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  152. chestnut trees: wildlife, survive, wild, look - Nature
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  155. Feeding wild birds - year around, or winter only?: mice, dog, robin - Nature
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  157. Dolphin Dies After Tourists Hold It Up for Photos: pet, wild, look - Nature
  158. Have you heard about Dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan?: pet, look - Nature
  159. What happened when wolves were reintroduced to Yellow National Park: coyote, Yellowstone - Nature
  160. Heavy snow/ice cutting legs of wildlife.: dog, cold, pet - Nature
  161. armadilloes: bugs, snakes, mice, snake - Nature
  162. Article on giraffe killing at zoo: survive, Georgia - Nature
  163. Is this genius or animal cruelty?: mouse, dog, look, Tennessee - Nature
  164. News, A judge ordered Mary Musselman arrested for feeding bears at her Sebring home; warned to stop twice: coyote, survive - Nature
  165. Huge flock of wild turkey: bird, coyote, cold, Michigan - Nature
  166. Best nature writing?: birds, coyote, wild, Missouri
  167. German Scientists Predict Global Cooling This Century: cold, look, Texas - Nature
  168. Dolphin asks for and receives help from divers: wild - Nature
  169. SKUNK...Yuck: bugs, rabbits, snakes, raccoon - Nature
  170. Mountain lion terrorizes California neighborhood: dog, wildlife, pet, wild - Nature
  171. Cow Farts Prove Dangerous: windows, Texas - Nature
  172. NYS DEC intends to kill ALL mute swans!: bugs, birds, cold - Nature
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  174. Jane Goodall releases Wounda - Nature
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  176. Need a little chuckle? - Nature
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  191. One Eyed Albino Fetal Shark - Nature
  192. 1,500 active volcanos worldwide with the majority on the Pacific 'ring of fire': eruption, noise - Nature
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