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  81. What kind of Fog is this at -6°F(-21C)?: snow, ice - Weather
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  95. Your weather equivalent: climate, cities, USA, most
  96. Most habitable place in Antarctica: climate, snow, warmest, ice - Weather
  97. 2016 Snow in Madinah and Makkah, Saudi Arabia: average, temperatures, days - Weather
  98. January 22-24, 2016 Northeast / Mid-Atlantic Major Snowstorm: snow storm, days, blizzard, sun - Weather
  99. Where is this EL Nino?: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  100. Rate the climate: Gospic, Croatia: snowy, warm, rainfall, days - Weather
  101. Which diurnal range is more intolerable, 40C/0C or 0C/-40C?: climate, hottest - Weather
  102. Climate Battle: Rank Climates with 8B Hardiness zones from around the world: warm, average - Weather
  103. Rank U.S hardiness zone 9B climates in order of preference of most to least favorite!: average, nights - Weather
  104. Rate: Cabramurra, NSW (one of Australia's coldest places): climate, snowy, warm - Weather
  105. Rate the climate : Tizi Ouzou, Algeria: hot, warm, rainfall, days - Weather
  106. Favourite features about the climates you dislike?: snowing, hot, warm - Weather
  107. Thanksgiving Week Storm 2015: snowfall, warm, ice, record - Weather
  108. greenland n.i and iceland: climate, snowfall, warm, ice - Weather
  109. my trees are confused (abnormally warm Fall/beginning of Winter): average, temperature - Weather
  110. Climate battle: Ulaanbaatar Vs. Baghdad: hot, warm, average, world - Weather
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  112. Mile-High Climates: 3-Way Battle: hot, warmest, days, city - Weather
  113. Your Favorite TV Local News Meteorologist?: 2014, Chicago, forecast, North - Weather
  114. Most continental climate in the Southern Hemisphere: snowfalls, hot, warm - Weather
  115. Daily record rainfall/snowfall: recorded, 2013, precipitation, storm - Weather
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  120. Would you rather work in an outdoor kiosk at 0C or 40 C?: warm, ice - Weather
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  132. Islands with Oceanic Climates in the North Atlantic Ocean? Where would you prefer to live?: warmest, recorded - Weather
  133. Imaginary climate planet map.: warm, temperatures, rainfall, city - Weather
  134. Which December (NH) would you rather have?: climate, snowfall, warmest - Weather
  135. How above average can this December get?: climate, snow storm, warmest - Weather
  136. The Climate Change: warm, ice, global warming, place - Weather
  137. No Snow USA: climate, snowing, warm, temperatures - Weather
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  143. How many days of lying snow per year do you prefer?: climate, snowfalls - Weather
  144. 3 way climate battle! Eureka, California vs. St Louis vs. my fictional Port Compromise: snowy, hot - Weather
  145. Coastal NorEaster Storm Dec 7-9, 2015: snowing, warm, days, freezing - Weather
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  158. Rank major U.S. cities in order from best to worst climate for your taste: world, East - Weather
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  160. What if all continents were moved 10 degrees further north?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
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  162. What is the official boundary between Humid Continental and Oceanic.: climate, warm - Weather
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  166. Long summer days or short winter days, what is the worst for you?: snow, month - Weather
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  170. Your New Year's Eve/Day Weather Forecast: hot, record, rainfall
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  182. Spring 2016 (Northern Hemisphere): warm, records, temperatures, 2015 - Weather
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  187. Wunderground update and new climate (temperatures): record, rainfall, days, freezing - Weather
  188. What Summer Average do you prefer?: climate, hottest, warm, averages - Weather
  189. What is a better month weatherwise: November or March?: climate, snow, warm
  190. Name something that you're thankful for weatherwise that happened in your location in 2015: snowfall, warm
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  192. Dec 27-29, 2015 Storm: snowfall, warm, ice, Chicago - Weather
  193. El Niño is essentially a big hype over nothing: snowfall, warmest - Weather
  194. Country Singer Missing, Friend Killed During Winter Storm Goliath: 2015, day - Weather
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