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  1. Where's Our Happyguy?: dinner, reservations, town - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  2. OKC Needed: Norman: safe, garage, train station - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  3. apartments in midtown: Oklahoma City: affordable apartment, leasing, house - (OK)
  4. on Noble?: Norman, Edmond: cul-de-sac, new home, construction - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  5. Move to Norman: Tulsa, Edmond: apartment, rent, crime - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  6. oil and gas Atoka Oklahoma: labor - Oklahoma City, (OK)
  7. Volunteering in Edmond area: houses, food, relocating to - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  8. Cat Boarding: Oklahoma City, Nichols Hills, Washington: hotel, house, to live - (OK)
  9. Singapore student needs help in Settling down in Oklahoma Norman: Oklahoma City: apartments, insurance - (OK)
  10. furniture stores: consignment, how much, home - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  11. And Older House with a Little Land: Tulsa, Norman: for sale, houses - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  12. Festival of the Arts & Medieval Fair in April: Oklahoma City: theatre, live - (OK)
  13. lodging reservations really needed?: Shawnee: rent, hotel, homes - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  14. Moving to OKC, looking for a small farm...: to buy, cost - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  15. News, Man Declared Dead Feels 'Pretty Good': May: buy, live - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  16. Temporary housing in OKC area: Oklahoma City, St. Louis: extended stay, transplants, apartments
  17. New to OKC - looking for relaxed-nondenom church: Norman, Edmond: college, live - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  18. Looking for a Tennis Instructor...: Edmond, May: live, price, clubs - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  19. speech therapy? Apraxia/Dyspraxia: Oklahoma City, Edmond: school district, university, income - (OK)
  20. Clock repair service suggestions??: prices, move, estimate - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  21. Route 66 in Oklahoma: Miami, Clinton: motel, home, buy - Oklahoma City, (OK)
  22. Norman Apartments and AC Bills: Brent, Canadian: apartment complexes, rent, how much - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  23. Russian-inspired vodka made in Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Jones: store, cheapest, building - (OK)
  24. Props to Sids in El Reno: Yukon: eat, best, history - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  25. OU PA Student: Vici, Sycamore, May: apartment complex, to rent, crime - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  26. Thank you: state, hear - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  27. Pro Soccer looking at Edmond: MLS, great - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  28. OKCs Chocolate Decadence 2008. Yum: Oklahoma City: loft, restaurants, automobile
  29. Moving to Ok -: Edmond: buying a home, buying, tile - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  30. What do utilities costs there?: Oklahoma City: townhouse, live, electric bill - (OK)
  31. 1st-time seller needs out by June. How long does it take?: Howe: for sale, real estate market - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  32. Storm Shelter: Norman, Moore: bill, install, area - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  33. Wedding reception facilities in OKC: licensed, farmers market, market - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  34. George Martin walking through OK!! Eufula now?: Moore, Bell: building, great - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  35. Moving around Mustang area and need help: Yukon, El Reno: for sale by owner, buying a home - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  36. Relocation to Norman area..Help!: Moore, Chickasha: rental, crime, houses - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  37. Moving to OKC on apartments: The Village, Stratford: income, to live - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  38. Where to meet people age 43-55 in okc?: best place, place - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  39. Western Heights Schools: Oklahoma City: house, school district, moving - (OK)
  40. Great crowds at Women's NCAA Regional BBall games: to buy, garage - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  41. apartments in northwest OKC: Howe, Bell: apartment complexes, lease, condos - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  42. Is from North Carolina, or Georgia?: Edmond, Lima: living, military - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  43. Edmond Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Howe, Corn: crime, credit card, homes - (OK)
  44. Pet friendly apartments and real estate in Norman: apartment complex, for rent - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  45. Questions on our train (heartland): Oklahoma City: price, shop, bus - (OK)
  46. Beer in OKC: Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore: stores, area, place
  47. Good hotels for visiting Edmond and OKC?: Fairfield: restaurants, mall - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  48. Mother's Day dinner: Meridian: appointed, house, living - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  49. Forbes-OKC one of the top ten strongest economies: Oklahoma City, May: unemployment, prices
  50. Dry cleaner recommendations?: work, percent, good - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  51. Safe neighborhoods: Moore, Yukon, Mustang: apartment, for rent, crime - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  52. tornado: Edmond: road, damage, between - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  53. Moores little riverwalk?: May: park, area, build - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  54. Dont forget the Big 12 baseball tournament: Oklahoma City: college, stadium, brick - (OK)
  55. Newsweeks Top High Schools: Tulsa, Norman: top schools, subdivisions, budget - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  56. Best area/schools OKC to El Reno: Yukon, Mustang: house, transfer - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  57. Norman or Moore High Schools: Howe: public schools, college, relocating to - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  58. Oklahoma City swaps highway for parks: Moore: live, car, cities - (OK)
  59. Yoga in OKC: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman: shops, moving to, studio
  60. Infidelity Support Groups: Howe, Redbird: cost, dangerous, best - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  61. OKC University Neighborhood: Oklahoma City, Gate: hardwood floors, apartments, renter
  62. Relocation from nashville, TN: Oklahoma City, Norman: apartments, hotels, law school - (OK)
  63. Is it too late to call lawn service?: Mustang: yard, money - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  64. Country Clubs: Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond: house, wedding, gated community - (OK)
  65. move to OKC: Tulsa: condo, house, buy - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  66. need and help on possibly moving to oklahoma: Oklahoma City: sales, homeowners insurance - (OK)
  67. Good bar/restaurant for a date in OKC?: Tulsa, Edmond: theater, bars - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  68. son with hearing loss need help with school in oklahoma: Norman: school district, live in - Oklahoma City, (OK)
  69. moving to ok. city, need advice on area and renting...: Oklahoma City: sale, rental homes - (OK)
  70. Wedding Reception: Howe: rent, receptions, house - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  71. I ate lunch with the mayor: Norman, Shawnee: wedding, college, mall - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  72. Where to stay/What to do?: Oklahoma City, Yukon: amusement park, neighborhoods, gardens - (OK)
  73. Furniture: Moore, May: sales, to rent, new house - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  74. Cheap hotel near OKC in good location?: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: hotels, safe area
  75. Heading Home for a Visit: Washington: house, to live, to move - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  76. Good Area for Young OUHSC Couple to Rent: May, Douglas: apartments, rentals - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  77. Schools in Moore: Enid: mortgage, public schools, moving - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  78. Neighborhoods near Integris Baptist: Bell: how much, house, to buy - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  79. I am moving to Oklahoma City: Howe, Summit: apartments, renters, crime - (OK)
  80. NBA team or not??: Tulsa, Washington: lease, buyers, tax - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  81. 2 Cities on Divergent Paths: crime, quality of life, to live in - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  82. relocation: Norman, Edmond, Midwest City: new home, tornado, live in - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  83. mover companies recommended?: Oklahoma City: renting, how much, house - (OK)
  84. OU Sports: home, colleges, moving - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  85. Doceddie again, NY to OKC: Davis: extended stay, sales, apartment - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  86. power still out???: area, rural area, problems - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  87. Homeowners Insurance: mortgage, houses, buying - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  88. Old doors?: Tulsa, Tecumseh, Yale: purchase, cabinets, price - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  89. Old Downtown Library getting make over for condos!: place to live, best - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  90. Looking For Brother: Alva: how much, area, adoption - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  91. Employment In Ok: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Miami: income, living, cost of living - (OK)
  92. Cell Companies: Oklahoma City, Edmond, Drumright: live in, shop, land - (OK)
  93. Heat in Oklahoma: Howe: month to, house, water heater - Oklahoma City, (OK)
  94. Need Help With OKC areas: Gate: crime, houses, public schools - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  95. What is fun to do?: Oklahoma City: sales, new home, school - (OK)
  96. Information Technology (Computers): Oklahoma City: job market, to live, professionals - (OK)
  97. healthcare jobs: Tulsa, Edmond, Mustang: job market, salary, marketplace - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  98. Help with the 'hard sell': Oklahoma City, Tulsa: sales, attorneys, houses - (OK)
  99. Mansions South, OKC: Oklahoma City, Nichols Hills: apartment complex, big home, neighborhoods
  100. Off leash hiking with the dogs?: Oklahoma City, Edmond: restaurants, ordinance, offices - (OK)
  101. Anadarko Festival 1947 Pic's: pictures, American, free - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  102. OK City: Christmas and toddler things to do?: Oklahoma City: neighborhoods, parks
  103. Further your career! NEW Toastmasters for young professioanls: Oklahoma City: job market, young professionals - (OK)
  104. What's there to do....: Oklahoma City, Norman: spring break, houses, theatre - (OK)
  105. Hills East of Edmond Questions: farm, land, areas - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  106. Cat breeders in Oklahoma: Oklahoma City: homes, purchase, live - (OK)
  107. Dirt Jogging Trails?: Oklahoma City, Edmond, Arcadia: 2013, landscaping, construction - (OK)
  108. Historical Questions: Oklahoma City, Justice: amphitheatre, live, mall - (OK)
  109. house painters recommended?: Howe: live in, market, quality - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  110. Income Tax on SSD: social security, disability, social - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  111. Foggy day pics in east Edmond: Tulsa, Norman: new house, neighborhood, university - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  112. Regency towers: Bell: apartment complex, lease, safe area - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  113. [Bricktown] |Cotton Exchange| 12 flrs: condos, hotel, floors - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  114. $835 million passed for OKC improvements!: Tulsa, Howe: sales, movers, credit - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  115. Basements?: Howe: buying a home, buying, gated - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  116. Last Nights Storm: areas, damage, streets - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  117. Seeking Information/Opinions about Midwest City, OK.: Oklahoma City, Choctaw: new home, transfer
  118. Oklahoma City or Phoenix, AZ?: Tulsa, Edmond: apartments, rent, violent crime - (OK)
  119. Does grocery shop online?: Alva: live, price, groceries - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  120. How bad is the Racism in Oklahoma?: Oklahoma City, Howe: buy, schools - (OK)
  121. Norman downtown pics: Edmond: law school, college, place to live - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  122. Looking into moving to Oklahoma City area: Norman, Edmond: house, school districts - (OK)
  123. OKC Going On A Diet....Literally: Oklahoma City, Corn: YMCA, live, restaurants
  124. My first Impressions :): Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman: sales, car insurance, low crime - (OK)
  125. Oklahoma City Laws about Drivers Licenses: Davis, Howe: insurance, credit, transfer - (OK)
  126. For outsiders who read Oklahoma City, Tulsa: scorpions, school, tornado - (OK)
  127. How's the weather?: Tulsa, Norman, Davis: living, gardens, to eat - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  128. I35 I240 Interchange: Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore: homes, construction, dangerous - (OK)
  129. i need to find a place to get married: Oklahoma City: rent, how much - (OK)
  130. NW OKC Pictures: Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Yukon: sales, hotel, house
  131. I'm OK with OKC but where?: Midwest City, Moore: new house, transfer, safe area - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  132. Edmond or Norman: Tulsa: neighborhoods, school district, university - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  133. Asperges Syndrome: Oklahoma City, Bethany: public school, live in, assessments - (OK)
  134. Cell Phone Service: house, live, price - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  135. FAA Academy: credit, high school, college - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  136. OU Campus/Norman Pics: Cherokee: 2013, architecture, trees - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  137. Downtown and west Edmond pics: new home, landscaping, shop - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  138. Edmond: Broken Arrow, Coweta, Howe: insurance, new house, neighborhoods - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  139. Does OK have Antique Stores: Tulsa, Stillwater: auction, shops, areas - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  140. OKC Pics: Tulsa, Nichols Hills, Redbird: houses, neighborhoods, gardens - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  141. Tornado!: Edmond, Mustang, May: house, neighborhood, to live in - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  142. Moving to Edmond Area - Help: Norman, May: apartment complexes, lease - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  143. Oklahoma City, the most sprawling city in the country??: Norman: apartments, condos - (OK)
  144. Ugliest building getting facelift.: Carnegie: design, architecture, best - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  145. Moving....: Norman, Edmond, Yukon: for sale, apartments, houses - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  146. Summary of my Trip to Edmond: Nichols Hills, Bell: rent, daycare, houses - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  147. Help With Edmond Communities & Schools: Mustang, Seminole: HOA, day care, houses - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  148. Daycare / Pre-K Options in The Edmond Area?: Oklahoma City, Jones: credit, daycares - (OK)
  149. Places to see and things to do in OkC: Oklahoma City: motel, houses - (OK)
  150. What food places are in Oklahoma?: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: home, to live in, restaurants - (OK)
  151. What is it like to live in Edmond OK: Oklahoma City: houses, employment
  152. Looking for pictures of Edmond: Davis: new home, neighborhoods, living in - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  153. Edmond/Deer Creek Subdivisions from: Norman, Moore: for sale, real estate, how much - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  154. 400M Resort/Casino in OKC: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: amusement park, hotel, lawyers
  155. Ford Center improvements: Oklahoma City, May: home, luxury, rooftop - (OK)
  156. Thoughts on Moore: Oklahoma City, Norman: apartments, rentals, new home - (OK)
  157. KOMA Radio: Oklahoma City: bill, stations, best - (OK)
  158. OKC Reserviors Recreation: Oklahoma City, Long, Arcadia: camping, restaurants, activities
  159. Do people in Oklahoma?: Shawnee, Mustang: car rental, sale, rental - Oklahoma City, (OK)
  160. Housing sites? Tools?: Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond: spring break, for sale, real estate - (OK)
  161. Yukon Pictures: Edmond, Mustang, Castle: home, place to live, to eat - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  162. 9-11 GZ WTC Initial Responder needs help!: Howe, Bell: employment, to live in - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  163. Daily Life in Oklahoma: Norman: university, tornado, earthquakes - Oklahoma City, (OK)
  164. Where is the closest Nascar Track: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: house, living, eat - (OK)
  165. Yukon Apartments: Oklahoma City, Mustang, May: apartment complex, rental homes, houses - (OK)
  166. Commute to Norman: Newcastle, Howe: places to live, prices, moving - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  167. Recluse Spiders: Lawton, Bartlesville, Guymon: house, storage, moving - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  168. Best burger in OKC_Mero: Norman, Edmond: buy, university, price - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  169. New to Oklahoma City: Crescent: buying, living in, groceries - (OK)
  170. Kathleen Parker's Column about OKC: Strang, May: home, moving to, rating - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  171. an OKC relocation...: Norman, Lawton: for sale, house, safe neighborhood - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  172. More general OKC images?: Oklahoma City, Edmond: houses, live, shopping centers
  173. Moving to Oklahoma City - teaching jobs?: Edmond, Midwest City: renting, buying - (OK)
  174. Schools: Edmond, Moore, Yukon: sale, houses, buy - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  175. Moving to OKC in a couple of months...questions: Tulsa: to rent, house - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  176. OKC vs. Omaha?: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Bethany: hotel, neighborhood, median income
  177. Devon Energy building new skyscraper downtown!: Tulsa: square footage, floor, design - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  178. Another family planning to relocate to OKC: Oklahoma City, Edmond: appointed, house
  179. Oklahoma City - One of America's Cleanest Cities: Miami, Francis: bars, pollution - (OK)
  180. OKC-FTW Heartland Flyer[Crawler]: Tulsa, Pauls Valley: car rental, transporting, rental - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  181. OkC TV Memories: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman: house, theater, station - (OK)
  182. native Seattlites living in Oklahoma?: Howe, Bell: ski resorts, how much, houses - Oklahoma City, (OK)
  183. Tornadoe Fear: Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore: houses, neighborhood, new construction - (OK)
  184. OKC and It's Freeway System: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: house, landscaping, to buy
  185. Sonics block OKC NBA market from Shinn/Hornets: Tulsa, May: home, rooftop - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  186. Oklahoma Weather: Cherokee: tornado, live, best - Oklahoma City, (OK)
  187. The Mayor of OKC has a Message: Corn: sales, how much - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  188. People that live in OKC Help: Oklahoma City, Yukon: wood floors, for sale, houses
  189. Nightlife for gay's?: Redbird, May: condo, how much, living in - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  190. job transfer to El Reno: Norman, Yukon: apartments, renting, how much - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  191. moving to OKC: rentals, houses, neighborhoods - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  192. I need opinions: Oklahoma City, Norman: fit in, apartments, neighborhoods - (OK)
  193. Trip to Edmond in April: Mustang, Bell: condo, relocation company, how much - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  194. Enid OK Realtor Recommendations: to move, good, local - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  195. Somerset being forced out...?: Atoka: lease, companies, county - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  196. Agapetos Child Development Center: Edmond: kids, year, looking for - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  197. Fixing up an old house: purchasing, contractor, install - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  198. Modern Community: houses, construction, health - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  199. Quail Springs Village with an IMAX theatre: live in, mall - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  200. New YMCA for Midtown, OKC: Oklahoma City: tenant, automobile, deal