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  17. Let there be no confusion us - 5 All this is evidence that Godís judgment is right: Gospel, testimony - Christianity
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  32. SCARY CHRISTIAN MOVIE - no donation requested - Christianity
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  68. Is love really letting others do what they want ?: punishment, preaching - Christianity
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  77. I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham: Gomorrah, Gospel, Sodom - Christianity
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  80. Speaking In Tongues?: churches, Revelation, preacher, believe - Christianity
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  108. hell, women, church, believe - Christianity
  109. How do you (Christians) view the Religion and Spirituality forum?: agnostic, beliefs - Christianity
  110. If becoming a Christian is a result of finding God rather than pure demographics...: paradise, Gospel - Christianity
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  183. Ordain a Lady (Max Holiday version) - Christianity
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  198. Experience of Love/Truth and Life. - Christianity
  199. Contemplation and Meditation: Buddhism, doctrine, church, prayer - Christianity
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