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  15. Communist/greenie joke of the century: climate, North, february, live - Weather
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  37. Imperial/Coachella Valleys: Flood AND Earthquake Threat?: earthquakes, day, cities - Weather
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  40. Is a meteorologist?: climate, warm, temp, days - Weather
  41. If You Love Cold Weather Than Barrow, Alaska Would Be Like Heaven On Earth For You: climate, average
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  44. Your Weather Station: place, months, Oregon, accurate
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  48. Does have the Farmer's Almanac for 2010?: warm, average, day - Weather
  49. don't stand by a tree in a lightning storm this might happen to you!!: town, inches - Weather
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  55. Temperatures hit 40 degree C in Canterbury,New Zealand: hottest, warm, record - Weather
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  69. Death toll from Ice Storm up to 24 in Kentucky: date, live - Weather
  70. News, Colo. mountain town gets 4 feet of snow.: storm, blizzard, moving - Weather
  71. In what temps would i wear: climate, warm, temp - Weather
  72. News Video, City Turns to Beet Juice to Combat Icy Roads.: temperatures, freezing - Weather
  73. News, Frigid weather across U.S. renders numbers meaningless.: snow, warm, record
  74. favorite site for weather: climate, snow, temperatures, storms
  75. Temperature difference: average, temperatures, city, most - Weather
  76. has one out there seen a lunar rainbow?: full moon, night, normal - Weather
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  79. Current temperature: clouds, ground, forecast, date - Weather
  80. Would you rather have the weather be too cold or too hot?: warm, place
  81. So how are all you northerners , enjoying the cold??: climate, snow - Weather
  82. Preference for the Cold: hot, warm, ice, record - Weather
  83. x cold temp is as bad as y hot temp, all things being equal: climate, ice - Weather
  84. That ridge over the west: snowfalls, warm, day, precipitation - Weather
  85. What weather is your city famous for?: tornadoes, days, blizzard
  86. ICE storm! Who has received ice with this current storm?: snow, warm - Weather
  87. snowfall every year in the united states: climate, records, storm - Weather
  88. Your January Weather Summary: climate, snowfall, warmest, average
  89. Very Hot: hottest, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  90. East Coast Storm early next week?: snow, icy, town, ground - Weather
  91. April 2009 weather summaries: climate, snow, hottest, warm
  92. The Best Climates for being Outdoors or Exercising?…: hot, warm, average - Weather
  93. The longest cloudy period you have gone in your hometown is?: climate, temperature - Weather
  94. The Official Drought: snowfall, records, rainfall, days - Weather
  95. Is San Francisco a cloudy or sunny city?: record, days, cities - Weather
  96. Kamloops & Kelowna: climate, hottest, warmest, averages - Weather
  97. All County Government Buildings heat set at 66 degrees: warm, record, temperature - Weather
  98. If you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes and it'll change: temperature, Chicago
  99. What Is The Coldest Daytime High Ever Recorded In The U.S During The Summer Months ?: snow, cities - Weather
  100. What do you trees look like? (Another one): warm, rainfall, day - Weather
  101. Study says average temperature in the Southern US will rise by 2.5 degrees.: climate, hot - Weather
  102. Back from my trip, learned neat things about cold: hot, warm - Weather
  103. Where Is The Coldest Summer You Have Ever Experienced ?: snow, average - Weather
  104. Your December 2008 Weather Summary: climate, snowfall, warmest, record
  105. You and your umbrella!: warm, place, world, sunny - Weather
  106. Happy: snowing, warm, days, North - Weather
  107. News, Houston hits record high with 104 degrees.: temperature, storm, humidity - Weather
  108. development of El Nino in late '09..thoughts??: climate, warm, warming - Weather
  109. The Angry: hot, warm, warming, temperatures - Weather
  110. First day this year that it feels really good to open windows...: climate, hot - Weather
  111. According to google, it's the first day of Winter: snow, warmest, world - Weather
  112. NYC vs. Stockholm's climate: snowfall, hot, warmest, averages - Weather
  113. Negative 78 Degrees in Tok, Alaska: recorded, temperature, city, world - Weather
  114. Don't say that Florida doesn't get cold weather: snow, warm, average
  115. Where Is The Hottest Winter You Have Ever Experienced ?: warmest, recorded - Weather
  116. what is your favorite weather conditions???: tornadoes, snow, hot, warm
  117. What;s your annual average rainfall?: climate, warm, averages, temperature - Weather
  118. What cities have very low humidity in summer and mild winters?: climate, snow - Weather
  119. drought is experiencing drought conditions??: snow, records, moon - Weather
  120. Very cold in outback Australia: climate, snow, warm, recorded - Weather
  121. Video, Hate hot weather, what about this instead?: tornado, snow, warm
  122. News, Slovenia with record low temperature -49: warm, global warming, temperatures - Weather
  123. News, Shocking Cold Wave Drops Temps to 40 Below Zero.: snowy, warm, record - Weather
  124. And this, my weather friends, is why I hate summer....: climate, hot
  125. Twin Cities to Hit Record Lows: climate, snow, warm, records - Weather
  126. AMAZING temperature differential: warm, cities, degree, cloud - Weather
  127. Which cities have weather like San Francisco's?: warmest, average, temperatures
  128. News, Sudden Deaths Attributed to Record Heat Wave Scorching Australia.: hottest, warm - Weather
  129. Low humidity states?: climate, snowy, warm, days - Weather
  130. Winter RANT! Winter can’t be sufficiently despised!: climate, icy, average - Weather
  131. Thunder Snow?: snow storm, night, storm, blizzard - Weather
  132. Does this winter seem like a rollercoaster?: tornadoes, snowfall, warm - Weather
  133. You February 2009 weather records: climate, snowy, hot, warmest
  134. CDWx Check-in!: snow, warm, Chicago, storm - Weather
  135. Would you think we are insane or not?: snow, warm, ice - Weather
  136. No more snow!!!!!!: climate, snowing, warm, average - Weather
  137. Places in the U.S with the latest spring bloom times: snowfall, hottest - Weather
  138. What do you think of a mid-summer day like this?: snowfall, hot - Weather
  139. Wanting to relocate, need help deciding!!: climate, snowy, hot - Weather
  140. Most Depressed Cities: climate, warm, temperature, days - Weather
  141. Which do you prefer: rain or snow?: warmest, record, day - Weather
  142. Why is the southwest so warm.....?: climate, hot, warmest, record - Weather
  143. You have got to be bloody joking: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  144. What's Wrong with This Picture??? Isn't February a Winter month???: climate, tornado - Weather
  145. things Citydata weather forum members would NEVER say: climate, snow, hot
  146. Who feels stagnant in the Cold and Snowy Winters?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  147. First significant severe thunderstorm outbreak likely this week: tornadoes, warm, days - Weather
  148. Hottest female meter meteorologist: days, heat, house - Weather
  149. What is up with this weather???: climate, snowfall, hot, warm
  150. How much rainfall have you had so far this year??: average, days - Weather
  151. on avg your coldest and warmest temps.: snow, hot, records - Weather
  152. Climate Jokes: tornado, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  153. Need to rant!! I saw a gecko on my porch tonight!!: snow, hot - Weather
  154. What is 'sweater' weather for you?: climate, warm, temperatures, days
  155. It's funny how Vegas is as hot as Phoenix in summer: snow, temperature - Weather
  156. ..90 degrees in South Tex. today, anywhere bad?: snowing, hot, days - Weather
  157. What type of weather are you for this summer?: climate, hot
  158. move away from weather: seasons, degree, humidity, sunshine
  159. toughen up: climate, hot, warm, city - Weather
  160. Aussies can't stand cold: climate, snowy, hot, warmest - Weather
  161. Happy Easter!!!: snow, day, season, sunny - Weather
  162. Long winter= salt spray damage: climate, snowy, ice, storms - Weather
  163. What Temp would you LIKE it to be?: snow, day, degree - Weather
  164. Favourite Annual Rainfall Pattern: climate, snowy, warm, temperature - Weather
  165. March 2009 Weather Summary: climate, snowfall, warm, average
  166. Severe Weather: tornadoes, warm, rainfall, night
  167. Interesting Climates from Around the World: hot, warmest, average, temperature - Weather
  168. Ultimate Places with the mildest climate in the world: snow, recorded - Weather
  169. Vancouver Weather Comparison vs Melbourne, Auckand, Wellington, and Perth: climate, hot, warm
  170. warmest temperature in 2009: days, degree, degrees, winter - Weather
  171. Perfect weather???: climate, snow, hot, warm
  172. where in the world would you say has the best all around best weather all year?: climate, hot
  173. what was the highest winds ever recorded in your area!!!: tornadoes, days - Weather
  174. Stars: days, place, South, rain - Weather
  175. What night-time low is too warm to sleep comfortably?: temperature, degree, humidity - Weather
  176. What is the Temperature in your city? (Part 2): snow, wind speed, humidity - Weather
  177. The Day's summary of weather: climate, hot, warm, recorded
  178. Natural forces stalling global warming...: climate, snow, hot, ice - Weather
  179. What do people in your area consider to be shirt-sleeve weather?: temperatures, cities
  180. Do you consider the United States a sunny country?: climate, warm, Chicago - Weather
  181. How many hours of sun a year would you like best?: climate, average - Weather
  182. Could this be spring?: climate, snow, warm, record - Weather
  183. Define Annual Inches of Snowfall, !: snow storm, warm, averages, temperature - Weather
  184. Snowfall Yearly Averages - Help Me To Find My Place: snowfalls, hot - Weather
  185. Am I a Weirdo?: snow, hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  186. Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow, winter to continue: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  187. NOAA Daily Weather Observer's: snow, storms, rain
  188. Storm moving east of S.California.: snow, days, normal, raining - Weather
  189. Merry Christmas WXer's: snowfall, day, blizzard, moving - Weather
  190. News, What to Do If You Fall Through the Ice.: degree, raining - Weather
  191. News, 92-year-old woman cut off by storm gets help.: city, North, Kansas - Weather
  192. Malaga weather vs San diego weather: climate, days, sunshine, compared
  193. Awesome video of Waterspout: Charleston - Weather
  194. Southeast unexpected thunderstorms Saturday evening!: temperatures, cities, cloud, ground - Weather
  195. News, High-speed video captures the nuts and bolts of lightning.: city, USA - Weather
  196. What Percentage Of The World's Population Do You Think Consider Weather That Is In The 50s°F To Be Very Cold ?: freezing, comfortable
  197. Slideshow, PHOTOS: Winter Weather Around The World.: freezing, Michigan, Berlin
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  200. Downpour: sun, cloudy, rain, sky - Weather