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  48. Cotton Candy Christianity
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  80. If the wicked say you are wicked are you wicked: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  81. Did Jesus really die?: paradise, Gospel, hell, church - Christianity
  82. priests believe child sex not a breach of virtue: celibacy, women - Christianity
  83. How often do you attend church service...?: hell, preach, believe - Christianity
  84. First time He comes on a Cross, the 2nd time to destroy the earth!: church, believe - Christianity
  85. Whirlwind: Gospel, Revelation, preach, believe - Christianity
  86. The free gift: hell, believe, scriptures, prayer - Christianity
  87. Cain and Abel: Tanakh, Pentateuch, paradise, incarnation - Christianity
  88. Who Is Jesus Christ?: Gospels, doctrine, church, Messiah - Christianity
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  90. The whole Universe 6300 years old about from the Bible: beliefs, exodus, scripture - Christianity
  91. Thank you God?: doctrine, beliefs, evolve, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  92. Guidlines for proper drug use in the church.: believers, scripture, prayer - Christianity
  93. What is a Christian?: Gospel, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, church - Christianity
  94. The worm that dieth not: hell, beliefs, scripture - Christianity
  95. Love God , part deux: Gospel, myth, beliefs, Jesus - Christianity
  96. Pope Denies Christ As The Only Way To God!: church, Messiah, Antichrist - Christianity
  97. FALSE TEACHERS AND TEACHINGS, can someone tell me who they are?: Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  98. Poll of questions, like minded Christians.: Latter-Day Saints, hell, Sodom, doctrine - Christianity
  99. Why did Sampson have 3 Islamic girls, and Hosea 2 whores for wives: woman, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  100. What Should You Pray For The Most Today ??: Gospel, doctrine, preacher - Christianity
  101. Does Christianity Call for the Death PENALTY?: punishment, Jesus, blood
  102. Lots daughters have sex with him, and Tamar acts like a fool to get pregnant, did they sin?: Sodom, woman - Christianity
  103. Separation of church and state?!?!?: Gospel, churches, beliefs, evolution - Christianity
  104. The Case for Christ Documentary Converts an Atheist: Gospels, testimony, beliefs - Christianity
  105. Prosperity Gospel Exposed: hell, punishment, churches, preach - Christianity
  106. Did Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Gideon, Elkanah, David, and Solomon sin having more than one wife?: Mormon, Leviticus - Christianity
  107. Does God teach women are equal to men?: testimony, church, Revelation - Christianity
  108. Did Rahab the harlot sin by lying to protect the spies?: godless, belief - Christianity
  109. David Wilkerson dead: churches, believe, Jesus, Matthew - Christianity
  110. The Complete Story of the 3 wise men and the 4th wise man.: the passion, crucified - Christianity
  111. Does Prayer work?: church, believe, prayers, disciples - Christianity
  112. Is the antichrist and the devil the same person? He comes from the abyss?: tradition, Jehovah - Christianity
  113. Can a Christian be demon possessed?: woman, believing, prayer, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  114. Are Wildfires in Texas a Sign of God's Wrath?: hell, church, beliefs - Christianity
  115. does God love satin?: punishment, believe, sin, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  116. Palm Sunday lifts s spirits?: traditions, church, Israel, Biblical - Christianity
  117. I believe all that is lost can and will be found: hell, Jesus - Christianity
  118. Can we love someone just as they are?: doctrine, believe, scripture - Christianity
  119. Is it true that Jehovahs Witnesses are apolitical?: Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, preaching - Christianity
  120. What is Truth: tradition, Gospel, testimony, doctrine - Christianity
  121. The ordinance of Early Christian Baptism in water - described in Early Judao-Christian texts: purification, Gospel - Christianity
  122. What does it mean to believe in Christ, to follow Christ?: Gospel, preach - Christianity
  123. Do you think today's churches resemble the Biblical blueprint?: traditions, Epistles, hell - Christianity
  124. Act 20:7 did NOT change the Sabbath day.: churches, preach, believe - Christianity
  125. All doing God?: Bible, Israel, people, forgive - Christianity
  126. The Eternal Security of the Believer in Jesus Christ/Part two: paradise, Gospel - Christianity
  127. What is your Jesus offering?: Gospel, doctrine, woman, churches - Christianity
  128. Support of a Christian America: Gospel, women, believe - Christianity
  129. What has changed in your life since you became a believer?: crucified, punishment - Christianity
  130. 1 John, the book, can we go through every verse would like to see people explain as they can each verse: crucified, testimony - Christianity
  131. Romans the book, would like to go thru each chapter and verse, God would be happy: Gospels, Epistles - Christianity
  132. How do you interpret/balance verses?: hell, woman, church - Christianity
  133. Mercy: Gospels, church, Revelation, believers - Christianity
  134. Perplexing (to me, Words of Jesus: Gospel, believer, sinners - Christianity
  135. Is it a Christian's duty to confront deception?: Gospel, doctrine, beliefs - Christianity
  136. Why does being born again bring out the worst in people?: Mormons, church - Christianity
  137. What matters most to God?: purification, Gospel, doctrine, preach - Christianity
  138. For all misunderstood, lonely people: hell, doctrine, woman, church - Christianity
  139. Is Church Worship Becoming too Mechanical Instead of Spontaneous?: churches, funerals, believe - Christianity
  140. *+*+*+*+*+Adam's sin made all mankind sinners, Jesus' act made all mankind . . . +*+*+*+*: Micah, Epistles - Christianity
  141. Your favorite hymn?: myth, churches, believe, mystic - Christianity
  142. Who has received God's Divine Love from the Holy Spirit?: hell, gnostic - Christianity
  143. Real Israel: Who is it?: scrutiny, church, Messiah, Revelation - Christianity
  144. John 3:5. ''Unless one is born of water and of the Spirit...'': crucified, Gospel - Christianity
  145. Which is the ONE baptism of Ephesians 4:5?: Mormonism, testimony, doctrine - Christianity
  146. Be ye holy, because I, the LORD your God, am holy.: traditions, Gospel - Christianity
  147. The differences us are used by God to show who it is He loves and who it is that loves Him.: Gospel, coffin - Christianity
  148. What does it take to be Saved?: Gospel, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  149. People wake up! NWO isn't wasting time!: hell, Antichrist, believe - Christianity
  150. If we love our enemies: Gospel, Jehovah, woman, prayers - Christianity
  151. Mormons, Mayans and 2012...: LDS, doctrine, church, mystic - Christianity
  152. The atheists are laughing....: church, beliefs, exodus, Jesus - Christianity
  153. This is what our world has come to...: birth control, Gospel, hell - Christianity
  154. The Insidious Cleverness of the Satanic Corruption of Christ's Gospel: abomination, churches - Christianity
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  156. is it correct to let nonbelievers partake of communion?: LDS, believe, scripture - Christianity
  157. for believers in universal salvation: Gospels, hell, testimony, punishment - Christianity
  158. The common bond: Gospel, hell, testimony, doctrine - Christianity
  159. We Can Agree with Westboro Baptist that God HATES ALL SIN: Gomorrah, Gospel - Christianity
  160. for Christians who believe in a universal reconciliation: Gospel, Mormon, doctrine - Christianity
  161. It's the blood that washes away sin, not water: crucified, Gospel, Leviticus - Christianity
  162. Harold Camping Fans, are we left behind?: myth, believe, scripture - Christianity
  163. Can You Lose Your Salvation?: Gospel, doctrine, church, believe - Christianity
  164. Christian and can't find a job that pays for necessities. Is bartending a sin?: believe, praying - Christianity
  165. How do you not participate in things without seeming sanctimonious?: believe, mystic - Christianity
  166. :-) . . . =] . . . If Mary was conceived without sin: believe, scripture, sinners - Christianity
  167. For Eternal Salvation, Believe, simply believe in Christ.: Gospel, doctrine, preach - Christianity
  168. 98 Percent Of Catholic Women Use Birth Control Banned By Church: Gospels, punishment - Christianity
  169. End of the World: crucifixion, Revelation, scriptures, priest - Christianity
  170. Does (Man + The Bible) = 666 ?: Revelation, Holy Spirit, Jesus, faith - Christianity
  171. Not everyone who calls on the Lord will enter the Kingdom, but all who call on the Lord will be saved: hell, testimony - Christianity
  172. Universalism vs. Non-Universalism--Different Gospels?: traditions, doctrine, preach, beliefs - Christianity
  173. I Believe: church, pray, Holy Spirit, Bible - Christianity
  174. Jesus warns.... Beware of teachers of the law why?: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  175. Why Kneejerk Eschatology?: Revelation, scripture, mystic, Jesus - Christianity
  176. false teachings to be avoided..: purification, tradition, Gospels, hell - Christianity
  177. do christians????: Gospels, Mormons, doctrine, Revelation - Christianity
  178. This Easter.: prayer, sinners, Jesus Christ, Kingdom - Christianity
  179. The Seventh Day: crucifixion, tradition, Gospels, doctrine - Christianity
  180. O Holy Me: Gospel, Lutherans, doctrine, church - Christianity
  181. Can a person be perfect, are Christians sinners, do Christians live in perpetual sinfulness?: Gospel, zacharias - Christianity
  182. Do you know people in your church with unorthodox personal beliefs?: Mormons, doctrine - Christianity
  183. In the Bible when God 'regrets' something: hell, evolution, sinners - Christianity
  184. Why Obey God ?: paradise, testimonies, Messiah, Revelation - Christianity
  185. The devils christianity, what it looks like, very nice verna on perfect: hell, churches
  186. Who Not Coming Cause They Bored Only ??: church, believe, praying - Christianity
  187. What Are Christians Really Born To Do Saved ??: testimonies, church, praying - Christianity
  188. How long is the Easter Vigil compared to Easter Sunday mass?: Roman - Christianity
  189. Luke Warm and Loving It - Christianity
  190. Evangelizing in western nations in the 21st century: punishment, Jesus, Christian - Christianity
  191. Easter: church, believe, sinners, God - Christianity
  192. Free Online Books in Creation Science - Christianity
  193. He is Risen - Christianity
  194. What In The Wisdom Of Man Do You Want For Your Soul ??: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  195. News, Palm Sunday Plea: Let Priests Marry.: faith, Catholic, experience - Christianity
  196. Have The Hungry Passion Of God To Live Out Today ?: the passion, church - Christianity
  197. Another Day of Infamy at the Vatican: church, Catholic, Article - Christianity
  198. The principle of time in early judao-christian texts: paradise, abominations - Christianity
  199. Have You Really Died To The Wisdom Of Man ??: Revelation, prayer, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  200. Testing If You Really Know Jesus - Christianity