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  1. The mark of the Beast is upon us............: Messiah, Antichrist, believe - Christianity
  2. Do You Need A Earthly Church Pastor And If So Do You Need The Right Earthly Church Pastor To Make It To Heaven ??: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  3. Science and Religion Conflict in the Bible Belt: beliefs, creation - Christianity
  4. Asking for prayers,: woman, believe, history, atheist - Christianity
  5. speak not evil one of another.: doctrine, believe, prayers, Jesus - Christianity
  6. My core problems...Sins: woman, church, believe, prayer - Christianity
  7. Amazing Rabbi Cahn's (messanic) 9/11 perspective: prayer, Jesus, Biblical, Jewish - Christianity
  8. Dr. King Proclaimed the Gospel of Peace: messages, Jesus Christ, soul - Christianity
  9. Christís gift, - conversion and cure of my atheist parents and uncle.: preaching, believe - Christianity
  10. Let your light shine: believe, dogma, scripture, pray - Christianity
  11. Fears: Gospel, Holy Spirit, Jesus, missionary - Christianity
  12. Bold Honesty About Pretending To Be Christians: Gospel, women, church - Christianity
  13. Coming Out?: church, Revelation, disciples, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  14. What Would you Choose right now?: church, pray, nun, Catholic - Christianity
  15. Love knows the way: Gospel, preacher, believe, creation - Christianity
  16. I choose LOVE: believe, Creator, religion, world - Christianity
  17. Can All Christians Find All The Answers To Life In The Bible ?: women, church - Christianity
  18. Babylon: Gomorrah, reincarnation, hell, Sodom - Christianity
  19. The pulse of American evangelical Christianity outside of the Bible Belt: presbyterian, woman
  20. How Does The Holy Spirit Talk All The Time ???: testimonies, women, church - Christianity
  21. After Praying last night, Opened the Bible and Read this verse: crucifixion, hell - Christianity
  22. Life is short! Or is it?: Jesus, worship, prophet, advent - Christianity
  23. What are we waiting for?: people, world - Christianity
  24. Billy Graham's son not liking Romney too much: Mormons, hell, church - Christianity
  25. What type of existence will we have in the present Heaven before the Resurrection, and afterward?: paradise, Revelation - Christianity
  26. knowledge?: hell, woman, beliefs, scripture - Christianity
  27. intentions: eternal, gods, feelings - Christianity
  28. Walls: hell, believe, convert, faith - Christianity
  29. Heaven Depends On Selecting The Right Earthly Pastor ??: crucifixion, testimonies, doctrine - Christianity
  30. In the NT is there record of the Holy Spirit speaking to .: church, Jesus - Christianity
  31. Celibacy and Matthew 19:12: priest, Bible, people - Christianity
  32. Prayer needed: praying, Almighty, miracle, America - Christianity
  33. Has read the Gospel of Andrew?: Gospels, church, Christ - Christianity
  34. Love-God is in small humble; devil is in proud big.: paradise, sinners - Christianity
  35. Thou shall Remember My Words and Keep Them: Jesus Christ, Matthew, prophecy - Christianity
  36. Are we free?: pray, sin, disciples, Jesus - Christianity
  37. So..... what was learned about the Millennialism 1/28 rapture date... now that it's 1/29: hell, punishment - Christianity
  38. Are Christians Naturally Born With The Holy Spirit Talking ???: doctrine, women, church - Christianity
  39. Oh Jesus! Cross-purify deadly me.: preaching, believe, sinned, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  40. Jewish priests were no worse devilís brood, than Christian priests.(Mt23-33): testimony, church - Christianity
  41. What is the difference between Christians and Protestants?: traditions, Gospel, Jehovah's Witness - Christianity
  42. Prove to me that Evangelicals are not Bigoted Hypocrites: believe, experience, Christians - Christianity
  43. Biblical Christianity vs Pop Culture Christianity vs Church Christianity: Torah, Eden, tradition
  44. Evidence of truth?: Gospel, church, believe, scripture - Christianity
  45. Faith growing in Siberian prison: punishment, churches, preach, believe - Christianity
  46. Need prayers: God, bless, disease - Christianity
  47. Is this considered a sin?: Christ, Bible, God, devil - Christianity
  48. Abiding in Christ/the Vine - Producing Fruit: Torah, crucified, lordship - Christianity
  49. 'I don't believe it because it's not in the Bible': dinosaur, scripture - Christianity
  50. In your face Evangelism: believe, scripture, verse, God - Christianity
  51. NEWS: Texas-based-evangelist-R.W Shambach-dies: preacher, faith, God, Christian - Christianity
  52. A about satan.: Christians, Earth, dragon - Christianity
  53. He hates religion, but loves Jesus-good luck with that: churches, priest, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  54. We are the most blessed & cursed generation!: messages, prayer, priests - Christianity
  55. I had a religious dream: church, gnostic, belief, scriptures - Christianity
  56. What is the Holy Spirit: Gospel, women, churches, believe - Christianity
  57. Gospel/Christian Songs of the Past: Jesus, God, blessing, song - Christianity
  58. Breath of Heaven: believe, worship, God, Christian - Christianity
  59. Brawl at Jesus birthplace: God, bless - Christianity
  60. The Melchizedek Priesthood: paradise, crucifixion, lordship, Gospel - Christianity
  61. Powerful.: church, Messiah, believe, exodus - Christianity
  62. Studies in Numbers - Intro and Preparation for War: believe, exodus, Moses - Christianity
  63. Isn't It Time For Christians To Know Their Brethren In Christ ?: women, churches - Christianity
  64. I resolve to be more spiritual in 12: church, believe, pray - Christianity
  65. Baptism is about Spiritual Immersion not Physical Immersion: Gospel, preach, believe - Christianity
  66. Studies in Numbers - A Brief Summary: Pentateuch, woman, scripture - Christianity
  67. Everything The Bible Says About Works: testimony, women, church - Christianity
  68. Is Grace Salvation Just About The Atonement Of Jesus Only ?: testimonies, doctrine - Christianity
  69. The Christian Position On Illegal Immigration: churches, believe, history, point of view - Christianity
  70. A Nice Joe Is Not Enough Unity In The Body Of Christ ?: abomination, doctrine - Christianity
  71. We are to become as Children.: gnostic, believe, sin, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  72. A Dream come True, of a Prophecy too: churches, Revelation, pray - Christianity
  73. demonic entity?: rituals, prayers, Jesus, verse - Christianity
  74. Ed Young Jr. Another Joel Osteen?: Lutheran, church, preacher, Christ - Christianity
  75. Have You Replaced Your Wisdom For God's Wisdom On Salvation ?: tradition, doctrine - Christianity
  76. Pat Robertson: God Told Me Who The Next President Will Be: Gospel, Mormons - Christianity
  77. Understanding the difference between Say and that Do: Gospel, woman - Christianity
  78. What is the view of Protestant Christians on the Eucharist?: Lutherans, doctrine - Christianity
  79. Adulteress to become the next first lady?: church, sin, Bible - Christianity
  80. Whatís with Protestants and Catholics and their hate of knowledge?: Eden, tradition - Christianity
  81. feedback from ccd people: churches, priest, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  82. Absent Religious Professionals: preacher, beliefs, scriptures, Bible - Christianity
  83. Is a christian college right for me?: hell, believing, scriptures - Christianity
  84. News, Teen Recalls 'Big Light' in Videos Before Death: messages, church, Jesus - Christianity
  85. If you could make a deal with God....: verses, faith, heaven - Christianity
  86. Which of the following things are sinful?: Leviticus, believe, abortion - Christianity
  87. Romans 1:26-27: How is it NOT referring to homosexuality?: celibacy, Leviticus, Sodom - Christianity
  88. Who Are The Two Beasts in Revelation 13?: Antichrist, believe, dogma - Christianity
  89. Apostle Paul never taught hell: Gospel, women, preach, believe - Christianity
  90. Unity of Christians: doctrine, women, churches, Antichrist - Christianity
  91. I used to get bored/cynical during praise in Church: testimony, churches - Christianity
  92. Do Christians believe in the Big Bang?: church, allegory, evolution - Christianity
  93. Misuse of scripture... not to add to or take away from: Gospel, Leviticus - Christianity
  94. Original sin?: Gospel, punishment, women, churches - Christianity
  95. A theory on the true Gospel.: paradise, tradition, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  96. The decline of Christianity in America: hell, Sodom, churches, preaching
  97. A for Pentacostals - not confrontational: Gospel, hell, churches - Christianity
  98. Man Can and Must Choose to believe on Christ in order to be eternally saved.: Gospel, Lutheran - Christianity
  99. The Sign of the Cross and Protetants: Why not?: Lutherans, presbyterian, churches - Christianity
  100. Why is being gay bad?: hell, church, believe, pray - Christianity
  101. Do you need to believe in Jesus to get into heaven?: Gospels, Jehovah - Christianity
  102. Poll: How Has Affected Your Beliefs?: hell, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  103. Augustine's influence: crucifixion, traditions, Gospel, hell - Christianity
  104. Conservative christians booed the words of Christ -the golden rule - in SC, how do you Christians feel about it?: believe, scripture - Christianity
  105. Rapture: Will it ever happen? is it really scriptural?: paradise, hell, woman - Christianity
  106. Our Lady of Guadalupe The Patron of Mexico: church, believe, scripture - Christianity
  107. God gave us something to Love: believe, scriptures, Holy Spirit, mystic - Christianity
  108. My problem with KJV only: hell, doctrine, church, gnostic - Christianity
  109. Gays In the church: hell, woman, preach, believing - Christianity
  110. What are we saved from?: Gospel, hell, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  111. the issue of Christian celibacy: birth control, women, beliefs, scripture - Christianity
  112. Capital Punishment?: Gospel, Deuteronomy, preach, believe - Christianity
  113. So, what say you?: Jehovah, hell, doctrine, Revelation - Christianity
  114. Trinity is false--But Father and son are one being: incarnation, church, Revelation - Christianity
  115. Christís life gives us life, not his death.: Gospel, church, believe - Christianity
  116. The Mark of the Beast Is....: crucified, Leviticus, doctrine, church - Christianity
  117. This is for whosoever will...: hell, doctrine, preacher, believe - Christianity
  118. I Corinthians 11:10: procreation, Sodom, women, churches - Christianity
  119. What is your take on why so many Christians can't agree on what is Christian doctrine?: church, beliefs - Christianity
  120. Was Job really perfect ?: allegory, believe, priest, sinned - Christianity
  121. Would like to discuss albeit debate the suggetion that the Shroud of Turin is Jesus?: the passion, crucified - Christianity
  122. A simple about the bible?: women, believe, scripture, Moses - Christianity
  123. Angels . . . sweetly singing o-er the plains?: gnostic, Bible, soul, Biblically - Christianity
  124. Acts 17:11 is not in the Bible by Accident: doctrine, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  125. Faith and Politics: testimony, church, lukewarm, believe - Christianity
  126. What denomination are you?: Latter-Day Saints, Lutheran, LDS, churches - Christianity
  127. The Trinity Doctrine is False: crucifixion, Lutherans, churches, believe - Christianity
  128. pray for me: believe, prayers, Jesus, God - Christianity
  129. Three, Of Thee?: Gospels, Jehovah, testimony, doctrine - Christianity
  130. Planned Sudden Destruction & Rapture - Jan 28th, 2012 !: Antichrist, preaching, believe - Christianity
  131. Are we in the Kingdom today?: church, Antichrist, believe, pray - Christianity
  132. Which Bible Character(s) Is the Most Memorable to You?: Jehovah, church - Christianity
  133. How well do you know The Bible?: Gospels, Jehovah, LDS - Christianity
  134. Catholics: Save Souls or Save Actual Humans?: traditions, birth control, messages - Christianity
  135. Messianic Myths:: Revelation, believe, exodus, scripture - Christianity
  136. Christian Non-denoominational Chrurches.? My thoughts and yours.: Gospel, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  137. The 'situational ethics' of Universalism: tradition, doctrine, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  138. Is official membership a biblical requirement?: doctrine, churches, believers, pray - Christianity
  139. Jesus Said...: doctrine, Messiah, Revelation, scriptures - Christianity
  140. Hebrew Roots movement false prophet: Torah, church, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  141. Help. Do you think my aunt and friend are justified in wanting to switch churches?: Lutheran, prayer - Christianity
  142. Hebrew dictionary?: Torah, Pentateuch, tradition, Gospel - Christianity
  143. Just a conflicted kid looking for answers: reincarnation, hell, punishment - Christianity
  144. Forgive us our trespasses...: church, believe, scriptures, prayer - Christianity
  145. How would god view me?: believe, evolution, Jesus, atheists - Christianity
  146. Listen.: doctrine, church, beliefs, scriptures - Christianity
  147. Daily Devotionals or Daily religious observance?: beliefs, scripture, ritual, prayers - Christianity
  148. Over 1 in 4 Christians are Pentecostal or Charismatic: churches, believers, prayer - Christianity
  149. Mystery Doctrines that cause conflict.: hell, churches, preacher, agnostic - Christianity
  150. Is this belief blaspheme?: believe, scriptures, evolve, sin - Christianity
  151. A collection of random thoughts on the human will: gnostic, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  152. Thoughts on Joel Osteen: Gospel, church, preacher, believe - Christianity
  153. Does God need prayer from us?: believers, praying, Holy Spirit, mystic - Christianity
  154. Is there such a thing as Satan? Or the devil?: Eden, myth - Christianity
  155. The Bible and other religions' Holy Books: Tanakh, Book of Mormon, churches - Christianity
  156. Have YOU realized anything????: Biblical, God, Lord, miracle - Christianity
  157. The Magi: who were they really?: crucifixion, tradition, Gospels, churches - Christianity
  158. Answer?: Lutherans, churches, Revelation, beliefs - Christianity
  159. How Does Protestantism Differ From Catholicism?: Tanakh, crucifixion, celibacy, tradition - Christianity
  160. Are we all a bunch of self-important, unhinged, egotistical lunatics?: church, beliefs - Christianity
  161. Imputed Righteousness of Christ?: Gospel, doctrine, church, lukewarm - Christianity
  162. Why are Fundamentalist/ Pentecostals Rude and opposed to Good manners?: Lutheran, woman - Christianity
  163. Noted Rapture Expert, Marilyn Agee's Husband, Ed Passed Away: paradise, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  164. Using the Lord's name in vain: Torah, Leviticus, doctrine, preaching - Christianity
  165. What does it mean to love someone with the love of Christ ?: believe, dogma - Christianity
  166. Living a holy life!: the passion, crucify, Gospel, hell - Christianity
  167. Do not hold your breath if you are waiting for The Rapture...: Gomorrah, hell - Christianity
  168. The catholic was not the 1st church!: Gospel, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  169. Ask . its free :): bless, gods, sins - Christianity
  170. Prayer Warriors needed: woman, churches, prayers, sin - Christianity
  171. Both Christians And Calvinists angry about Piper/Warren Assosiation: Gospel, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  172. Is it a sin to get aroused by a woman (or man)?: women, pray - Christianity
  173. Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?: hell, beliefs, scripture, prayer - Christianity
  174. Unending Punishment = From Love to Hate: hell, doctrine, church, Revelation - Christianity
  175. The Calvinist havoc.: Deist, Gospel, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  176. God's Sovereign Will/Man's Limited Will: beliefs, scriptures, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  177. I used to believe Christians couldn't have a demonic influence in them.: Gospel, women - Christianity
  178. Salvation Just About The Cross To Make It ?: doctrine, women, church - Christianity
  179. Is Faith In Christ Just About Atonement & Optimistic Thinking ?: hell, church - Christianity
  180. looking in O'Fallon, MO: church, non-denominational, denomination - Christianity
  181. The Bema Seat - Selective Judgment or Selective Individual Judgment: Gospel, church - Christianity
  182. Isaiah 9:10 A ring?: KJV - Christianity
  183. Unity Leaders vs. Control Leaders The Issue ?: women, church, preaching - Christianity
  184. The only real help to lessen worry and fear, trust and love of God, thee Almighty!: sinned, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  185. Our prayers. - Christianity
  186. The covenant of Man & Woman: doctrine, Jesus Christ, homosexuality, blood - Christianity
  187. In good hands: faith, experience, God, perfect - Christianity
  188. THE BAD SEED Mt.13: crucifixion, doctrine, priest, Jesus - Christianity
  189. A brief exposition of Matthew 24:30: the passion, crucifixion, churches, disciples - Christianity
  190. HOW MUCH Is Enough Unity In The Body Of Christ ???: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  191. employed by the most high: God - Christianity
  192. What Are Christians Really Saying Amen Too ?: women, church, believer - Christianity
  193. The Christian 'Left': Christians - Christianity
  194. A beautiful prayer: blessings - Christianity
  195. Google Doodle is Nicolas Steno: verse, history, advent, bishop - Christianity
  196. Your An Infant Or Veteran The Holy Spirit Is Bible Friendly To Hear God In All The Bible All The Time ??: doctrine, women - Christianity
  197. Why Calvinís monster God creates most children for burning?: doctrine, church - Christianity
  198. Change in ourselves: world - Christianity
  199. The Pre-tribulational Rapture of the Church for your Edification and Encouragement: abomination, doctrine - Christianity
  200. Joel Osteen Producing Reality TV Show: churches, pastors, wife, people - Christianity