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  2. Coyhaique and Rio Gallegos get the coldest winters in South America!: climate, snowy - Weather
  3. Is it normal if indoor temperature is more correlated with the sun's angle than the outdoor temperature?: snow, warm - Weather
  4. Optimum stats for your maximums and minimums: snowfall, warm, average - Weather
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  10. Weather Interest: climate, days, world, hours
  11. Massive Hail Storm Near the Equator: climate, storms, places, month - Weather
  12. What will pool temperature be after seeing this forecast??: warm, days, city - Weather
  13. Avalanche At Everest Basecamp - Weather
  14. What time of year are you most likely to get pleasant weather?: average, days
  15. Temperature vs. Sky Condition: climate, warm, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  16. When will Melbourne see snow next?: 2015, predict, winters, january - Weather
  17. What is the MOST SCARY weather?: city
  18. Guess the Climate - Forecast Edition: 2015, city, ground, South - Weather
  19. Diurnal range and monthly variability correlation: record, city, highs, lows - Weather
  20. Yellow plant what is it?: America, Mobile - Weather
  21. Exoplanet: climate, hot, warm, days - Weather
  22. Rate And Discuss the Climate of Whippon: snowy, record, temperatures - Weather
  23. Climate battle: deneb's ideal climate vs. L.A-Mex's ideal climate: hottest, warmest - Weather
  24. Most Unpredictable/Unstable Weather in the U.S: climate, tornado, snowfall
  25. Indoor air temperature you find both too warm for sleep and too chilly for studying/working: climate, temperatures - Weather
  26. sunshine at very low sun angles?: record, day, Canada - Weather
  27. Panzhihua vs San Diego: climate, warm, rainfall, cities - Weather
  28. Ship webcams - Weather
  29. The Wettest and Driest Summers in the World: precipitation, Canada, USA - Weather
  30. Minor Hail Storm in my area: warm, rainfall, Chicago, normal - Weather
  31. Which US cities have the most days at or near 60 degrees?: climate, warm - Weather
  32. How is the climate in the region of India between Pune and Hyderabad?: average, rainfall - Weather
  33. Reverse Spring in Southern California: warm, average, temperature, 2015 - Weather
  34. Effect of (micro)climate on where people choose to live in cities/metros: snow, warm - Weather
  35. People and cold weather: record, temperatures, nights, city
  36. Annual max daily precipitation map: records, 2015, day, city - Weather
  37. Warmest and coldest overcast day of the year: snow, hot, 2013 - Weather
  38. Where are tornado hot spots in Europe?: tornadoes, warm, record - Weather
  39. Fishy sunshine statistics: locations, North, hours, Kansas - Weather
  40. Atlantic Multi Decadal Oscillation going negative... Big implications for Europe and North America: 2013, season - Weather
  41. Summer beach vacation climates: Laguna Beach vs. Miami Beach: hot, warm, Chicago - Weather
  42. How can I find my city's weather averages for a 1951-1980 period?: climate, records
  43. HJK Helsinki on tour 2014 - Climate Battle: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
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  45. Which is worse at Christmas: Barrow or Iqaluit?: averages, night, sun - Weather
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  47. What are the practical implications of a diurnal temperature variation?: climate, hot - Weather
  48. Rate the fictional climate: Radiant Mountain: snowfall, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  49. Best state for mild weather?: climate, tornadoes, snow, hot
  50. When will the first 90 F / 32 C temperature be in Nashville in 2015?: recorded, summer - Weather
  51. Earth's climate at a 90° degree tilt?: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  52. Rate the Climate: Tartu: snowy, warm, 2014, precipitation - Weather
  53. Winter Forecasts Graded: snowfall, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  54. What would the world climate be like if the continents were configured this way?: warm, ice - Weather
  55. Close encounter with Tornado in Illinois: best - Weather
  56. Rate this fictional climate: Coastal Station No. 227: snow, warm, recorded - Weather
  57. What would New Zealand's climate look like if it was moved 10 degrees further south?: snowfall, warmest - Weather
  58. Agree or disagree? If do not agree, why not?: hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  59. Rate the fictional climate: Kangerluarnaaqspacejamlussuviksuaq: snow, warmest, ice, recorded - Weather
  60. The most interesting climate in Florida? Venus, FL: warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  61. Climate battle, Segovia vs Londonderry: snow, warm, temperature, precipitation - Weather
  62. Spring 2015 summary: warmest, record, temperature, days - Weather
  63. cali is your answer to the drought.: climate, 2015, farmers - Weather
  64. Living with Snow...?: day, places, freezing, inches - Weather
  65. Winter 2015 (Southern Hemisphere): snowing, temperatures, days, places - Weather
  66. What's the northernmost Cfa climate?: warmest, records, rainfall, city - Weather
  67. Pick Your Pool Weather: hot, warm, temperature, storm
  68. May 2015 Summary: warm, recorded, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  69. your ideal reverse-digit temperatures: sunny, ground, East, april - Weather
  70. Rate the Climate: Cambridge,Idaho: snowfall, hot, warm, record - Weather
  71. Would you consider a windy 3C worse than a still -5C?: snow, temperature - Weather
  72. Why dry heat is overrated: hot, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  73. L.A had a colder May than January in 2015!!!!!!!!!!!: tornado, warmest, record - Weather
  74. If the Gulf Stream were warmer...: climate, snow, locations - Weather
  75. Predict June's weather stats for your location: snowfall, warmest, record
  76. 3 different SUMMER climates: which do you like the best?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  77. Climate battle : Memphis, Tennessee vs Meknes, Morocco: hot, warm, record - Weather
  78. Eternal spring: U.S. cities with most comfortable days annually: climate, hot - Weather
  79. Best Mediterranean Climate: hot, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  80. Other than Florida, which part of the South has the most stable climate?: snow, recorded - Weather
  81. Worst Type of Severe Weather Hazard to Deal With?: tornadoes, earthquakes, days
  82. Summer Photo 2015: day, city, America, most - Weather
  83. Indian Heat Wave: place, world, humidity, most - Weather
  84. Compare ROME(Italy) with your city?: climate, snow, average, temperatures - Weather
  85. What would the climate of Australia be like if it was next to Europe?: snow, warm - Weather
  86. Sick of Florida and Hot Weather - - - ?: climate, snowfall, warm
  87. Which place is colder? Reykjavik, Iceland or Fargo, North Dakota?: climate, hot - Weather
  88. Winter stability map: average, temperature, 2014, Chicago - Weather
  89. US State with the most climatic Zones: climate, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  90. 90 Degree Days in Central Park (and First for 2015): climate, warmest, records - Weather
  91. Climate battle: Athens, Greece VS Thessaloniki, Greece: snowfalls, hot, warm - Weather
  92. Inside Humidity issues where you live?: warm, days, seasons, dewpoint - Weather
  93. When will the first 90 F / 32 C temperature be in Crossville, TN in 2015?: hottest, warm - Weather
  94. Do you know a place like this in your country?: climate, snow - Weather
  95. Weather Streaks Post about your ongoing weather streaks: snow, hot
  96. Record Highs in temperates climate/Tropical Climate!: hottest, warm, temperatures - Weather
  97. When will Miami (or anywhere in the City Proper) see a high below 40F?: climate, snow - Weather
  98. Southeastern Suckerpunch: Worst summers: climate, hottest, warm, record - Weather
  99. Anchorage, Alaska was warmer than parts of L.A today!: climate, hot - Weather
  100. Record Heat in S. Fla ? ? ?: temperature, day, town, degree - Weather
  101. Would you rather have a daylong misty drizzle or heavy rain?: warm, rainfall - Weather
  102. Are gloomy climates like the UK bad for your health?: snow, warm - Weather
  103. What's your current sun angle at solar noon, and what is it at Spring/Fall equinox and at the solstices?: 2015, days - Weather
  104. Temperature at which hands/feet go cold: climate, temperatures, town - Weather
  105. The US South is subtropical paradise: Part 5: climate, warm, record - Weather
  106. Rate: Melbourne (1981-2010): climate, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  107. Summer stability map: climate, warmest, averages, temperatures - Weather
  108. Global mean wind speed - map: climate, warm, average, 2014 - Weather
  109. Predict the following stats for your location's summer (June, July, August) of 2015: snowfall, hottest - Weather
  110. Cliamte Battle! :) Key Biscayne, FL VS Macapa, Brazil: climate, warm, averages - Weather
  111. What are your favorite type of Clouds?: warm, days, storms - Weather
  112. Name one movie where weather was a primary or secondary theme. Just one movie per post: moon, 2014
  113. Snow and Driving - - - Cities Matter !: ice, storm, blizzard - Weather
  114. C-D weather Euro meeting 2016: climate, average, 2014, days
  115. Number of Days 80°F (27°C)+ in 2015: warm, average, forecast - Weather
  116. Rate The Climate: Atlantic Beach, NC: hot, warm, ice, record - Weather
  117. U.S. map - Season with largest diurnal range: climate, record, temperatures - Weather
  118. Would you prefer a Vancouver or Asheville winter?: snow, warm, days - Weather
  119. The coast of Southern California hit 133 F during an extreme Santa Ana event back in 1859- am somewhat skeptical!: hottest, warm - Weather
  120. How would you classify Montauk's climate?: warm, average, temperatures, place - Weather
  121. Thunderstorm in the morning: 2014, night, storms, city - Weather
  122. Weather In Sports (Which sport is affected the most)!: snow, storm, America
  123. Odd thing you has dicovered in warm/hot/cold weather?: climate, snowy
  124. swedish climate battle (02-14 period).: snow, warm, 2014, season - Weather
  125. What if all continents were moved 20 degrees south latitude Antarctica?: climate, tornado - Weather
  126. If the Americas were shifted 20 degrees south.: climate, snow, hottest - Weather
  127. Critique My Dream Climate: snowfall, hot, warm, average - Weather
  128. Which is more unbearable in July: Hong Kong or Houston?: climate, hot - Weather
  129. Rank Russian climates in order of your most to least favorite and rate em!: hot, average - Weather
  130. Climate battle: Niamey vs. Kiruna: snowy, hot, place, sunshine - Weather
  131. April 2015 summary & discussion: climate, snow, warm, recorded - Weather
  132. Which weather feature you wouldn't mind if it didn't exist?: snow, world
  133. Rate the Climate:Malargüe(Argentina): snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  134. Largest cities in the world for each of the Köppen climate classification categories?: Chicago, colder - Weather
  135. A for Weather Fans who are parents: tornadoes, snowy, hot
  136. Miami vs. Los Angeles: Which Climate do you prefer?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  137. Rate the finctional climate: Dream City: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  138. Predict the weather stats for your location for May of 2015: snowfall, warm
  139. Rate the climate : Salon-de-Provence, France: warm, temperatures, days, city - Weather
  140. What was the scariest U.S. weather event of the last 10 years?: tornadoes, season
  141. How well do you know your fellow forumers? (Climate game): snowfall, average - Weather
  142. Predict your major headline local weather event in the summer of 2015~: climate, tornado
  143. Rate the climate(s) above you: snowy, hot, sunny, South - Weather
  144. February colder than January: climate, snow, warm, averages - Weather
  145. How many A+ days do you get per year?: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  146. nordic climate battle: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark: snow, warm, average - Weather
  147. location and picture, guess date photo was taken based on season: 2015, day - Weather
  148. 4 Way Climate Battle: Boulder,CO vs Grande Prairie,AB vs Pittsburg,KS vs Orinda,CA: snowy, hot - Weather
  149. Is Tucson, Arizona located in a desert or a steppe, which one?: climate, warm - Weather
  150. Do cold lovers need summer heat?: climate, snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  151. Pacific Ocean Warmer than Normal + Cold Air =: snow, hot, warmest - Weather
  152. Record low max and record high min by month: records, temperatures, 2015 - Weather
  153. Rate the climate: Arta, Greece: snowfall, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  154. Climate Battle: Brest, France vs Brest, belarus: snow, rainfall, day - Weather
  155. Where would you rather live? Aberdeen, Washington or Portsmouth, England?: climate, warm - Weather
  156. Will El Nino strengthen or fade in the summer and fall of 2015?: climate, warm - Weather
  157. Daily record high: recorded, temp, highs, month - Weather
  158. What will your highest temperature be in 2015?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  159. When do you think NYC will hit 104 °F (40 °C) for at least 5 straight day ?: climate, record - Weather
  160. How has your perception of weather changed since studied it?: climate, snow
  161. Summer Rain in California and other Mediterranean Regions?: climate, warm, average - Weather
  162. Evergreen ecosystems in the South: climate, days, comparison, winter - Weather
  163. Are your winters humid cold or dry cold ?: average, rainfall - Weather
  164. Battle Of The Extreme Climates: snowy, hot, average, temperatures - Weather
  165. What feels cooler to you?: humidity, dew point, Las Vegas, Dallas - Weather
  166. Rate: Sevan, Armenia: climate, average, temperatures, place - Weather
  167. Rate the climate of Miami at 5,000 FT: records, rainfall, world - Weather
  168. 13 Years of Clouds on 1 Map: climate, warm, records, 2015 - Weather
  169. Climate Talk: North America: snow, storms, place, world - Weather
  170. Rank the major US Holidays from warmest to coldest for your locale: climate, averages - Weather
  171. Best Thunderstorms: Chicago, days, cities, season - Weather
  172. Limit on Image Size: city, West, lowest, amount - Weather
  173. Battle of the L.A. microclimates: Santa Monica vs. Woodland Hills.: hottest, warmest - Weather
  174. Rate the climate: Cold Portland: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  175. Weather records that seem EASIEST to break?: climate, hottest, warmest
  176. Rate the climate: Rosarito Beach, Mexico: warm, records, temperatures, days - Weather
  177. Rate the climate - Memphis, Tennessee: tornado, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  178. Coldest places in Summer - British Isles Why?: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  179. Your stats winter: climate, snow, ice, days - Weather
  180. Which is more tolerable? 75 / full sun in a suit or 100 / indirect sun in shorts/T-shirt?: warm, days - Weather
  181. How many days a year does your dewpoint exceed 70 F: recorded, temperatures - Weather
  182. Rate the climate Santa Fe, NM: snowfalls, hot, warm, record - Weather
  183. Which climate can support more palm trees: Hobart, Tasmania or Cape Hatteras, NC: warm, record - Weather
  184. In the US where are the places with the MOST SUNSHINE?: climate, hot - Weather
  185. What is your favorite tropical desert and why?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  186. When do you think that NYC Central Park will have an average of at least 90°F (32.2°C) in July ?: warmest, records - Weather
  187. Predict what the climate of your city will be in 50 or 100 years: snow, hot - Weather
  188. Rate the Climate: Eau Claire,Wisconsin: snowfall, warm, averages, 2014 - Weather
  189. Climate Battle: Middle East vs. The Caribbean: snow, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  190. 2015 Thunderstorm: tornadoes, snow, recorded, days - Weather
  191. Rank lesser known 4 California climates in order from your most to least favorite and rate 'em!: snow, hot - Weather
  192. The Eastern Sahara 4300 Hours of Sun Annually?: climate, warm, averages - Weather
  193. How common is air conditioning where you live?: hot, average, days - Weather
  194. Champions League Climate Battle: snow, warm, record, cities - Weather
  195. Funny mistake - Weather
  196. Guarantee perfect wedding weather for your precious young snowflake: day, live
  197. News, Switzerland Burns Snowmen To Celebrate Spring: 2015, place, East - Weather
  198. When will the coast of California see its next thunderstorm?: temperature, 2015 - Weather
  199. the sky is falling... cloud seeding Russia: clouds - Weather
  200. Why would something like this happen?: 2013 - Weather