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  96. Evidence of the Holy Spirit (Scripture & Photographs Examined): paranormal, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
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  99. Saved by grace through Faith, but our WORKS will be judged on judgement day!!: hell, believe - Christianity
  100. Jesus: First, An Apocalyptic Prophet; Then The Lamb of God: tradition, Gospels - Christianity
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  110. Only who do good works will enter the kingdom of God.: paradise, Gospels - Christianity
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  112. Love is incompatible with eternal torture: hell, believe, postmortem, scripture - Christianity
  113. Is my Pastor a false Teacher? Has the time come to leave my Church?: Gospels, hell - Christianity
  114. If Jesus Could Forgive Sins Without A Blood Sacrifice, Why Can't God the Father?: paradise, traditions - Christianity
  115. Does one still sin if one isn't baptized and if one is not belonging to a church?: women, believe - Christianity
  116. We Got Experts, Philosophers And Lovers And Cross Boasters But What About Real Bible Believers !!: hell, testimony - Christianity
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  120. about Goliath: believe, Jesus Christ, Bible, Israel - Christianity
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  126. This is Funny---I agree with Colbert: crucifixion, Gospels, prayer - Christianity
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  130. Where in the bible can i find being saved is salvation from eternal hell?.: church, believe - Christianity
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  133. Hindu snake goddess saw Jesus in dream and became His witness: paradise, crucifixion - Christianity
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  141. Catholics Nailed to Crosses in Philippines: churches, believe, ritual, spiritual - Christianity
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  143. It is finished: crucifixion, Gospel, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  144. Historical Evidence of Noah's Ark: tradition, myths, Revelation, Bible - Christianity
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  148. CATHOLICISM: John Paul on God, Hell & Eternal Punishment: traditions, myth, doctrine - Christianity
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  151. What parts of the bible do you recommend reading, and what parts are most used by priests?: tradition, Gospels - Christianity
  152. Which two bible versions do you recommend for reading the bible?: scripture, prayer - Christianity
  153. If you go to church on Sunday, can you go to work after?: punishment, women - Christianity
  154. Friendship with the World: doctrine, Revelation, sinners, Jesus - Christianity
  155. Catholic Relic: Shrunken Head of Catholic Saint Oliver: church, believer, archbishop - Christianity
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  157. 1 for YOU - IF YOU BELIEVE JESUS is GOD: crucified, reincarnate - Christianity
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  160. What if Jesus is not the God but a servant of God?: Revelation, believe - Christianity
  161. How many would be Christians if there was no salvation or eternal life?: Jesus Christ, Bible - Christianity
  162. God Manifested In The Flesh: Gospel, incarnation, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  163. Why would you pray to save someone's life, if they are saved?: traditions, hell - Christianity
  164. Eternal Life - How do we obtain it?: punishment, preacher, believe - Christianity
  165. Second coming, is it taught in the Scriptures or is it just a doctrine of man?: women, Messiah - Christianity
  166. Why are so many posters obsessed with Catholicism?: hell, church, believe - Christianity
  167. Forget the Rapture & Tribulation; s What You Should Really Be Worrying About: hell, churches - Christianity
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  169. study on aion: scriptures, Bible, verses, translate - Christianity
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  171. Was Noah molested by Ham, why curse Canaan?: women, scripture, sin - Christianity
  172. Christians, how offensive are images to you?: church, Baptist, God - Christianity
  173. Does Saint Peter need to live in Rome to prove the Papacy?: Gospel, church - Christianity
  174. Jesus is the only way.: testimony, Revelation, believe, priest - Christianity
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  177. The corruption of Billy Graham: Revelation, Bible, verses, evangelize - Christianity
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  184. Listening to Godspell in honor of Good Friday: Christian - Christianity
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  186. Sacred Heart and the Spear: A Good Friday Meditation: Jesus, Nazareth - Christianity
  187. Why seek ye the living the dead?: crucified, Gospel - Christianity
  188. Is Accepting Christ Just Cross Boasting And Asking For Forgiveness ?: hell, women - Christianity
  189. HOW DIFFERENT Are You To Be A Christian ?: hell, women, church - Christianity
  190. Repentance And Going On To Perfection Is Christianity ?: women, church, Revelation
  191. What Is The Overlegalist Term Law Talking About Today ?: women, church - Christianity
  192. When Does Law Become Too Legal Today If We Christians ?: women, church - Christianity
  193. The Sacrificial Part of Worship: church, Moses, Christ, Bible - Christianity
  194. What Do You Want To Accomplish With People Beside Friendship ?: women, believers - Christianity
  195. Should Pope Francis Support The Sisters?: doctrine, women, church, ritual - Christianity
  196. People More Legal Then They Think Just The Wrong Way ?: women, church - Christianity
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  198. Is Christianity Just Evangelism, Prosperity And The Golden Rule ?: church, Revelation, believers
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