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  102. comes Indian summer in the USA...: snow, warm, warming - Weather
  103. Let us find your dream climate: snow, hottest, warm, record - Weather
  104. Rate the Climate: Monterrey, Mexico.: hot, warm, averages, sunshine - Weather
  105. What do you think about this SPRING WEATHER??: warmest, temperature, days
  106. Rate This Climate: Detroit: warm, days, season, degree - Weather
  107. Rate the Climate: Chittagong, Bangladesh: hot, warm, nights, precipitation - Weather
  108. Rate the Climate: Duluth, MN: snow, warm, place, freeze - Weather
  109. What is the hottest and coldest climate that personally been in?: snowing, warmest - Weather
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  114. wet cold feels colder than a dry cold = FALSE: climate, hot - Weather
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  118. Northernmost Summer Heat -Seville, Spain vs Northern California: climate, hottest, warmest - Weather
  119. Rate this equatorial climate- Quito, Ecuador (city on the equator): snow, hot - Weather
  120. Solar Storms and Auroras: night, degree, clouds, fog - Weather
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  125. Rate the climate: snowfall, hot, warm, record - Weather
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  128. Polar blast brings NZ to standstill: snowfalls, recorded, temperatures, storm - Weather
  129. Rate the Climate: Lhasa, China (Tibet): snowfall, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  130. What kind of weather does you head in?: snow, hot, temperatures
  131. Whitehorse, Canada - Rate The Climate: days, place, freezing, sunshine - Weather
  132. If you could select between climate choices....: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
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  138. Rate Climate: Barrow, Alaska: snow, warmest, record, temperature - Weather
  139. Days above 100 in Amarillo, Texas - 30 and counting: hot, warm, record - Weather
  140. A climatic twin for Sydney, Australia in the US?: climate, hottest, warm - Weather
  141. Where in the US does it RAIN a lot? How about thunderstorms?: snow, averages - Weather
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  144. July 2011 Weather Summary: snowfall, hot, warm, recorded
  145. Best outdoor sports climate besides California?: warm, average, freeze, most - Weather
  146. Record Cold in Ireland June-July 2011: climate, snowfall, hottest, warmest - Weather
  147. List of cities that should have their Koppen classification changed?: climate, snow - Weather
  148. Cold rain or snow?: snowing, warm, ice, temperature - Weather
  149. Rate the Climate for Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada: averages, rainfall, city - Weather
  150. Batte of the Weather Forecast: Dallas, TX vs. Juneau, AK: hot, warm
  151. Climate Battle: Vancouver, BC vs. Seoul, South Korea: snowy, warmest, average - Weather
  152. Brazillian snow flurries: August 02, 2011: climate, snowfall, record, days - Weather
  153. Do you think you have conflicting weather interests?: climate, snowy, hot
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  158. Effect of Geography on Weather: climate, snowfall, hottest, warmest
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  162. Rate the Climate for Ovando, Montana, USA: averages, temperatures, day - Weather
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  168. Australia's wind patterns and geography on climate: hottest, rainfall, days - Weather
  169. Texas just finished the hottest June through August on record for state in the U.S.: warm, moon - Weather
  170. How long do your autumn colours last? Which place has the longest?: places, season - Weather
  171. Climate battle: Honolulu, vs. Avarua, Cook Islands: warm, averages, rainfall - Weather
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  173. August 2011 weather summary: snowfall, hot, warm, recorded
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  179. Average Wind Speed: climate, ice, storms, place - Weather
  180. Earthquake...: snow, earthquakes, most, East - Weather
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  183. Rank the climates: great cities of the ancient world edition: snow, warmest - Weather
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  190. Rate the Climate - Weather
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  196. TS Irene in CT - Video - Weather
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  199. Gulf/Atlantic Sea-surface temps 79 to 90 F from Texas to New Jersey!: warmest, temperatures - Weather
  200. Record snowfall in Switzerland , September 2011: records, rainfall, precipitation, town - Weather