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  89. Barcelona vs Gibraltar: climate, snowy, warm, averages - Weather
  90. Climate battle: Pueblo, US vs. Mullingar, Ireland vs. Novara, Italy vs. Dimitrovgrad, Serbia vs. Kayseri, Turkey: hot, average - Weather
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  96. San Francisco sets a new all time record high of 106F: climate, hot - Weather
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  98. September Would Be The Best Weather Month: tornadoes, hot, warm
  99. Hot Weather: climate, hottest, warm, record
  100. Russia vs Canada: climate, warm, average, temp - Weather
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  114. Death Valley Temperatures, Summer 2017: climate, hottest, recorded, days - Weather
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  125. Weather Forecast II: warm, average, temperatures, days
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  129. What do you dislike the most about your climate?: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  130. Rate the climate of Bayburt, Turkey: snow, warm, recorded, days - Weather
  131. rate the climate: nema, mauritania: hot, warm, city, lows - Weather
  132. Rate The Climate: Mende, France: warm, precipitation, seasons, sunshine - Weather
  133. Rate The Climate: Grand Junction, Colorado: snow, hot, cities, season - Weather
  134. Climates that are good for their latitude: warm, cities, Canada - Weather
  135. Lassen National Park road cleared of snow: snowfalls, record, city - Weather
  136. Rate the fictional climate: Hong Kong 2100: hot, warm, averages, global warming - Weather
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  139. Cold European cities: climate, days, USA, month - Weather
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  141. Places with no seasonal lag?: climate, warmest, average, nights - Weather
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  144. St Johns, Newfounldand and Labrador v Valentia Island ,Ireland: climate, snow, warm - Weather
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  168. Hurricane Harvey vs. Hurricane Katrina - Weather
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  173. What's your favourite pair of climates, if you were to move seasonably between them?: snowfall, hot - Weather
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  191. Ideal Summer Day: hottest, warm, averages, warming - Weather
  192. Cwb or Cwc (Koppen) in the USA?: climate, rainfall, precipitation - Weather
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  195. What's tougher to deal with: relentless heat/cold or never getting acclimated?: snow, hot - Weather
  196. News, This State Has the Deadliest Weather: temperatures, heat, Nevada
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