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  80. A Temperature guide to World Cities (for Warm Weather Fans) :: climate, snow
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  110. yeah yeah yeah!!sunshine~: climate, average, temperatures, days - Weather
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  112. Can you get frostbite or other serious cold injuries above 0C?: warm, ice - Weather
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  114. Big east coast storm this weekend?: snow, temperatures, South, hours - Weather
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  125. When does the average high...: snow, warm, days, city - Weather
  126. Which September weather (southern hemisphere March) would you prefer?: snow, hot, warm
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  133. Describe your most favourite day in the climate you live in: snow, hot - Weather
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  135. Rate this made up climate for a made up city in a made up country i made up when i was 17: hot, warm - Weather
  136. Is rain associated with warmer weather during the winter for you?: climate, snow
  137. Europe Freeze 2012. Canals in Venice Starting to Freeze Over: snowy, warmest, ice - Weather
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  162. Seasons for your location: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
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  165. Which country has the most climate diversity?: hot, averages, temperature - Weather
  166. Autumn 2012 (Southern Hemisphere): snowfall, hot, warm, recorded - Weather
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  190. February 2012 Weather Summary: climate, snowfall, hottest, warmest
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  192. What's the latest in the season that you have seen bare trees in your area?: most, comparison - Weather
  193. Cold haters who love snow: snowy, warm, icy, average - Weather
  194. What is the coldest heard of for freezing rain?: warm, ice - Weather
  195. Rate the Fictional Climate: Houndtooth: snowfall, hot, warm, recorded - Weather
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  198. Spring 2012 (March-May): snowing, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
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