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  11. Westfield Annapolis: go bankrupt, closing, shopping mall - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  12. UMBC produces more black M.D., PhD graduates than other U.S. school: Baltimore: schools - Maryland (MD)
  13. Gilmore Homes: Baltimore: crime, houses, move - Maryland (MD)
  14. Baltimore Hospital: university, radio, campus - Maryland (MD)
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  18. RIP, Jack: Baltimore, Chillum, Hyattsville: college, live, authority - Maryland (MD)
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  22. Organic food delivery: Aberdeen: groceries, farm, bridge - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  23. Auto Body Recommendations?: 2015, home, purchase - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  24. Medifast moves Headquarters from Baltimore County to Baltimore City: sales, crime - Maryland (MD)
  25. Is Sharp Leadenhall 'safe'? less safe than federal hill?): section 8, to rent - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  26. short term housing near back river wastewater treatment plant: renting, safe area - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  27. Where to eat Maryland blue crab: Baltimore, Dundalk: houses, neighborhood, price - (MD)
  28. NW district Councilman lobbied for Shromim patrol car: Baltimore, Mayo: crime, employment - Maryland (MD)
  29. Looking to buy in Bel Air- Which high school?: real estate, house - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  30. Trying To Recall A Local Record Spinning DJ Whose Mantra Was: car, stations - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
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  32. Is Pigtown/Washington Village up and coming?: Baltimore: appointed, apartments - Maryland (MD)
  33. Detective Admits To Home Invasions And Thefts: Baltimore: homes, average - Maryland (MD)
  34. What are the negatives in re PARKVILLE ??: Baltimore, Towson: middle-class, houses - Maryland (MD)
  35. Amazon Officials brief Baltimore on Failed HQ2 Bid: Frederick, White Oak: 2013, crime rate - Maryland (MD)
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  39. Parking: Baltimore: live in, law, legally - Maryland (MD)
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  41. The Harley Show: home, live, radio - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  42. Baltimore YouthWorks: jobs, drive, program - Maryland (MD)
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  44. Move to Wyman Park: Baltimore: houses, neighborhood, school - Maryland (MD)
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  46. Politicians in baltimore: violent crime, attorney, shop - Maryland (MD)
  47. Carroll county vs calvert county: Baltimore, Annapolis: schools, living in, prices - Maryland (MD)
  48. When is afternoon rush hour?: Westminster: live in, work, fish - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  49. Baltimore County Police Officer Stealing Candy from H-Mart in Catonsville?: buying, public school - Maryland (MD)
  50. Scammers Now Using BGE: North Beach: power lines, home, to buy - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  51. Murder rate in baltimore: violent crime, office, weather - Maryland (MD)
  52. What's the Deal with Bel-Air?: Baltimore, Towson: rent, crime, homes - Maryland (MD)
  53. More Than 2,000 Still Without Juice In The City; 15,000 Statewide: Baltimore: living, suburban - Maryland (MD)
  54. The Great Baltimore Fire: history, grade - Maryland (MD)
  55. Baltimore Police Department Corruption: Chance: appointed, 2015, violent crime - Maryland (MD)
  56. lots of luck to you if you are a Metro rider...: Baltimore: maintenance, price - Maryland (MD)
  57. moving to Dundalk - Worthwhile?: Baltimore, Towson: real estate, rent, crime - Maryland (MD)
  58. Ex-Baltimore city principal charged with theft of school funds: Owings Mills: crimes, attorney - Maryland (MD)
  59. Commutes to Aberdeen Proving Ground?: Baltimore, Chester: school district, live, price - Maryland (MD)
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  63. Baltimore - don't light a cigarette after spraying deodorant :): propane, car - Maryland (MD)
  64. The Idiots At Bge.Com: customer, affect, outage - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  65. Work next to southbound B/W Parkway?: construction, transit - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  66. Maryland Sen. Nathaniel Oaks (D-Baltimore City), facing federal corruption charges: public schools, safety - (MD)
  67. Is Baltimore really that horrible? teachers on this forum?: mortgage, houses - Maryland (MD)
  68. USA Today...: Baltimore: crime, homes, dangerous - Maryland (MD)
  69. Goldman Sachs invests $233M in Port Covington: Baltimore: tax, moving - Maryland (MD)
  70. Cathedral Street, Baltimore, circa 1856: apartment, houses, high school - Maryland (MD)
  71. $20M investment in Coppin Heights: apartments, university, design - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  72. Restaurant in the harbor: Baltimore: pub, train, to eat - Maryland (MD)
  73. University of Maryland Medical unveils plans for $100M outpatient center: Baltimore: people, about - (MD)
  74. Daylight Muggings in Columbia are normal today!: Baltimore: low income, section 8 - Maryland (MD)
  75. What's going on with Baltimore schools?: public school, to live, teachers - Maryland (MD)
  76. AFRAM 2017 (African American Festival): Baltimore, Mayo: safe, moving, yard - Maryland (MD)
  77. Day Trip to Baltimore, and Exploring its Neighborhoods: Owings Mills, Damascus: 2013, roughest - Maryland (MD)
  78. How to spend 2 days in Baltimore ??: Woodlawn: home, neighborhood, taxi - Maryland (MD)
  79. I'm looking to buy a townhouse in the Bmore area. Looking for advice and recommendations: Baltimore: real estate - Maryland (MD)
  80. Baltimore, Annapolis, or Richmond?: Columbia: real estate, rent, mortgage - Maryland (MD)
  81. 2 different job offers; Denver and Charlotte: Which area would you chose?: Towson: mover, quality of life - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  82. CROFTON aftercare programs: home, YMCA, school - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  83. Moving to Baltimore, looking for an apartment.: apartments, to rent - Maryland (MD)
  84. Politicans of Baltimore City email addresses: crime, job, poverty - Maryland (MD)
  85. Relay, MD: Baltimore, Catonsville, Arbutus: for sale, apartment, foreclosures - Maryland
  86. Christopher Columbus monument vandalized!: Baltimore: crimes, how much, law - Maryland (MD)
  87. Boardwalk Empire vs. The Wire: Baltimore, Arnold: home, beach, winter - Maryland (MD)
  88. Goetze Meat Plant- know it's history?: Baltimore, Frederick: sales, leasing - Maryland (MD)
  89. Anne Arundel school & special need: high school, retired, special needs - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  90. Living condition and transport: Baltimore, Towson: crime, stats, light-rail - Maryland (MD)
  91. Grade-Manipulation Scandal In Baltimore School System: schools, teachers, population - Maryland (MD)
  92. What neighborhoods have your favorite housing stock?: Baltimore, Mount Vernon: wood floors, transplants - Maryland (MD)
  93. IS Mayor PUGH REALLY FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS: Baltimore: salary, bill - Maryland (MD)
  94. Safe and affordable working class neighborhoods that are not fancy. Shabby chic ok.: to rent - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  95. My Review of Baltimore: Catonsville, Glen Burnie: 2013, transfer, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  96. Looks Like About To Have A Nasty Visitor: live in, area - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  97. Baltimore Blast to move to Towson: 2015, lease, new home - Maryland (MD)
  98. Gay couple with Kids in the Philadelphia area or east coast.: daycare, homes - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  99. Chicagoan Moving To Baltimore (arts/music?): for sale, apartments, home - Maryland (MD)
  100. Expat in Baltimore: Manchester, Mount Vernon: affordable apartment, renting, house - Maryland (MD)
  101. Ceasefire Planned on August 2 2017: Baltimore: 2015, live, homicides - Maryland (MD)
  102. Baltimore is an American Success Story No-One is Talking About: crime, home - Maryland (MD)
  103. Federal Hill vs Fells Point? (Mid 20's Professional): Baltimore: apartment, rent - Maryland (MD)
  104. Lithicum Heights: Baltimore, Linthicum: apartment, safe area, safe - Maryland (MD)
  105. Baltimore horror stories; I want to hear yours!: licensed, ethnic - Maryland (MD)
  106. Best neighborhoods for young hip families: Baltimore, Towson: crime, houses, schools - Maryland (MD)
  107. 508 Druid Hill Ave house buying, good idea or no?: Baltimore: real estate, apartments - Maryland (MD)
  108. Moving to Baltimore (area) from Minneapolis: Columbia, Towson: rent, daycare, employment - Maryland (MD)
  109. New Hyperloop Train, Elon Musk Announcement- Baltimore stop in Planning: mineral rights, approval - Maryland (MD)
  110. could one sue the city and its new defective red light cameras?: law - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  111. Substace abuse: Baltimore: crime, living in, cost - Maryland (MD)
  112. Baltimore Residents Propose 72-Hour Ceasefire (200+ Dead in 2017)): Mayo: violent crime, most dangerous - Maryland (MD)
  113. Black Baltimore, STOP supporting bad behavior in your communities!: live, racist - Maryland (MD)
  114. Kevin Davis Out as Baltimore Police Commissioner: crime, attorneys - Maryland (MD)
  115. Looking for an apartment outside of Baltimore: Parkville, Cockeysville: apartments, lease - Maryland (MD)
  116. Stormy Daniels at Fantasies in Curtis Bay toight: Baltimore: club, move - Maryland (MD)
  117. Can baltimore function on it's own: Annapolis, Mayo: apartment, city hall, crime rate - Maryland (MD)
  118. Baltimore Mayor asks Business To Close Early?: crime, buy - Maryland (MD)
  119. University of Maryland Medical Center attempted murder caught on tape: move to, homeless - Baltimore, (MD)
  120. Online Real Estate Brokers and Flat Fee MLS brokers in MD: sale, lender - Baltimore, Maryland
  121. Baltimore Neighborhoods/Suburbs/Public Transportation: Columbia, Owings Mills: apartments, school, university - Maryland (MD)
  122. Baltimore hauls away four Confederate monuments after overnight removal: move, rating - Maryland (MD)
  123. Relocating- need apt around Hunt Valley and McHenry Row/Locust Point: Baltimore: apartment complex, crime - Maryland (MD)
  124. I didn't know Baltimore was that cool.: crime rates, place to live - Maryland (MD)
  125. 2018 Body count!! What is your guess??: Baltimore: crimes, attorneys, taxes - Maryland (MD)
  126. Gilman Senior accepted to all 8 Ivy League Schools!: Baltimore: buy, private school - Maryland (MD)
  127. What is your favorite street in Baltimore?: Riverside, University Park: apartments, houses - Maryland (MD)
  128. Fells Point vs Old Town Alexandria: Baltimore, Potomac: townhouses, job market, neighborhood - Maryland (MD)
  129. So Happy For UMBC: Baltimore: title, job, kids - Maryland (MD)
  130. 10 Days Without Murder!!!: Baltimore, Mayo: 2014, violent crime, transfer - Maryland (MD)
  131. Roland Park Overlook Approved: Baltimore, Towson: apartments, neighborhoods, luxury - Maryland (MD)
  132. Best option to DC from BWI: Silver Spring, Frederick: rental car, 2013, apartments - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  133. Korryn Gaines family awarded $37 MILLION dollars.: Baltimore, North Beach: 2015, crime, home - Maryland (MD)
  134. Living with the loweast common denominator: Baltimore: crime, attorney, home - Maryland (MD)
  135. Small to Mid-Sized Towns/Good Schools 1 hour from Baltimore: Columbia: rent, home - Maryland (MD)
  136. Baltimore City and poor Black people?!: city hall, house, unemployment - Maryland (MD)
  137. It's Pleasing And Gratifying To Read A Post From Someone Who Is Positive About The City: Baltimore: to live in, authority - Maryland (MD)
  138. Baltimore to Spend $200,000 To Defend Illegal Immigrants: Mayo: crime, attorneys - Maryland (MD)
  139. Commute from Towson to Westminster: Reisterstown: where to live, bus, location - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  140. what baltimore neighborhoods would you buy a house into for under $100K?: best neighborhood, rent - Maryland (MD)
  141. Black Lives Matter: how much, home, law - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  142. West Baltimore is so much more Green than East Baltimore: Mount Vernon: real estate, crime - Maryland (MD)
  143. Baltimore's infamous white trash problem.: Dundalk, Essex: city hall, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  144. Family swarmed by teens at Inner Harbor: Baltimore, Mayo: high crime, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  145. 44 story 414 Light nearly topped out; companion 50 story building is in the works: Baltimore: apartments, rental - Maryland (MD)
  146. Locust Point Senseless Murder: Baltimore: violent crime, living in, rated - Maryland (MD)
  147. Police stats for October: 80 property crimes, 34 violent crimes per day: Baltimore: buying a home, buying - Maryland (MD)
  148. Buying in Baltimore: Essex, Elkridge: real estate, 2015, apartments - Maryland (MD)
  149. Officer Suiter fatally shot ONE DAY before testifying in BPD corruption case.: Baltimore: live, arrests - Maryland (MD)
  150. Violence in Baltimore, What Will It Take?: Bowie, Mayo: crime rates, credit - Maryland (MD)
  151. Is Middle River, MD safe?: Baltimore, Essex: apartments, rentals, crime - Maryland
  152. Baltimore got a Mention in Most Beautiful Cities Tread: Potomac: best city, 2015 - Maryland (MD)
  153. City impressions after 16 days: Baltimore, Towson: insurance, credit card, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  154. How to pay less in property tax? (Baltimore City): real estate, 2013 - Maryland (MD)
  155. Baltimore Bike Share Program Shuts Down Due to Thefts: maintenance, design - Maryland (MD)
  156. Should Baltimore be Amazon HQ2?: Columbia, College Park: crime, credit, how much - Maryland (MD)
  157. Great start BALTIMORE RAVENS!: rated, best, tree - Maryland (MD)
  158. 25 years old living in poverty in the Bay Area, looking for a place to buy and rent: Baltimore: best neighborhood, real estate - Maryland (MD)
  159. Is Baltimore The Black Manhattan?: homes, neighborhoods, school - Maryland (MD)
  160. Can a city/neighborhood become vibrant, progressive and prosperous without replacing its people?!: Baltimore: houses, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  161. had no idea Atlantic City is in less than 3 hours: Baltimore: hotels, casinos - Maryland (MD)
  162. Upscale Baltimore neighborhood terrorized by marauding bands of teens: Potomac: live, train - Maryland (MD)
  163. Baltimore sets murder per capita record!!: violent crime, employment, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  164. Baltimore LOSES Army-Navy Game (Philly)!: Annapolis, Naval Academy: city hall, credit, home - Maryland (MD)
  165. Freddie grey building: Baltimore: city hall, office, commuters - Maryland (MD)
  166. is Brooklyn Park safe area?: Baltimore: apartments, construction, middle school - Maryland (MD)
  167. A Citywide Day of Service to Replace MLK Day Parade: Baltimore: sales, amphitheatre - Maryland (MD)
  168. DeVos commencement address draws protests at UB: Baltimore, Secretary: appointed, credit - Maryland (MD)
  169. White Children Not Safe In Violent Baltimore, School District Says: North Beach: violent crime, neighborhood - Maryland (MD)
  170. Afro american officials and afro american crime: neighborhood, to live - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  171. What is with Baltimore City ?: crime rates, credit card, purchase - Maryland (MD)
  172. Baltimore murders down: North Beach: crime, live in, stats - Maryland (MD)
  173. Population decline in baltimore: Bel Air: crime, homes, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  174. Relocating from NYC to Baltimore County: Ellicott City, Catonsville: apartments, rent, good credit - Maryland (MD)
  175. What happened to Northeast Baltimore?: Parkville, Cockeysville: sales, salons, 2015 - Maryland (MD)
  176. Johns Hopkins Fall 2017 Reading/Lecture Series: Baltimore, Halfway: 2015, house, weddings - Maryland (MD)
  177. can EZ Pass through the tunnels get lower than $3? - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  178. Are you a real estate agent frustrated in generating leads to your business? - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  179. Rowhouse Shutters: Mount Vernon: homes, neighborhoods, reservation - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  180. HOA map of southern Carroll County: middle school, areas, boundaries - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  181. Nice place for drinks: Baltimore: rooftop, bars, upscale - Maryland (MD)
  182. Was Mike Gill talking about a Amazon?: Mike Gill is bullish on bringing a Fortune 500 company to Baltimore within 2 yrs: Secretary: businesses - Maryland (MD)
  183. Bond Street Social designer: architecture, firm, architect - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  184. So Now, Nate's On The Way Up: Thursday, become - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  185. *New book on Baltimore's political history: Annapolis: neighborhoods, schools, university - Maryland (MD)
  186. Amazon New Distribution Center: Baltimore: local - Maryland (MD)
  187. Baltimore City Schools are UnderPerforming Again!: high school, moving, education - Maryland (MD)
  188. Freedom of speech in baltimore: murders, about, decrease - Maryland (MD)
  189. Changing Location - Again! - Need Advice: safety, to move - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  190. Anywhere to watch SEC Football Championship around Downtown/Bay in Baltimore?: should - Maryland (MD)
  191. Star Spangled Banner in Baltimore Accents: online - Maryland (MD)
  192. Legg Mason Tower in Harbor East sells for record price: Baltimore: per square foot, office - Maryland (MD)
  193. Vernon Tower Astoria Affordable Housing: affordable apartments, drive, development - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  194. Empty Police Command Center in NW: tax, vehicle, office - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  195. Where are places to where you can listen to a watch Baltimore Club Music?: venues - Maryland (MD)
  196. Guidance to buy HUD homes?: houses, buying, price - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  197. Bole Have Baltimores Billion Dollar Redevelopment Plan: events - Maryland (MD)
  198. Selling Comic Books In Baltimore/Metro: live, shops, to move - Maryland (MD)
  199. Ravens vs Dolphins Live: events - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  200. Black Restaurant Challenge Kick off 2018!: Baltimore: live, restaurants, food - Maryland (MD)