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  2. What Koppen Climate would this be?: hot, warm, averages, place - Weather
  3. Heavy rain/thunderstorms outside of summer in severe tundra climates: snow, warmest - Weather
  4. 90 °F with a 80 °F dew point (heat index of 108 °F) vs 100 °F with a 75 °F dew point (heat index of 114 °F): temperature, most - Weather
  5. Most likely 'fictional' climate that would have snow days for schools if they had em?: ice, storm - Weather
  6. How similar is 'Narnia's east coast climate vs the USA/Canada in this Ultimate Fantasy Topo map?: snowfall, places - Weather
  7. Damascus V Guayaquil V St. Pierre and Miquelon V Tirana: climate, hot - Weather
  8. Could we establish a New England forest in a mild or warm temperate climate?: hot, South - Weather
  9. Wettest place in Nevada: averages, temperature, precipitation, city - Weather
  10. More comfortable climate: Atlantic City vs Trieste: snow, average, days - Weather
  11. Great Lakes: Record Warm Water Temps: climate, temperatures, storm, degree - Weather
  12. Climate comparison: Clifton, Arizona vs Monahans, Texas: average, temperature, towns - Weather
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  14. Croatian climate battle: Ogulin vs. Rijeka: snow, warm, record, winters - Weather
  15. Looking to relocate to a state with more ideal weather conditions: climate, snowfall
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  17. Rate the Climate: Cool Continental with No Seasonal Lag: snowfall, warm, precipitation - Weather
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  19. What Are Similar Climates to Lanai City,: warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  20. Climate Battle: Detroit vs. Munich: snow, hottest, warm, temperatures - Weather
  21. Rate the climate: Kingdom Safeness (Kunming): snowfall, warm, record - Weather
  22. Fictional Anime-inspired Climate Battle #2: Mild series: hot, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  23. Climate battle: Beira v Townsville: warm, record, rainfall, days - Weather
  24. Rate the climate of Rome for 2041-2070: hot, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  25. Newport Oregon's record low of 4F is this legit?: climate, warm, records - Weather
  26. Lightning Bolt With Blue Sky: day, storms, sunny, rain - Weather
  27. Niamey vs Maracaibo: climate, hottest, temperatures, days - Weather
  28. Places with highest diurnal temperature range?: climate, hot, records, day - Weather
  29. Does the PNW or California handle south wind events better?: climate, temperatures - Weather
  30. July high of 80F at or above 55 degrees north?: climate, warm, average - Weather
  31. Climate battle: Sjenica, Serbia vs. Bialystok, Poland: warmest, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  32. Rainiest location below sea level?: average, precipitation, city, world - Weather
  33. Northernmost location with an average high ≥ 80°F in all months: climate, warm - Weather
  34. Rate the Climate: Crestview, FL: hot, temp, days, precipitation - Weather
  35. Wunderground is dumbed down. What happened?: climate, city, month, East - Weather
  36. Best video game climates: temperature, precipitation, seasons - Weather
  37. Why the totally weird pronunciations of the latest Atlantic hurricane's name, Isaias?: days, most - Weather
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  39. Where would Hyrule from Breath of the Wild fit in the GeoDiodes climate videos?: snow, warm - Weather
  40. Best thunderstorms seen in Central/Northern California?: snow, rainfall, season - Weather
  41. Rate the climate change possibilities for the state of Iowa: snow, warm - Weather
  42. Climate Battle: 4 Combo Continental Climates: tornadoes, snow, hottest, warm - Weather
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  44. Looking for my future home town: snow, temperatures, cities, seasons - Weather
  45. What is your partners climate preference ?: snowy, hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  46. Easternmost semi-arid and westernmost humid climate in the US: hot, rainfall, towns - Weather
  47. Climate battle of the places with same average annual temperature: city, sunniest - Weather
  48. Is there a meteorologist: tornadoes, may, live, area - Weather
  49. Weather Website To Determine City With Ideal Climate?: averages, temperature, precipitation
  50. Rate the climate: Summerville, South Carolina: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  51. Climate Battle: Alice Springs vs Bullhead City: warm, winters, Arizona - Weather
  52. Which subalpine climate is better?: snowfalls, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  53. What is the evaporation rate of your city?: climate, averages, world - Weather
  54. Mildest climates for temperature/humidity sensitive chronic illness: hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  55. US cities with most warm, dry and cloudy days?: climate, North, highest - Weather
  56. Weather forecasts accuracy past vs present vs the future: climate, warm, average
  57. Fictional Anime-inspired Climate Battle #1: Hellish series: average, temperatures, 2015, precipitation - Weather
  58. Summer Climate battle: Marquette vs Gothenburg: warm, days, season, sun - Weather
  59. Highest UV Index in the contiguous US?: average, 2014, cities - Weather
  60. Rate the climate: Algiers, Algeria: warm, temperatures, city, world - Weather
  61. Perth vs. Southern California summer dew points: warm, rainfall, days - Weather
  62. Rate the fictional climate: Harbin, China 2100: snow, hot, warm, warming - Weather
  63. Which summer feel warmer : downtown Detroit or downtown Chicago ?: South, heat, cooling - Weather
  64. Rate the fictional climate: Mediterranean New York City: snow, warm, temperature - Weather
  65. Climate Battle: Forks, Washington vs. Nantes, France: snow, warm, record - Weather
  66. Fictional Anime-inspired Climate Battle #3: Rainy series: snowy, hot, warm, icy - Weather
  67. Rate the fictional climate: Cano Valley: snow, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  68. Rate the climate of Siirt, Turkey: snow, hottest, warm, recorded - Weather
  69. Very hot, very humid, windy summers: temperature, days, wind speed - Weather
  70. Weakest seasonal lag: climate, snow, hottest, warmest - Weather
  71. Rate the climate Zadar, Croatia: hot, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  72. Winter climate battle: Pittsburgh vs. Krakow: snow, cities, USA, mild - Weather
  73. Fictional Anime-inspired Climate Battle #4: Sunny series: tornado, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  74. Ketchikan has unofficially broken its summer rainfall record: records, days, city - Weather
  75. Rate the climate of Isparta, Turkey: snow, hot, recorded, nights - Weather
  76. Rate Naval Air Station North Island's Climate: hot, warm, degree - Weather
  77. Climate Battle: Brussels, Belgium vs. Rouen, France: warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  78. What is the hottest place in Brazil?: climate, averages, temperature - Weather
  79. Rate the climate of Gümüşhane, Turkey: snow, recorded, temperature - Weather
  80. Climate Battle 4th edition: Andorra v Gaborone v Kuala Lumpur v Sherbrooke: hot, warm - Weather
  81. Rate the Climate: Mega Diablo: snow, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  82. Transitional Climates-Which One is Best?: snow, temperature, South, cold - Weather
  83. Climate Battle Royale: Cochabamba vs Keeling Islands vs Tallinn vs Tunis: hot, warm - Weather
  84. Rate the climate: Volgograd: Chicago, city, North, date - Weather
  85. Rate the climate: Devonport, Tasmania: warm, temperatures, rainfall, day - Weather
  86. So how does Palm Springs, a desert city, get a dewpoint of 86?: recorded, days - Weather
  87. Rate the climate: Nimmitabel, Australia: snowy, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  88. Rate the climate of Sivas, Turkey: snow, recorded, temp, inches - Weather
  89. Climate zones around other planets: hot, moon, temperatures, season - Weather
  90. Tropical depression in Arabian Peninsula: recorded, storms, cities, wind speed - Weather
  91. Rate the climate: Preston, UK: hot, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  92. Where would I find micro-climate data for Switzerland?: city, meteorology, frost - Weather
  93. US East Coast climate similar to the French Riviera: temperatures, rainfall, town - Weather
  94. Rate the Climate: Villa Mercedes, Argentina: hot, warmest, recorded, temperature - Weather
  95. 4-way climate battle: Chisinau vs Freeport vs Hermosillo vs Mohe city: hot, warmest - Weather
  96. Rate the climate of Manisa, Turkey: snowfall, hottest, recorded, rainfall - Weather
  97. Climate battle: St. Louis, US vs. Sombor, Serbia: hot, warm, record - Weather
  98. Rate the climate: Tashkurgan: sunny, winters, cold, index - Weather
  99. Local Maximum Temperature Record Broken: climate, hottest, warm, recorded - Weather
  100. Will Tampa hit 100°F today ?: climate, hot, records, temperatures - Weather
  101. Rate The Climate: The Ultimate Köppen Borderline Climate: snowfall, hot, warmest - Weather
  102. Poll: Fictional climate rating: ice, average, temperatures, days - Weather
  103. Rate the Climate: Poznan: average, temperature, precipitation, sun - Weather
  104. Cosalá, Mexico vs Key West, USA Climate battle: warm, rainfall, precipitation - Weather
  105. Humid subtropical climate battle; brisbane, aus vs bowling green, ky: snow, warm - Weather
  106. September 2020 Snow: climate, snowfalls, hot, warm - Weather
  107. August 2020 Summary: climate, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  108. Autumn 2020 Photo (NH): hot, temperature, days, city - Weather
  109. Does find the Weather Channel's new future radar fascinating?: warm, record
  110. What is the genetic makeup of your climate? (Koppen style): snow, hot - Weather
  111. Ultimate climate battle.: snowfalls, hot, warm, Chicago - Weather
  112. How many room temperature days does your location see: climate, warm, averages - Weather
  113. 104 degrees and 72 degree dewpoint in San Diego suburbs: warm, records, days - Weather
  114. Death Valley: 130 degrees today?: hottest, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  115. What's the highest elevation been to...: city, West, hours - Weather
  116. Southern Hemisphere Continental Climate Battle: snowfall, hot, warmest - Weather
  117. Seasons have changed: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  118. Which ocean provides the best climate?: hot, precipitation, seasons, world - Weather
  119. European power outages vs USA?: climate, tornadoes, snow, hot - Weather
  120. Dry 115°F vs humid 95°F: climate, hot, day - Weather
  121. Coldest humid continental climate and warmest subarctic climate?: snow, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  122. A more reasonable outlook on climate change: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  123. Do Csa/As transition climates exist ?: warm, rainfall, precipitation, cities - Weather
  124. Comprehensive list of US cities with their Koppen climate classification?: hottest, warmest - Weather
  125. Rate the climate: Blue canyon, CA: snowfall, warm, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  126. Where to get long term HISTORICAL London UK weather data BESIDES the dumbed down Wunderground?: climate, snow
  127. Does Texas see real feel temperatures above 120 F ?: hot, towns, humidity - Weather
  128. Has climate change modified your perception of hot and cold in summer: warm, temperatures - Weather
  129. Climate Battle: Asian capital edition: snow, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  130. Certain Dates/Holidays that keep coinciding with severe weather in your area.: snow storm, hot
  131. Atlanta vs Austin: climate, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  132. You can live in Italy without A/C or Heat.: climate, hot - Weather
  133. Rate this Climate: Belluno, Italy: snowy, hottest, warm, averages - Weather
  134. Climate Battle: Bandar Abbas, Death Valley, Dallol, and Marble Bar: hottest, recorded - Weather
  135. Which town has worse summers: Valdosta, GA vs. Bakersfield, CA: climate, hot - Weather
  136. Rate this Climate: Valletta, Malta: hot, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  137. Which city has more tolerable winters in your opinion? Columbus, Ohio Versus Fairbanks Alaska: climate, hot - Weather
  138. Choose you climate: Hakodate v Prague v Suva v Tripoli: hot, warm - Weather
  139. Scandinavian summers - hotter than the UK?: climate, snowfall, hot - Weather
  140. Will Chicago hit triple digits this year ?: climate, hot, record - Weather
  141. Climates with mild sunny summers and lots of yearly sunshine in Europe?: snow, hot - Weather
  142. Weather Undeground really suck now !: climate, snow, warm, ice
  143. What is the duration of your summers/winters?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  144. What The Weather In Your Area Today?: hot, average, days
  145. June 2020 Summary: climate, warmest, records, temperatures - Weather
  146. How much impact does the gulf stream have on NW European weather?: climate, warm
  147. Climates with generally mild summers but with extreme temp fluctuations: hot, warm - Weather
  148. Rate the Climate: Harrisburg: hot, warm, season, degree - Weather
  149. Will the solar minimum cause the Great Plains and Midwest to go into another ice age?: climate, warm - Weather
  150. Winter 2020 Discussion (Southern Hemisphere): snowfall, icy, recorded, days - Weather
  151. May 2020 Summary: climate, snow, hottest, warmest - Weather
  152. Difference of feeling between dry heat and humid heat ?: climate, hot, recorded - Weather
  153. Rate this Climate: Ushuant, France: warm, average, temperature, day - Weather
  154. Which countries have the largest range of food growing climates?: hot, temperatures - Weather
  155. Climate Battle: Spokane, WA vs Grand Rapids, MI: snowy, warm, record - Weather
  156. What is the importance of the 18°C isotherm?: climate, warm, average - Weather
  157. Rank the months of the year from favourite to least favourite: snowy, hottest - Weather
  158. Increasing the barometric pressure increases the dew point: climate, temperature, cities - Weather
  159. Do you pair your drinks with the season or temperature?: climate, hot - Weather
  160. Description of what living in each climate zone is like (the smells, sounds, feelings,: snowy, hottest - Weather
  161. What is the temperature of your city? (Part 12): warm, humidity, sunshine - Weather
  162. Summer 2020 Photo (NH): hot, temperatures, 2015, day - Weather
  163. Stackable climates: average, temperatures, city, comparison - Weather
  164. Battle of small places: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  165. July 2020 Summary: climate, hottest, warmest, record - Weather
  166. Same latitude climate battle: London vs Astana: warm, place, seasons - Weather
  167. RWood: climate, town, world, South - Weather
  168. Highest elevation that has never received snowfall?: climate, record, day - Weather
  169. How to determine approximately ghest temperature ?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  170. Ringing of the Atm: climate, hot, warm, ice - Weather
  171. What do you consider to be a real winter?: climate, snowy - Weather
  172. Rate the climate: Tacna, Peru: hot, warm, recorded, moon - Weather
  173. Cities in different continents that are climate twins.: hot, warm, sunshine - Weather
  174. Which do you prefer, many rainy days with little precipitation amount or high rainfall amount with few rainy days?: climate, storms - Weather
  175. Furthest south location with yearly snow: snowfall, averages, places, Hawaii - Weather
  176. Climate battle: El Paso vs Cairo: snow, hot, warm, ice - Weather
  177. Early winter in Northeast/Great Lakes?: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  178. Is Indianapolis closer to being Bsk or Cfa?: climate, warm, precipitation - Weather
  179. Which gets colder in winter ? Southern Australia and South Africa: climate, warm - Weather
  180. Non US residents, if you had to pick a city/state to live where would it be?: climate, warm - Weather
  181. Rate the climate: Trabzon, Turkey: snow, warm, records, precipitation - Weather
  182. European Cities and their US climatic counterpart: climate, snowfall, recorded - Weather
  183. At what temperature(s) are you comfortable wearing a face covering?: warm, temperatures - Weather
  184. North Dakota vs Texas record temperatures: climate, hot, warm, city - Weather
  185. Climate Battle: Phoenix vs. Kuala Lumpur: hot, night, cities, season - Weather
  186. Most comfortable climate in your current climate zone: snowfall, warm, temperatures - Weather
  187. Fall 2020 weather discussion: snow, hot, warm, temperatures
  188. 90 °F with a 80 °F dew point (heat index of 108 °F) vs 103 °F with a 72 °F dew point (heat index of 114 °F): temperature, most - Weather
  189. Climate Battle: Jiangnan region vs. North Carolina/Great Smokies: warm, record, precipitation - Weather
  190. US monthly heat index maps?: climate, 2014, days, humidity - Weather
  191. Rate the climate: Perry Sound, Ontario: town - Weather
  192. Fictional Climate Battle - Snowy Oceanic Climates: snowfall, warm, temperatures - Weather
  193. What are the most realistic video game/fantasy climates you can think of and how would you improve them?: days, best - Weather
  194. Climate Analogues of India in Mexico: map - Weather
  195. Best weather events of Central/Northern California ever had?: snow, fog
  196. Animated Map of Every Recorded Earthquake In Chronological Order (1901-2000) - Weather
  197. Lightning strike comes 'awfully close' to Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper helping motorist: South - Weather
  198. Best Thunderstorms seen in the Central/Sac Valley?: town, live, picture - Weather
  199. Forecasts for 7, 10 or 14 days: place - Weather
  200. Where to find London Daily weather records for certain years?: day, month