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  1. 'Athlete' banned for doping... - Current Events
  2. Brooklyn Born Israeli Soldier's Body Has Been Recovered After Being MIA Since 1982 - Current Events
  3. Mom encourages her kid to hit another kid because it’s after school - Current Events
  4. April the giraffe is in labor - 031619 - Current Events
  5. Man who accidentally stole car 21 years ago searching for vehicle's owner - Current Events
  6. Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places - Current Events
  7. Lyndon LaRouche Dies - Current Events
  8. Massive search underway for missing little girls in northern California - Current Events
  9. Julie Valentine, abandoned baby, identified after 29 years - Current Events
  10. Police Officer Leaves $100.00 Tip (on an $8.75 bill) and 'note from the heart' for Pregnant South Jersey Waitress - Current Events
  11. Teen who was in and out of homelessness has been accepted into 17 different colleges - Current Events
  12. Awwww, the state police and environmental police had to relocate a bear family from highway median! - Current Events
  13. Newborn Pictured With All 1,616 IVF Needles It Took to Conceive Her - Current Events
  14. Not a good look for this police force.... - Current Events
  15. Wreck Of The USS Wasp FOUND!!! - Current Events
  16. 29 year old woman dares her 60 year old firefighter boyfriend - Current Events
  17. Skier sues Gwyneth Paltrow - Current Events
  18. Shasta Groene Missing - Current Events
  19. Remains of hundreds of slain victims discovered at former Belarus Jewish ghetto - Current Events
  20. Student dies after falling from clock tower - Current Events
  21. Man poisoned co-workers food and water for 17 months - Current Events
  22. They wanted a dry field for their baseball game ..... - Current Events
  23. A Fight With The NYC Water Department - Current Events
  24. 4 spring breakers vs 1 armed robber - Current Events
  25. Missouri Police Search for Marijuana in a Stage 4 Cancer Patient's Hospital Room(video) - Current Events
  26. Couple Celebrates 82 Years of Marriage - Current Events
  27. Kid Having A Really Bad Day Calls 911 And Gets Homework Help - Current Events
  28. College student has a ghost - a man in her closet wearing her clothes - Current Events
  29. News, Ronald Acuna Jr. Is Poised to Make a Mockery of His $100 Million Megadeal - Current Events
  30. What's Cuter Than Children Being Kind? My Favorite Is The Toddler Giving Hugs In The Park... - Current Events
  31. Alabama rapist is suing state to allow imam to be with him when he is executed - Current Events
  32. Search for missing climbers on Killer Mountain. - Current Events
  33. Garfield phone mystery solved - Current Events
  34. 19-Yr-Old On Probation For Grand Theft Arrested For Beating Young Alligator - Current Events
  35. Doctors Accused of Trading Opioid Prescriptions for Sex & Cash - Current Events
  36. Meet James Adducci: 1.2 million won on Tiger's Master's vicotry - Current Events
  37. 23-Year-Old Paramedic Says She Was Left Paralyzed After Cracking Her Neck While Stretching - Current Events
  38. Former NBA executive killed, wife charged with murder - Current Events
  39. This isn't a current event - If your not sure a topic is allowed ask - Current Events
  40. Woman ticketed after toddler pees in parking lot - Current Events
  41. 8 days, 3 deaths in Grand Canyon area - Current Events
  42. Suspected rhino poacher is killed by an elephant and then eaten by lions in South Africa - Current Events
  43. Not good news if true.... - Current Events
  44. Doctor knows best ..... - Current Events
  45. Man arrested for throwing hot coffee in the face of McDonald's employee - Current Events
  46. Set of twin boys born with different fathers in China - Current Events
  47. EU passes divisive Article 13 copyright law - Current Events
  48. Officials in Rockland County, New York, have declared a countywide State of Emergency after a measles outbreak - Current Events
  49. Passenger plane lands safely - in the wrong country - Current Events
  50. DoorDash driver caught sipping milkshake before delivery - Current Events
  51. McDonald’s April Fools' Day joke about new burger angers customers - Current Events
  52. Not Florida - Two men shoot each other - Current Events
  53. Heartbreaking: DNA results show MAN claiming to be Timmothy Pitzen is not him - Current Events
  54. Mother's of Six Adoptive Kids Intentionally Drove Family Off Cliff. - Current Events
  55. 23 Horses Die at Santa Anita Park - Current Events
  56. Woman Orders Uber Gets Into Wrong Car...Ends Up Dead - Current Events
  57. Woman almost dies due to breast implants. - Current Events
  58. News, Drew Peterson, convicted wife-killer, says he's 'living the dream' in federal prison, maintains his innocence - Current Events
  59. Allegedly drunk woman twerks, flashes fellow passengers on Spirit Airlines flight to New Jersey - Current Events
  60. Woman Crashes Car, Injures Leg After Seeing Spider in Driver’s Area - Current Events
  61. Trivago guy found passed out in moving car, and released on $100 bail - Current Events
  62. Loaded gun in diaper bag kills dad - Current Events
  63. Oil rig workers 135 miles offshore save dog who swam up to rig - Current Events
  64. Man Sues Parents for Destroying His Porn Collection - Current Events
  65. Man (Imhotep Osiris Norman) fleeing police left child to die in burning car - Current Events
  66. Petition calls for removal of 2nd-grade teacher after 'absolutely pathetic' on student's work goes viral - Current Events
  67. Turpins, who abused their 12 kids, to get sentenced today - Current Events
  68. Avocados are causing world wide environmental problems - Current Events
  69. Florida Man -- er... Easter Bunny -- intervenes when man fights woman. - Current Events
  70. HS Snot Sucker Punches Her Fellow Student With A Book To The Head--No One Helps - Current Events
  71. Passangers could be weighed before flights to save fuel - Current Events
  72. 65-year-old Florida woman slugs 300-pound, half-naked attacker with baseball bat - Current Events
  73. Notre Dame is burning - Current Events
  74. 5 year old boy thrown off Balcony by a stranger in Mall of America - Current Events
  75. First real image of a black hole captured - Current Events
  76. Nearly 50 Year Old Cold Double Murder Solved - 80 Year Old Bronx Man Arrested - Current Events
  77. Mom allegedly attacks 81-year-old woman who called her out for cutting in movie theater line - Current Events
  78. Multimillionaire Arrested for Stealing from Kmart - Current Events
  79. Waffle House Good Samaritan killed - Current Events
  80. Man Attacks parents over pork chop - Current Events
  81. Son of gated community mayor and others beat and rob autistic 18 year old - Current Events
  82. Uber Driver Dropped Off People At Airport, Returned To Burglarize Their Homes - Current Events
  83. In Frankfurt, Germany, A Blast From The Past - Current Events
  84. Mom says she and 'giggling' son with special needs were asked to leave movie theater for 'disruptive behavior' - Current Events
  85. Big flightless bird kills its owner in Florida - Current Events
  86. Beagles and lab testing - Current Events
  87. Woman, son and dog at Walmart - Current Events
  88. Suspect arrested in road rage killing of a 10-year-old girl in front of her family in Phoenix - Current Events
  89. Figure skater Mariah Bell allegedly cuts Lim Eun-Soo with skate during warm-ups - Current Events
  90. Husband accidentally runs over, kills wife in their driveway - Current Events
  91. Porch package thief sentenced to 24 years - Current Events
  92. A parent was able to get on the bus and beat my child - Current Events
  93. Australian woman ‘slut-shamed’ by airline, $35 voucher - Current Events
  94. JetBlue Passenger Freaks Out Over Being Seated Next To 3-Year-Old, Arrested For Battery - Current Events
  95. 'Bomb' threat at Home Depot - Current Events
  96. Friendly fire death of NYC officer leads to murder charges - Current Events
  97. Warren Jeff's brother in Minnesota - Current Events
  98. weight lifter saves man pinned under jeep - Current Events
  99. Tennessee man accused of dipping huevos in customer's salsa - Current Events
  100. CBC Reporter Licked on Live TV - Current Events
  101. MoMo Challenge on YouTube - Current Events
  102. Dog beaten and choked in backyard - Current Events
  103. Missouri high school teacher, 23, is charged after 'having sex with one of her students inside her home' - Current Events
  104. Will genetic analysis websites lead to crime prevention? - Current Events
  105. Patriots Owner Allegedly Charged for Getting a Happy Ending - Current Events
  106. Do you know women? Serial killer draws victims - Current Events
  107. Crackerjacks Banned at Ballpark - Current Events
  108. Young Woman Catfished by Hacker Ends Up Dead - Current Events
  109. Family Dog Scares Off Porch Pirate - Current Events
  110. Idaho Nurse To Be Charged in Connection with Kelsey Berreth - Current Events
  111. Jogger attacked by mountain lion chokes it to death - Current Events
  112. Man’s clothes burst into flames after security guard fires Taser-style device - Current Events
  113. Mom calls out man who fat-shamed her on flight: 'I'm only sorry I couldn't take up more space' - Current Events
  114. Seven Year old boy murdered for failing to memorize Bible verses. - Current Events
  115. Three Young Men Help Elderly Woman Into Car. Her 100-Yr-Old Husband DRIVES? - Current Events
  116. Zoo holds contest for you to name a snake after your ex - Current Events
  117. Police are searching for a mother who's allegedly harassing college women to date her son - Current Events
  118. News, Bill Cosby's spokesman says the comedian thinks prison is an 'amazing experience' - Current Events
  119. Where's The Beef? Hangry Woman Vandalizes Eatery When She Can't Get A Beef Patty - Current Events
  120. Fluffy the cat revived after being found unresponsive in Montana snowbank - Current Events
  121. Man's request for a vanity plate denied because his last name could cause offense - Current Events
  122. British tourist out of control - Current Events
  123. German Family That Owns Krispy Kreme, Panera Bread Will Donate Millions After Learning of Nazi Past - Current Events
  124. Man in viral photo buying $540 of Girl Scouts cookies arrested on drug dealing charges - Current Events
  125. Woman scammed out of $273K by fake internet boyfriend: 'I fell in love with him quickly' - Current Events
  126. Push for permanent Daylight Saving Time - Current Events
  127. Updated News On Fate of SS United States - Current Events
  128. Girl Pushed Friend Off Bridge - Current Events
  129. Airbnb host jailed for killing guest over unpaid bill - Current Events
  130. Kindergarten teacher is arrested for 'creating child porn using her one-year-old son - Current Events
  131. Pediatrician Indicted for Molesting 31 Children - Current Events
  132. Man arrested for keeping an 86-inch flat-screen TV that was mailed to his home by mistake - Current Events
  133. Talk About Shooting Onself In The Foot - Current Events
  134. Man Accidentally Circumcised in Hospital Mix-Up - Current Events
  135. Bus driver accused of kissing teen rider - Current Events
  136. Abuse survivor who intervened during sexual assault of 5-year-old faces criminal charges for attacking suspected - Current Events
  137. Russian arrested in Bali after trying to smuggle orangutan back home to keep as a pet - Current Events
  138. Teacher, 25, 'sent a video of herself masturbating to a 15-year-old student on Snapchat - Current Events
  139. Adopted 11 year old allegedly kills his parents. - Current Events
  140. 1 woman, 6 babies, 9 minutes - Current Events
  141. Woman panhandling for her 'baby' had $500 purse and new iPhone X, according to police - Current Events
  142. Alex Trebek reveals he has stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer - Current Events
  143. San Diego woman tries to help out another woman.... - Current Events
  144. Woman attacked by jaguar while taking selfie at Arizona zoo - Current Events
  145. 1.5 Billion USD South Carolina Mega Millions Winner Comes Forward - Current Events
  146. 11-year-old charged with child abuse in death of 1-year-old she was left to care for - Current Events
  147. 11 year old girl granting wishes to nursing home residents - Current Events
  148. Day care worker accused of child abuse after video shows her throwing a toddler in a classroom, authorities say - Current Events
  149. BREAKING: 22 Airlines Ground New Boeing Jets after Deadly Crash - Current Events
  150. Russian bill to allow it to separate itself from world wide internet - Current Events
  151. People receive Amazon pkgs. they never ordered - Current Events
  152. Frank Cali, Head of New York's Gambino family, is shot dead in New York - Current Events
  153. Conor McGregor breaks a cell phone; charged with 2 felonies - Current Events
  154. Widespread college admissions cheating/bribery scandal - Current Events
  155. Woman Arrested 38 Years After Newborn's Death, Thanks To DNA Testing And Genealogy Sites - Current Events
  156. Flight emergency- passenger forgets baby at airport. - Current Events
  157. Woman Gets $100 Fine By HOA After Car Leaves Penis Shape In Snow - Current Events
  158. Another Suspected Sigma Pi Hazing Death, This One At SUNY Buffalo - Current Events