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  57. If you could change the capital city of your Country where would you change it to?: climate, snowfall - Weather
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  70. Are Cold Weather Lovers more active that Hot Weather Lovers?: warm, place
  71. Rate the climate: Wabush, Newfoundland and Labrador: snowy, warm, records - Weather
  72. Rate the Fictional climate: Cote Serena: snowfall, warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  73. Rate this east coast oceanic climate: Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA: snowy, warm, season - Weather
  74. Which do you prefer, a cold rainy day, or a cold snowy day?: temperature, days - Weather
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  78. Most miserable weather: climate, snow, hot, icy
  79. Do high summer dew points in a moderate coastal area matter?: hot, temperatures - Weather
  80. Rate the Climate: Minsk, Belarus: snowfall, warm, average, temp - Weather
  81. At what Temperature do you start wearing a sweatshirt: climate, warm, temperatures - Weather
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  85. Looking to live not too hot or cold, relatively sunny, with snow: climate, days - Weather
  86. What is a subtropical climate?: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  87. If you could add or take away 5c to one month of your climate, when would it be?: hot, warm - Weather
  88. Your own-made climate normals/averages: warm, recorded, warming, temperatures - Weather
  89. The Hottest Place in Canada?: climate, warmest, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  90. What's the most continental climate ever created?: snowfall, average, moon - Weather
  91. Is a low of 40 F too warm for a heater: temperature, day - Weather
  92. Your Predictions for Winter 2013-2014: tornado, snow storm, warm, record - Weather
  93. The Highest and Lowest Average Wind Speeds: climate, hot, recorded - Weather
  94. Snowy Mountain Climate Battle: snowfall, city, inches, sunshine - Weather
  95. Do you think it's for climate of Antartica to support a beach resort?: ice, record - Weather
  96. Rate this Portuguese July: hot, warm, temperature, days - Weather
  97. Rate the climate: Jōetsu, Japan: snowfalls, hot, average, temperatures - Weather
  98. Do you think the climate of the Scilly Isles could support commercial citrus production?: hot, warm - Weather
  99. Your favorite year in your location (based on climate): snow, hot, record - Weather
  100. Rate the Climate: Alturas, California: snowy, hot, warm, average - Weather
  101. Rate the climate: Crater Lake: snowfall, average, temperatures, nights - Weather
  102. Rate the climate: Pavullo nel Frignano (Italy): snowfalls, hot, warm - Weather
  103. Monthly Diurnal Temperature Variation Comparison: hottest, recorded, day, cities - Weather
  104. When the nighttime low on average reaches 0°C in your city?: averages, temperature - Weather
  105. Post the highest and the lowest temperature recorded in each month in your city: climate, warm - Weather
  106. How does where people live in affect what climate they like?: snow, hot - Weather
  107. Subarctic climate battle (16 climates!): snow, warmest, temperature, day - Weather
  108. When the daytime temperature on average reaches 20C in your city?: days, normal - Weather
  109. Rate my hometown: climate, snowy, warm, record - Weather
  110. Rate the Climate: Greensboro, NC: snowfall, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  111. Which four season continental climate do you prefer?: snowfall, record, city - Weather
  112. Rate the climate: Bellingham, WA: snowfall, hot, temperatures, Chicago - Weather
  113. Average and record number of 30C/86F days in a year: climate, records - Weather
  114. Rate the fictional climate: Owenland: snowfall, warm, average, seasons - Weather
  115. When can you expect the first 20c of the year?: warm, recorded - Weather
  116. The relative humidity in your location during the year?: climate, average, Chicago - Weather
  117. Does the type of sky cover vary by season where you live?: climate, warm - Weather
  118. Rate the climate: Death Hill: hot, warm, 2013, season - Weather
  119. Rate this climate: warm and uneventful weather's paradise!: temperatures, nights, city
  120. Which OCTOBER would you rather have? NYC vs Dallas vs Moscow: climate, warm - Weather
  121. Rate the Climate: Coimbatore, India: hot, warm, record, months - Weather
  122. Rate my dream climate - Houghton, Michigan: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  123. Rate my Climate:-Ingleston II: temperatures, rainfall, precipitation, sunshine - Weather
  124. Fall Photo 2013: city, USA, most, moving - Weather
  125. Snow Brazil 26/27/08/2013: warm, city, South, fall - Weather
  126. What would you love to happen in your area?: snow storm, warm, record - Weather
  127. Ice Age temperatures?: climate, warm, record, warming - Weather
  128. Spring 2013 - (Sept-Nov) - Southern Hemisphere: climate, warm, recorded - Weather
  129. Furthermost inhabited place from equator which hasn't record frost in recent history?: climate, recorded - Weather
  130. How many of you would be in favor of the following scenario...: snowy, warm - Weather
  131. ****YOUR ideal sunset time****: climate, night, city, sun - Weather
  132. Rate the climate:Shimukappu,Japan: snowfall, warm, temperatures, cloudy - Weather
  133. What is the ideal climate for the Earth?: tornadoes, snow, averages - Weather
  134. Which climate is closer to a tropical climate?: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  135. Climate battle: Madrid (ES) vs Ankara (TR): snow, hot, warm - Weather
  136. Why is N. America Colder than W. Europe - Blame the Rocky Mountains: climate, warm - Weather
  137. Sinkholes around the globe: climate, 2013, city, most - Weather
  138. What would you do without A/C in Miami in august?: warm, ice - Weather
  139. Climate Battle: Minneapolis vs. Seattle vs. Boston: warm, humidity, lows - Weather
  140. Which country do you think is the luckiest in terms of climate or range of climates?: tornadoes, snow - Weather
  141. What are your favorite and least favorite trees?: climate, 2013, fall - Weather
  142. All expense paid for trip to London, Sydney, Easter Island, or Bangkok: climate, warm - Weather
  143. Rate the climate: Yakutat: snowy, temperatures, freezing, sunshine - Weather
  144. besides me dislike Palm Trees?: climate, snowy, warm, Chicago - Weather
  145. Rate the climate - Sundown: hot, warmest, average, temperatures - Weather
  146. Climate Battle : Las Vegas (Nevada) Seville (Spain): snow, warm, winters - Weather
  147. What's the threshold temperature for a heatwave in Washington DC ?: average, days - Weather
  148. Rate the climate - Baltiysk, Russia: warm, averages, Chicago, days - Weather
  149. All expense paid trip to an Antartica Base or a tropical island...: climate, city - Weather
  150. Climate of Rimini, Italy: snowfalls, hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  151. Freezing at night, but how hot in the day?: climate, hottest, recorded - Weather
  152. Closest inhabited place to the equator that has recorded frost every day of the year?: climate, snow - Weather
  153. What is your favourite month(s) of the year weather wise?: snowfall, hot
  154. August and Summer/Winter 2013 summary: warmest, records, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  155. If you could get an all expensed paid 7 day cruise, which would you pick?: storms, places - Weather
  156. Rate the climate - Pinnacles National Park, California: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  157. Favorite Season of the Year?: hot, warmest, ice, temperatures - Weather
  158. Climate Battle: Cairo, Egypt vs. Lima, Peru: hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  159. Summer Climate Battle: Osoyoos, BC, Canada vs. Canberra, ACT, Australia: warm, average - Weather
  160. Rate the climate - Astrakhan, Russia.: snow, hot, warm, average - Weather
  161. What if South America was flipped upside down?: climate, cold, live - Weather
  162. What do you think your average September high will be?: Chicago, days - Weather
  163. If you had two hours of guaranteed uninterrupted rain per day.....: fall, raining - Weather
  164. Rate the climate Juvvasshøe, Norway: snowfall, record, days, Canada - Weather
  165. Rate the (fictional) climate: hot, warm, temperatures, night - Weather
  166. The Dew Point - Autumn 2013 Edition: hot, temperature, days - Weather
  167. What's the July average high for Baltimore ?: climate, record, Chicago - Weather
  168. Climate battle: Tulsa (Oklahoma) vs Sacramento (California).: snow, warm, rainfall - Weather
  169. Climate battle - Barnaul vs. St-John's: snowfall, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  170. Rate the climate: Östersund: snowfall, warm, averages, temperature - Weather
  171. Annual number of thunderstorm days in your city/country: averages, storms, cities - Weather
  172. Rate the climate: Ekofisk Oil Platform: snowfall, records, temperatures, 2013 - Weather
  173. Dew point and nightly lows: snow, warm, average, temperature - Weather
  174. Swedish Lapland climates (2002-2013) (climate change): snowfall, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  175. Pacific PDO & Atlantic AMO Phases: climate, snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  176. Just how much colder is Siberia?: climate, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  177. Effect of Hudson Bay on North America's climate: snow, hot, ice - Weather
  178. You might be a weather geek if...: climate, snowfall, records
  179. Battle of the Ultra boring climates...: snow, warm, ice, recorded - Weather
  180. Southwestern European battle, cities of France, Spain and Portugal: climate, snow - Weather
  181. Rate the climate: Brekke: average, rainfall, place, sunshine - Weather
  182. Dry thunderstorms- how common are they?: temperatures, rainfall, 2013, sprinkle - Weather
  183. Mountain climate battle, Puerto de Navacerrada (ES) vs Mont Aigoual (FR): snowfall, warm - Weather
  184. Dream climate battle: Caleb Yeung vs NICKREY: snow, hottest, warm - Weather
  185. Rate this climate: Glasgow: snowfall, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  186. Lowest average diurnal range on earth?: climate, temperature, places, degree - Weather
  187. Rate the climate: Mariehamn, Åland Islands: snowfall, warm, ice - Weather
  188. Climate Battle: Me vs the World Part I: snowfall, city, season - Weather
  189. Why do TV meteorologists glorify hot weather so much?: warm, average, day
  190. Climate battle: Iqaluit vs Umeå: spring, cold - Weather
  191. Climate tourism...: snow, warm, temperature, Chicago - Weather
  192. The 7 best climates I could find. which of them do you think is best?: earthquakes, storm - Weather
  193. Rate this climate special for it's country: Altay City: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  194. Rate the Climate: South Park, Colorado: snow, warm, averages, day - Weather
  195. Climate battle: Newark (New Jersey) vs Perpignan (France).: snow, warm, days - Weather
  196. Barometric Pressure/Florida?: day, may, direction, different - Weather
  197. It's that time of year again: hurricane hype!: days, city, season - Weather
  198. Wildfires Burning - Weather
  199. Great NY Times Article on OKC Meteorologist Gary England: tornado, 2013, night - Weather
  200. We can see what a BWn desert looks like: USA, rain - Weather