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  1. Without the Gulf Stream what would the climate of Norway be like?: city, degree - Weather
  2. Rate the Climate: Miami @ 2000' / 610 m: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  3. Which Mount Barker?: climate, warm, rainfall, days - Weather
  4. Climate similarities: temperature, place, Canada, most - Weather
  5. Is it for an Antarctic airmass to reach as far north as India?: most, pressure - Weather
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  10. All-tine Lowest July dewpoint in Miami, Florida history?: record, temperature, day - Weather
  11. How do I convince.....: tornado, warm, recorded, freezing - Weather
  12. What if the world map looked like this: snow, America, South - Weather
  13. Bizarre weather in Western Canada: climate, record, temperatures, day
  14. Rate the Climate: Hana, Hawaii: temperatures, storms, sunshine, thunderstorms - Weather
  15. What causes the thick haze in southern Tenerife?: earthquake, days, storms - Weather
  16. Rate the (semi-real) climate: Nashvicarus: warm, months, winters, january - Weather
  17. Upcoming Florida/east coast COLD snap! (0C temps down to miami!): climate, warm - Weather
  18. For It No Amount of Rain Is Ever Enough: average, rainfall - Weather
  19. Highest Average Monthly Standard Deviations in the World?: climate, city, normal - Weather
  20. Which Snow Radar Color Do you Like? Part 2: ice, storm, city - Weather
  21. Rate gothenburgs sister cities: Chicago, seasons, sunshine, hours - Weather
  22. Greatest difference in mean temp between consecutive months: climate, hot, temperature - Weather
  23. Best US City with great winter snowstorms and heavy summer t-storms?: climate, tornado - Weather
  24. Rate the climate: Santa Cruz das Flores, Portugal: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  25. The most and least predictable weather in the USA: temperatures, days, precipitation
  26. Climate Battle of Portland's sister cities: temperatures, East, live, Vancouver - Weather
  27. Longest warming and cool streaks where you live.: temperature, city, annual - Weather
  28. monthly all-time highs and lows for different geographical regions in your country: hottest, recorded - Weather
  29. If it's 15 degrees F outside, how can the snow be melting?: ice, temperature - Weather
  30. Climate Battle: Burlington,Colorado vs Tabriz,Iran: snow, days, precipitation - Weather
  31. Rate this upcoming 7 day forecast: climate, warm, city, lows - Weather
  32. continental climate with low diurnal range?: hottest, average, temperature - Weather
  33. Warm winter in China so far: snow, record, temperatures, cities - Weather
  34. Just is there a known desert location like this one? how would you rate it?: climate, hot - Weather
  35. Most variable climate: snow, temperature, day, cities - Weather
  36. Which city sees more severe winter weather- Chicago, Detroit or Toronto?: climate, tornado
  37. Retrogressing Ridge?: storms, freezing, America, moving - Weather
  38. Is a NYC winter more like a Portland or Madison winter?: climate, snow - Weather
  39. Is the Mediterranean Climate of Europe more stable than CA in regards to precipitation: rainfall, 2014 - Weather
  40. RAW: Drone footage of frozen over Niagara Falls: climate, record, days - Weather
  41. Which is hotter during summer : Philadelphia or Marseille ?: climate, warm, record - Weather
  42. Was the arctic storm colder last year or this year?: snowy, records - Weather
  43. February 2015 Weather Outlook: snowfall, average, temperatures, days
  44. Rate the climate: Kingscote, South Australia: warm, average, days, precipitation - Weather
  45. How far south do I need to drive right now to see no snow?: snowing, map - Weather
  46. What is this????!!!!!! explain!!!: climate, hottest, cities, world - Weather
  47. snowline on scyscrapers: snowing, 2013, Chicago, days - Weather
  48. A dues: temp - Weather
  49. Climate Battle: Douglas,AZ USA vs Quilpie,QLD AUS: snow, lows, winter - Weather
  50. Creating a microclimate in your yard for gardening.: hot, warmest, average - Weather
  51. Snow and ice cover maps for the Northern Hemisphere: climate, warm, record - Weather
  52. Rate the climate: Portland, 2150 AD: snowfall, warm, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  53. Is Warm Temperate a Worthless Term?: climate, snowy, temperature, Chicago - Weather
  54. Odd consancyof temperature: climate, 2014, days, storm - Weather
  55. Rate this climate: Limnos, Greece: snowfall, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  56. News, The $300,000 Reason You Should Shovel Your Walkway ASAP: snow, storm, North - Weather
  57. Rate the Climate: Palm Bay Florida: hot, storm, winter, rain - Weather
  58. Why do Ice Ages and Hot periods naturally happen?: climate, warm, global warming - Weather
  59. Rate the Climate: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: hot, average, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  60. European cities' North American climate equivalents: snowfall, hot, warm, Canada - Weather
  61. Why so little snow in Europe?: climate, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  62. Rate the Climate: Denver: snowy, warm, temperature, 2014 - Weather
  63. Rate the Climate:Nikkō, Japan: snowy, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  64. February 2015 Arctic Blasts, Coldest Air of Season: warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  65. Rate the fictional climate : Starsboro: warm, record, warming, temperatures - Weather
  66. rate the fictional climate: oceanique: snowfalls, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  67. January 2015 Summary: snow, warmest, record, rainfall - Weather
  68. Which country is more climatically diverse, China or Australia?: climate, ice, temperatures - Weather
  69. Rate the (terrible) climate: Mount Read, Tasmania: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  70. Predict February 2015 at your location: snowfall, record, days, precipitation - Weather
  71. Rate the climate : Philadelphia: snowfall, hot, warm, days - Weather
  72. If you could pick only AC OR central heating, which would you pick if you lived in this climate..: hottest, warm - Weather
  73. Rate the climate: Santiago del Estero, Argentina: hot, warm, record - Weather
  74. Rate this July: climate, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  75. The most positive aspect of your climate: hot, warm, nights - Weather
  76. Multiple Northeast US Snowstorms Feb 2015: warm, record, temperatures, Chicago - Weather
  77. Rate the Climate: Brocken, Harz Mountains, Germany: snowy, warm, average - Weather
  78. Rate the Climate: Nevada City, CA: snowfall, warm, days, United States - Weather
  79. Name ONE climate that you can't see giving an A to...: city, world - Weather
  80. The US South is subtropical paradise: Part 3: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  81. Rate this Fictional Climate: Forlorn Hill: snowfall, records, temperatures, days - Weather
  82. What kind of 'fantastical' or unrealistic weather do you want to experience?: climate, snowfall
  83. Days EXACTLY at the daily average in your location for both high and low?: warmest, record - Weather
  84. Poll Climate : Mediterranean Coast Edition: warm, temperatures, rainfall, cities - Weather
  85. Rate the Climate: Timisoara: hot, warm, averages, warming - Weather
  86. Rate the Climate: Evanston,Wyoming: warm, record, temperatures, nights - Weather
  87. Searching for my dream city! help me.: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  88. Does actually like drizzle?: climate, snow, rainfall, 2013 - Weather
  89. Which warm/hot climate do you prefer?: snow, temperatures, cities - Weather
  90. Barcelona is not Mediterranean in climate: snow, warm, average - Weather
  91. Battle of the Severe Winter Continental Climates: Which would snow and cold lovers choose over cities: snowfall, warm - Weather
  92. Rain hours: snow, days, precipitation, storms - Weather
  93. the climate in your city under the 2021-2050 normal period: snow, warm - Weather
  94. I-10 climate battle: snow, record, sun, month - Weather
  95. Rate the climate: Raleigh: snowy, hot, warm, record - Weather
  96. Predict the following weather stats for March in your location.: snowfall, hottest
  97. how well does in describing your climate?: warmest, record - Weather
  98. Rate the fictional climate: Comfortia: snow, hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  99. Rate the climate, Pekanbaru, Indonesia: hot, warm, average, rainfall - Weather
  100. 70F (21C) INDOORS - cold, cool, mild/pleasant, warm, or hot?: hottest, temperatures - Weather
  101. Climate battle: Kharkiv's sister cities: snowy, warm, temperatures, season - Weather
  102. What kind of weather dominates your city on average?: snow, hot, days
  103. Citizens of Perth, a freeze is coming!!!: temperature, day, frost - Weather
  104. Rate the Climate: San Sebastián, Spain: warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  105. 74:1 Snow-Liquid Ratios in Michigan!: climate, recorded, 2015, storms - Weather
  106. Humid Continental climate - Dfb koppen: snowfall, hot, warmest, average - Weather
  107. West Coast February Heat wave! (Warm, hot, records, weather): snow, warmest, recorded
  108. Weather Folklore, Sayings, Predictions, and Results: snowing, warmest, record, 2015
  109. Fictional Climate - Year 2315 - Terraformed Mars: snow, hottest, warmest - Weather
  110. Rate Climate: Punta Arenas, Chile: snowfalls, record, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  111. Battle of the same latitude: Miami vs Hervey Bay, QLD: climate, warm - Weather
  112. Rate Melbourne's sister cities: climate, snowy, warm, icy - Weather
  113. what clothes should I bring to Lisbon right now?: climate, warm, record - Weather
  114. How much snow do you prefer to get per year?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  115. Photo Past snowstorms: snowfalls, record, temperature, 2014 - Weather
  116. Which climate stands a better chance of growing fruiting coco palms with irrigation? L.A. or Lima: hot, warmest - Weather
  117. Rate the climate: Lithgow, NSW: snow, warm, rainfall, days - Weather
  118. Which continental climate is more wintry to you?: snowfall, warm - Weather
  119. Wich place is more subtropical : Atlanta or Rome ?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  120. the only place with a continental climate in SH?: warmest, recorded, temperature - Weather
  121. What exact day is historically the coldest day in the winter in your town?: climate, warm - Weather
  122. Climate battle: Belfast vs Belfast: South, Maine, comfortable, northern - Weather
  123. Rate: Knin, Croatia: climate, snow, hot, warmest - Weather
  124. Would you consider this tropical? (Pushing the limits of Koppen classification): climate, hot - Weather
  125. Rate the climate: Dublin, Ireland: snow, warm, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  126. Back to Back Snowstorms East U.S Jan 2015: snowfall, warm, days - Weather
  127. Battle of the climates - Turku sister cities: warm, averages, most - Weather
  128. Anniversary Of The Great Cold Outbreak of 1985: snow, warm, record - Weather
  129. Climate battle: Naples, Italy vs. Naples, Florida: hot, warm, average - Weather
  130. An example of an transition from summer to winter?: climate, snowing - Weather
  131. Are there days/times you prefer specific types of weather?: snowfall, hottest
  132. Real world climate that is a hybrid of Oceanic, Subtropical, Tropical, and Mediterranean: snow, hot - Weather
  133. Model Analysis: temp, days, freezing, degree - Weather
  134. Rate this August: warm, record, rainfall, 2014 - Weather
  135. Heat lovers: would you sacrifice warmth to get drought relieving rain?: climate, snow - Weather
  136. Battle of the climates: London vs. Seattle: warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  137. Can Chicago's summers compare to Miami's?: climate, snow, hottest, warm - Weather
  138. Climate battle: Yuba City Vs. Plant City: hot, warm, storms - Weather
  139. Why is Miami being spared from this arctic blast while central Florida is still strongly effected?: climate, hot - Weather
  140. What would you rate this strange polar climate?: hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  141. Schools Closed or Delayed for Cold: snow, warm, ice, 2015 - Weather
  142. Three Way Dream Climate battle!! (Patricianopolis, Dhdh's dream climate, and my dream climate): snow, temp - Weather
  143. good climate comparison sites?: temperature, cities, world, inches - Weather
  144. Rate Örebro 2014: climate, snowfall, warm, average - Weather
  145. Battle of the Californian Cities: climate, snowy, warm, temperature - Weather
  146. Which country has more climate variance - Ukraine or France?: record, cities - Weather
  147. Rate: Melbourne Airport 2014: climate, hot, warmest, averages - Weather
  148. Which of do you prefer?: hot, warm, temperature, degree - Weather
  149. Best and worst weather years (in your location?): climate, snowy, hottest
  150. Challenge for heat-lovers!: hot, temperature, degree, dewpoint - Weather
  151. Rate Freiburg 2014: warm, temperatures, days, sunshine - Weather
  152. Rate my climate 2014: tornado, snowy, warm, average - Weather
  153. Rate 2014: Adelaide: climate, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  154. Climate battle: Rome Vs. Roma, Australia: warm, precipitation, humidity, sunny - Weather
  155. Rate the climate: Brussels: snow, temperatures, days, precipitation - Weather
  156. It wuz cold today where I live. Ain't no global warming!: climate, hottest - Weather
  157. Why did the US stop measuring sunshine hours: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  158. What's the longest and shortest average frost-free period in your country (or state/province )?: climate, warm - Weather
  159. Rate my fantasy continental climate: snow, warm, precipitation, city - Weather
  160. What is the most important weather element for you?: snowfall, recorded, temperature
  161. Low of 71 F yesterday in a Los Angeles suburb: climate, snowing, recorded - Weather
  162. Rate (Australia's worst) climate: Strahan, Tasmania: snow, hot, warm, days - Weather
  163. Meanwhile on the Oregon Coast...: climate, snow, hottest, warmest - Weather
  164. Which of uninhabitant places in northern hemisphere would you spend 1 year in?: climate, hot - Weather
  165. Rate: My fictional dream climate: snowfall, hot, average, temperatures - Weather
  166. February 1-2, 2015 Snowstorm Northeast US: snow storm, warm, Chicago, days - Weather
  167. Rate The Climate: Bellingshausen, Antarctica: warm, days, precipitation, seasons - Weather
  168. Driest places on east coasts?: climate, average, rainfall, storms - Weather
  169. Rate the climate: Murmansk: warm, precipitation, city, seasons - Weather
  170. Fizzled: Storm of the Century (2015 edition) Northeast US: snow storm, average, storms - Weather
  171. Official Miami/South Florida Tropicality Discussion: climate, warmest, average - Weather
  172. Rate my fictional climate- Hot: hottest, average, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  173. Which places' climate stats would you like too see, but they don't have weather station?: snow, hottest
  174. Rate this fictional Oceanic Climate :): snow, warm, icy - Weather
  175. Rate my fantasy dream climate (cool oceanic): snow, warm, average - Weather
  176. What does your weather forecast usually get wrong?: snow, warm, temperatures
  177. What is your annual mean?: climate, warm, average, temperature - Weather
  178. What was the weather like in your place when you joined: climate, snow
  179. Rate this climate: Corfu, Greece: snowfall, hottest, warm, average - Weather
  180. The cloudiest and the sunniest place in your country (or state): climate, record - Weather
  181. Stereotypes that exist based on climate and weather from all over the world: snowy, hot
  182. Rate this climate: Nuremberg, Germany: warmest, record, global warming, temperatures - Weather
  183. Climate battle: London vs Uppsala: snow, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  184. Rate the semi-fictional climate: Seayork: hot, city, seasons, degree - Weather
  185. Potentially historic blizzard about to hit.....: snowfall, warm, recorded, 2014 - Weather
  186. Climate battle: Cairns vs Townsville: hot, warm, records, rainfall - Weather
  187. Spring Photo 2015: record, temperature, night, frost - Weather
  188. great lakes ice weather effects: temperatures, normal, summer, Michigan
  189. Ice Balls - Strange: Michigan, live, conditions - Weather
  190. Weather Goes Crazy Live On The Air! Funny!: temperature, map, Phoenix
  191. Time Warner Weather Channel: city, South, house
  192. Boy- It's really hot Doesn't steel melt at this temperature?: weatherman
  193. Rate the semi-fictional climate: Harbortown (based off of Los Angeles): snow, temperatures - Weather
  194. Can someone refer me to a site where I can see average: day, highs - Weather
  195. The Forecast Blues: climate, snowing, ice, predict - Weather
  196. Coastal Southern California January wrap-up: warm, recorded, temperature, 2015 - Weather
  197. This weatherman gets very excited about the upcoming storm
  198. Scotland's Hurricane force Storm!: record, city, forecast, South - Weather
  199. Brand New UPDATED WEATHER FORECAST: day, weatherman, different
  200. Megadroughts: climate, temperatures, 2015, days - Weather