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  1. Is there Veterans VA Healthcare avail in Eugene?: Portland, Roseburg: military, bus - Oregon (OR)
  2. When to secure a place to live for the fall?: Eugene: apartments, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  3. Biotech/Research Industry Careers?: Portland, Eugene: layoffs, to buy, high schools - Oregon (OR)
  4. Hazelnut trees in Alton Baker Park?: Coos Bay: eat, golf course, area - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  5. Information on Bethel-Danebo area: Eugene: apartments, crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  6. Best places to work in Springfield/Eugene -: employment, college - Oregon (OR)
  7. Cougar Hot Springs: two questions: appointed, rental, to buy - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  8. View from Google Earth: Portland, Eugene: tax rates, live, price - Oregon (OR)
  9. Rainy day expected in the Eugene area tomorrow: Portland, Salem: garden, cities - Oregon (OR)
  10. Should I move from Phoenix, AZ to Oregon?: Eugene: rent, home - (OR)
  11. If you're looking for a pharmacy in Eugene: Coburg: appointed, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  12. housing in eugene: Springfield, Corvallis, Cottage Grove: real estate, foreclosure, rental - Oregon (OR)
  13. Hassel free landlords/rentals around Eugene area?: Springfield: renters, mobile home - Oregon (OR)
  14. Good place for lunch and close to I-5?: Portland, Eugene: restaurants, eat - Oregon (OR)
  15. murders of florence oregon residents: retired, office, history - Eugene area, (OR)
  16. Cities/Towns between Albany and Eugene - Need a good school system (elementary school): Corvallis: school district - Oregon (OR)
  17. Thinking about moving to Eugene: Portland, Springfield: 2015, lease, house - Oregon (OR)
  18. Visiting Eugene: a few questions....: Portland, Tualatin: rental car, rental, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  19. Veneta's sky high crime rate: school, live, statistics - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  20. Is this crazy or do you think it could work?: Eugene: apartment, rent - Oregon (OR)
  21. 7 days Eugene: when? what to see?: Portland, Bend: rent, buy, college - Oregon (OR)
  22. Is there anywhere that's has less of a problem with loud bass and pipes?: Eugene: to buy - Oregon (OR)
  23. So what channel is Me TV out of Eugene?: Portland: RV park, live in - Oregon (OR)
  24. Is Cottage Grove a possibility?: Eugene, Springfield: sales, houses, movie theater - Oregon (OR)
  25. Not getting paid on time: wage, budget, business - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  26. good cable and internet providers in springfield,oregon: Eugene: neighborhood, price - (OR)
  27. Mobile Home living: Eugene, Coos Bay: for sale, renters, mortgage - Oregon (OR)
  28. Eugene for two weeks: Springfield, Oakridge: sales, how much, motel - Oregon (OR)
  29. Oak Patch Road ? (safe?: Eugene: rental, condos, townhome - Oregon (OR)
  30. Commute from Junction City: Eugene, Coburg: apartments, rentals, houses - Oregon (OR)
  31. Basements Common?: Eugene, Springfield: house, crawl space, college - Oregon (OR)
  32. air quality EPA data and comparisions: Portland, Eugene: 2013, organic, live - Oregon (OR)
  33. basketball reputation Eugene: town, teams, surrounding - Oregon (OR)
  34. Christian School Recommendations: Eugene: transfer, catholic schools, move - Oregon (OR)
  35. Moving from DC to Eugene: Salem, Cottage Grove: apartment, rent, crime - Oregon (OR)
  36. Texas To Eugene: high schools, culture, year - Oregon (OR)
  37. How much are your average utilities: Eugene: taxes, live, price - Oregon (OR)
  38. How bad is homelessness in Eugene and Springfield?: Portland, Mission: low income, crime - Oregon (OR)
  39. Eugene Airport Parking Safety?: safe, cars, park - Oregon (OR)
  40. Male Husky mix needs girlfriend.: Sandy: home, to live, costs - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  41. Hiking and parks in the rain: buy, weather, child - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  42. Frost on the windsheilds: Eugene, Roseburg: renting, house, live - Oregon (OR)
  43. Moving to Cottage Grove, OR: Portland, Eugene: movie theater, school, utilities - Oregon
  44. Best Preschools in Eugene: chapel, preschool, centers - Oregon (OR)
  45. Major changes in Eugene since 2012 to present?: apartment, university - Oregon (OR)
  46. Luxury Rentals in Eugene Area?: Portland: apartments, townhomes, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  47. Is it easier to get rental in March in Eugene?: Portland: real estate, apartment complexes - Oregon (OR)
  48. Information on Neighborhoods?: Eugene: middle-class, rentals, homes - Oregon (OR)
  49. Your Experiences with Winters in Eugene: Portland, Dallas: to buy, school, live - Oregon (OR)
  50. Jobs at the University of Oregon: Portland, Eugene: job openings, salaries, move to - (OR)
  51. Best WINTER driving route between Vegas and Eugene?: Medford: live, ticket - Oregon (OR)
  52. Moving to Eugene - Need suggestions: Coburg: schools, university, live - Oregon (OR)
  53. Salem vs. Corvallis - Retiree: Portland, Eugene: rental market, home, purchase - Oregon (OR)
  54. East coast 30 yo thinking of moving to Eugene -: Portland: apartments, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  55. Swimming near Eugene or Roseburg?: Springfield, McMinnville: waterpark, safe area, YMCA - Oregon (OR)
  56. help me in my apartment search: Eugene, Sherwood: apartments, for rent - Oregon (OR)
  57. Radio Stations in Eugene: school district, university, licenses - Oregon (OR)
  58. Moving to Eugene From WNC: Medford, Ashland: rental, living, budget - Oregon (OR)
  59. Property taxes in willamette valley/eugene area?: Portland, Salem: sales, assessor - Oregon (OR)
  60. (I found this weird CA/OR/Weather-Prediction Online) ??: Portland, Green: 2013, appliances - Eugene area, Oregon
  61. Florence area chiropractors: rated, current, lists - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  62. Coos bay!!! Food truck laws: Bend, North Bend: 2014, safety, friendly - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  63. How bad is unemployment really?: Eugene, Roseburg: day care, find a job, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  64. Cheap motels Eugene area: Springfield: rentals, hotel, price - Oregon (OR)
  65. Moving to Roseburg/Eugene area for Emphysema-good idea?: Medford, Sutherlin: allergies, to live - Oregon (OR)
  66. From Fayetteville AR to Eugene--too many questions!: Portland, Springfield: real estate, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  67. Good hair stylist in Eugene?: area, job, looking for - Oregon (OR)
  68. Price gouging: contractors, maintenance, costs - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  69. Cable vs Satelite TV in Eugene: buy, movies, live - Oregon (OR)
  70. costs of adding utilities to lot cottage grove area: how much, house - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  71. Pet Friendly Rentals in Eugene Area: Springfield, Corvallis: real estate, apartment, townhouse - Oregon (OR)
  72. Is this happening in your nieghborhood?: houses, neighborhood, buy - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  73. Summer camps in Eugene / seeking Lesbian parenting group): Springfield: YMCA, community college - Oregon (OR)
  74. Practical about distances in Eugene: Enterprise: car rental, rentals, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  75. Thoughts on Adams Elementary?: Eugene: house prices, magnet schools, prices - Oregon (OR)
  76. selling vehicle to ca. residents/who is responsible for smog check?: Eugene: sale, buyer - Oregon (OR)
  77. Roseburg racism?: live, shop, retire - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  78. Relocating to Corvallis with 4 kids and 2 dogs: Albany, Philomath: rentals, motel - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  79. ME TV Over the Air?: Portland, Eugene: station, good, channel - Oregon (OR)
  80. Quiet safe neighborhood to rent a house?: Eugene, Springfield: for sale, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  81. Best neighborhood for hard-to-label progressives?: Eugene: fit in, renting, condo - Oregon (OR)
  82. Advice for starting a new business in Eugene: low income, apartment complexes - Oregon (OR)
  83. Roseberg as a place to move for a young family: Roseburg: live in, shop - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  84. Eugene City?: Astoria: house, rated, corporate - Oregon (OR)
  85. Moving to Eugene (or anywhere in Oregon)? Health issue.: live, restaurants - (OR)
  86. Rental House Reconnaissance Trip: Eugene, Springfield: apartment, credit check, townhouse - Oregon (OR)
  87. Moving to Brownsville?: Eugene, Albany, Sweet Home: home, living, area - Oregon (OR)
  88. Place to live/work?: Eugene, Springfield: apartments, renter, credit - Oregon (OR)
  89. mobile home parks to avoid?: Eugene, Springfield: high crime, live, shop - Oregon (OR)
  90. Melford area: Eugene, Medford: attorney, college, live - Oregon (OR)
  91. Best, friendly bars in town?: Eugene, Green: dating, lesbian, place - Oregon (OR)
  92. The Friendly Neighborhood (is north still friendly?): Eugene: rentals, houses - Oregon (OR)
  93. News, Siblings return bag of found money: Eugene: 2013, deposit - Oregon (OR)
  94. What happened to the Purina Plant in Albany?: Eugene, Corvallis: to live in, versus - Oregon (OR)
  95. What to charge for care of 7 months old child? Eugene/Springfield: day care, home - Oregon (OR)
  96. If I move to Brownsville with kids?: Eugene, Corvallis: school district, live in - Oregon (OR)
  97. Eugene's New Signs Of The Times: house, neighborhood, preschool - Oregon (OR)
  98. dramatic hills in eugene: Donald: house, transfer, live - Oregon (OR)
  99. Moving to Oregon for the fall, Know No One.: Eugene: apartments, lease - (OR)
  100. Is mold a issue in Florence Oregon: house, to buy - Eugene area, (OR)
  101. Sorrel Way Park?: Eugene, Coburg: houses, live, safe - Oregon (OR)
  102. How do you feel about Eugene blocking public access to police radio? I don't care for it.: Portland: violent crime - Oregon (OR)
  103. Junction City - apartment complexes around there?: moving to, near - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  104. Getting to the Eugene Airport via #95 bus?: taxi, live - Oregon (OR)
  105. Can someone tell me why no high paying IT jobs in Eugene?: Dallas: home - Oregon (OR)
  106. Utility Bills in Eugene: apartment, appliances, credit - Oregon (OR)
  107. Abandoned Vehicle With a Lein: credit, home, transfer - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  108. Could Eugene use a 5 star Senior Manufactured Home Park?: Bend: renter, condo - Oregon (OR)
  109. Adult Men Soccer Team: Eugene: place, recreation, good - Oregon (OR)
  110. Best Eugen Neighborhood for Youngish Single Woman: Eugene: apartments, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  111. Is Eugene a good place for kids?: Monroe: violent crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  112. gloomy weather #207: Eugene, Bend, Redmond: buy, college, living - Oregon (OR)
  113. Opening a business in Eugene/Willamette Valley area?: Springfield, Cottage Grove: for sale, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  114. Should i move to florence or albany oregon ?: Eugene, Salem: crime rate, job market - (OR)
  115. Eugene high school: Springfield: best neighborhood, renting, homes - Oregon (OR)
  116. a move to oakridge oregon: Eugene, Springfield: homes, schools, to live in - (OR)
  117. Haunted by homeless,in my home!!!: Portland, Eugene: for sale, real estate market, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  118. Are there a lot of good THRIFT STORES near Eugene?: Portland: buying, shops - Oregon
  119. Do people get sick of the clouds?: Eugene, Roseburg: allergies, living in - Oregon (OR)
  120. Obeying Leash Law in Eugene: Springfield, Sweet Home: apartments, houses, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  121. Opinions on areas/neighborhoods?: Eugene, Springfield: rental homes, credit report, daycares - Oregon (OR)
  122. The difference between Eugene and Roseburg: Portland, Phoenix: 2014, apartment, rental - Oregon (OR)
  123. Moving from Nor Cal to Linn County area- neighborhood ?: Portland: rental market, home search - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  124. Eugene?: Portland, Salem, Springfield: how much, homes, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  125. Wanted: Family Friendly with NO cannibus, nudity...: Eugene, Springfield: Home Depot, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  126. is eugene a welcoming place for foreigners: fit in, college - Oregon (OR)
  127. Relocating to Oregon (Eugene): Portland, Springfield: apartments, rentals, insurance - (OR)
  128. Need AWD/4WD car in Eugene?: Portland, Bend: 2015, rent, how much - Oregon (OR)
  129. Advice on relocating?: Eugene, Cottage Grove: apartments, health insurance, house - Oregon (OR)
  130. Recommendations for where to live with horses?: Portland, Bend: to buy, gated - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  131. Which neighborhood in Eugene for 30's lesbian couple starting a family?: Springfield: rentals, crime - Oregon (OR)
  132. Florence, cottage grove, or creswell ?: Eugene, Springfield: for sale, apartments, crime rates - Oregon (OR)
  133. Eugene: Cost of living, job market, rentals: Portland, Bend: 2013, apartment complexes - Oregon (OR)
  134. Moving to Eugene with kids: Donald, Adams: real estate, rentals, house prices - Oregon (OR)
  135. Looking into Cottage Grove as retirement place: Eugene, Corvallis: low crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  136. Eugene 45,000 a year for a couple and baby?: Springfield, Bend: to rent, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  137. Small towns with charm around Eugene: Cottage Grove, Silverton: cul-de-sac, rentals, houses - Oregon (OR)
  138. Wildlife in Oakridge OR threatening pets?: houses, neighborhood, buy - Eugene area, Oregon
  139. the dreaded popcorn ceiling...: Eugene: appliances, house, asbestos - Oregon (OR)
  140. eugene versus portland??: Salem: apartments, rental market, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  141. Looking at Oakridge as my next home: Portland, Eugene: for sale, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  142. U of O is great draw for Eugene: home, university - Oregon (OR)
  143. How does Eugene compare to Boulder, CO?: Portland: to buy, school - Oregon (OR)
  144. Racial demographics ?: Portland, Eugene, Springfield: movie theater, university, restaurant - Oregon (OR)
  145. Mosquitoes?: Eugene, Tualatin: how much, homes, camping - Oregon (OR)
  146. Neighbors yard full of junk...: Eugene, Corvallis: 2014, to rent, house - Oregon (OR)
  147. Tell me about Springfield: Eugene, Coos Bay: dermatologist, violent crime, home - Oregon (OR)
  148. From Craigslist: Before YOU buy a house n Eugene, or in the surrounding area.....: Portland: low income, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  149. cat friendly rentals: Eugene, Springfield, Junction City: apartment complex, credit rating, attorney - Oregon (OR)
  150. Eugene Dog-Friendly Apartments: Springfield, Coburg: lease, houses, school - Oregon (OR)
  151. Eugene not for ordinary people: Portland, Springfield: sales, to rent, buying a home - Oregon (OR)
  152. Eugene Homeless Camps: Portland: school, college, tax - Oregon (OR)
  153. Homeless Clean -up and Clean-out.: Portland, Eugene: apartment, to rent, home - Oregon (OR)
  154. uiet + Safe area of Eugene?: Coburg, Adams: rentals, crime - Oregon (OR)
  155. Do i need to visit Eugene ?: Salem: rental car, rental, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  156. Welcome to Eugene, This is the I'm leaving Eugene: Portland: sale, 2013 - Oregon (OR)
  157. Eugene a good fit?: Portland: fit in, transplants, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  158. School options in Eugene: Portland: renting, day care, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  159. What do I need to know about Eugene?: Salem, Medford: apartment, rental - Oregon (OR)
  160. Commuting by Bicycle: Portland, Eugene, Springfield: rent, crime, how much - Oregon (OR)
  161. rain Rain RAIN ?: Eugene: how much, houses, school - Oregon (OR)
  162. Looking for advice on moving and relocating business to Eugene area.: Portland: fit in, transplants - Oregon (OR)
  163. Compare Eugene to Durham, NC: Springfield: sales, violent crime, chapel - Oregon (OR)
  164. Springfield vs Eugene?: Portland, Salem, Albany: low income, apartment, credit - Oregon (OR)
  165. Cell phone service: Eugene: stores, moving to, relocating - Oregon (OR)
  166. Friendly (neighborhood) -- I need help: Eugene: best neighborhoods, apartment complexes - Oregon (OR)
  167. Natural peds doctor?????: Eugene: living, health, business - Oregon (OR)
  168. Where to Live in Eugene?: crime, homes, school - Oregon (OR)
  169. Cary, NC to Eugene, OR: Portland, Gresham: appointed, apartments, rentals - Oregon
  170. Eugene bad rep??: Portland: transplants, rent, crime rate - Oregon (OR)
  171. Where to live in Coastal Oregon: Portland, Ashland: for sale, cost, safety - Eugene area, (OR)
  172. Best Oregon Farmer's Markets: Portland, Eugene: how much, neighborhood, organic - (OR)
  173. Oregon Country Fair: Eugene, Sherwood, Veneta: appointed, 2014, school - (OR)
  174. Relocate to Eugene?: for rent, crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  175. recommendations for a 2 week working visit.: Eugene, Springfield: university, organic - Oregon (OR)
  176. Whole Foods?: Eugene: real estate, lease, Home Depot - Oregon (OR)
  177. So what happened to Eugene?: apartments, rental, lofts - Oregon (OR)
  178. Trendy Area in Eugene ??: Florence, Joseph: movie theater, school, university - Oregon (OR)
  179. Open 24 Hours?: Eugene, Springfield: credit card, university, closing - Oregon (OR)
  180. Eugene Pictures: 2013, homes, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  181. Moving to Eugene in a Month and Overwhelmed!: Portland: wood floors, sublets - Oregon (OR)
  182. the drive to Cougar hot springs?: Eugene, Springfield: rental car, rental, motels - Oregon (OR)
  183. Best internet service to use in rural areas (tech: Eugene: lease, new home - Oregon (OR)
  184. rates downtown Eugene ninth best in U.S.: 2014, live - Oregon (OR)
  185. Junction City specifics for my Active Senior Mom?: Eugene, Albany: to rent, home - Oregon (OR)
  186. Moving to Oregon - where?: Portland, Eugene: low crime, safe area, taxes - (OR)
  187. Tenant/Landlord Issue: Eugene: renting, movers, appliances - Oregon (OR)
  188. Allergens, Pollen ?: Portland, Eugene, Bend: how much, home, allergies - Oregon (OR)
  189. The Eugene thingy which ruins everything: Salem: how much, purchase, gated - Oregon (OR)
  190. Where do we HAVE to eat?: Eugene, Springfield: appointed, restaurants, shops - Oregon (OR)
  191. is Eugene ex-con friendly?: Portland, Bend: rentals, crime, felony - Oregon (OR)
  192. Experience ? O'Hara & St.Paul Catholic Schools: Eugene, St. Paul: information - Oregon (OR)
  193. Call center huring 100's in downtown eugene: building, weather - Oregon (OR)
  194. from cottage grove living on the east side?: houses, income - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  195. Immersion Schools in Eugene: Chinese - Oregon (OR)
  196. Lane County Fair: Eugene: estate, land, donated - Oregon (OR)
  197. The Washburne Neighborhood: Eugene, Springfield: crime, houses, schools - Oregon (OR)
  198. Special Interest Places to Hang in Eugene .....: Springfield: elementary school, club - Oregon (OR)
  199. South African in Eugene/Springfield ???: title, town, moved - Oregon (OR)
  200. s: Eugene, Creswell: 2015, neighborhood, good schools - Oregon (OR)