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  1. Police Watching Fight in Bmore: Baltimore: crime, houses, stats - Maryland (MD)
  2. Is Port Covington a Good Deal for the City?: Baltimore: how much, hotels - Maryland (MD)
  3. News, Morgan State seeks to bring new for-profit medical school: crimes, schools - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  4. A/C Addition - Opinion: house, live, costs - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  5. aberdeen - real estate practices in buying a house: for sale, broker - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  6. Baltimore County School Board *SEX*: news, local, sound - Maryland (MD)
  7. Need rental w/in one hour of BWI: Baltimore, Columbia: apartments, rentals - Maryland (MD)
  8. Short Sale awaiting HOA resolution: Baltimore: short sales, foreclosure, HOA fees - Maryland (MD)
  9. The Future of Greektown: Baltimore: rental, houses, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  10. What can you tell me about Loch Hill?: Baltimore, Towson: house, neighborhood - Maryland (MD)
  11. Relocating to Hampden: Baltimore: neighborhoods, movie theater, university - Maryland (MD)
  12. Idlewylde: Baltimore, Towson: low crime, house, safe area - Maryland (MD)
  13. Baltimore transit system's governance is flawed: Woodlawn, Bel Air: construction, gated, live - Maryland (MD)
  14. Violence in Fells Point: Baltimore: violent crime, office, area - Maryland (MD)
  15. Stop sniching: Baltimore: crime, safe, office - Maryland (MD)
  16. Brooklyn Park MD: Glen Burnie, Ferndale: crime, new home, neighborhood - Baltimore, Maryland
  17. HOA-Seller Settlement timelines: short sales, real estate, foreclosure - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  18. BSO has only one black musician: Baltimore: construction, military, train - Maryland (MD)
  19. Best Places in Baltimore County for a Family: Ellicott City, Catonsville: apartments, condo - Maryland (MD)
  20. How open is Baltimore?: Mount Vernon, Barclay: apartment, car insurance, violent crime - Maryland (MD)
  21. Redlining: Baltimore: car insurance, live, wealthy - Maryland (MD)
  22. Baltimore native becomes viral sensation: Columbia, Annapolis: real estate, moving, estate - Maryland (MD)
  23. Automobile engine/undercarriage cleaning - Glen Burnie: Chance: rent, buy - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  24. Baltimore native/Detroit Tiger legend Al Kaline dead at 85: Glen Burnie: home, high school - Maryland (MD)
  25. Cummings home burglarized: Baltimore: middle school, live, teachers - Maryland (MD)
  26. Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!: store, radio, file - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  27. 1983 ALCS on MASN: Baltimore, Chester: home, price, club - Maryland (MD)
  28. Police sergeant reassigned...: racist, furnished, showing - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  29. Relocate to Baltimore with autistic child: Columbia, Towson: where to live, vs, moving - Maryland (MD)
  30. Baltimore Homeless: Mayo: houses, dangerous, bus - Maryland (MD)
  31. OPACY to Frederick?: Baltimore: stadium, yard, park - Maryland (MD)
  32. relocation to Baltimore area (job at BWI): Hyattsville, Mount Vernon: home, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  33. Cosmic Cocktail?: Baltimore: food, rich, tickets - Maryland (MD)
  34. Charles Carroll Lodge: Baltimore, Arnold: homes, living, auction - Maryland (MD)
  35. Baltimore-area restaurants that have closed permanently due to Covid shutdowns: Columbia: county, place - Maryland (MD)
  36. Should Baltimore have a City Administrator?: Mayo: city hall, schools, salary - Maryland (MD)
  37. Canton and Fell's point: Baltimore, Henderson: buying a house, buying, living - Maryland (MD)
  38. Baltimore mayor Young doesn't pay his own taxes!: credit, homes - Maryland (MD)
  39. Basement Construction: Baltimore, Dundalk: house, live in, storage - Maryland (MD)
  40. One Day Inner Harbor need suggestions: Baltimore: good hotels, restaurants, floor - Maryland (MD)
  41. Baltimore City playing with your lives: stats, safety, office - Maryland (MD)
  42. Commute to Fort Meade from Locust Point or Riverside: parking, drive - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  43. Secondary gains for substance abusers: section 8, vouchers, tax - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  44. Roland Park schools?: Baltimore: house, transfer, neighborhood - Maryland (MD)
  45. Baltimore Building Permit: Annapolis: neighborhood, contractors, rooftop - Maryland (MD)
  46. The van in the parking garage.: move, gasoline, weight - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  47. Streets Market Coming to Charles Village: Baltimore: appointed, real estate, apartments - Maryland (MD)
  48. After crime plummeted in 2020, Baltimore will stop drug, sex prosecutions: attorney, money - Maryland (MD)
  49. 24 hour restaurants/stores in Baltimore: garages, parking, companies - Maryland (MD)
  50. Public transportation from Montgomery county to Baltimore - Maryland (MD)
  51. Nina Simone, 1969: live - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  52. Safety of Pimlico area: Baltimore: 2014, hotel, neighborhood - Maryland (MD)
  53. Fort Armistead: Baltimore: hotels, live, military - Maryland (MD)
  54. Silver Spring to Exit 18 695 daily commute: Baltimore, Columbia: 2015, insurance, home - Maryland (MD)
  55. New justin Fenton Book: Baltimore: clothes, pay, drugs - Maryland (MD)
  56. Moving for Commuter Job in DC/Baltimore/DE: Columbia, Bethesda: sales, apartment complexes - Maryland (MD)
  57. Harbor East: Baltimore: for sale, HOA, condos - Maryland (MD)
  58. Baltimore City to Receive 670 Million Dollars in Covid Relief Funds: Mayo: tax, to live - Maryland (MD)
  59. Marilyn Mosby and husband under federal investigation: Baltimore, Mayo: crime, taxes - Maryland (MD)
  60. about Baltimore Christmas Market: appointed, to live in, food - Maryland (MD)
  61. Latina Lesbian New to Baltimore!: Towson, Mount Vernon: nightlife, metro, area - Maryland (MD)
  62. Recommendation - Plumbing: house, plumbers, required - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  63. Slot machines at Friendship Airport?: Baltimore, Glen Burnie: legal, clubs, rated - Maryland (MD)
  64. Edgewater, MD?: Baltimore, Annapolis, Severn: house, high school, restaurants - Maryland
  65. Is that Bob Turk or Marty Bass?: music, green - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  66. Amazon settling into Baltimore: mover, dangerous, assess - Maryland (MD)
  67. Relocate to Mt. Washington?: crime, houses, neighborhoods - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  68. Voting in baltimore city and county: low income, section 8, crime - Maryland (MD)
  69. Howard teen uses service project to help counter anti-Asian bias: restaurants, county - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  70. Mary Bubala: light rail, ratings, town - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  71. Baltimore's criminals get away with murder - Thankd Democrats: violent crime, lawyer - Maryland (MD)
  72. Moving to Woodlawn MD: Ellicott City, Towson: apartments, to rent, home - Baltimore, Maryland
  73. Ouzo Bay Incident: Baltimore: appointed, restaurant, law - Maryland (MD)
  74. What happened?: Baltimore, Catonsville: rent, townhouse, YMCA - Maryland (MD)
  75. Balt State Attorney Marilyn Mosby excessive travel: Baltimore, Riva: 2015, crimes - Maryland (MD)
  76. uick relocation questions.......: Baltimore, Ridgely: condominiums, homes, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  77. Fayette Street to be closed for roadway art painting: Baltimore: university, live - Maryland (MD)
  78. BLM Protesters vandalize Fraternal Order of Police building: Baltimore: office, mayor - Maryland (MD)
  79. First time home buyer: Baltimore, Pasadena: rentals, look for a job, safe neighborhood - Maryland (MD)
  80. Waverly is 16% American Indian?: Baltimore: neighborhood, law, stats - Maryland (MD)
  81. Nancy Pelosi approves of Columbus statue destruction.: Baltimore, California: house, safety - Maryland (MD)
  82. Is Charles Village in Baltimore safe?: Pasadena: real estate, apartment, rental - Maryland (MD)
  83. Where and What in Baltimore?: Towson, Pikesville: for sale, rentals, condos - Maryland (MD)
  84. Baltimore - What should I know?: Towson, Cockeysville: for sale, renting - Maryland (MD)
  85. Records show Johns Hopkins founder owned slaves: Baltimore: condo, university - Maryland (MD)
  86. Fells Point, Canton, Little Italy, other?: Baltimore, Columbia: transplants, real estate, rentals - Maryland (MD)
  87. Moving to Baltimore area - or thinking about it: Columbia: renting, crime - Maryland (MD)
  88. City Student Passes 3 classes in four years ranks near top half of class: Baltimore: renting, condo - Maryland (MD)
  89. Where should we live in Baltimore?: Columbia, Towson: townhouse, to buy, school district - Maryland (MD)
  90. Miracle on 34th Street Organizers Urging Spectators Not To Come This Year: Baltimore: houses, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  91. RDA & Relocating: Baltimore, Annapolis, California: apartment, rental, how much - Maryland (MD)
  92. Kim Klacik for Congress Political Ad: Baltimore: house, office, best - Maryland (MD)
  93. Wake up: Baltimore, Columbia, Reisterstown: houses, place to live, shopping center - Maryland (MD)
  94. Barnes & Noble closing Power Plant location at Inner Harbor: Baltimore: tenant, live - Maryland (MD)
  95. Nightlife strip similar to U st in DC?: Baltimore, Mount Vernon: club, moving - Maryland (MD)
  96. Baltimore City Elections 2020: Cumberland, Mayo, North Beach: school, beach, office - Maryland (MD)
  97. Small Business That Will Serve A Good Breakfast - Charles Village Area: Baltimore: appointed, crime - Maryland (MD)
  98. Joan Pratt and Comptroller shred documents illegally: Baltimore, North Beach: city hall, house - Maryland (MD)
  99. Residents not practicing social distancing: Baltimore: auctions, stores, safest - Maryland (MD)
  100. Baltimores Nancy Pelosi Displays Pathetic Hatred Again!: California: house, living - Maryland (MD)
  101. Baltimore Sports Rest/Bars: hotel, layoffs, live - Maryland (MD)
  102. Mayoral Candidate Miller to use diversity to reduce crime?: Baltimore: house, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  103. Another corrupt candidate for mayor, Thiru Vignarajah: Baltimore, North Beach: credit, live - Maryland (MD)
  104. President Trump stops BLM vandalism of federal Monuments: Baltimore: live, complaints - Maryland (MD)
  105. DNC Michael Bloomberg plans to profile black men in Baltimore!: 2015, crime - Maryland (MD)
  106. Are our politicians doing anything about crime: Baltimore: real estate, foreclosure - Maryland (MD)
  107. I am looking forward for apartment near John Hopkins Hospital including Kindergarten: Baltimore: apartments, daycare - Maryland (MD)
  108. Morrell Park's Future: Baltimore, Annapolis, Barclay: for sale, crime, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  109. relocation from NYC to Baltimore- How's this area in Federal Hill?: Riverside: apartment, rentals - Maryland (MD)
  110. Leave the Squeegee Kids alone: Baltimore: employment, to buy, quality of life - Maryland (MD)
  111. Another Baltimore Democrat gets caught stealing from taxpayers: office, money - Maryland (MD)
  112. From Florida to Baltimore!: Columbia, Ellicott City: apartments, rentals, condo - Maryland (MD)
  113. Another Crook joins the Baltimore Mayoral Race- Sheila Dixon: houses, live in - Maryland (MD)
  114. Is Annapolis Like This?: Baltimore, Glen Burnie: health insurance, hotels, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  115. Crime in baltimore: Columbia, Towson, White Marsh: bus, safety, moving - Maryland (MD)
  116. lots of national and international publicity...: Baltimore: crime rates, schools, radio - Maryland (MD)
  117. Group Kicks Baltimore Police Officer Trying To Arrest Person Who Spat In His Face: Parole: neighborhood, school - Maryland (MD)
  118. PA (Philly) - MD (Baltimore): North Beach: renter, hotel, home - Maryland
  119. Safest Neighborhood for Single Female Professional: Baltimore, Towson: apartment, house, living in - Maryland (MD)
  120. Baltimore Democrats Don't Want Larry Hogan to Rein in Gun Violence: Mayo: violent crime, attorney - Maryland (MD)
  121. Tourist Coming for the day: Baltimore: hotel, taxi, restaurants - Maryland (MD)
  122. Need highly recommended Car AC repair Service Center: Baltimore, Towson: buy, cost of - Maryland (MD)
  123. OC Boardwalk attack: Baltimore, Ocean City: gangs, charge, place - Maryland (MD)
  124. defund the police?: Baltimore: crime rates, house, to live in - Maryland (MD)
  125. Property Destruction and Looting near Inner Harbor: Baltimore: 2015, city hall - Maryland (MD)
  126. Orioles moving?: Baltimore: lease, high crime, layoffs - Maryland (MD)
  127. Baltimorians are like lemmings: Baltimore, Mayo: violent crime, transfer, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  128. Thoughts on recent vacation in Baltimore: Annapolis, Naval Academy: crime, house, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  129. relocating to baltimore area: Columbia, Ellicott City: crime, cheap house, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  130. Family with kids - new job in Middle River area: Baltimore: real estate, insurance - Maryland (MD)
  131. Baltimore Hits 300 Homicides For 5th Consecutive Year - Thanks Democrats: Clinton: crime rates, credit - Maryland (MD)
  132. Living in Baltimore more Affordable (higher crime) areas.: Bethesda, Rockville: apartments, to rent - Maryland (MD)
  133. Illegal Immigrants to spread coroavrus in Baltimore - Thanks Democrats!: legally, racist - Maryland (MD)
  134. 7 injured in shootings in Baltimore Saturday - Thanks Democrats!: crime, schools - Maryland (MD)
  135. Possibly Relocating to Baltimore: Mount Vernon: real estate, apartment, house - Maryland (MD)
  136. 3 old ladies want to go fishing: Baltimore, Annapolis: to rent, neighborhood, price - Maryland (MD)
  137. President Trump to pay residents, Democrats to tax residents: Baltimore: refrigerator, movies - Maryland (MD)
  138. Caronavius infecting Baltimore was created in Wuhan Lab: 2014, credit - Maryland (MD)
  139. Dawnta Harris Life in prison: Baltimore: violent crime, live, law - Maryland (MD)
  140. Most iconic Baltimore restaurants: Dundalk, Glen Burnie: house, theater, closing - Maryland (MD)
  141. Baltimore Mayor Begs Residents To Stop Shooting Each Other: pharmacy, living - Maryland (MD)
  142. Politicians come out of the woodwork: office, police, officer - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  143. Baltimore City Governance Bill: Mayo: neighborhoods, mayor, build - Maryland (MD)
  144. Apartments near Middle River: safe neighborhood, school, utility costs - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  145. Mayoral candidates: Baltimore: money, county, machine - Maryland (MD)
  146. DPW....Really?: contractor, estimates, vehicle - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  147. A vote of no confidence: Baltimore: crime, attorney - Maryland (MD)
  148. The elephant in the living room.: violent crime, statistics, population - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  149. Comfort slow to deploy from Norfolk?: Baltimore: news, based - Maryland (MD)
  150. Speech-Language Therapist Recommendations Sought for 3-year Old?: Baltimore: children, young - Maryland (MD)
  151. Peanut King: Baltimore: drug - Maryland (MD)
  152. Annapolis; Moving for work: Baltimore, Severn: live, budget, suburb - Maryland (MD)
  153. Baltimores Nancy Pelosi Displays Pathetic Hatred Again! - Maryland (MD)
  154. Need a place to work on my car, like oil change or the like: live in - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  155. Amazon and Baltimore: mover, business, registering - Maryland (MD)