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  10. Fresh seafood market/store in and around Birmingham?: Cahaba Heights: food, suburbs - Alabama (AL)
  11. University House Sublease for Summer 2015. Large/Handicap Accessible Room: apartment complex, lease - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  12. Restaurant Week 2014 Recommendations: Birmingham, Cleveland, Avon: restaurants, station, dinner - Alabama (AL)
  13. Information on the University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa: Birmingham, Montgomery: 2013, home - (AL)
  14. Birmingham's Technology Sector: 2014, credit, moving - Alabama (AL)
  15. Murder Rate Dropping: Birmingham, Mobile, Irondale: 2014, violent crime, how much - Alabama (AL)
  16. moving downtown - south or north of the tracks?: Southside: neighborhood, pros and cons - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  17. Expert Advice on Neighborhood Renewal: Birmingham, Southside: 2014, neighborhoods, live in - Alabama (AL)
  18. State Income Tax on Federal Pension and TSP?: Foley: moving to, retiree - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
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  20. Does Birmingham have a Black Gay History?: Powell: houses, theater - Alabama (AL)
  21. Fresh out of college, new job in Homewood, and fairly lost in terms of where to live: Birmingham: apartments - Alabama (AL)
  22. Crestwood area - about train: Irondale: how much, houses, transfer - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  23. Dinner with dog: Birmingham, Avon: restaurants, sushi, food - Alabama (AL)
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  25. dora police: lawyer, live, cost of - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  26. how important is health insurance to your business plans?: credit, school - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  27. Searching for Roots: Roanoke, Wedowee: clubs, area, children - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  28. Al. Power mixed use coming to powell ave.: Birmingham: 2015, construction - Alabama (AL)
  29. Need Help with Appliance Installation: Home Depot, refrigerator, buy - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  30. Looking for luxury 2 story apartments?: Birmingham, Morris: loft, condo, floors - Alabama (AL)
  31. Dryer Vent Cleaning Recommendation: Calera: house, area, roof - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  32. Red Mountain Villas Glen Iris: Southside: apartment complexes, appliances, live in - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  33. The worst road/intersetion in the entire state: Birmingham, Hoover: 2014, daycare - Alabama (AL)
  34. Can someone explain the Shelby County Rental Market?: Hoover, Alabaster: apartment, renter - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  35. Birmingham Farmers Market: home, buy, live - Alabama (AL)
  36. Two of many reasons why Birmingham is such a special place to live.: Homewood: best suburbs - Alabama (AL)
  37. Cheyenne Diner Games: Pinson, Lakeview: subsidized, vehicles, land - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
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  40. Single mother wanting to move to the Birmingham area: Homewood: where to stay, homes - Alabama (AL)
  41. Homewood High School Football: houses, to live in, warehouses - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  42. waterford in calera: house, affordable, compared - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  43. How is the cost of living in the Birmingham metro LOWER than Montgomery?: Tuscaloosa: real estate - Alabama (AL)
  44. Good apartments for $600 per month: Birmingham, Southside: to rent, safety, budget - Alabama (AL)
  45. Hello, there?: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Bessemer: live, area, cities - Alabama (AL)
  46. T-Bones coming to 5 points: Birmingham, Five Points: 2014, business, place - Alabama (AL)
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  48. Need to lease a small + cheap office space in Birmingham.: leasing, daycare - Alabama (AL)
  49. Where to live in the south?: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa: chapel, houses, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  50. List sources of SPAM and/or THREATS: overnight, message - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  51. Moving to Alabama --One Lake Heather Reserve, Birmingham, AL 35242: to rent, low crime
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  55. Pet-Friendly Housing/Neighborhood: Gadsden, Homewood, Cahaba Heights: rentals, house, tenants - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  56. Farmer's markets; pastured meats; raw milk. Where to buy?: Birmingham: flat fee, co-op - Alabama (AL)
  57. Spring Football: Birmingham, Mobile, Hartford: 2015, leasing, moving - Alabama (AL)
  58. Is the Mulga area safe???: Birmingham: crime, house, safe area - Alabama (AL)
  59. Hoover: Lake Cyrus Neighborhood: homeowners association, home search, neighborhoods - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  60. Downtown - move now or move later?: Birmingham: real estate, 2015 - Alabama (AL)
  61. #6 of America's New Industrial Boomtowns: Birmingham, Hoover: 2014, manufacturing, metro - Alabama (AL)
  62. Adamsville Driving: school, DMV, car - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  63. Permit Not Obtained For Work on House - what do I do now?: Vestavia Hills: how much - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  64. Home Search-Hoover Area: Pelham, Valley, Highland Lake: house, neighborhoods, good schools - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  65. Trussville, Oak Mountain/ Inverness, Mountain Brook or other?: Birmingham, Vestavia Hills: rent, home - Alabama (AL)
  66. Couple day vacay in Birmingham?: Mountain Brook, Valley: hotel, neighborhood, restaurants - Alabama (AL)
  67. Apartments near Summit advice: Birmingham, Huntsville: for rent, house, school districts - Alabama (AL)
  68. Birmingham artwork: photos, local, looking for - Alabama (AL)
  69. benfits of in-campus housing and out-campus: schools, university, living - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  70. Moving from MS to Birmingham area: Hoover, Madison: daycare, homes, best school - Alabama (AL)
  71. Recent gas price hikes (4/8/2014): Alabaster, Pelham: buying, prices, oil - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  72. Hoover High football and area: Birmingham, Mobile: school, to move, best - Alabama (AL)
  73. Police departments hiring around Jefferson County: Alabaster, Pelham: employment, office, money - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  74. Movie filmed in Birmingham....: Pelham, Helena: shop, trailer, cars - Alabama (AL)
  75. Help ....: Birmingham, Alabaster: new home, landscaping, neighborhood - Alabama (AL)
  76. Tuscaloosa: Recommendations for storage businesses for dorm room stuff: truck rental, rental - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
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  78. Tuscaloosa/Northport neighborhoods and schools: houses, magnet school, subdivisions - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  79. thinks 'Domed Stadium' Idea is Ludacrous???: good, exclusive - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  80. Valleydale Road and Highway 261 in Pelham: Birmingham, Montgomery: construction, high school, taxes - Alabama (AL)
  81. Feeling Frustrated...: Birmingham, Hoover: real estate, apartments, rental homes - Alabama (AL)
  82. How should we spend the day??: Birmingham, Talladega: home, price, shop - Alabama (AL)
  83. 36106 near Alice st and the 240: Birmingham, Montgomery: zip code, area, parent - Alabama (AL)
  84. 'Ethical' sales companies in region: Birmingham, Homewood: for sale, credit card, to move - Alabama (AL)
  85. UAB Moving on.: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Auburn: 2015, home, school - Alabama (AL)
  86. apartments in Chelsea Alabama?: apartment complexes, for rent, homes - Birmingham area, (AL)
  87. Home Inspection: Birmingham: buying, market, top - Alabama (AL)
  88. So the city of Birmingham grew...alittle: Montgomery, Mobile: 2014, condo - Alabama (AL)
  89. Downtown/Uptown/SouthHighlands (business news of all districts): Birmingham, Lakeview: sale, leasing - Alabama (AL)
  90. Going on a cruise: Birmingham, Mobile: train, car, deal - Alabama (AL)
  91. New indoor football team: Birmingham, Five Points: home, bill, budget - Alabama (AL)
  92. Birmingham Metro has five of the top ten places that are best in the state.: Hoover: crime - Alabama (AL)
  93. Daycare recommendation in Hoover, Alabama: infant, good, recommendations - Birmingham area, (AL)
  94. How's the job market in Birmingham?: Hoover: sales, insurance, wages - Alabama (AL)
  95. Connecting I-22 to I 20/59: Birmingham, Jacksonville: homes, construction, costs - Alabama (AL)
  96. Moving to Bham, 45K annual income. Looking to rent in safe area, near VA Hospital and Military Base.: apartment - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  97. Need a safe short term rental option ASAP: Birmingham, Hoover: apartment complex, crime - Alabama (AL)
  98. country bar: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Dothan: hotels, clubbing, horse - Alabama (AL)
  99. Perhaps I shouldn't be publicizing this...: Brookwood, Hollywood: fit in, 2014, live - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  100. Birmingham nightlife: Hoover, Bessemer, Lakeview: school, living in, club - Alabama (AL)
  101. Shelby County Homestead Exemption: Columbiana, Columbia: house, phone, place - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  102. Signing a lease near UAB long distance? How late before move-in?: Cahaba Heights: apartments, rental market - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  103. Looking for advice on a house: Irondale: how much, buying - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  104. Med student moving to UAB, where to live ?: Homewood: apartments, lofts - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  105. Looking for advice-South East Lake: Homewood, Irondale: houses, neighborhoods, buying - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  106. No Credit Check Rental: Birmingham, Anniston: apartment complex, home, income - Alabama (AL)
  107. looking for photography studio that advertises...: Birmingham: wedding, best, studios - Alabama (AL)
  108. Legion Field pro football team: Birmingham, Enterprise: 2015, home, rich - Alabama (AL)
  109. Cahaba Heights: Is the 280 traffic to CH that bad?: Birmingham: how much, buying a house - Alabama (AL)
  110. Place to Meet at I65 and I20 Corridor: Birmingham: hotels, restaurants - Alabama (AL)
  111. Doctors in south or west Birmingham area: Homewood: school, shop - Alabama (AL)
  112. Better to go through B'ham or bypass?: Birmingham, Montgomery: moving, best - Alabama (AL)
  113. Photo of progress of I22-I65 junction: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa: 2015, motels - Alabama (AL)
  114. Jefferson County's shining star?: Birmingham, Montgomery: 2014, city hall, credit - Alabama (AL)
  115. Unincorporated Jefferson County: Hoover, Bessemer, Hueytown: house, transfer, utilities - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  116. Leeds area: Birmingham, Trussville, Irondale: rental homes, homes, price - Alabama (AL)
  117. What's going on in Calera?: Moody, Chelsea: for sale, crime, new home - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  118. Accents in Birmingham: Cullman, York, Grant: transplants, live in, versus - Alabama (AL)
  119. What will be the next Birmingham neighborhood to catch on?: Homewood: violent crime, affordable house - Alabama (AL)
  120. Sad to hear about UAB football: Birmingham, Huntsville: home, schools, universities - Alabama (AL)
  121. about real estate: Birmingham: real estate market, rent, condos - Alabama (AL)
  122. Is Birmingham really THAT BAD?: Montgomery, Mobile: violent crime, home, live in - Alabama (AL)
  123. 2021 World Games.: Birmingham, Excel: live, metro, cities - Alabama (AL)
  124. Moving to Birmingham Area, need good neighborhood: Hoover, Homewood: lofts, condos - Alabama (AL)
  125. What's next for Birmingham? (Downtown mostly.): Powell: hotel, theatre, college - Alabama (AL)
  126. Troubled Neighbors: Birmingham, Bessemer, Fairfield: 2015, city hall, crime - Alabama (AL)
  127. Birmingham gay district?: Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Hollywood: 2014, crime, home - Alabama (AL)
  128. This Mega Theme Park for the Shoals Reeks of BS: Birmingham: 2015, move - Alabama (AL)
  129. Inventory of homes for sale is down 40%?: Birmingham, Hoover: real estate market, 2015 - Alabama (AL)
  130. Rich folks and black politicians holding Birmingham down?: Mobile, Huntsville: 2015, buying - Alabama (AL)
  131. Young Black Professional Woman Relocating to Birmingham: Homewood, Mountain Brook: apartments, rent - Alabama (AL)
  132. 65 Southbound In Construction Zone: Montgomery, Alabaster: living in, shopping center, move - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  133. Do you have a new business or project you want to share with us?: Montgomery: real estate, city hall - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  134. Single Young Professional looking for a church: Birmingham, Homewood: elementary school, living - Alabama (AL)
  135. moving near Cahaba Lake area: Birmingham, Hoover: how much, new home, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  136. Italian-Americans in Birmingham?: Vestavia Hills, York: 2013, home, neighborhood - Alabama (AL)
  137. Moving to Alabama - My s: Birmingham, Montgomery: fit in, apartment complex - (AL)
  138. BHM Airport has did it !!!: Birmingham: 2014, credit, shops - Alabama (AL)
  139. Books on Birmingham (Alabama) - Recommendations?: Valley, Southside: home, neighborhoods, gated - (AL)
  140. Mt. Laurel - too far?: Birmingham, Hoover: apartment complex, rental, house - Alabama (AL)
  141. Nice.: Birmingham, Huntsville, Hoover: home, neighborhood, school districts - Alabama (AL)
  142. Redmont Hotel...: Birmingham: condos, credit, hotels - Alabama (AL)
  143. I-459 Accidents: Birmingham, Hoover, Calera: 2014, insurance, how much - Alabama (AL)
  144. Rain at 5:00pm every single day in metro area: Birmingham: 2013, rooftop - Alabama (AL)
  145. Best spot for July 4th Fireworks: Huntsville, Homewood: places to eat, parking, best place - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  146. Uptown-update: appointed, 2014, how much - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  147. DNC and/or World Games?: Birmingham: 2014, hotel, home - Alabama (AL)
  148. Birmingham to the east: Huntsville, Hoover: home, deposits, suburbs - Alabama (AL)
  149. crestwood area: Birmingham, Irondale, Avon: house, neighborhoods, to buy - Alabama (AL)
  150. Moving to the Fairfeild Alabama area: Birmingham, Bessemer: crime, houses, safe area - (AL)
  151. Opera / Jazz / Drama performances in B'Ham: Birmingham, Valley: house, amphitheatre, school - Alabama (AL)
  152. Birmingham will never get a Stadium Dome it's never going to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: daycare, home - Alabama (AL)
  153. BioTech Research Park forming in Oxmoor: Birmingham, Huntsville: 2014, home, tech jobs - Alabama (AL)
  154. Moving in Birmingham Area- Need advice on areas-artsy/granola type: Hoover: insurance, crime - Alabama (AL)
  155. Lane Park needs to be walkable. Do you agree?: Birmingham: closing, living - Alabama (AL)
  156. Road test at the Birmingham DMV - do I need an appointment?: Pelham: farm, office - Alabama (AL)
  157. 75 story tower announced by local developer.: Birmingham, Centre: bankrupt, quality of life, living in - Alabama (AL)
  158. Hoover: Birmingham, Montgomery, Bessemer: apartments, lease, home - Alabama (AL)
  159. More Sprawl than Houston.: Birmingham, Hoover: 2014, apartments, subdivision - Alabama (AL)
  160. Cable channel AMC production......: Birmingham, York: 2014, living, office - Alabama (AL)
  161. Interesting place to spend a day along I-59: Birmingham, Valley: hotel, home - Alabama (AL)
  162. Photography locations: Birmingham, Trussville, Helena: home, theater, living - Alabama (AL)
  163. Trader Joes?: Birmingham, Huntsville, Decatur: 2015, law, stores - Alabama (AL)
  164. Best Flat Fee MLS listing company in the Birmingham area?: Avon: for sale, real estate - Alabama (AL)
  165. Birmingham:The next hipster city?: Southside, Avon: 2014, home, college - Alabama (AL)
  166. Whats the deal with Uber??: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa: insurance, luxury, taxi - Alabama (AL)
  167. got one meal in birmingham-where to eat: Avon: restaurant, price - Alabama (AL)
  168. Bargain Town (the last one): Bessemer, Alabaster: coupons, buy, school - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  169. Athens Grease Festival: Birmingham, Hoover, Decatur: 2014, lawyers, home - Alabama (AL)
  170. Birmingham transit options???: Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville: real estate, 2014, apartments - Alabama (AL)
  171. Why B'ham Leads This Westerner's Retirement List: Birmingham, Mobile: renting, insurance - Alabama (AL)
  172. Moving from PHX to BHM... need advice on commutes: Birmingham: house, neighborhood - Alabama (AL)
  173. Montevallo to Homewood?: Hoover, Pelham, Helena: houses, neighborhoods, place to live - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  174. REV Birmingham: amusement park, how much, live - Alabama (AL)
  175. College Football in the South: Huntsville, Auburn: transplants, school, university - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  176. I-65 between Hoover (Exit 252) and University Blvd: Birmingham, Homewood: crime, home - Alabama (AL)
  177. Expansion of Hwy 31 between Alabaster and Calera?: Hoover, Pelham: sales, lease - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  178. no insurance, speeding, and NO CITATION by Fultondale PD: law, move - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  179. Young Professional Moving to Birmingham: Southside, Avon: apartments, to live, young professionals - Alabama (AL)
  180. I-22 moving forward: Birmingham, Montgomery, Carolina: cheapest, office, fast track - Alabama (AL)
  181. Heading down there this weekend, what to do?: Birmingham, Huntsville: hotel, house - Alabama (AL)
  182. homecooked business in Hoover area?: looking for - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  183. Buckle Up, Peeps. - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  184. Mercedes Benz Maintenance Technician Test: Vance: assessment, rain, center - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  185. There was a petition started for Uber!: Birmingham: resident, council - Alabama (AL)
  186. see this accident on 7/11/14@ 11:22-24am, I65north before exit 252: trailer, location - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  187. Language exchange (My spanish for your english): looking for, interest - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  188. Support Organic Farmers: place to live, place, ranch - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  189. Alabama Days: Birmingham, York: home, living in, retirement - (AL)
  190. A Tibetan: Deeply Disappointed: home, unemployed, homeless - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  191. Dear everyone: area - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  192. Wow...Anniston Restaurant Owner Damn Yankees Animal Abuse Charge!: Birmingham: 2013, apartment - Alabama (AL)
  193. Retail closing list: 2015, stores, company - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  194. My Spanis for your English: free, Spanish, looking for - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  195. Employment agencies in Birmingham: educational, job, good - Alabama (AL)
  196. local real estate disclosures?: foreclosure, mortgage, new house - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  197. bickering...? - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  198. Looking for room/apartment to rent in Birmingham January - March 2015: living, price - Alabama (AL)
  199. Ethanol free fuel near Hoover: station, sell, about - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  200. Apartments that accepts section 8 vouchers in the Shelby County, Alabama area: apartment complexes, voucher - Birmingham area, (AL)