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  1. The Night Moth: HaShem, testimony, believe, prayers - Christianity
  2. A Mormon and a Catholic for President/Vice-President: Jesus, protestant, religion - Christianity
  3. There Is Such a Thing As Objective Truth: hell, church, Revelation - Christianity
  4. From the Eyes of God: believe, sin, Bible, Israel - Christianity
  5. Have A Good Wensday Service?: tradition, churches, Bible, soul - Christianity
  6. The Apostles and their name meanings: Gospel, Jesus, Bible, Jacob - Christianity
  7. Training and Our Faith: preaching, beliefs, scriptures, prayers - Christianity
  8. The Story of the Hedgeapple: testimony, prayer, God, bless - Christianity
  9. We are the Beasts of 666: woman, Antichrist, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  10. Knowing God's Plan: church, believe, scripture, Moses - Christianity
  11. Answering His Call: Gospel, testimony, church, exodus - Christianity
  12. Was the Garden of Eden a test, or a lesson?: Gospel, myth - Christianity
  13. Misconceptions around the mark of beast: Gospel, doctrine, woman, churches - Christianity
  14. Think You Have The Faith Of Jesus Christ ?: doctrine, women, believers - Christianity
  15. The Principles of Giving - What you must know and do: Gospel, believers - Christianity
  16. Replace the Lord with YHWH/YaHWeH in English Bible Translations: Jehovah's Witness, believe - Christianity
  17. Many will go and there to increase knowledge.”: tradition, doctrine - Christianity
  18. The red sea: Pentateuch, believe, exodus, scriptures - Christianity
  19. Blood Lust/The Fall of Man and Angel: Eden, punishment, women - Christianity
  20. I Will Lay Your Cities Waste ... And I will Scatter You the Nations...: Leviticus, Revelation - Christianity
  21. Freedom from the Prison: believe, prayer, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  22. I AM God the Father: testimony, Messiah, pray, disciple - Christianity
  23. Catholicism and the Hebrew Bible and the Quran: doctrine, Messiah, Antichrist - Christianity
  24. Finding an appropriate Bible verse for children: Revelation, exodus, Moses - Christianity
  25. How Do You Worship With Reverence!: church, Revelation, believe, sin - Christianity
  26. What just happened: testimony, praying, verse, Isaiah - Christianity
  27. The Devils Name is Enmity/Hate--sifter: Jesus Christ, Bible, verses, vain - Christianity
  28. Where Does Worship Emanates and Flows From?: preaching, exodus, scripture - Christianity
  29. Class 101 On The Righteousness Of God !!: testimony, doctrine, women, church - Christianity
  30. Do Miracles and Healing prove a man or ministry is of God?: Jesus Christ, Matthew - Christianity
  31. Church based Welfare systems: Mormon, LDS, churches, scriptures - Christianity
  32. Our Interest and the Will of God: church, scripture, prayer - Christianity
  33. Does The Holy Spirit Allow Christians To Be Divided With Each Other On 10% Of The Bible ?: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  34. Rightly Dividing The Word of God: Gospels, doctrine, church, Messiah - Christianity
  35. Who Rejects The Holy Spirit Today ?: traditions, doctrine, women, church - Christianity
  36. Praying in Spirit...Made to Love...: scripture, prayers, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  37. News, 51-foot Jesus statue being erected in Ohio.: church, pray, Catholic - Christianity
  38. The Ladder: woman, scripture, prayer, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  39. Who Do You Work For?: Gospel, Jehovah, testimony, prayer - Christianity
  40. Catholic church actually supports a national health care system: believe, scriptures, abortion - Christianity
  41. Walking by Faith: disciples, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  42. Would Jesus ask you to do something contrary to His teachings in the Gospels?: Jehovah, Commandment - Christianity
  43. What started it all.: funeral, believers, Bible, Israel - Christianity
  44. Christian Marriage and Birth Control: women, scripture, prayer, divorce - Christianity
  45. Grace 101 In Christianity: doctrine, women, Revelation, believer
  46. The truth about Jesus revealed at last !!: Jehovah, punishment, Revelation - Christianity
  47. Today's Vanity Fair: allegory, Solomon, vain, pagan - Christianity
  48. Cancer - a revelation: believe, scripture, prayers, sin - Christianity
  49. Do you Know?...about cutting and suicide...: doctrine, funerals, scripture - Christianity
  50. Just a Closer Walk with Thee: testimony, punishment, believe, scripture - Christianity
  51. Collection for the poor: churches, sin, disciples, Jesus - Christianity
  52. Priesthood of all believers: women, churches, preacher, priests - Christianity
  53. Blessed are Who Mourn: believers, prayer, sin, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  54. Could There Be Of The Holy Spirit A Believer Doesn't Want ??: doctrine, women - Christianity
  55. Living with someone who faithfully negative: Gospel, hell, churches, believe - Christianity
  56. Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent: HaShem, hell - Christianity
  57. Do you think God is looking for 'Followers' of Christ or folks who practise Righteousness?: doctrine, preach - Christianity
  58. Law of Grace: crucifixion, Leviticus, hell, punishment - Christianity
  59. I Just Love The Common English Bible: verses, translation, testament - Christianity
  60. Angel In Clouds Above Theater Vigil?: sunday, Denver - Christianity
  61. My vision of Jaco ladder: Micah, churches, Revelation, Christ - Christianity
  62. Is Your Worship Worth It?: Revelation, believer, Moses, sin - Christianity
  63. The Joy in Training: preaching, praying, Jesus, God - Christianity
  64. Thorn in the Flesh: Gospel, churches, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  65. Nestorian Christian: philosophy, science, Greek, definition - Christianity
  66. The true sense of GOd: believe, disciple, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  67. Movie The Jesus Prayer: prayers - Christianity
  68. Classes on Textual Criticism from Chafer Theological Seminary: doctrine, church, scripture - Christianity
  69. Bible Translations - YHWH: HaShem, Gospel, Moses, Jesus - Christianity
  70. The Great Commandment...: messages, Deuteronomy, scripture, Moses - Christianity
  71. A Chance for Christians To Do the Right Thing: churches, atheist, Atheism - Christianity
  72. A Unified Body of Christ, a time to rise up, and get off the sidelines: Gospel, church - Christianity
  73. Don't Worry About Tomorrow: church, believers, Solomon, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  74. The Reconciliation of all to God: hell, church, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  75. Let Me Hear Your Word and Obey: beliefs, scriptures, prayer - Christianity
  76. I spoke to God face to face today--His Plea for Help: women, church - Christianity
  77. Joseph Makes Himself Known to His Brothers: Gomorrah, Sodom, Messiah - Christianity
  78. Post Harpazo/Rapture/ Caught up Rebuttal - they shall gather together his elect: hell, testimony - Christianity
  79. National Test for Screening Out False Ministers of Jesus Christ -- the James 5 Test: church, zealous - Christianity
  80. Boswell, Paul and the truth about sexual morality?: women, beliefs, Jesus - Christianity
  81. Catholics - I need a one liner: Lutheran, Buddhism, churches - Christianity
  82. Definition of drunkenness?: Gospel, believe, scripture, prayer - Christianity
  83. The Seventh Day Sabbath Is for Gentiles: woman, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  84. How do you know the Jesus Christ you believe in/on,is the same one spoken of in the NT ?: doctrine, Antichrist - Christianity
  85. Mark of the Beast: Deists, church, Antichrist, Revelation - Christianity
  86. False Christianity Is Leading Our Nation to Destruction: crucifixion, traditions, doctrine
  87. Mc Churches, Mega Churches and the Non-Dom craze: crucified, preach, scripture - Christianity
  88. Chick-fil-A and beyond: Leviticus, Sodom, churches, Antichrist - Christianity
  89. New t.v. show called The New Normal: Sodom, believe - Christianity
  90. Wake Up, America! We Are Israel! We Have Lost Our Identifying Sign -- God's Seventh Day Sabbath!: Gospel, Leviticus - Christianity
  91. Are you Saved if you have not been Baptised?: paradise, Gospels, hell - Christianity
  92. Do You Have The Holy Spirit If Your A 90% Bible Believer ?: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  93. What's your view of going door to door knocking on doors?: Gospel, Lutheran - Christianity
  94. Using the OT for verification?: Epistles, doctrine, women, church - Christianity
  95. Can The Faithful Support Paul Ryan?: punishment, church, beliefs, disciples - Christianity
  96. Can one be a Christian and still enjoy secular programming?: lordship, Jehovah - Christianity
  97. The Sources: the Gospel of Matthew: Leviticus, doctrine, church, believe - Christianity
  98. Did Apostle Paul Teach Against Works Only ???: Gospels, women, churches - Christianity
  99. The Simple Concept of Grace: paradise, Gospel, hell, testimony - Christianity
  100. How Do You Feel about Pope Benedict 16?: coffins, churches, Antichrist - Christianity
  101. The Sources: The Gospel of Mark: crucified, Gospels, hell, woman - Christianity
  102. Exodus 31:12-17 says to whom the 7th day Sabbath applies: woman, churches - Christianity
  103. “Homosexuality & the Bible”: crucified, Gospel, women, believing - Christianity
  104. The Serpent seed Doctrine: Eden, believe, scriptures, disciples - Christianity
  105. The law was not nailed to the cross but our debts because of our sins. ...: crucified, Gospel - Christianity
  106. Once Saved Always Saved The Gospel ??: crucified, hell, doctrine, church - Christianity
  107. Spotting false Christians: Gospel, doctrine, church, believe - Christianity
  108. Why did the Romans convert to Christianity?: Gospels, myth, church
  109. Why Don't People Believe All The Bible ?: doctrine, Revelation, beliefs - Christianity
  110. Aurora Colorado Massacre: believers, sinners, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  111. Before the Foundation of the world: Gospels, Jehovah, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  112. Why do you believe the 66 books deemed as canonical are inspired and true?: hell, church - Christianity
  113. help in master's thesis: study, people - Christianity
  114. How do Christian churches justify performing same-sex marriages/blessings?: believe, Jesus Christ, Bible - Christianity
  115. Joe Paterno, College Football and God's 7th Day Sabbath: traditions, Revelation, believing - Christianity
  116. God's chosen people were Gentiles: Messiah, Revelation, believers, scripture - Christianity
  117. God's True Church Is Non-Proselytizing: Gospel, Leviticus, punishment, churches - Christianity
  118. Does Paul teach that we can eat every creature of God ?: Leviticus, hell - Christianity
  119. The 3rd Commandment ... keeping the sabbath ... what does it mean..: Tanakh, traditions - Christianity
  120. What do you think about setting up playing music out for evangelism outreach - need good songs: Gospel, churches - Christianity
  121. Serving other gods/going back to Egypt and career: Gospel, woman, churches - Christianity
  122. Catholic Church Mass Reading 2 Eph 5:21-32 omitted part.....: Jehovah, women, churches - Christianity
  123. Christians - Do you believe this to be true about the Bible?: tradition, hell - Christianity
  124. My college got rid of their one Christian therapist and replaced her with a worldy one....: church, preach - Christianity
  125. Temptation for the Christian...what would YOU do?: woman, churches, believe - Christianity
  126. Baal Worship in America Today!: Torah, Tanakh, Gospel, Leviticus - Christianity
  127. Philosophy - Enemy of the Gospel?: tradition, Messiah, preacher, believe - Christianity
  128. Herbert W. Armstrong: HaShem, churches, Revelation, Christ - Christianity
  129. Effective ways of evangelizing: tradition, Gospel, messages, Jehovah's Witnesses - Christianity
  130. Why did Jesus have to be God for atonement?: Gospel, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  131. The Eye of the Needle: women, believe, prayer, Jesus - Christianity
  132. Evidence that Moses didn't write the Pentateuch: Torah, Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  133. Staying at your own church vs. going to the church of your SO: crucified, Lutheran - Christianity
  134. Does your church have an angel?: messages, doctrine, women, churches - Christianity
  135. Ten Things I Wish the Church Knew About Homosexuality: Leviticus, presbyterian, women - Christianity
  136. How Do You Keep Your Faith?: believe, scripture, prayers, disciples - Christianity
  137. Is It ....?: crucifixion, hell, punishment, Revelation - Christianity
  138. Bombing of Japan is an Issue For Christians: Gospel, incarnation, testimony - Christianity
  139. What Is Your Faith In Today ?: testimonies, doctrine, women, Revelation - Christianity
  140. Say you will......: Revelation, believe, prayers, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  141. Joseph’s Purity and the Sexual Misconduct of His Descendants Today: Gomorrah, Sodom - Christianity
  142. Sovereignty of G-d: HaShem, Jehovah, myths, godless - Christianity
  143. What Church Organizations That You Have Been Associated With Did You See or Experience Divine Healing?: doctrine, women - Christianity
  144. Revelation 20:12 Seriously Contradicts Psalm 130:3: HaShem, Gospel, hell, abomination - Christianity
  145. Adam and Eve....and Lillith???: HaShem, myths, women, church - Christianity
  146. For who believe its a sin: Is homosexuality the same or worse than other sexual sins?: Gomorrah, Leviticus - Christianity
  147. Could a Loving God Actually Say Something This Callous?: Gospel, woman - Christianity
  148. Christians Should Discriminate – But How?: Gospel, testimony, woman, church - Christianity
  149. To who consider themselves Heaven Bound: procreation, hell, punishment - Christianity
  150. Let he you who has no sin cast the first stone: traditions, Sodom - Christianity
  151. Wake Up, America! Many In Our Nation Have the Mark of the Beast and Do Not Realize It!: churches, Antichrist - Christianity
  152. Catholics - how do you to fundamentalist aggression? (N/A for Mormons/JWs): Gospel, Lutherans - Christianity
  153. If you, LORD, should mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand? Psalm 130:3: doctrine, believe - Christianity
  154. strong personalities trying to take over churches: messages, women, Bible - Christianity
  155. Don't you just love Mediterranean Catholicism or Orthodoxy? I do.: Mormon, hell - Christianity
  156. Evangelicals: How much should politics be preached from the pulpit?: Gomorrah, Gospels - Christianity
  157. Purgatory - do you believe in it?: Gospel, Jehovah, hell - Christianity
  158. Today is a Dark Day for That Are Christians: women, church - Christianity
  159. Just thinking about this, and want opinions...: Gospels, procreation, Leviticus - Christianity
  160. the Antichrist teaching is a fable: hell, women, churches - Christianity
  161. Glorifiying God, what's the best way: Micah, Jehovah, hell, churches - Christianity
  162. Lapsed Catholics - the reasons: birth control, Gospels, Lutheran, hell - Christianity
  163. Christianity 101 On Building A Ministry !!!: Gospel, Jehovah, doctrine, women
  164. Jehovah Witnesses on: Jehovah's Witnesses, Antichrist, agnostic, believe - Christianity
  165. America-Babylon's Euphrates ??: Revelation, Bible, Isaiah, blood - Christianity
  166. Tghe Prosperity Gospel: doctrine, preacher, believe, scripture - Christianity
  167. Woman Taken in Adultery Story Not a Part of John's Original Gospel: Gospels, hell - Christianity
  168. What is blasphemy?: HaShem, Jehovah, hell, Revelation - Christianity
  169. I AM with you always !!!!: hell, preach, believe, disciples - Christianity
  170. A Blessed Be-: traditions, Gospel, testimony, scripture - Christianity
  171. Who Really Rules the World?: Eden, lordship, Revelation, Deuteronomy - Christianity
  172. Bible prophecy unfolding NOT part of Christianity????: Sodom, women, church
  173. Can someone explain 1 John 6-8: crucifixion, Jehovah, churches, preach - Christianity
  174. It's all for Nothing!!!: hell, myth, woman, church - Christianity
  175. Christians: how do you justify picking and choosing?: churches, beliefs, scripture - Christianity
  176. MJ Agee: There are Female Angels: women, church, Revelation - Christianity
  177. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.: hell, preacher - Christianity
  178. God Wrote the Ten Commandments Both the First and Second Set: HaShem, Gospel - Christianity
  179. NASA's search of the microbial cell on Mars .... God has to be scoffing at the smart people: woman, church - Christianity
  180. Conclusion: Herbert W Armstrong and His Fellow Ministers Are the Only True Ministers of God and Jesus Christ: Torah, tradition - Christianity
  181. Universalism is contrary to God's plan and impugns God's Character.: traditions, Gospel - Christianity
  182. Beginning of Protestantism: Lutheran, hell, churches, evolve - Christianity
  183. Final Days Prophecy: messages, Sodom, doctrine, Antichrist - Christianity
  184. Who Is A Unbeliever Today ?: hell, testimonies, church, believe - Christianity
  185. Print a 3D model of your unborn baby with the 'Shape of an angel' service: Bible, Psalm - Christianity
  186. What Did Apostle Paul Warn Timothy ??: dress code, doctrine, women, churches - Christianity
  187. The Shawl of Prayer: hell, Jesus, worship, Matthew - Christianity
  188. What are Signs of The Times: zealous, preacher, believe, pray - Christianity
  189. What Carnal Man Knows The Mind Of God On Salvation ??: doctrine, women - Christianity
  190. My Talk on Noah at a Bible Conference in California: scripture, Sacramento - Christianity
  191. Replacing Each Verse: the Lord with YHWH Analysis: Bible, Israel - Christianity
  192. Can you change the highlight background? - Christianity
  193. An Important Christian in the Ancient Middle East Al-Ibadi: Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  194. The Method: verses, grace, Satan - Christianity
  195. The Pattern/Example/Footsteps: Jesus, Israel, verses, divorce - Christianity
  196. Gay Christian 101 explains how you can be a Christian and still be gayer than a gay float in gay pride week in Gayville: scripture, homosexuality - Christianity
  197. The Sacrifice - An Original poem: believe, blood, grace, eternal - Christianity
  198. A Miracle Inside the Aurora Shooting: One Victim’s Story.: woman, church - Christianity
  199. Rebuilding the Ruins: Bible, Almighty, Lord, people - Christianity
  200. Chris Tomlin - Christianity