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  1. Good schools, neighborhoods in Portland: Raleigh Hills, Jefferson: to rent, home, unemployment - Oregon (OR)
  2. Working & Moving to Portland??: home, employment, construction - Oregon (OR)
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  4. Prospects for a math teacher in Portland (Marylhurst) area: unemployment rate, university - Oregon (OR)
  5. lesbian couple relocating to Gresham: Portland: neighborhoods, suburbs, friendly - Oregon (OR)
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  7. have you had to deal with this situation: Portland, Phoenix: short sale, real estate - Oregon (OR)
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  10. McCormick Pier - Apartments or Condos?: Banks: appointed, rentals, mortgages - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  11. Portland State U advice: Union: crime, daycare, transfer to - Oregon (OR)
  12. PDX job market: Don't read if you don't want more bad news: Portland: how much - Oregon (OR)
  13. Traffic noise permeating in and around downtown: Portland: apartment, homes - Oregon (OR)
  14. Moving to Portland next month...: to rent, houses, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  15. Budget Minded Accomodation in Downtown: Portland: hotels, price, friendly - Oregon (OR)
  16. African American female move to Pac NW: Portland, Beaverton: appointed, fit in - Oregon (OR)
  17. vets/boarding: Portland, Beaverton, Beaver: live, area, hospital - Oregon (OR)
  18. Good kayaking?: Portland, Hillsboro, Troutdale: ferry, water, traffic - Oregon (OR)
  19. CNN: Best Places To Live 2009 (Oregon): Portland, Lake Oswego: crime, houses, neighborhoods - (OR)
  20. Main differences between west linn, sherwood, mcminnville,: Portland, Tualatin: rated, metro - Oregon (OR)
  21. Good Area of Portland: Lake Oswego, West Linn: sale, apartments, renter - Oregon (OR)
  22. Advice on Meeting People? (Out of State Recent Grad back in PDX): Portland: city hall - Oregon (OR)
  23. relocation... looking for friends: Portland, Adams: condo, chapel, houses - Oregon (OR)
  24. Moving to Portland: Salem: apartment complex, rentals, homes - Oregon (OR)
  25. Distance to Mt St. Helens from PDX: Portland: live, centers - Oregon (OR)
  26. Cheap, safe Portland Or motel w/ pool: Troutdale, Sunnyside: crimes, hotels - Oregon (OR)
  27. kids sports in Silverton Oregon: Salem, Canby: middle school, live in, moving to - Portland, (OR)
  28. Know a Good Real Estate School?: Portland: good schools, live in, suburb - Oregon (OR)
  29. Layover in Portland: houses, restaurants, shop - Oregon (OR)
  30. Finding A Medical Job....Should be easier,....Right?: Portland: employment, health care - Oregon (OR)
  31. Well,...Is it Portland,..Vancover,..or Seattle....?: sales, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  32. What's up with Hayden Island?: Portland: condo, buy, construction - Oregon (OR)
  33. Moving to Portland???: Klamath Falls: renting, how much, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  34. Would I fit in and/or thrive in Portland?: Green: home, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  35. ORDEAL -Qwest/Directv vs. Comcast: Portland: home, prices, installation - Oregon
  36. Traveling the Pacific Northwest: Portland, Gresham: RV park, camping, price - Oregon (OR)
  37. Marylhurst University: Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn: affordable apartments, school, shop - Oregon (OR)
  38. Area around Peninsula Park?: Portland: neighborhood, live in, safe - Oregon (OR)
  39. Need Commercial space to rent: Portland: organic, storage, floor - Oregon (OR)
  40. OB-GYN and Hospital recommendations?: Portland, Tualatin: live, delivery, offices - Oregon (OR)
  41. Thinking of moving from Spokane to Portland: Beaverton, Hillsboro: fit in, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  42. Lake Oswego recognized by TIME magazine for its fundraising: Portland: sales, buying - Oregon (OR)
  43. From Grants Pass to Portland...: Roseburg, Joseph: apartment, month-to-month, high school - Oregon (OR)
  44. Looking at Oregon: move, health care, areas - Portland, (OR)
  45. Gated communities: Portland, Gresham, Tigard: apartment complexes, gated community, club - Oregon (OR)
  46. Is fresh spearamint/peppermint leave plants popular around Portland?: Madras: neighborhood, gardening - Oregon (OR)
  47. looking for a Mary Kay consultant in Portland or around Newberg: buy, price - Oregon (OR)
  48. Colonial Heights?: Sunnyside: homes, shops, realty - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  49. I'm all for sharing the road but...: Beaverton, Hillsboro: closing, commute to - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  50. Portland (& West Coast) vs. New Zealand: Phoenix: homes, job market - Oregon (OR)
  51. apartment search: Portland: apartments, for rent, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  52. Moving: Portland, Beaverton, Medford: job market, school, living - Oregon (OR)
  53. Portland is wonderful: sales, how much, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  54. Hip Neighhorhoods of Portland?: apartment, renting, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  55. Looking for Land- Extended Family of Herbalists and Gardeners: Portland: to buy, schools - Oregon (OR)
  56. Thinking of Moving to Portland...: credit, attorneys, schools - Oregon (OR)
  57. To Portland from Boston: renting, hotel, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  58. How to get the best of Portland in one month ?: rent, to live - Oregon (OR)
  59. Fence positions in Oregon?!?: Phoenix: credit, live, relocating to - Portland, (OR)
  60. Tax - 1099 - OR or WA?: contractors, income - Portland, Oregon
  61. Seafood in Portland?: Beaverton, Beaver: to live, restaurants, cost - Oregon (OR)
  62. Planning for a future move...need insight!: Portland, Eugene: neighborhoods, school - Oregon (OR)
  63. rocker/hippy/metal bars?: Portland, Yamhill: theater, area, place - Oregon (OR)
  64. Expatriot returning - Everything is so different! - Where to live?: Portland: apartment, rental - Oregon (OR)
  65. Virtually touring Portland: Burns: neighborhoods, areas, island - Oregon (OR)
  66. Portland Ingenuity: Green, Burns, Mission: sales, home, college - Oregon (OR)
  67. Portland Area Musicians: Milwaukie: school, live, money - Oregon (OR)
  68. For all the pug lovers!: Portland: better, advertise, video - Oregon (OR)
  69. Relocation advice...general questions public trans, schools.: Portland, Beaverton: fit in, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  70. Is this 2006 East Portland major meth lab bust news hoax?: home, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  71. Opinions needed, converting a duplex from 2 electric meters to one: Portland: to rent, buying - Oregon (OR)
  72. ever move from New England to Portland?: Beaverton, Arlington: fit in, sales - Oregon (OR)
  73. City Girl from Ca. looking for a good place to live: home, employment - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  74. Single Mom of Toddler Moving to Portland - Where to live?: Hillsboro: apartments, rent - Oregon (OR)
  75. Citywide WiFi in Portland?: live, floor, metro - Oregon (OR)
  76. Portland #1 in.... Unemployment!!!: Beaverton, Independence, Brookings: real estate, co-op, houses - Oregon (OR)
  77. How hard is it to rent with fair/bad credit: Portland: apartment, condo - Oregon (OR)
  78. Amtrak Cascades: Portland, Eugene: price, train, rated - Oregon (OR)
  79. dog friendy Oregon vs Washington: Portland, Troutdale: apartment, for rent, new home - (OR)
  80. Comedy Clubs in Portland...: Mission: how much, theater, club - Oregon (OR)
  81. Lake Oswego/West Linn Real estate: Lexington: for sale, real estate market, foreclosure - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  82. Commercial Kitchen Rental?: Portland: for sale, home, refrigerator - Oregon (OR)
  83. landlord tenant issue: rental, month to, house - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  84. Portland and Vancouver questions: houses, neighborhood, income - Oregon (OR)
  85. Real-estate agent recommendations for Portland area: for sale, real estate, house - Oregon (OR)
  86. King City is a speed trap.: Portland, Tigard: safe, retirement, metro area - Oregon (OR)
  87. Drivers license and vehicle registration: renting, buying a home, employment - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  88. A couple questions about Portland.: Redmond: appointed, sales, car insurance - Oregon (OR)
  89. Things to do in Portland: Hillsboro, Lake Oswego: neighborhoods, restaurants, shops - Oregon (OR)
  90. Portland Corporate Culture: Beaverton, Beaver: home, wages, living - Oregon (OR)
  91. hey foodies!! i am moving back after 5 years away how are the restaurant jobs??: Portland: job market - Oregon (OR)
  92. South Carolina to Portland? Places to Live?: apartment, rent - Oregon (OR)
  93. reasonalbly priced furniture store?: Portland: for sale, living, floor - Oregon (OR)
  94. Eviction? Really need advice: Portland: rent, credit report, houses - Oregon (OR)
  95. Karioke?: Portland: live, deal, places - Oregon (OR)
  96. for a House with Great Schools and more.: Portland: neighborhoods, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  97. Questions about the Milwaukie area: Portland: neighborhood, to buy, buses - Oregon (OR)
  98. Places To Eat - Columbia Gorge & Woodburn: Portland: school, shop - Oregon (OR)
  99. Questions for someone moving to Portland: Beaverton, Hillsboro: apartment complexes, renting, low crime - Oregon (OR)
  100. Tell me about arthritis pain in Portland: how much, summer - Oregon (OR)
  101. Young professional African-American family wanting to move to Portland: Dayton: employment, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  102. Where in Portland would work for me?: Beaverton, Hillsboro: real estate, house - Oregon (OR)
  103. Sandy beaches: Portland: parks, clothing, island - Oregon (OR)
  104. Tourist ideas w/1-yr old: Portland: rental car, rental, gardens - Oregon (OR)
  105. What do you know about Doernbecher Children's?: Portland: live in, medical - Oregon (OR)
  106. Power boating, wakeboarding, and water skiiing in Portland area: Oregon City: rent, how much - (OR)
  107. on Portland,: standard of living, restaurants, eat - Oregon (OR)
  108. monochromatic/low pressure sodium lights in PDX: garages, post office - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  109. Boating,water front bars,dinning: Portland, Scappoose: shop, food, activities - Oregon (OR)
  110. Jobs and COL - Really that bad?: Portland, Beaverton: apartments, rent - Oregon (OR)
  111. Underground City?: Portland, Pendleton: transporting, live, storage - Oregon (OR)
  112. Nonprofit Job Availability and Stability: Portland, Dallas: unemployment rate, living in, to move - Oregon (OR)
  113. current IT job market: Portland: income, live, move - Oregon (OR)
  114. Who commutes between Hood River and Troutdale?: Portland: home, living - Oregon (OR)
  115. Safe town for me and my daughter to stay during a trip: Portland: hotels - Oregon (OR)
  116. Tenant screening service?: Portland: to rent, eviction, credit report - Oregon (OR)
  117. Good School District in Portland: Beaverton, Hillsboro: rent, home search, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  118. Phone service in Portland: home, cost, cheapest - Oregon (OR)
  119. What buildings are: Portland: real estate, condos, homes - Oregon (OR)
  120. Portland Vegfest next month where to stay?: Sandy: rent, hotels - Oregon (OR)
  121. Washougal, WA.. know of it?: real estate, estate, property - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  122. rodeo in St Paul: Portland, Mission: live, prices, car - Oregon (OR)
  123. OPB opinions: Portland, Corvallis, Albany: tax, live, bills - Oregon (OR)
  124. Rain - I love it!! It's a PNW thing!!: Portland: living in, garden - Oregon (OR)
  125. The Employment Underutilization Rate in Portland: rent, crime - Oregon (OR)
  126. How is Tanasbourne or Tualatin for a family? How about NE or SE Portland?: Beaverton: apartments, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  127. N.Y. Giants: Portland: club, bars, ticket - Oregon (OR)
  128. Portland vs. Beaverton: Tigard, Tualatin, Wilsonville: motels, house prices, safe area - Oregon (OR)
  129. Just moved how to find work?: Portland: lease, homes - Oregon (OR)
  130. The MAX Is SO CROWDED NOW: Portland, Gresham: buying, inspections, lawsuit - Oregon (OR)
  131. Yuppies: Portland, Dallas: living, shops, bus - Oregon (OR)
  132. Weather: Ireland vs. Portland: camp, living in, stats - Oregon (OR)
  133. There ARE 12-month leases in Portland...right???: Corvallis, Grants Pass: apartment complex, rental - Oregon (OR)
  134. Little Italy: Portland, Dallas: real estate, hotel, house prices - Oregon (OR)
  135. How feasible is living in Portland without a car?: Gresham: apartment, rental - Oregon (OR)
  136. I miss you PORTLAND!: Green: transplants, condos, hotels - Oregon
  137. Move to Portland Now or Later?: Gresham, Beaverton: ski resorts, best neighborhood, rent - Oregon (OR)
  138. about jobs there in PDX: Portland: roughest, credit rating, how much - Oregon (OR)
  139. The Millionth Relocation: Portland, Beaverton: real estate, to rent, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  140. When do y'all think houses will get cheap out there?: Portland: for sale, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  141. Is Portland too dog friendly?: hair salon, condominiums, Home Depot - Oregon (OR)
  142. Portland is all that I want in a city, I feel stressed and agitated: Eugene: home, school - Oregon (OR)
  143. how is the humidity in portland: live, moving to, food - Oregon (OR)
  144. will i like portland?? dry skin, sunny girl...: Beaverton, Clackamas: houses, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  145. Positive portland area people only.. on moving.: Beaverton, Sandy: coupons, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  146. Lufthansa ending Portland-Frankfurt service: hotels, airport, area - Oregon (OR)
  147. Why is unemployment so high?: Portland: transplants, sales, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  148. Job sectors in Portland: lawyers, house, unemployment - Oregon (OR)
  149. Finding job in Portland/Vancouver: credit, find a job, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  150. Gloomy season pics - photos ONLY: Portland: how much, home, school - Oregon (OR)
  151. Grey days bother you? Get your Vitamin D checked: Portland: buy, live in - Oregon (OR)
  152. Changing times in Portland: Corvallis: apartments, how much, townhomes - Oregon (OR)
  153. photo radar speed traps: Portland, Beaverton: appointed, attorney, live - Oregon (OR)
  154. Racist Rednecks: Portland, Corvallis: transplants, homes, school - Oregon (OR)
  155. Thuggy neighborhoods to avoid? Map would be ideal.: Portland, Gresham: apartment, crime - Oregon (OR)
  156. Moving to Portland....: Gresham, Tualatin, Troutdale: sales, real estate, renting - Oregon (OR)
  157. Portland to the coast ISO Day trip ideas: Astoria, Newport: house, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  158. Family with kids moving to PDX for school: Portland, Gresham: rentals, crime - Oregon (OR)
  159. Apartment search in Portland...HELP!: Burns: apartment complexes, to rent, lofts - Oregon (OR)
  160. Looking at relocating to West Linn, OR: Portland, Lake Oswego: appointed, fit in - Oregon
  161. Would Portland be better if it had the mix of people more like San Francisco or Los Angeles?: place to live, move to - Oregon (OR)
  162. What happened to all the HOBOS that use to hang out near SW Burnside?: Portland: apartments, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  163. Hipsters: fit in, school, live - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  164. a move to Portland: Beaverton, Bend: transplants, for sale, high crime - Oregon (OR)
  165. Best Town for us around Portland?: Hillsboro, Woodburn: houses, good schools, live in - Oregon (OR)
  166. Portland is cool...but the SUBURBS...hmm...questioning ..: Beaverton: house, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  167. Math Teacher demand in Portland suburbs???: job market, public schools, salaries - Oregon (OR)
  168. Young couple move to Portland area--advice??: Eugene, Salem: home, job market - Oregon (OR)
  169. Portland No. 1 in U.S for courteous driving: Dallas, Clackamas: to live in, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  170. Solo visit to Portland; researching a move there: spring break, rent - Oregon (OR)
  171. Pretty sure I want to move to Portland but... (little help?): Phoenix: fit in, how much - Oregon (OR)
  172. Lewis & Clark Law School Forum: Portland, Lake Oswego: neighborhoods, college, living in - Oregon (OR)
  173. Does Portland really got something against outsiders?: fit in, transplants - Oregon (OR)
  174. it's really quite warm: Portland, Corvallis: apartments, houses, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  175. Unwelcome vibe?: Portland: appointed, lease, unemployment - Oregon (OR)
  176. I'm just NOT seeing the attraction...: Portland, Corvallis: transplants, buying a house, buying - Oregon (OR)
  177. Best Portland Microbrew: Hood River, Sandy: house, neighborhoods, amphitheatre - Oregon (OR)
  178. Weekend in portland in august: house, live, price - Oregon (OR)
  179. Local Banks, suggestions?: Clackamas, Union: fit in, insurance, credit - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  180. Fruit and Veggies in Portland: co-op, home, buying - Oregon (OR)
  181. Couple Moving to Pdx area: Portland, Beaverton: real estate, to rent, condos - Oregon (OR)
  182. Quality Of Life In Portland, Oregon Metro Area?: Beaverton, Aloha: power lines, renting - (OR)
  183. Need a good moving company to relocate from Los Angeles to Portland: coupon, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  184. A Good Time to Move to Portland?: to rent, house - Oregon (OR)
  185. 4 days on Portland, what should I do?: Hood River, Burns: rental car, fit in - Oregon (OR)
  186. Good place for tires: sale, buying, prices - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  187. Is Portland a good city for a classical musician?: Talent: rent, employment - Oregon (OR)
  188. Recovery from Recession? guess, opinions?: Portland, Detroit: credit, home, employment - Oregon (OR)
  189. stores who buy used furniture?: Portland, Sherwood: consignment, homes, buyer - Oregon (OR)
  190. Just Visited, and love it: Portland: neighborhoods, to live, dangerous - Oregon (OR)
  191. free health care for kids?: Portland: rent, health insurance, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  192. Mixed Race Family in the Portland Burbs?: Beaverton, Bend: transplants, low crime - Oregon (OR)
  193. Portland anti-TV culture.: house, theater, live - Oregon (OR)
  194. ~ah~ cool weather!!!: Portland, Green: neighborhood, school, live - Oregon (OR)
  195. Activities for teenager: Portland: moving to, area, teenagers - Oregon (OR)
  196. Portland's 'Young Creatives' Tough It Out: interest - Oregon (OR)
  197. State Fair begins soon!: Salem: parking, time - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  198. Phoenix to Portland: cost, comparisons, moved - Oregon (OR)
  199. Math Teacher Prospect in Portland (Marylhurst) area: teachers, market - Oregon (OR)
  200. Portland No. 5 in country's Happiest City for Families list: Donald: activities, ranked - Oregon (OR)