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  1. Who us considers themselves to be a Lapsarian?: presbyterian, doctrine, scriptures - Christianity
  2. Did Jesus himself think he was the messiah?: Gospel, woman, preach - Christianity
  3. UFOS and RAPTURE: myth, believe, scripture, evolve - Christianity
  4. Troubles In Every Church?: Lutherans, churches, believe, scripture - Christianity
  5. My own God Story: church, believe, suicide, faith - Christianity
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  7. What does it mean to swear?: believers, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
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  9. What is meant by the passion ?: Articles, meaning - Christianity
  10. Poll: how often do you think about God...: doctrine, pray, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  11. Does The sermon on the mount contain antitheses?: Gospel, testimony, preaching - Christianity
  12. When you say the Bible: Micah, Messiah, Revelation - Christianity
  13. Biblical Meanings: traditions, testimony, church, Revelation - Christianity
  14. Early Greek apologetic letters to Emperor Hadrian.: prayers, disciple, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  15. Very Simple And Very Elementary!: messages, hell, punishment, church - Christianity
  16. Can You Have A Relationship With Jesus And Be Both Bible Ignorant And A 90% Bible Believer Too ?: church, preach - Christianity
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  18. Who are the 3 shepherds of Zechariah 11: Bible, Israel, blood, Matthew - Christianity
  19. What does it mean to look down the cross ?: Gospel, incarnation - Christianity
  20. 1948 Israel vs. Jesus: Kingdom, God - Christianity
  21. Can People Really See God or Hear The Word of God?: believe, suicide - Christianity
  22. What does it mean to turn ones collar back to front?: worship, pastor - Christianity
  23. How, Or Would, You Advertise A Church Event?: Bible, pastor, Article - Christianity
  24. Different Between Old & New Testament?: Torah, traditions, Gospels, Epistles - Christianity
  25. What is meant by confessional dogma?: doctrine, church, belief, disciples - Christianity
  26. My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?: the passion, crucified - Christianity
  27. For Who Believe Jesus Is Angel: Messiah, Kingdom, creation - Christianity
  28. Christians/TV Evangelists/preachers who go by the title Apostle/Prophet/Prophetess: scripture, prayer - Christianity
  29. What's Too Legal If It's In The Bible ?: Gospel, women, church - Christianity
  30. Call no man father: lordship, tradition, Gospel, churches - Christianity
  31. Homeless Jesus Statue: crucifixion, punishment, church, blood - Christianity
  32. Does keep the Passover and Celebrate Easter as well?: churches, Messiah - Christianity
  33. Can Christians bless themselves??: church, beliefs, sinned, Jesus - Christianity
  34. Matt. 16:27-28 -- 2nd coming predicted for first century: crucified, Messiah - Christianity
  35. Who was Emperor of Rome at the time Jesus lived?: crucifixion, abomination - Christianity
  36. What's Going On?? First Blood Red Moon Happening Right Now!!: Bible, heaven - Christianity
  37. Did Yahweh really hide His Name in th OT?: HaShem, crucified, Jehovah - Christianity
  38. Catholic Priest sings Hellelulia at wedding. Wow! - Christianity
  39. Salvation Is Way More Then Boasting In the Cross And Living Out the Golden Rule ?: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  40. Video, Fake president fools church members: Mississippi - Christianity
  41. ok the 2nd commandment and movies. the passion of christ and son of god: crucifixion, Gospel - Christianity
  42. HOW MUCH Is Your Goals God's Goals ?: traditions, church, believers - Christianity
  43. Does Jesus say we should fear our best Friend?: zacharias, hell, believer - Christianity
  44. Ezekiel: Gog and Magog: Antichrist, Revelation, evolve, Christ - Christianity
  45. biblical prophecy: church, Messiah, Antichrist, Revelation - Christianity
  46. Think You Have The HOLY SPIRIT ?: women, churches, Revelation, preacher - Christianity
  47. Rapture and Tribulation: messages, testimony, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  48. What is meant by anti-liturgical?: Lutherans, presbyterian, churches, scripture - Christianity
  49. Where in the bible does one find the story about Ezekiel, and where in the bible does one find the ten commands?: exodus, Commandment - Christianity
  50. How old/young is God?: scripture, Jesus, verse, eternity - Christianity
  51. What Is Christianity Attempting To Do With People ?: testimony, church, Revelation
  52. The 1,000 year reign of Christ: testimony, churches, Revelation, agnostic - Christianity
  53. What does it mean to crawl to the cross?: church, prayer, baptism - Christianity
  54. News, In Martin Lutherís Church the Pastor Asks: Where Have All the Protestants Gone?: Gospel, Lutheran - Christianity
  55. Help with understanding something explained by Allegro from Revelation1.13-16: messages, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  56. In a Quandary: believe, Christian, mentioned, people - Christianity
  57. Purport of Catholic and Protestant baptism.: hell, punishment, churches, believe - Christianity
  58. What did one get out of paying the tithe?: churches, Deuteronomy, preacher - Christianity
  59. Bishop Tells Catholic Deacon To Stop Blogging: messages, church, prayer - Christianity
  60. Catholicism in Italy: Christ, nuns, prophecy, pope - Christianity
  61. What Did A Relationship With Jesus Really Do In Your Life ?: testimony, Revelation - Christianity
  62. News, City Demands Church Stop Sheltering The Homeless: churches, pray, Jesus - Christianity
  63. How Is God Really Building The Body Of Christ Today ?: testimony, church - Christianity
  64. Protestant baptism.: crucified, Lutherans, testimony, churches - Christianity
  65. This Says it All About The Old Testament.: spiritual, Biblical, religions - Christianity
  66. Vatican-14 Cocaine Filled Condoms Mailed To Vatican Seized: hell, priests, Catholic - Christianity
  67. The Eucharist ... Real or Not?: beliefs, scripture, Christ, Bible - Christianity
  68. What is love, in your opinion?: believe, Jesus Christ, Bible, faith - Christianity
  69. What are losers and binders of sin?: Gospels, Leviticus, hell - Christianity
  70. Is the Sabbath more important than we think it is in the eyes of God, Are the 10 Commandments Required for Christians?: Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  71. What restrictions has the RCC inflicted upon the minds of western man?: crucifixion, church - Christianity
  72. Is Jesus God?: Gospel, Jehovah, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  73. just want to say hello from Indiana: blood, faith, God - Christianity
  74. Easter- I good time to get born-again!!: crucified, traditions, Gospel - Christianity
  75. The eons (ages) in the Bible: hell, punishment, believe, dogma - Christianity
  76. Do you go to a mega church?: churches, preacher, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  77. What year did the Catholic Church begin?: Gospel, Lutheran, Jehovah - Christianity
  78. Cave Man Bible Study: Messiah, scripture, Jesus, verse - Christianity
  79. Church buildings vandalized in Israel: churches, pray, history, Orthodox - Christianity
  80. Who made the doctrine of the trinity?: punishment, churches, Messiah - Christianity
  81. God Granted Satan Eternal Life?: hell, punishment, doctrine, Revelation - Christianity
  82. A woman accepted Jesus as her savior, but she is a racist.: Torah, tradition - Christianity
  83. What did Paul mean ...: crucify, doctrine, women, church - Christianity
  84. Was the church the state itself at time?: traditions, zealous, dogma - Christianity
  85. Genesis 9: hell, myth, exodus, sin - Christianity
  86. Rio Grande Baptism: church, priest, Catholics, baptize - Christianity
  87. God has a Name I learned something new.: crucifixion, incarnation, Jehovah - Christianity
  88. Should an openly Gay Bishop be allowed to lead a closing Easter Prayer Breakfast?: preacher, believing - Christianity
  89. What does the sign of the cross symbolize ?: traditions, Lutherans, churches - Christianity
  90. God Is Not A Man!: women, believe, exodus, Moses - Christianity
  91. Easter Is Christian, Right? Then Why Place 'Easter', the Name of a Pagan Goddess, on this Holiday? It Makes No Sense!: crucifixion, traditions - Christianity
  92. How and where will you be spending Easter and the week preceding it?: Lutheran, churches - Christianity
  93. News, Catholic Group: Stop Drinking Guinness: church, beliefs, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  94. Noahs Ark and the Great Flood: messages, dinosaur, believe, Jesus - Christianity
  95. Did the devil not know who Christ was and why He was born?: woman, believe - Christianity
  96. Authority and the Bible: believe, Jesus, Matthew, faith - Christianity
  97. Love -- The highest virtue, what is it?: believe, Jesus, prophecy - Christianity
  98. Did the Christians have an conception of being in touch with peoples spirit?: scriptures, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  99. Jesus, John, Paul, and Peter all preached righteousness!: zacharias, punishment, churches - Christianity
  100. Why Should I be A Catholic?: traditions, hell, myth, churches - Christianity
  101. Jesus Contradicting Himself: Luke 22:36 vs Matthew 26:52: hell, church, Messiah, scripture - Christianity
  102. Was the new testament written in koine greek? What is koine greek?: evolve, priest - Christianity
  103. Westboro Baptist Church Founder Dies...: funeral, pray, atheist, POV - Christianity
  104. What type of Christian are you?: lordship, Gospel, Lutherans, Jehovah's Witnesses - Christianity
  105. New Christian: Gospels, Epistles, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  106. Sex, celibacy, and the single christian: women, church, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  107. About the age of people in the bible.: dinosaur, myths, women - Christianity
  108. Your Christian beliefs on evolution: church, creation, Catholics, God - Christianity
  109. The Bible as the Sole Rule of Faith: tradition, Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  110. The Reliability of the Bible Called Into Again: Sodom, woman, church - Christianity
  111. Were early Christians making up that they were taught by the apostles?: traditions, Gospel - Christianity
  112. Why Christianity is logical: Deists, myths, beliefs, scriptures
  113. What is meant by evangelical?: hell, doctrine, believe, pray - Christianity
  114. How to know what is a sin.: believe, priests, Christ - Christianity
  115. God unforgiving: Gospel, Messiah, exodus, Moses - Christianity
  116. Confused and Struggling to believe: Deist, traditions, Gospels, myth - Christianity
  117. With charity: What have you wanted to ask a Catholic: Deist, Lutherans - Christianity
  118. What is the meaning of this?: doctrine, church, believers, pray - Christianity
  119. The Protestant Achilles' Heel: Gospel, incarnation, unpardonable, hell - Christianity
  120. TV Began The Quest...The Internet Added The Exclamation Point: myth, church - Christianity
  121. Where in the bible does The holy spirit mean personality/being, and where does it mean something: Gospels, doctrine - Christianity
  122. How Do I Become A Christian Missionary?: churches, preach, believe - Christianity
  123. Can Tell Me The Meaning of John, Chapter 1?: tradition, Gospels, messages - Christianity
  124. Can a Christian still enter Heaven if they're a very well liked person on Earth?: crucified, hell - Christianity
  125. None of this happened and can't be fulfilled.: Micah, testimony, Revelation - Christianity
  126. Monotheism?: Jehovah, scrutiny, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  127. is it for a Christian to live a rich, wealthy life on Earth?: paradise, pray - Christianity
  128. Present Day Prophet or Listener?: messages, woman, believers, scriptures - Christianity
  129. Was he 'saved'? Swept to sea during baptism: ritual, Jesus, salvation - Christianity
  130. Family Members converting to LDS: Mormons, church, baptism, missionaries - Christianity
  131. Fundamentalists: believe, scriptures, disciples, Jesus - Christianity
  132. Cains wife: woman, Moses, Bible, Biblical - Christianity
  133. Losing your life/soul: believe, Jesus, Matthew, experience - Christianity
  134. The Protestantís Dilemma---: doctrine, woman, church, scriptures - Christianity
  135. If Protestantism is true ...: doctrine, church, Messiah, Revelation - Christianity
  136. Why does the Roman Catholic Church believe that the Bishop of Rome is the exclusive and rightful successor to Peter?: purification, tradition - Christianity
  137. The Sun Stook Still in Joshua's Day: hell, testimony, myth - Christianity
  138. My brother is becoming a Jehova Witness... help!: Gospel, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormon - Christianity
  139. What is this Christian Homophobia about days?: Gomorrah, Sodom, women - Christianity
  140. Have you ever asked yourself how you would have fared...: Gomorrah, Gospel - Christianity
  141. Bible trivia: doctrine, woman, sinners, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  142. At what time were the Christians first being percecuted, and how long did it last?: church, Messiah - Christianity
  143. A Way God Created the Universe:: doctrine, women, scriptures - Christianity
  144. Did God Answer My Prayers? Skeptical About Christianity.: hell, church, beliefs
  145. biblical reliability: Pentateuch, myths, believe, exodus - Christianity
  146. Is Putin Gog in the Ezekiel Gog/Magog Prophecy?: Torah, myth, Revelation - Christianity
  147. What is so bad about desiring worldly things in Heaven?: belief, pray - Christianity
  148. How does one find the right church?: tradition, Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  149. Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute?: women, church, scripture, disciple - Christianity
  150. Does Lunar Eclipse Signal End Times?: Gospel, church, Jesus, Kingdom - Christianity
  151. The Old Testament writers were way ahead of our present day scientists: agnostic, beliefs - Christianity
  152. The Misuse of the Word Apocalypse: hell, abomination, churches - Christianity
  153. Whatís Gone Wrong With The Worship Of Today: churches, scriptures, prayer - Christianity
  154. Explanation of Nephilim?: women, church, Messiah, allegory - Christianity
  155. When & How did the Original Church Dissapear?: traditions, churches, believe - Christianity
  156. Major crush on my youth pastor!!! HELP!!!?: women, church, believers - Christianity
  157. Where is the rapture in the Bible?: testimony, doctrine, woman - Christianity
  158. Not Every Believer...: church, Revelation, beliefs, dogma - Christianity
  159. Abomination of Desolation: Gospel, hell, doctrine, church - Christianity
  160. If preachers didnt get paid, do you think many would still preach?: Jehovah's Witnesses, LDS - Christianity
  161. Why do you believe in God and why do you believe the Bible is his word?: agnostic, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  162. The Godhead: Revelation, believe, scripture, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  163. Did the O.T talk about The kingdom of heaven, or is it just mentioned in The new testament?: churches, Revelation - Christianity
  164. From your heart; as a Christian- what would you say to Israel: church, Messiah - Christianity
  165. Does God Demand Perfection?: Gospel, Buddhism, Leviticus, hell - Christianity
  166. Why did Christ speak so strongly against riches and property? What was the purport?: Solomon, Jesus - Christianity
  167. Judas repents!: crucified, Gospel, church, priests - Christianity
  168. Dispensationalism correct?: church, believe, priest, sin - Christianity
  169. Opinions on Jesus's Second Coming/The Rapture occurring in 2014: hell, abominations, myths - Christianity
  170. Was there a prophecy about Jesus, so that he was born to be hanged at Calvary?: Micah, crucifixion - Christianity
  171. Debate Ahmed Deedat VS Stanley Sjoberg Is Jesus God?: church, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  172. What Traditions?: Gospel, Epistles, doctrine, women - Christianity
  173. Why are so many modern TV preachers against God law?: Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  174. A That Burns in My Soul: crucified, Buddhism, Book of Mormon - Christianity
  175. Serious why is the bible viewed as the word of God?: Harry Potter, myth - Christianity
  176. Governor scott walker stands firm - will not give in to atheists, bible verse stays on his social media accounts: believe, scripture - Christianity
  177. Transfiguration story: Gospels, believers, scripture, Moses - Christianity
  178. The Easter Bunny Vs Jesus: Why do churches hold Easter Egg hunts?: tradition, hell - Christianity
  179. Are more frequent and intense earthquakes: believe, prayer, sin, Jesus - Christianity
  180. Should the BIBLE alone be the only standard for truth?: Torah, tradition - Christianity
  181. Does my youth pastor have a crush on me?: woman, church, praying - Christianity
  182. Why did God send the flood in Genesis?: Gomorrah, Gospel, Sodom - Christianity
  183. Worship Is and Can Be Dangerous Part 3: Revelation, believe, pray - Christianity
  184. What is Puritanism, and what is a Revitialist? - Christianity
  185. Who Are Self Wise Experts Today ?: Gospel, women, church - Christianity
  186. Can't Be A Christian And A Average Person In Society ?: dress codes, believers - Christianity
  187. Golden Arrow Prayer: Repenting For Blasphemy: Jesus Christ, God, bless, Lord - Christianity
  188. How Does Self Wisdom Take You To Hell ?: tradition, doctrine, church - Christianity
  189. Sad. Worldvision reverses stand on letting same sex partners feed starving children: Biblical, organization - Christianity
  190. Worship Is and Can Be Dangerous Part 4: church, believing, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  191. The Anglo-African DiasporaL An Instrument of Providence: Gomorrah, tradition, Sodom - Christianity
  192. Are Your Goals A Lot Different Accepting Jesus Christ ?: testimony, church, believe - Christianity
  193. The ELCA ( Envangelical Lutheran Church): churches, Philadelphia, members - Christianity
  194. The Israeli Greek Catholic Archbishop was arrested and will be charged with sexual assault: woman, church - Christianity
  195. Great Video of The Vatican - Christianity
  196. Who loved not their lives unto death.: testimony, church, Revelation - Christianity
  197. Are there degrees of sin other than venial and moral (Catholicism)? What about in Protestantism? - Christianity
  198. Did Being A Christian Mean You Become Less Self Wise On How To Be A Christian ?: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  199. I read something about that the reformation was done because Germany lost to much land or something to the vatican? - Christianity
  200. What Are Christians Really Accomplishing ?: Gospel, church, Revelation, believer - Christianity