs Shenyang: climate, averages, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  103. Is Sydney's climate closer to Brisbane or Melbourne?: hot, city, degree - Weather
  104. Compare this fictional climate with DT Los Angeles: city - Weather
  105. Baguio, Philippines vs. Chiang Rai, Thailand- Southeast Asian mountain cities: climate, warm - Weather
  106. Seasonal lead: climate, hot, temperatures, day - Weather
  107. Accurate, Live Radar?: tornado, locations, world, historically - Weather
  108. Thoughts on this fictional four seasons climate?: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  109. Rate the fictional climate: Barad-Dur: hot, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  110. Rate the climate of Kyzyl, Russia: snowfall, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  111. Summer 2021 weather discussion forum(Northern Hemisphere): hottest, warm, record, 2015
  112. Would you rather be in 95F or -5F under conditions?: hot, temperatures - Weather
  113. Winters in Beijing vs Toronto (Record lows): climate, snow, warm - Weather
  114. Guess this city: hot, warm, record, moon - Weather
  115. Coldest US' city with more than 20,000 inhabitants during nightime in July: hot, warm - Weather
  116. How the world sees climate in terms of difficulty living: snow, hottest - Weather
  117. Why doesn't the Equator have the highest recorded temperatures?: climate, hottest, places - Weather
  118. Do you prefer a dry heat or humid heat?: hot, averages, days - Weather
  119. Lots of Rain or Lots of Rainy Days: climate, averages, rainfall - Weather
  120. April 2021 Summary: snow, hot, warmest, recorded - Weather
  121. March 2021 Summary: snow, hottest, warmest, records - Weather
  122. Where in the US is hemiboreal?: climate, warm, ice, averages - Weather
  123. When do you see the first signs of Spring and Autumn where you live?: snow, hot - Weather
  124. Will the new NOAA data result in classification changes for U.S. cities?: climate, warm - Weather
  125. Climate Battle: Austin, Texas vs Rome, Italy: warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  126. June Gloom vs Santa Ana winds in January (LA): climate, hot, warm - Weather
  127. Stricter standard for real summer: climate, warmest, average, temperatures - Weather
  128. Rate the possibilities of climate change for Carmel Indiana under a 5.4 F warming over the next 300 years: ice, average - Weather
  129. Rate the climate change possibilities for North Texas under a climate warming of 4 C over the next 200 years: hot, averages - Weather
  130. Is Dalian's climate similar to NYC or Toronto?: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  131. What's the maximum temperature that you can stand wearing long sleeve shirts & pants: hot, warm - Weather
  132. Best weather from December through April: climate, warm, rainfall, storm
  133. Would you rather live in a place with no winter or no summer?: snow, hot - Weather
  134. Are Artic airmasses sunny or cloudy in your area? Why?: snow, temperature - Weather
  135. For the first time in forever, western europe is getting a cold wave.: snowfall, ice - Weather
  136. Massive Polar Vortex Happening Right Now: warm, warming, temperatures, day - Weather
  137. The Sunniest and the Cloudiest Countries on Earth ~ World Map: climate, hot - Weather
  138. What is the coldest outside temperature you slept with the window open at home?: warm, days - Weather
  139. January 2021 Weather Summary: climate, snow, warmest, records
  140. Battle of the sunniest places in the world: climate, average, night - Weather
  141. Comparing the stratospheric arctic vortex events with cold outbreaks: climate, warm, record - Weather
  142. Is 32F/0C considered dangerously cold for most people?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  143. Spring 2021 weather discussion forum(Northern Hemisphere): snowy, hot, warm, record
  144. The border line of subtropical & temperate climate: snowfall, warm, average - Weather
  145. Tell me about real cold, you in the Northern Plains Brrrrrrr: hot, warm - Weather
  146. Rate the ¿worst climate on Earth?: hot, warmest, average - Weather
  147. PNW snowstorm: snowing, warm, ice, storms - Weather
  148. Is the Fort Worth Texas/Texas climate becoming a tropical paradise?: warmest, ice - Weather
  149. Snowstorm Jan 30 - Feb 2, 2021: snow storm, warm, ice, day - Weather
  150. Why is the high only 18 Celsius today for Melbourne, Australia ?: climate, hot - Weather
  151. Climate battle: Jacksonville, USA versus Sydney, Australia: hot, averages, temperatures - Weather
  152. Rate the Climate: Alishan, Taiwan: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  153. Rare Snow in Southern Italy: climate, snowfall, average, 2015 - Weather
  154. Is Winnipeg hotter than Houston?: climate, hottest, warmest, recorded - Weather
  155. Your 2021 Weather Predictions: snow, hot, warm, recorded
  156. Is Los Angeles the only place that has relatively cool summers and mild winters in North America?: climate, hot - Weather
  157. Acapulco vs Helsinki: climate, hot, warm, cities - Weather
  158. Tropical beach places without extreme heat and humidity?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  159. A Disappointingly Wrong Forecast: climate, snow, warm, temperature - Weather
  160. Which places in other continents have the climate that is most similar to the carolinas?: warm, averages - Weather
  161. Rate the Climate: Miyazaki, Japan: snow, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  162. What is a fairly temperate wilderness area in the U.S.?: climate, snowing - Weather
  163. Windsor, ON VS Osoyoos, BC: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  164. Would you consider this climate oceanic?: hot, warmest, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  165. Would you consider this climate comfortable?: warm, rainfall, days, city - Weather
  166. What places of the world shut down for snow?: average, days, freezing - Weather
  167. Would you consider this climate to be fairly mild?: hottest, warm, records - Weather
  168. Spring 2021 Photo (Northern Hemisphere): snowfall, warm, temp, 2015 - Weather
  169. In every year, does every city/town in the continental US enjoy at least 1 perfect weather day ?: snow storm, hottest
  170. Rate the climate: Kaimakchalan: temperatures, 2013, day, precipitation - Weather
  171. My at improving the Köppen classification: climate, hottest, warmest - Weather
  172. Climate battle: Calgary vs Xining: warm, record, city, most - Weather
  173. Would you consider Austin and Dallas to have dry summers.: climate, hottest - Weather
  174. 1/3 of the year is depressing weather in Indiana /Midwest: climate, snowing, hot
  175. Which of major US cities have the LEAST crappiest Winters?: snowfall, warmest - Weather
  176. Rate the climate: Perisher Valley, Australia: snowfalls, 2015, precipitation, places - Weather
  177. Do you think this climate has 4 distinct seasons?: hot, warmest, record - Weather
  178. Would you bundle up for chilly days in summer?: climate, hottest - Weather
  179. February 2021 Summary: snowy, hottest, warmest, ice - Weather
  180. The Antarctic North is oceanic paradise: climate, snow, warm, ice - Weather
  181. What are the temperature thresholds for summer and winter in your location?: climate, snow - Weather
  182. Climate battle: Tokyo vs Toronto: snow, hottest, warm, average - Weather
  183. What is your personal definition of a harsh winter?: climate, snowfall, averages - Weather
  184. Global warming or climate change?: snow, records, temperature, world - Weather
  185. Rate the Climate (Scotts Valley, CA): hot, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  186. What is your personal definition of a harsh summer?: hottest, averages, temperature - Weather
  187. Does your interest in weather get less over years?: tornadoes, storms, cyclone
  188. What are the most greenest months of your city?: storms, season, normal - Weather
  189. Climate battle Dallas vs Phoenix: hot, sun, months, East - Weather
  190. Seasonal lead in the east coast of Australia: climate, warm, average - Weather
  191. Snowiest month of year, on average, for Yakutat AK is March: snowfall, months - Weather
  192. thunderstorms and latitudes: moving, South, summer, july - Weather
  193. Officially: 2020 saw a record number of $1 billion weather and climate disasters: warmest, records
  194. Reno vs Las Vegas exciting/interesting weather.: cities
  195. Climate analogs(modern equivalents) and climate warming/climate change discussion(northern hemisphere) - Weather
  196. How come in the late 1800s to 1920s the PNW used to have more marginal snowfall condtions?: forecast, North - Weather
  197. January 2021 Summary - Weather
  198. Video, Lightning strike destroys tree outside Wisconsin high school - Weather
  199. Which continental climate would you rather contend with?: Colorado, Indiana, Wisconsin - Weather
  200. Message In A Bottle or On A Helium Balloon? - Weather