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  70. Could anywhere in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago support trees?: climate, hottest, warmest - Weather
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  95. Which region based upon weather?: climate, hot, warm, storms
  96. The three main stages of fall: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  97. How well does your city/region fare against certain weather types?: climate, tornadoes
  98. Isn't it late for monsoon storms in AZ?: hot, warm, days - Weather
  99. Have you ever been on top of Frozen Water?: snow, ice, average - Weather
  100. Places with cold summers: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  101. Early Season Snowstorms-Sept-Oct 2019, Montana/Alberta/Dakotas/Manitoba: snowfall, moving, forecast - Weather
  102. Besides CA, places in the US where lows don't go below 32, highs above 88?: climate, record - Weather
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  109. Melbourne, Victoria sees 44C temperatures: warm, recorded, global warming, days - Weather
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  117. Weather Fatalities - Most frequent cause Map: hot, record, temperatures
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  123. What conditions are necessary for a California/Mediterannean climate: warm, town, season - Weather
  124. Perfect climates...for dressing well: snowy, hot, warm, average - Weather
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  128. You might not like it, but THIS is my favorite climate!: snow, warm - Weather
  129. What if everyday was June 21st?: climate, warm, average, global warming - Weather
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  131. Could coconut palms grow in Yuma with irrigation?: climate, warm, warming - Weather
  132. 2019 Annual Summary: snowfall, hot, warmest, recorded - Weather
  133. Rate this very variable summer forecast: hot, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  134. Rate the climate: Ithaca, NY: snowy, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  135. Trees in Tundra climates: warmest, averages, temperatures, places - Weather
  136. Western Sydney records highest temperature ever at 48.9°C (120°F): climate, hottest - Weather
  137. Climate battle - 7 rainy climates, 2 Fictional and 5 Real: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  138. If the Earth's axis suddenly became a 0 degree tilt, what do you think would happen to your area's climate/vegetation?: hot, warmest - Weather
  139. For each season where you live, do you prefer the early, middle or later part of the season?: snowy, hottest - Weather
  140. Stereotypes about climate: snowy, hot, warmest, ice - Weather
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  143. How Australia compares to other countries (climate analogue map): warm, nights, precipitation - Weather
  144. What is wrong with Denver?: climate, snowing, warm, recorded - Weather
  145. Is Denver about to become subtropical due to that RRR(Ridiculously Resilient Ridge) in the northern Pacific Ocean?: climate, snow - Weather
  146. Climate Battle, Denver ( The USA), Kayseri ( Turkey): tornadoes, snowfall, recorded - Weather
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  159. Winter 2019-2020 Discussion Weather (Northern Hemisphere): snowy, average, 2015
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  164. Very cold subarctic climates outside siberia: warm, ice, average, days - Weather
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  166. What do you consider to be a continental climate?: warmest, averages - Weather
  167. Snowfall Totals 2019-20 Season: 2015, days, storms, city - Weather
  168. Which region of the United States would you say the Midwest is more similar to: climate, snow - Weather
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  170. Which is better a climate -- Zakho Iraq vs Singapore --: hot, days - Weather
  171. My own climate classification: hottest, warm, temperature, Chicago - Weather
  172. Your Favorite and Least Favorite Climates in Each Continent: hot, average, Chicago - Weather
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  187. Rate the fictional climate: Limangrad: snow, warm, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  188. What climates have no weather disasters but are still uncomfortable/unpleasant?: tornadoes, snowfall
  189. Rate the Climate Change Outcomes for the Great Plains of the United States: warm, ice - Weather
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  195. Big Bog vs Waialeale: records, locations, wettest - Weather
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  200. Rate Kokomo , Indiana’s continentality - Weather