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  60. weather in Mesa, Arizona: climate, snow, hot, record
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  69. Weather ..: warm, average, temperatures, places
  70. Hotel owner sues Weather forcasters: storms, city, season, weatherman
  71. I'm sooo excited: hot, Chicago, days, cloudy - Weather
  72. National weather roundup -- Sunday, November 25, 2007: snow, warm, humidity, dew point
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  74. Area with the most precipitation?: climate, snowfall, averages, rainfall - Weather
  75. Sunshine cravings...: hot, warm, temperature, days - Weather
  76. more news on the drought in the Southeast?: climate, rainfall, days - Weather
  77. Does actually like rainy days?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  78. Clouds: rainbow, day, normal, forecast - Weather
  79. Today: snow, warm, record, global warming - Weather
  80. ever see the Green Flash?: moon, places, most, sun - Weather
  81. I'm done with NY State weather - suggest places with fall weather: climate, snowfall
  82. to find out weather in different places?: warm, averages, temperature
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  87. Snow: tornado, snowfall, warm, ice - Weather
  88. Windstorms: snowing, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  89. What is the worst weather condition for you?: snow, hot, Chicago
  90. Best climate for humans?: hot, average, temperature, world - Weather
  91. What is the Coldest city in the Lower 48?: average, moon, temperature - Weather
  92. When would you say winter starts where you live?: snow, average, temp - Weather
  93. Move to cooler area not too much humidity in summer: snow, city - Weather
  94. I'm starting to get worried: snow, ice, temperatures, day - Weather
  95. All I want for Xmas is SNOW!!!: warm, Chicago, storm - Weather
  96. Moral boosters for bad weather/long winters?: snow, hot, warm
  97. Ice Storms In The Mid West: snow storm, warm, days, cities - Weather
  98. Rain, Snow and . . . Sleet???: warm, ice, freezing, East - Weather
  99. Lovely, just lovely...: snow, ice, days, precipitation - Weather
  100. predicted to have a white Thanksgiving?: snowing, sprinkle, days - Weather
  101. You can't trust the Weatherman!: tornado, snow, record, days
  102. Had to turn on air conditioner again this morning in Texas..when are YOU able to turn your a/c off?.: snow, hot - Weather
  103. How are you dealing with the early darkness?: warm, moon, day - Weather
  104. At what temperature do you bare hands feel surrounded by ice-cream?: climate, snow - Weather
  105. Return of Winter: snowing, warm, temp, days - Weather
  106. Do you mourn for people affected by bad weather/storms?: tornadoes, snow
  107. Looking for humidity still green: climate, warm, days, places - Weather
  108. Have you ever been to Geneva City, Switzerland in Wintertime?: snow, ice - Weather
  109. Why isn't this on the news ??: Chicago, days, storms - Weather
  110. Early season heat in Victoria, Australia: hottest, warm, temperatures, day - Weather
  111. What is the Temperature in your City?: climate, snow, average - Weather
  112. Snowflakes: snowfall, warm, days, USA - Weather
  113. Tired of the COLD WEATHER Miss the heat of summer?: snowing, warm
  114. Thunderstorms and flooding roll across Texas...: tornado, record, rainfall, day - Weather
  115. Northern Cooldown Next Week?: snow, warm, Chicago, days - Weather
  116. Tonight is the night of the harvest moon...: full moon, days, season - Weather
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  118. What's the Craziest or Most Extreme Weather Ever Experienced??!!: tornadoes, snowfall
  119. Global warming is defrosting Alaska!: snow, ice, recorded, temperature - Weather
  120. What was the longest stretch of Cloudy Weather you can remember?: climate, snowing
  121. Who has the most Sex Appeal on the Weather Channel: hot, days
  122. Winter Season: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  123. The Southwest's Monsoon: climate, hottest, warm, averages - Weather
  124. What area is the furthest north has a climate that supports Palm Trees?: temperatures, Chicago - Weather
  125. TV Weatherman will never admit they were wrong: snow, ice, record
  126. Dog Days of Summer: Lingering Heatwave: hottest, warm, ice, storms - Weather
  127. Southwest sun: hot, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  128. The Weather Channel--a rant: tornado, days, storm, city
  129. Best TV weather forecasts in the USA: climate, tornado, hot
  130. Best Winter Weather - post your photos: snowy, warm, days
  131. rainbows......: hot, Chicago, sprinkle, storm - Weather
  132. have their fingers turn white: hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  133. Favorite Weather Sites??: earthquake, storm, city, ground
  134. Vote For The Weather Forum!: days, storm, world, inches
  135. WaCkY WeAtHeR!?! WoW!?: tornado, snowfall, warm, global warming
  136. Worst Weather: tornadoes, snow, hot, warmest
  137. Middle Climates: snowfall, hot, warmest, average - Weather
  138. Record breaking cold and snow this winter!!: snowfalls, warm, global warming - Weather
  139. Hot Weather: climate, snow storm, warm, record
  140. Whats your opinion of a mild winter?: climate, snowfall, warm - Weather
  141. Cold weather: why do so many people dislike it?: snow, hot, warm
  142. Weather preference only: Phoenix v. Minneapolis: climate, hot, warm, rainfall
  143. This Week's Weather - Where You Live: snowing, hot, warmest
  144. Most Beautiful Seasons: hot, city, North, winter - Weather
  145. when is snowfall not snowfall???: climate, snow storm, warm, ice - Weather
  146. Worst, most unpleasent summer weather in the nation?: hot, temperatures, rainfall
  147. Which is worse for your health...humidity or cold weather?: snow, temperatures
  148. What City has the BLUEST SKIES?: hot, sprinkle, day, cities - Weather
  149. Most Temperate Climate in US?: snow, warm, temperature, days - Weather
  150. America's rainiest cities!: temperatures, rainfall, days, humidity - Weather
  151. How hot is it where you live?: temperature, days, places - Weather
  152. Tropics showing signs of life: days, storms, seasons, weatherman
  153. What is your favorite season and why?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  154. The First Cold Snap of the Season: What/How does it make you feel?: climate, warm - Weather
  155. The Perfect Climate: hot, warm, earthquakes, places - Weather
  156. Low developing in the Gulf.: warm, days, storms, place - Weather
  157. Where Is The Best Summer Weather In The U.s.: climate, hot
  158. YOUR Record High and Record Low: climate, snow, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  159. Are You A Weather Nerd?: climate, snow, hot, record
  160. What are your preparations for the Winter Season?: tornadoes, snow, warm - Weather
  161. You know it's cold outside when you see this............: snow, warm, ice - Weather
  162. How much is enough 70 F-plus weather?: hottest, warmest, average, sprinkle
  163. Your Opinion Or Professional climate, tornadoes, snow
  164. How is the weather on Halloween where you live?: snow, warmest, ice
  165. Are Safe Rooms Safe?: tornadoes, warm, days, storms - Weather
  166. Weather and driving across country: climate, snow, hot, warm
  167. How much snow does your area typically get?: warm, ice, average - Weather
  168. BIG Myth: My Area Doesn't Get Snow Like We Used To: snowfall, warm - Weather
  169. ...but global warming is a liberal hoax...: climate, hot, ice - Weather
  170. How is the Autumn Season Shaping UP In Your Area?: climate, snow - Weather
  171. Compare Seattle weather vs London weather: climate, warm, recorded, temperatures
  172. Weather and Manliness?: climate, snow, warm, ice
  173. How much snow does it take to close your public schools?: snowfall, ice - Weather
  174. Does your TV Weather-Man worry to much about the Center City Weather: temperatures, storms
  175. Pictures of Winter. post your cold pictures: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  176. Red faces at NASA over climate-change blunder: snow, hottest, warmest - Weather
  177. Another furthest north ..: climate, hot, warm, average - Weather
  178. Favorite Weather?: climate, snow, hot, warm
  179. Wicked Weather!!!: tornadoes, snow, warm, ice
  180. News, Farmers' Almanac Predicts Plenty of Snow in East, Mild Winter in West.: tornado, warm - Weather
  181. This should be OUTLAWED!: tornadoes, earthquakes, catastrophe, storms - Weather
  182. Humberto....: tornadoes, warm, rainfall, night - Weather
  183. Does fear/loathe the approach of Fall?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  184. Long winter: snowy, hot, average, temperatures - Weather
  185. Highly unusual abnormal temperatures tonight! See weather map picture!: snow, hot, warmest
  186. Phoenix sets heat record: climate, hottest, warm, recorded - Weather
  187. news on the upcoming Winter?: snowfalls, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  188. News, Colorado, Nevada get up to 2 feet of snow.: storms, USA, South - Weather
  189. Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend: overcast - Weather
  190. News, Lightning Strike Kills Baxter Camper.: storm, thunderstorm, ground, Portland - Weather
  191. News Video, Katrina's enduring footprint - Weather
  192. M/V War Horse: ice, october - Weather
  193. Fata Morgana: warm, ground, may, colder - Weather
  194. Hours of sunshine, animated map of the world: average, cloud, statistics - Weather
  195. News, Southern heat wave blamed for 33 deaths.: record, temperatures, day - Weather
  196. Arts and Crafts time! Let's make snowflakes!: days - Weather
  197. Frosty Slideshow: temperature - Weather
  198. Royersford Lewis rd pa: town, house - Weather
  199. Moving: Michigan, area - Weather
  200. Pueblo, Co: temp - Weather