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  1. A Class Divided...: death, racism, program, percentage - Great Debates
  2. NASCAR is there just too many cars running?: races - Great Debates
  3. You're wasting your time and other naysayers.: financial, education, world - Great Debates
  4. Fortune and the dark cloud: ethic, Clinton, wisdom, school - Great Debates
  5. Is The US a True Meritocracy?: generations, millionaires, companies, education - Great Debates
  6. Know of former classmate who went from poorly performing in school to straight As?: salary, stats - Great Debates
  7. What is good and what is bad when it comes to people?: enemy, Jesus - Great Debates
  8. Getting rich is it only for the rich?: generation, Christmas, Byrd - Great Debates
  9. How come inaction that causes harm to be more forgiavble than action that causes harm?: death, million - Great Debates
  10. Feminism, Body Image, Self-Reliance, and Senstivity: Franken, generation, 9/11, high school - Great Debates
  11. Companies and Corporations - How far can they go?: unemployment, minimum wage, salary - Great Debates
  12. Do you think most people love strangers/human beings in general?: how much, income - Great Debates
  13. Should HUGE Christmas Light Displays be legal in residential areas?: dollars, vs - Great Debates
  14. sustain ABILITY reposted from economics forum: generations, ethical, politicians - Great Debates
  15. Americans are dopamine addicts...and successful.: wisdom, crime, financial - Great Debates
  16. Sad story that contradicts pretty much every NRA talking point: Iraq, weapon - Great Debates
  17. New Orleans Redux: Alabama, dollar, election, elect - Great Debates
  18. Are We Better Off Living with the Blues?: generations, parade, drugs - Great Debates
  19. Foreign aide ?: Congress, middle east, Israel - Great Debates
  20. The of Contentment and all of the Possibilities for How To Find the Best Maximum Amount of Contentment.: compared, knowledge - Great Debates
  21. Extraterrestials - Do they exist?: solution, how much, military, carry - Great Debates
  22. Are ethics and morals learned or simply a part of one's personality?: ethical, illegal - Great Debates
  23. Homless Hotspots: money, news, thoughts, advantage - Great Debates
  24. Why do so many people feel Hurt and Defensive over Criticism on online forums?: wisdom, elect - Great Debates
  25. One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.: Congress, legal - Great Debates
  26. For Whom The Bell Tolls-Did The Political Left Ever Recover From The Disillusion And Fallout Of The Spanish Civil War?: weapons, regime - Great Debates
  27. Person who commits sex offense as a child...: accuse, March, crime - Great Debates
  28. The Problem with Globalization Is... ?: unemployment, salary, middle east, Canada - Great Debates
  29. Sovereignty and Land Ownership: Palestinians, Israel, legal, premium - Great Debates
  30. Should SUV's,Mini Vans, Pick up trucks have their own parking areas?: regular, solution - Great Debates
  31. Why are other races obsessed with discussing black people?: violent crime, Hispanic, murder - Great Debates
  32. So who was actually rude?: female, kids, working, country - Great Debates
  33. Old school dating vs. Social media: compare, world, women, news - Great Debates
  34. English - a Scandinavian language?: the latina, invasion, compare, claim - Great Debates
  35. What's the $ value of a human being?: ethical, drug, regular - Great Debates
  36. New States: Congress, Israel, Canada, Pittsburgh - Great Debates
  37. Is multiculturalism/diversity necessarily a good thing?: Iran, racism, Canada - Great Debates
  38. Would you live with a roommate?: best, considered, own, city - Great Debates
  39. Why can't people read and comprehend?: stats, deaths, Obama, ratings - Great Debates
  40. Mentally Retarded Adults have RIGHTS!: Congress, generations, Obama, independent - Great Debates
  41. Why are Black ladies worth less in the dating world?: Iran, racism - Great Debates
  42. What is the most important ethical debate of our time?: interstate, injection - Great Debates
  43. Does latitude/weather correlate positively with personality style?: Canada, crime, Miami - Great Debates
  44. Why Doesn't the Black Community Value Marriage? .: statistics, suspect, racist - Great Debates
  45. When will the insanity STOP in this country?: soldiers, regular, weapon - Great Debates
  46. Why do you want more government & taxes?: Ron Paul, unemployment - Great Debates
  47. Motivational speakers - hot air or effective?: speech, school, leader - Great Debates
  48. Are vaccines dangerous? Why or why not?: injection, drug, regular - Great Debates
  49. State removes video game from rest stop?: military, school, terrorists - Great Debates
  50. Fiscal cliff and a double dip recession: Congress, March, insurance - Great Debates
  51. The eternity of US constitution.: generations, parties, vs, states - Great Debates
  52. If gay is genetic, would you alter an embryo?: illegal, carry, gay people - Great Debates
  53. Rehabilitation v. Incarceration: ethical, Reagan, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  54. Americans are spoiled compared to the rest of the world: unemployment, fast food - Great Debates
  55. Rape gets 1 yr, Murder gets life, Ohio get it right?: legal, suspect - Great Debates
  56. Cuba-United States Relations: drugs, suspect, revolution, Miami - Great Debates
  57. Technology and standard of living: unemployed, ethical, regular, death - Great Debates
  58. Why do most African Americans claim to not be able to swim?: generations, poll - Great Debates
  59. In Need Of: black president, Obama, program, citizen - Great Debates
  60. TAKE time to educate others of Martin Luther King Jr: activist, how much - Great Debates
  61. We are responsible for each other.: employment, drugs, CNN - Great Debates
  62. Performance Enhancing Substances vs. Real Ability: illegal, drugs, stats, Pittsburgh - Great Debates
  63. should the perents of overweight children be charged with child neglect?: Putin, drugs - Great Debates
  64. Would you advocate for a more liberal assisted suicide law in this country like in Belgium?: legal, death - Great Debates
  65. Why is it to eat animals and not others?: Amish, cost - Great Debates
  66. Why is there so much hate towards people who don't have siblings?: independent, claim - Great Debates
  67. Are Babyboomers a viable economic engine to our economy?: generation, Baby Boomers, stats - Great Debates
  68. Nancy Lazna: weapons, deaths, how much, abuse - Great Debates
  69. Women should always support other women!! ...just about this imbecilic and immoral feminist mantra: ethical, legal - Great Debates
  70. MASSIVE Immigration has destroyed the friendly neighborhood!: middle east, generations, Mexican - Great Debates
  71. She had a bottle, he asked put it down,she didn't,*hit to the face*: parade, legal - Great Debates
  72. Newborn Circumcision: spokeswoman, statistics, deaths, military - Great Debates
  73. Why does the US grow so little food?: NAFTA, unemployment, fast food - Great Debates
  74. Do we overvalue intelligence?: wisdom, high school, examples, education - Great Debates
  75. On the great gun debate...: gallon, generations, illegal, weapon - Great Debates
  76. Should School Administrators be held legally responsible for bullying?: how much, Jesus, high school - Great Debates
  77. Friends and relatives tell me I should relocate to a boom town, should I?: unemployment rate, crime - Great Debates
  78. Why do most gay men sound different?: controversial, bias, carry - Great Debates
  79. Is America really a country of immigrants?: wages, generations, illegal - Great Debates
  80. Can states choose to ignore Federal laws?: minimum wage, Mexican, legal - Great Debates
  81. Ginger or Mary Ann: Kansas, children, town, great - Great Debates
  82. Without the 2nd amendment the others mean nothing.: Taliban, legal, regular - Great Debates
  83. Could the U.S. win a war against unified continental Europe + UK?: arsenal, soldier - Great Debates
  84. No future for the children: unemployment, gas prices, salaries, holidays - Great Debates
  85. Not every American born person can work in an office and not everyone should go to college: unemployed, fast food - Great Debates
  86. Is Hip Hop contributing the destruction of the young Black Youth in America?: generations, drug - Great Debates
  87. Why can't our elected get it together?: Congress, lawyers, health care - Great Debates
  88. The counter-cooperation movement: Limbaugh, ethical, revolution, dollar - Great Debates
  89. Was the U.S.A. really that great back then?: Iran, wage - Great Debates
  90. Libertopia - Conservative hippies????: suspect, wisdom, millionaire, school - Great Debates
  91. How Do You Quantify the Success of Individuals and Society?: Corporate Profit, ethical - Great Debates
  92. Do You Think Society Has to be Revolutionized in Major Changes, OR Less Slight Changes? Should it Stay Exactly The Same?: radical, state - Great Debates
  93. are preppers overly paranoid: employment, arsenal, millionaire, military - Great Debates
  94. Professionals?: employment, salary, lawyer, regular - Great Debates
  95. Which lifestyle do you think is more fulfilling: professional middle class or very rich: millionaires, companies - Great Debates
  96. Sen. Rubio to give Republican response to State Of Union In English and Spanish.: death, Menendez - Great Debates
  97. Discrimination: illegal, drugs, racism, solution - Great Debates
  98. Does something that kills 348 people in the US in a year need to be banned?: weapons, deaths - Great Debates
  99. Hedonism vs Asceticism: ethical, support, best, thoughts - Great Debates
  100. Lawsuit: Black nurses barred from treating baby at parent's request.: employment, legal - Great Debates
  101. Do Kids Have 2nd Amendment rights?: middle east, illegal, weapons, Minnesota - Great Debates
  102. Is it out of Politcal Correctness that so many people seem to shout for more Diversity in their cities??: racist, Hispanic - Great Debates
  103. BatMan Vs Superman: votes, mortality, job, capital - Great Debates
  104. Why do people hate the rich???: Obama, money, voted, status - Great Debates
  105. How Well Educated People Can Become in Mind and Spirit. Is there a specific limit?: school, education - Great Debates
  106. Is there a Southern culture , and how has it contributed to the U.S.?: McCain, Iran - Great Debates
  107. Should the draft be reinstated and include both men and women: Congress, interview - Great Debates
  108. Is 22 young enough to start a new life?: death, Jesus, school - Great Debates
  109. What do you think would actually prevent another tragedy?: Israel, drugs, weapons - Great Debates
  110. Why are celebrities so often vulnerable to drug addiction and depression?: legal, drugs - Great Debates
  111. Why is it that weak people are so hated?: crime, school, party - Great Debates
  112. Why Are Doctors Favored Over Lawyers?: ethical, legal, attorneys, stereotypes - Great Debates
  113. What to do about bullies: illegal, death, Canada, school - Great Debates
  114. Death with Dignity: legal, drug, stats, deaths - Great Debates
  115. Racist against own race????: conspiracy, racism, brainwashing, KKK - Great Debates
  116. Are 21st century humans more stressed out than humans who lived in the past?: death, speech - Great Debates
  117. Do you believe in the implicit cycle of karma?: independence, Jesus, state - Great Debates
  118. Is American society becoming a society of irritated people?: interview, compare, rating - Great Debates
  119. Let Grace die with Dignity: death, state, support, Maine - Great Debates
  120. TV parental guidelines VS local news: accuse, school, rating, good news - Great Debates
  121. Should require locations?: employment, salary, legal, regular - Great Debates
  122. Concealed Carry. Going too far...........: attorney, weapon, military, compare - Great Debates
  123. Should we publicize where sex offenders live?: drug, activist, FBI - Great Debates
  124. Closed: Should we publicize where sex offenders live?: drug, statistics, death - Great Debates
  125. Guns don't kill people, people kill people: arsenal, drugs, regular - Great Debates
  126. Should non-violent offenders and people who do not commit crimes against others be put in jail?: wage, generation - Great Debates
  127. What does The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions mean?: generation, global warming - Great Debates
  128. CEO/Founder of Susan G Komen Made $417K Last Year. Too much?: wages, salaries - Great Debates
  129. Drugs/Alcohol: illegal, deaths, Amish, how much - Great Debates
  130. I don't know where to put this?: unemployment, interview, ethical - Great Debates
  131. Animal Rights: death, abuse, support, world - Great Debates
  132. Would More Neighborhood Bars Reduce DUI Arrests/Accidents?: gallon, county, Las Vegas - Great Debates
  133. Is the US successful due to genetics?: death, election, elect - Great Debates
  134. Recent string of shootings...: unemployed, statistics, crime, economy - Great Debates
  135. Does the Black Community hurt black Americans?: ethics, drug, spokesman - Great Debates
  136. Are you less Patriotic if you didn't serve in the Armed Forces??: Afghanistan, soldiers - Great Debates
  137. Protecting Your Investment in Welfare: unemployment, generation, illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  138. Humans causing extinction of animals: examples, vote, problems, news - Great Debates
  139. Should euthanasia for who meet certain requirements be legalized?: drugs, highway - Great Debates
  140. Dreadlocks vs. Corporate America: Should they be cut off?: employment, companies, state - Great Debates
  141. Mercy vs. Social Darwinism, with regard to relationships: compare, status, female - Great Debates
  142. Is it worse to kill a childless young woman than a young man during warfare?: Iraq, wage - Great Debates
  143. is mormonism avanerican religion.: Harry Reid, generation, Reid, military - Great Debates
  144. Should people with certain genetic diseases be allowed to procreate: insurance, parties - Great Debates
  145. Gay atheists getting married: Congress, legal, gay people, government - Great Debates
  146. Most evil is the result of misguided attempts at doing good: unemployment, ethical - Great Debates
  147. Clutter vs. clear: elect, status, problems, documents - Great Debates
  148. Should people have dogs when they're confined to chains and small pens?: fence, solution - Great Debates
  149. Why are americans so obsessed with blonde hair and big boobs?: Canada, companies - Great Debates
  150. Deliberate slow death, self-destructive behavior or suicide?: legal, drug, deaths - Great Debates
  151. A tax rate based on hours worked instead of income level..: unemployed, minimum wage - Great Debates
  152. No more American Flags flying?: Mexican, holidays, nationalist, military - Great Debates
  153. Are all twentysomethings hipsters?: generations, independent, fence, Miami - Great Debates
  154. What has happened to America's Police Officers?: Congress, enemy, illegal - Great Debates
  155. America's rural/urban divide: border, independence, parties, elections - Great Debates
  156. Extreme Lifestyle: Stupid or Great?: death, insurance, rating - Great Debates
  157. Why don't people move away from crime? educate me?: interview, minimum wage - Great Debates
  158. Can a person make a mistake in life and rebound today?: generation, attorney - Great Debates
  159. If Marijuana is legalized, should smoking ban laws be amended to allow marijuana smoking in public places?: Brown, school - Great Debates
  160. Can you Work to Live and still have a good Work Ethic?: death, independent - Great Debates
  161. Is researching to vote and voting a waste of your time?: employment, insurance - Great Debates
  162. Tough Why do people fear death?: deaths, brainwash, how much - Great Debates
  163. What do you really think about poor people?: interview, drugs, school - Great Debates
  164. When a woman pays a man: illegal, controversial, crime, attractive - Great Debates
  165. Should interest rates of 90%-300%+ be allowed?: illegal, cost, dollar - Great Debates
  166. Nancy Lanza: the mastermind of the Newtown attack?: weapons, how much, school - Great Debates
  167. Should Teachers Carry Guns?: legal, drugs, weapons, military - Great Debates
  168. Is America lost?: Congress, polls, healthcare, death - Great Debates
  169. Should every school in the country need a armed guard ?: unemployed, Canada - Great Debates
  170. Why Are We Shocked/Upset About Mass Killings, But Not Individual Ones?: school, Chicago - Great Debates
  171. Religion aside; Logically, what happens after death?: wisdom, elect, state - Great Debates
  172. Should organ donation be mandatory?: death, invasion, doctor, religion - Great Debates
  173. Profile of Spree Killers: generation, Mexican, drug, stats - Great Debates
  174. TV News Media - Out of Control?: interview, crime, school - Great Debates
  175. Do Europeans have a 'right' to have tighter immigration controls than the US, Aus, Canada due to cultural reasons?: generations, legal - Great Debates
  176. Let's say top 1% paid 50%....: wages, salary, Clinton, Obama - Great Debates
  177. Why do Europeans hate us?: global warming, fence, elect, retired - Great Debates
  178. Loneliness Insoluble social problem?: solution, parties, elect, retired - Great Debates
  179. What proof do you need that climate change exists?: enemy, global warming, independent - Great Debates
  180. Source Labeling - Why is it NOT the law?: illegal, companies, dollars - Great Debates
  181. Is America still the greatest nation: Iran, interview, middle east - Great Debates
  182. How likely is it that a person would be physically attacked for being in an interracial relationship?: Mexican, CNN - Great Debates
  183. Does driving American made cars equal poor/blue collar?: Alabama, economy, Massachusetts - Great Debates
  184. Incarcerated: Put them to work? Save money? Why not?: unemployment rate, wage, illegal aliens - Great Debates
  185. Is Widespread Use of The Pill Making American Women Depressed and/or Crazy?: drug, health care - Great Debates
  186. Citym urder rates depend largely on race, gender, and age: illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  187. Is our government overreaching it's original intent?: unemployed, Congress, minimum wage - Great Debates
  188. Welfare Abuses: wages, generations, legal, lawyers - Great Debates
  189. Is it stealing to cash 60K in credit card convenience checks and declare bankrupcy?: ethical, illegal - Great Debates
  190. Government changing society's right and wrongs?: unemployment, Congressmen, wages - Great Debates
  191. why are white americans so racist?: racism, Obama, school, gay people - Great Debates
  192. I used to be all for the legalization of marijuana until...: illegal, injection - Great Debates
  193. Is giving English names to non-English children running from their heritage?: multiculturalism, regular - Great Debates
  194. Are Catholic Elementary Schools Acceptable?: legal, radical, Canada, brainwash - Great Debates
  195. Partition California into 5 new states (and the ethics of state partition): house of Congress - Great Debates
  196. Watching the NRA Guys Speak on the Ct Tragedy - Great Debates
  197. Whites and American Indians, another path in history: Canada, guns, European - Great Debates
  198. Why not to make schools safer?: gun, employees, security, parent - Great Debates
  199. Genius borders on insanity: state - Great Debates
  200. Infrastructure/Transportation -- The Nation Needs to Talk: highway, rating, economic - Great Debates