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  1. Explanation of Oregon's current gas prices: Portland, Green: maintenance, tax, club (OR)
  2. Does southwest Oregon fit this description?: Portland: place to live, friendly, best (OR)
  3. Road Repair: construction, campground, live - Oregon (OR)
  4. Looking to relocate to oregon help!!!!: Eugene, Bend: crime, good schools - Oregon (OR)
  5. Ashland/Medford: Roseburg, Phoenix: organic, living, prices - Oregon (OR)
  6. Recommendations for 30 something year old in Law Enforcement for Coast Living?: Bend: home, employment - Oregon (OR)
  7. Night Driving Conditions From Grants Pass: Salem, Redwood: most dangerous, best, area - Oregon (OR)
  8. Coastal Debris From Japan - Clean Up: camping, safe - Oregon (OR)
  9. Moving to Oregon...: Portland, Salem, Medford: sales, hotel, home (OR)
  10. Cooking in a closed room w/ no ventilation: Portland: apartments, live - Oregon (OR)
  11. Relocating from MN to OR (Perhaps). Advice?: Portland, Eugene: transplants, crime - Oregon
  12. Medford Airport Noise: Portland, Central Point: live in, flight path, pollution - Oregon (OR)
  13. Should prepaid phones be taxed for 911?: Salem: buy, taxes, price - Oregon (OR)
  14. Origin of the name Oregon: financing, interior (OR)
  15. Prehistoric Oregon: Woodburn, Brookings: gardens, road, programs (OR)
  16. New facility in Tillamook - suborbital balloon company: living, airplanes - Oregon (OR)
  17. September1954 McNary Dam Dedication Program: Pendleton: attorney, tax, donate - Oregon (OR)
  18. Grants Pass Voting againstjails is voting to promote education as well as your own interests: Portland: rent - Oregon (OR)
  19. Don't try to fight a Raccoon: Milwaukie: pit bulls, garden, farm - Oregon (OR)
  20. we are thinking about moving to Salem Oregon: Medford, Grants Pass: sales, buy (OR)
  21. The Dalles (looking 4 rentals): house, moving, hunting - Oregon (OR)
  22. Need reccomendations for pretty places to stay and few good restaraunts: Medford: restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  23. Is this normal May weather?: Newport: house, stores, moving - Oregon (OR)
  24. Live music near the Roseburg area?: Ashland: house, friendly, retiree - Oregon (OR)
  25. Old Radio Shows: Portland, Beaverton, Beaver: house, neighborhood, airport - Oregon (OR)
  26. 18 yo from Chicago to Portland, HELP: high school, community college, live - Oregon (OR)
  27. Umpqua Lighthouse State Park :): Bend, Coos Bay: rentals, casino, camping - Oregon (OR)
  28. Astoria Oregon?? Thinking of relocating. Is with that area?: Tillamook: low income, for sale (OR)
  29. Did you catch the annular eclipse?: Grants Pass, Ashland: live, best, pictures - Oregon (OR)
  30. Where to stay on the coast?: Coos Bay, Newport: neighborhood, casino, outlet mall - Oregon (OR)
  31. McKenzie Pass Is Open: homes, trailer, vehicles - Oregon (OR)
  32. Weather in Medford?: Portland, Grants Pass: living in, moving to, area - Oregon (OR)
  33. Swamps in Oregon: Monmouth: to live, areas, maps (OR)
  34. Weather concerns when visiting in October & May: Portland, Salem: garden, safer - Oregon (OR)
  35. How much coffee is too much - off Oregon Coast?: septic tanks, coastal (OR)
  36. Dog boarding Pendleton area: Milton-Freewater, Riverside: place, clinic, water - Oregon (OR)
  37. CPG companies in Oregon?: Portland, Salem: fit in, living, move to (OR)
  38. how can I add 20 more days to 40 day notice to my tenant to vacate my house?: Portland: renters - Oregon (OR)
  39. Highway 101 Road Trip!: Coos Bay, Astoria, Newport: where to stay, school, camp - Oregon (OR)
  40. Newport or Tillamook, Oregon?: Waldport: rentals, house, neighborhood (OR)
  41. Learning to Fish: Portland, Eugene: friendly, teach, area - Oregon (OR)
  42. Looking for rental house in Astoria: real estate, rental homes, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  43. On our way to Scio Oregon!!: organic, living, farmers (OR)
  44. Which Oregon city is best for me?: Portland, Eugene: houses, buying (OR)
  45. Moving to Oregon in less than 1.5 months, Help?: Portland, Eugene: apartment, how much (OR)
  46. Thinking of moving to Oregon, advice: Portland: living in, club (OR)
  47. Looking for best Oregon city for our family. Your opinions: Portland: insurance, home (OR)
  48. Rogue River Float To The Coast: Grants Pass, Gold Beach: dangerous, retired, best - Oregon (OR)
  49. Oregon 2nd highest GDP growth in US in 2011: Portland: top 10, economy (OR)
  50. 4th of July fireworks in Medford?: Ashland, Central Point: live, county, town - Oregon (OR)
  51. HB 3681 Open enrollment in school?: Portland, Lake Oswego: transfer to, school districts, live - Oregon (OR)
  52. Wanting to relocate to Grants Pass: Medford, Central Point: real estate, job market, college - Oregon (OR)
  53. Family with 2 year old twins moving to Northwest.: Portland, Tualatin: apartment, rent - Oregon (OR)
  54. Bend/Redmond, Milton-Freewater, or Vancouver WA areas?: Portland, Ashland: transplants, 2013 - Oregon (OR)
  55. Klamath Falls-you tell me: Portland, Medford: rentals, houses, employment - Oregon (OR)
  56. Port Orford questions: oceanfront, apartment, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  57. Traveling down Oregon Coast - Book Hotel in Advance?: Astoria: hotels, camping (OR)
  58. Clear, partly cloudy, and cloudy in Oregon: Portland, Eugene: live, area (OR)
  59. Thinking about moving to Oregon from California: Portland, Eugene: to rent, low crime (OR)
  60. Relocating to Bandon and looking for a rental: house, price - Oregon (OR)
  61. no seashells at rockaway beach?: Seaside: live, dangerous, beachfront - Oregon (OR)
  62. Aerial America: Oregon: Portland: rating, job, history (OR)
  63. Looking for advice on relocating.: Portland, Eugene: good schools, college, to live - Oregon (OR)
  64. Rowing near St Helens: Portland, St. Helens: rental, how much, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  65. Ontario High School ? The good, bad and ugly...: Eugene: houses, transfer to - Oregon (OR)
  66. New to Board and new to Oregon: Portland, Beaverton: employment, live in (OR)
  67. The Spunk of Grant's Pass: Grants Pass, Ashland: crime, cabinet, organic - Oregon (OR)
  68. Oregon Culture: places, what does, people (OR)
  69. My heart is set on Oregon: Portland, Eugene: 2014, employment, school district (OR)
  70. Vets in OR: Portland: find a job, where to live, moving to - Oregon
  71. Hood River Area Cities - which is the best?: Portland: homes, organic - Oregon (OR)
  72. Furnished House - Cleaning things?: Newport: renting, mattresses, gated - Oregon (OR)
  73. Senior Living in Florence, Oregon: Eugene: apartment, rentals, prices (OR)
  74. I Like the Corners...: Portland, Bend: homes, best, areas - Oregon (OR)
  75. Have Kids In Newport Oregon Schools? I'm Ready For The Truth!: real estate (OR)
  76. Why has Oregon recovered economically so much quicker than California?: Portland: real estate, foreclosure (OR)
  77. Relocating to Cannon Beach OR and looking for furnished rental: apartments, condos - Oregon
  78. Valley of the Giants: Salem, Canyonville: live, place, flooding - Oregon (OR)
  79. Junction City Rent to Own/Lease Option: Harrisburg: real estate, attorney - Oregon (OR)
  80. Heater or Dehumidifier?: Rockaway Beach: lease, mattress, home - Oregon (OR)
  81. How is the market in your corner of Oregon?: Grants Pass: hardwood floors, low income (OR)
  82. Celluar Phone Service in Klamath County: new house, bars, best - Oregon (OR)
  83. Housing Rentals in Klamath Falls.: Wilsonville: home, prices, moving - Oregon (OR)
  84. Coos Bay or North Bend High School: crime, relocating to - Oregon (OR)
  85. flooding in Tillamook County: Tualatin, Seaside: home, live, design - Oregon (OR)
  86. Frozen Leon Raspberry Pie: Hood River: buy, organic, store - Oregon (OR)
  87. Moving to Oregon: Portland, Baker City, Hood River: employment, incomes, places to live (OR)
  88. Oregon Coast- Towns to stay in: Coos Bay, Astoria: for sale, real estate, apartments (OR)
  89. Young couple moving to Oregon from Washington - possibly help us choose a city?: Portland: apartments, leasing agent (OR)
  90. For of you the coast...: Rockaway Beach: shop, move - Oregon (OR)
  91. Moving to Oregon: Portland, St. Helens, Astoria: for sale, real estate, apartment (OR)
  92. moving to Corvallis or Bend: Portland, Eugene: low income, apartments, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  93. Veteran, Senior Citizen, Retiree health care in Oregon: Portland, Salem: insurance, credit (OR)
  94. Speed Enforcement: Portland, Eugene, Beaverton: photo radar, neighborhood, camp - Oregon (OR)
  95. And the decision is made... onward with Life 2.0: Portland, Newport: movers, house - Oregon (OR)
  96. What happened to the lumber industry?: Green: foreclosures, employment, construction - Oregon (OR)
  97. Grants Pass is calling me :-): Rogue River: for sale, real estate, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  98. Clatskanie - Hopeful destination: Portland: for sale, home, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  99. Moving To Oregon May 1st: Portland, Bend: sales, rent, hotels (OR)
  100. is Wilsonville tap water safe to drink?: Portland, Phoenix: house, landscaping - Oregon (OR)
  101. Best City to Live near Portland?: Bend, Sherwood: apartment complex, rentals, how much - Oregon (OR)
  102. Local impressions after law-enforcement cuts? (Grants Pass): Salem, Joseph: lease, crime - Oregon (OR)
  103. Wow - talk about amazing displays of nature...: Eugene, Hillsboro: power lines, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  104. Center Point, Grants Pass pros? cons?: Medford, Central Point: for sale, apartments, mobile home - Oregon (OR)
  105. From Brookings?: for sale, how much, houses - Oregon (OR)
  106. Pit bull friendly Places to stay in Astoria, Seaside, Warrenton?: RV parks, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  107. Wading through on towns...still not feeling educated about Oregon.: Portland: rentals, low crime (OR)
  108. The Pros & Cons of Hood River: Portland, Boardman: apartments, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  109. Portland or Salem?: Gresham, Wilsonville: transplants, rental, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  110. How could I find the best place for me in Klamath Falls?: Portland: hotel, homes - Oregon (OR)
  111. Unemployment in Oregon, by MSA (6/2012): Portland, Eugene: home, find a job, university (OR)
  112. Yes! Another move to Oregon: Portland, Eugene: house, job market, transfer (OR)
  113. If you love Oregon, at what point did you know?: Portland: houses, weddings (OR)
  114. Is there such a thing as hierarchy for Oregon Beach towns?: Portland: for sale, real estate (OR)
  115. Driving conditions - Salem --> L.A.: Medford, Bend: rental, home - Oregon (OR)
  116. Where did Oregon's ancestors come from?: Eugene, Monroe: construction, rail, food (OR)
  117. Tenants Carpet Responsiblities in OR: Portland: real estate, rental, attorneys - Oregon
  118. The State Song: Portland: home, primary school, law - Oregon (OR)
  119. state restrictions on houseplants being moved in from another state?: sale, home - Oregon (OR)
  120. Thoughts on Canby...: Portland, Salem, Springfield: crime, buying a house, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  121. California family wants to relocate to Oregon: Portland, Salem: apartments, rentals (OR)
  122. Earth Quakes off of Oregon Coast: Portland, Eugene: houses, bankruptcy, construction (OR)
  123. Oregon Estate Tax?: sales, credit, how much (OR)
  124. Coastal Oregon: different priorities: Portland, Eugene: fit in, for sale, rentals (OR)
  125. Black Churches in Klamath Falls: Portland, Eugene: college, gated, friendly - Oregon (OR)
  126. Swimming at the Oregon beaches: Grants Pass, Gold Beach: college, move, beach (OR)
  127. Moving to Oregon! Where should I call home?!: Portland, Eugene: apartments, low crime (OR)
  128. Driving a Oregon?: Grants Pass, Ashland: neighborhood, buy, closing (OR)
  129. Corvallis (OSU) or Eugene (UO)?: Albany, Green: apartment, rentals, houses - Oregon (OR)
  130. Moving to Oregon from Phoenix, tips, hints, rmation?: Portland: home, find a job (OR)
  131. Stupid Optometry Law: Portland: eyeglasses, health insurance, buy - Oregon (OR)
  132. Summer job in Oregon: Portland, Eugene: home, employment, camp (OR)
  133. Lyme disease in Oregon?: transplants, camping, living (OR)
  134. Oregon business unfriendly? Not according to Forbes: Portland, Salem: 2013, home (OR)
  135. single mom moving to oregon BLIND: Portland, Eugene: rent, daycares - Oregon (OR)
  136. Relocating ~ need feedback!: Portland, Eugene, Salem: apartment, lease, community college - Oregon (OR)
  137. Oregon Law misuse of 911 emergency response.: Portland, Myrtle Creek: apartments, lawyer (OR)
  138. move to Newport, Housing??: Lincoln City, Port Orford: rentals, hotels, month-to-month - Oregon (OR)
  139. Gas Price Jump: Beaverton, Beaver: prices, move to, manufactured - Oregon (OR)
  140. Best city in Oregon: Portland, Eugene: sales, rent, unemployment rate (OR)
  141. Moving from Modesto, ca To oregon need advice: Portland, Eugene: renting, low crime - Oregon (OR)
  142. Neighbourhoods in Corvallis: Portland, Philomath: apartment complexes, rentals, co-op - Oregon (OR)
  143. How's the fishing in southern Oregon: camping, to live in, fence (OR)
  144. Rainy, snowy mill towns in the NW: Portland, Eugene: home, buying - Oregon (OR)
  145. Grants Pass - I have uestions: Medford, Ashland: violent crime, Home Depot - Oregon (OR)
  146. Oregon Schools. General: Salem, Keizer: low income, for sale, real estate (OR)
  147. Outdoor living in Grants Pass: how much, house, buy - Oregon (OR)
  148. Will Western Oregon eventually be a scrubland like eastern Oregon?: Portland: move, eat (OR)
  149. Possibly moving to Hillsboro for job, looking for apartments or rental houses: Portland: sales, high crime - Oregon (OR)
  150. Laborer looking for CHEAP and quiet coastal town! help!: sales, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  151. Roseburg gloomy or just moist?: Eugene, Medford: gated, live, retirement - Oregon (OR)
  152. Most scenic drive from Portland to Bend (summertime): Eugene, Salem: rental car, rental - Oregon (OR)
  153. OR-42 E .... OK for towing a trailer????: Grants Pass, Coos Bay: camping, driving - Oregon
  154. Lakeview, Wilsonville, North Bend, Ontario, Salem, Tillamook, Pendleton, and Umatilla: Portland: for sale, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  155. Traveling through Oregon - suggestions: Portland, Bend: cost, gardens, friendly (OR)
  156. Is Oregon the Place For Us and If So - Where?: Portland: for sale, homes (OR)
  157. Dream=Move to Oregon After College: Portland: 2013, home, teaching jobs (OR)
  158. Proper Insect Etiquette: Portland, Newport: apartment, how much, house - Oregon (OR)
  159. Ashland details :-): Portland, Beaverton: house prices, best schools, closing - Oregon (OR)
  160. Homeless problem in Ashland, Oregon: Portland: houses, minimum wage, maintenance (OR)
  161. Little things that make us happy in Oregon....: Portland, Beaverton: house, neighborhoods (OR)
  162. Oregon vs Southern California: Differences?: Wheeler: construction, living in, stores (OR)
  163. Silverton or McMinville help needed: Portland, Salem: apartments, renting, houseboat - Oregon (OR)
  164. Newport, Oregon Coast, Tsunami: Portland: tornado, earthquake, living (OR)
  165. Moving to the Oregon Coast Need Advice: Astoria, Seaside: rentals, house (OR)
  166. Warrenton Oregon: Astoria, Seaside, Tillamook: apartment complex, motel, houses (OR)
  167. nts and tips for traveling to, from, or on the coast.: Hillsboro: RV park, rent - Oregon (OR)
  168. Housekeeping for living on Oregon Coast: Newport: lease, condo (OR)
  169. gay in Lincoln City, Oregon?: Beaverton, Tigard: fit in, rent, theater (OR)
  170. Medford Oregon Neighborhoods ??: Portland, Grants Pass: real estate, apartments, to rent (OR)
  171. BEA: Oregon Economic Growth in 2011 2nd Highest in U.S.: Portland: employment, colleges (OR)
  172. What would you rate Oregon's weather?: Portland: live, budget, activities (OR)
  173. of course the move to oregon: Portland, Eugene: low crime, home, job outlook - Oregon (OR)
  174. Wild mushroom and berry picking in Oregon forests?: Bend, Corvallis: buyer, live (OR)
  175. Is the Oregon Coast liberal?: Portland, Eugene: income, taxes, living (OR)
  176. Relocating to Portland/Vancouver/McMinnville area HELP!!!: sales, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  177. DONE with Portland, but want to stay in Oregon (where go?): Eugene: transplants, rent (OR)
  178. Surviving the stress of moving?: truck rental, rentals, consignment - Oregon (OR)
  179. Does the Oregon Coast have Hard or Soft Water?: Newport: sale, university (OR)
  180. Oregon hearts NPR (and are we the only one? Weird.): Portland: appointed, home (OR)
  181. Proper attire for Coastal Oregon: Salem, Newport: live in, shop, garden (OR)
  182. In 'N Out Burger is now coming to Oregon: Portland: home, moving (OR)
  183. Baker City needed: Union, Enterprise: appointed, rental, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  184. Oregon coastal town for surfing?: Seaside, Tillamook: rentals, house, neighborhood (OR)
  185. Oregon Coast Long Term Rentals: Salem, McMinnville: real estate, apartment complexes, appliances (OR)
  186. Grants Pass or Medford better for kids?: Portland, Three Rivers: neighborhoods, best school - Oregon (OR)
  187. A City Mouse tries to go country...: living, floor - Oregon (OR)
  188. A place like Corvallis?: Portland, Eugene: house, good schools, allergies - Oregon (OR)
  189. Why Oregon?: Portland, Eugene, Bend: for rent, new home, buying (OR)
  190. Are Oregonians more likely to visit Canada or Mexico?: Portland: live, dangerous (OR)
  191. Moving to Redwood, OR: Medford, Grants Pass: short sales, foreclosures, buying a house - Oregon
  192. Tsunami dock washed up in Oregon: Astoria: living, gardening, beach (OR)
  193. When did (or has) Anti-Californianism died out?: Bend: mortgage, high school - Oregon (OR)
  194. living in WA, working in OR - how does unemployment work?: Portland: unemployment benefits, apply - Oregon
  195. Washington County High Schools: Hillsboro, Banks: place to live, relocating to, area - Oregon (OR)
  196. Moved TWICE in six weeks...: Tillamook, Rockaway Beach: rental, month-to-month, new home - Oregon (OR)
  197. Crestview Commons in Klamath Falls: apartment complex, tenants, income - Oregon (OR)
  198. indian people in ashland from mumbai?: social, great - Oregon (OR)
  199. share your favorite towns up to 1 hour away from Portland & why?: love - Oregon (OR)
  200. Possibly relocating to Lincoln County: Newport, Monmouth: apartment, rentals, homes - Oregon (OR)