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  1. ear-Xtacy moving... future of the old store?: Louisville, Bardstown: buy, tenants - Kentucky (KY)
  2. Looking for the right neighboorhood - walkable and funky!: Lexington: section 8, apartment - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  3. Interracial couple interested in leaving the south and we are how life is in Louisville and how the job market: Lexington: fit in - Kentucky (KY)
  4. Advice about Commercial Loans-What is required?: real estate, mortgage, broker - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  5. Cool clothes in Louisville?: Lexington, Radcliff: consignment, college, shopping center - Kentucky (KY)
  6. Prospect commute/schools?: Louisville: catholic schools, living in, deal - Kentucky (KY)
  7. List of good apartments in E Town or surrounding areas?: Louisville: condos, townhomes - Kentucky (KY)
  8. Termite damage: home, home inspection, activity - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  9. Center City and Museum Plaza Developments: Louisville: loan, prices, garage - Kentucky (KY)
  10. Recommendation for company to do kitchen upgrades?: countertops, construction - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  11. Looking for Preschool in the Summit/Crestwood area: Middletown, Pewee Valley: live, price - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  12. Questions about Louisville Lived in/Worked in tax: Fern Creek, Shepherdsville: rent, vehicle registration - Kentucky (KY)
  13. Working in downtown, Living in Indiana: Louisville, Albany: income, income tax, military - Kentucky (KY)
  14. Relocating to Louisville: Paducah, Anchorage: sales, rentals, houses - Kentucky (KY)
  15. In response to Pwrgirl, Louisville night spots:: Frankfort, St. Matthews: best neighborhood, neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  16. Suburban Neighborhoods on the Eastside: Lexington, Louisville: for sale, houses, live in - Kentucky (KY)
  17. Filipino Community in Louisville: areas, place, Asians - Kentucky (KY)
  18. Looking for modern hairstylists at reasonable price: Louisville, Anchorage: salons, live - Kentucky (KY)
  19. Moving toLouisville from Texas: Prospect, Anchorage: how much, homes, neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  20. Louisville or Lexington???: neighborhoods, private schools, university - Kentucky (KY)
  21. moving to louisville in August: Salem: apartments, for rent, condos - Kentucky (KY)
  22. Job offer: Louisville: crime, college, move - Kentucky (KY)
  23. Good dog groomers?: Taylorsville: live in, suites, area - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  24. Moving to Ft Knox area in 3 weeks! Need help!: Louisville: real estate, rent - Kentucky (KY)
  25. A little worried about my wife-advice: Lexington, Louisville: for sale, real estate - Kentucky (KY)
  26. New in Town: Louisville: apartment, for rent, houses - Kentucky (KY)
  27. Louisville July 4th Weekend: Frankfort, Independence: hotel, neighborhood, wedding - Kentucky (KY)
  28. mouse house: Louisville: apartment, houses, live - Kentucky (KY)
  29. I am new to Louisville and I have a: home, university - Kentucky (KY)
  30. My PC gave up the ghost: transfer, buy, shop - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  31. New in town - Dog friendly restaurants/happy hours: Frankfort: hotel, place to live - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  32. Visiting the area on Friday!!: Elizabethtown: houses, school, best - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  33. Best places to eat in Louisville, E-Town & around there...: Valley Station: houses, live - Kentucky (KY)
  34. Gene Snyder riders (billtown rd-Jeffersontown area): deal, drive, road - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  35. Bardstown: Louisville: live, restaurants, prices - Kentucky (KY)
  36. Looking for a place near Louisville airport to relocate: Newburg: for sale, crime - Kentucky (KY)
  37. Major Event Next Week?: Louisville, Jeffersonville: hotels, prices, club - Kentucky (KY)
  38. Where to find comp home sales for Shelby County?: Louisville: days on market, comparable sales - Kentucky (KY)
  39. Best East End Subdivisions for Ranches and trees: Louisville, Shelbyville: sales, foreclosed - Kentucky (KY)
  40. economic comparison of Kentucky & Oklahoma: Louisville, Bardstown: section 8, apartment, rental - (KY)
  41. Hotels in E-Town/Radcliff/Ft Knox area?: price, suites - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  42. Golf in Louisville: Taylorsville: live, golf course, area - Kentucky (KY)
  43. JCPS wants you to turn off your car: schools, bus - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  44. Drywall & skimcoating: contractors, live, work - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  45. Smoketown named the 14th most dangerous neighborhood in America: Louisville: crime rate, homes - Kentucky (KY)
  46. Is KY Kingdom gone: bankruptcy, closing, money - Louisville area, Kentucky
  47. Where can I rent a projector for cheap? HELP!: Lexington: rentals, buying - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  48. Visiting - Shopping/Dining on Bardstown Road?: Louisville, Middletown: rentals, homes - Kentucky (KY)
  49. What to do?: Louisville: houses, live, nightlife - Kentucky (KY)
  50. Mechanics that work on Saabs?: Louisville, Buechel: home, maintenance, prices - Kentucky (KY)
  51. Do you ride public transit in Louisville?: living, bus - Kentucky (KY)
  52. Home security systems in Louisville: Jeffersonville: insurance, how much, month-to-month - Kentucky (KY)
  53. Etown transportation to Louisville Airport: Lexington, Elizabethtown: car, parking, area - Kentucky (KY)
  54. Is riverfront property a good investment in the ville?: Louisville: condos, home - Kentucky (KY)
  55. Foundation repair and Structural engineer: house, contractors, inspection - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  56. Move to Louisville - guidance needed: St. Matthews, Watterson Park: apartment, rental, townhouse - Kentucky (KY)
  57. Almost certainly headed to Louisville... suggestions would be most !: Lexington: to rent, how much - Kentucky (KY)
  58. Can someone help me understand closeness of certain neighborhoods: Louisville: houses, school - Kentucky (KY)
  59. Which candidates are you voting for on Nov 2nd? And why...?: Vine Grove: living, price - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  60. Interstate Travel: trailer, ordinance, metropolitan area - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  61. Angels / Ghosts / Spirits in Louisville: Bardstown, Stanford: hotel, house, school - Kentucky (KY)
  62. Louisville has the Number One hotel in the US-Again: restaurant, to work - Kentucky (KY)
  63. Fort Knox Area: Louisville, Elizabethtown, Radcliff: apartments, rentals, job openings - Kentucky (KY)
  64. General: dating, county, girlfriend - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  65. move to Louisville: apartments, low crime, houses - Kentucky (KY)
  66. Specific Louisville neighborhoods... help?: Frankfort, Newburg: low crime, houses, to buy - Kentucky (KY)
  67. Looking for a rental home: Louisville, St. Matthews: real estate, apartments, rental homes - Kentucky (KY)
  68. New to Louisville area: Mockingbird Valley: YMCA, county, adult soccer - Kentucky (KY)
  69. TOP of the list!!!: Louisville, St. Matthews: low crime, job market, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  70. Mama's movin on: Louisville, Hopkinsville, Paducah: apartment, to rent, low crime - Kentucky (KY)
  71. Average Utility Cost for 1 person apartment?: apartments, condo, how much - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  72. Whats going to happen with Kentucky Kingdom?: purchase, shop - Louisville area, (KY)
  73. Driving through or around Louisville?: Frankfort, Bardstown: top hotel, hotels, luxury - Kentucky (KY)
  74. Moving in December/January: Louisville: affordable apartments, how much, home - Kentucky (KY)
  75. City of Louisville tattoo policy?: Anchorage: moving, metro, phone - Kentucky (KY)
  76. realtors who do rentals?: Louisville: sales, real estate, apartments - Kentucky (KY)
  77. know of a good family doctor?: Louisville, Lyndon: dermatologists, house - Kentucky (KY)
  78. Relocating from Texas: Louisville, Frankfort, Elizabethtown: apartment, to rent, condo - Kentucky (KY)
  79. It's official: I'm moving to Louisville!: Albany: homes, income, income tax - Kentucky (KY)
  80. Great local businesses in Louisville and near Ft. Knox.: Lexington: real estate, eyeglasses - Kentucky (KY)
  81. Vista furniture company: Louisville: for sale, how much, live in - Kentucky (KY)
  82. been to the new Village Anchor Restaurant in Anchorage?: Louisville: to buy, organic - Kentucky (KY)
  83. rolling hills area help: Louisville, Rolling Fields: house, neighborhoods, best school - Kentucky (KY)
  84. Kentuck Fence Boards: flooring, title, deal - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  85. Cell Phone Carriers: Louisville, Taylorsville: live in, price, shop - Kentucky (KY)
  86. Teacher Hiring: Louisville: layoffs, transfer to, school districts - Kentucky (KY)
  87. Bachelor's Party In Louisville: Frankfort, Bardstown: how much, live, restaurants - Kentucky (KY)
  88. Thank you east end/ Hurstborne residents: Louisville, Jeffersontown: home, friendly, place - Kentucky (KY)
  89. real estate schools and career: Louisville: home, versus, office - Kentucky (KY)
  90. Scotty the baby elephant has died: Louisville: how much, nurse, work - Kentucky (KY)
  91. Relocation to Louisville from the United Kingdom: Middletown: houses, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  92. Roadtrip Ideas for Louisville: Bardstown: hotels, luxury, live in - Kentucky (KY)
  93. audubon pkwy area: Audubon Park: for sale, rental, crime - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  94. houses made of fieldstone: Louisville: buying a home, buying, drywall - Kentucky (KY)
  95. Touring Louisville area Memoria Day weekend: St. Matthews, Prospect: neighborhoods, preschool, place to live - Kentucky (KY)
  96. Louisville makes the Top-10 Underrated Cities: hotels, restaurants, vacations - Kentucky (KY)
  97. been on the Belle of Lou dance cruises?: wedding, high school - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  98. Want to vet Louisville as a place to live.: Lexington: how much, find a job - Kentucky (KY)
  99. Favorite East End Vets: Louisville, St. Matthews: live, prices, relocating - Kentucky (KY)
  100. Springhurst neighborhood: Louisville: best neighborhoods, for sale, real estate - Kentucky (KY)
  101. Louisville Relocation: Georgetown, La Grange, Prospect: sales, homes, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  102. Economy and Job outlook: Louisville: appointed, houses, college - Kentucky (KY)
  103. Things to do in Louisville: houses, restaurant, moving to - Kentucky (KY)
  104. Thank You!: to live, areas, places - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  105. Thinking about moving to J-town in Hurstbourne Woods subdivision: Louisville: extended stay, apartments - Kentucky (KY)
  106. Douglas Hills Housing Market -48 hours left: Louisville, Douglass Hills: hardwood floors, for sale - Kentucky (KY)
  107. Hardwood Floor Companies: Louisville: credit, house, price - Kentucky (KY)
  108. Realty contract 24 hrs left: credit, buyer, inspections - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  109. Moving to Chicago area....: schools, places to live, train - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  110. Community spirit: Louisville, Jeffersontown, St. Matthews: how much, home, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  111. School Zone speeding: insurance, loan, license plate - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  112. Louisville vs. Southern Indiana: Newburg, St. Matthews: appointed, apartments, rental - Kentucky (KY)
  113. Louisville vs. Southern Indiana: Frankfort, St. Matthews: section 8, rent, condo - Kentucky (KY)
  114. Cheap Rent – Who Rents Cherokee Triangle: Louisville: rentals, condos - Kentucky (KY)
  115. Derby 136: good, local, locals - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  116. and happy about it!: Louisville, Elizabethtown: hotel, find a job, living - Kentucky (KY)
  117. Mt. Washington home prices & the recession: foreclosure, moving - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  118. Help again!: Louisville, Frankfort, Bardstown: for sale, apartment complexes, lease - Kentucky (KY)
  119. Louisville East End vibes: St. Matthews, Douglass Hills: houses, safe neighborhoods, live in - Kentucky (KY)
  120. Thinking of moving to Louisville from New York City, help......: Lexington: transplants, rent - Kentucky (KY)
  121. hair colorist: Lexington, Louisville, Frankfort: appointed, hair salon, live in - Kentucky (KY)
  122. phone/dsl providers in Louisiville: credit, house, buy - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  123. Relocating to the Louisville Area: Elizabethtown, Radcliff: how much, house, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  124. I'm looking to compare IN and KY laws, prices for car registration and the like...: Louisville: inspections - Kentucky
  125. The Museum Center: construction, utilities, to move - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  126. Horseback riding: Louisville: live, lawsuit, parks - Kentucky (KY)
  127. Parks & Playground: Louisville, Shelbyville: hotel, home, title - Kentucky (KY)
  128. Bachman or Huffman for Subaru Service: Lexington, Louisville: loan, houses, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  129. property lines in louisville ky Jefferson county?: fence, legal - Kentucky (KY)
  130. Moving to Carrollton / Oldham County / Louisville Area: Bedford, Milton: real estate, rentals - Kentucky (KY)
  131. about a citation.: vehicle registration, insurance, costs - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  132. Milwaukee to Louisville: Pleasure Ridge Park, Valley Station, Elizabethtown: sales, rent, vehicle registration - Kentucky (KY)
  133. Williamsgate Subdivision: Louisville: homeowners association, new home, neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  134. CA to KY: Louisville, Cumberland: best cities, neighborhoods, university - Kentucky
  135. best apartments near Oxmoor area...: Louisville: for rent, utilities, live in - Kentucky (KY)
  136. City Dump/ Scrap Yard: Louisville, St. Matthews: to rent, how much, house - Kentucky (KY)
  137. BRAC to Knox in July - Home ASAP: Louisville, Elizabethtown: buying, high schools - Kentucky (KY)
  138. Another Jefferson vs Oldham School ?: Louisville, Crestwood: new home, middle school, living in - Kentucky (KY)
  139. Moving to Oldham County: Lexington, Louisville: renting, mortgage, credit - Kentucky (KY)
  140. Gardening questions: Elizabethtown, Alexandria: organic, garden, moving to - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  141. Ft Knox Job Networking: military, move, office - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  142. Help a newcomer! Need rental advice!: Louisville, Pleasure Ridge Park: apartment complexes, crime, safe neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  143. Insight vs AT&T for internet: price, floors - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  144. Mt Washington commute to Knox?: Fort Knox, Shepherdsville: restaurants, shop, moving - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  145. Realtor Ethics: real estate, broker, house - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  146. Service Providers: Louisville: real estate, mortgage, credit - Kentucky (KY)
  147. countrybrook apartments: Louisville, St. Matthews: section 8, rent, home - Kentucky (KY)
  148. Churches for 20-somethings in the 'Ville?: Louisville, Elizabethtown: employment, neighborhoods, elementary school - Kentucky (KY)
  149. on Louisville area: Georgetown: best neighborhood, renting, neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  150. In All Aspects of Dating, What Is Your Dating Preference?: Louisville: college, shop - Kentucky (KY)
  151. How About Freedom From Religion Billboards?: Louisville: to live, store - Kentucky (KY)
  152. How to meet people/make friends in Louisville: Bardstown, Germantown: fit in, house - Kentucky (KY)
  153. Separation of Church and State - KY license plates?: London: purchase, car - Louisville area, Kentucky
  154. job...relo: Louisville, Frankfort: appointed, how much, lawyers - Kentucky (KY)
  155. most overrated east end subdivision: Middletown, Prospect: HOA, crime, landscaping - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  156. Museum Plaza. . .: Louisville, California: condo, loan, hotels - Kentucky (KY)
  157. Liberal churches: Louisville, Bardstown: weddings, live in, shop - Kentucky (KY)
  158. Termite Inspectors: Louisville: houses, buyers, construction - Kentucky (KY)
  159. Has Louisville changed?: Frankfort, Bardstown, Columbia: real estate, apartments, lofts - Kentucky (KY)
  160. New Albany vs. Old Louisville vs. South Louisville: Alexandria, Hardin: best neighborhood, apartments - Kentucky (KY)
  161. What Are Your Favorite Cultural Activities In Louisville?: hotel, restaurant - Kentucky (KY)
  162. Polo Fields: Fairfield: wood floors, for sale, crime - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  163. Job relocation to Shepherdsville. Where to live???: Louisville, Jeffersontown: for sale, apartments - Kentucky (KY)
  164. Need help! Moving to Louisville and never been there!: Bardstown: apartments, rentals - Kentucky (KY)
  165. Planning bachelorette party - 4th street, help!: Louisville, Bardstown: top hotels, hotels - Kentucky (KY)
  166. Good food and fun in Louisville: Owensboro, Frankfort: restaurants, price, store - Kentucky (KY)
  167. Know who works for in Sheperdsville?: how much, home - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  168. Does in Louisville do anything but eat and pray?: Pewee Valley: house, theater - Kentucky (KY)
  169. I f I were to move to Louisville: Elizabethtown: home, buying - Kentucky (KY)
  170. smart boards in classrooms at jefferson county elementary schools?: renting, month to - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  171. The Lack of Pride Louisvillians have for Their City Saddens Me: Louisville: income, live - Kentucky (KY)
  172. Interracial couple interested in leaving the south and we are how life is in Louisville and how the job market: Elizabethtown: real estate, rent - Kentucky (KY)
  173. U people are so SENSITIVE!!!: Louisville, Jackson: job market, college, living in - Kentucky (KY)
  174. Good beauty salons?? help!: Louisville, Frankfort: gated, to live, price - Kentucky (KY)
  175. Jefferson County vs. Oldham County Schools: Louisville, St. Matthews: homes, neighborhood, buyer - Kentucky (KY)
  176. U of Louisville: Lexington, Richmond: schools, university, living - Kentucky (KY)
  177. Public Spots w Lots of Reverb or Echo?: Louisville: to live, outdoor - Kentucky (KY)
  178. Cleaners wanted: Louisville: maintenance, office, building - Kentucky (KY)
  179. Danger run: groups - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  180. High Quality, reasonably priced painters: Louisville: money, area, companies - Kentucky (KY)
  181. Madison, IN getting a new Ohio River bridge before Louisville: approval, state - Kentucky (KY)
  182. PRP Needs to Send a Big NO Message to LG&E: Louisville: middle school - Kentucky (KY)
  183. 5 JCPS, all Oldham make Newsweek's Best High Schools List: county - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  184. UofL Psychology???: rankings, quality, programs - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  185. CNA jobs?: Louisville: homes, moving to, nursing home - Kentucky (KY)
  186. Childcare Costs?: Elizabethtown: school, moving to, area - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  187. Next Sunday in Fort Mitchell...: Lexington, Louisville: eat, free, good - Kentucky (KY)
  188. about high schools: Louisville, Fairdale: teachers, career, reputation - Kentucky (KY)
  189. Residential High Speed Internet Providers: St. Matthews: buying, live in - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  190. New Business/Construction in Louisville: new construction, businesses, projects - Kentucky (KY)
  191. Louisville named one of America's Foodiest Towns 2010: eat, money - Kentucky (KY)
  192. UL Student athelete looking for job: design, medical, company - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  193. on The Rawlings Group/Company?: salary, job - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  194. Is this Buyer's Agreement still valid?: new home, financing, builder - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  195. Rising Henderson, Ky: apartments, condos, new house - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  196. bridge building: purchasing, property, county - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  197. My Morning Jacket: Louisville: city limits, couple, love - Kentucky (KY)
  198. Pilates Louisville: Prospect: live in, teacher, studio - Kentucky (KY)
  199. TV recording, name?: Louisville: price, shops, kitchen - Kentucky (KY)
  200. Kentucky's tallest building- The Museum Center: construction, utilities, to move - Louisville area, (KY)