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  1. N.J. distracted driving bill isn't about your coffee, frustrated lawmakers insist: companies, rating - Great Debates
  2. Lets try this case for all police shootings: heroin, drugs, lawyers - Great Debates
  3. Syrians v. Syrians; World v. Israel: Palestinians, enemy, Israeli, accuse - Great Debates
  4. What the hell is a millenial ?: solutions, problems, kids - Great Debates
  5. If a Government wants to censor something, do you think it's always due to them doing something bad?: Iran, ethical - Great Debates
  6. The Evil Spin Within Common Core: activist, school, leader, states - Great Debates
  7. Cold Evil, Hot Evil, How Much Of A Difference?: suspected, Obama, solution - Great Debates
  8. Safe Spaces, New Age Music & Stuffed Animals !!: Obama, speech, carry - Great Debates
  9. Why are Latinos/Hispanics careless in the US?: middle east, generation, Mexicans - Great Debates
  10. Girl in boy's body...need help...: female, religion, women, society - Great Debates
  11. Why does the UK copy USA gang and rap culture?: how much, New York - Great Debates
  12. If a police officer calls GUN, drop the gun will others agree?: solution, government - Great Debates
  13. Who regulates immigration in USA? Federal or States?: Congress, borders, Massachusetts - Great Debates
  14. got a call from department of labor: tax, own, great - Great Debates
  15. In this, the most powerful country on the planet...: drugs, companies, cost - Great Debates
  16. Should there be option to pay in advance into Medicare for earlier age entry: health care, premium - Great Debates
  17. Ebola vaccine: who pays for it?: drugs, Marines, death, Canada - Great Debates
  18. Should we cede the southwest to Mexico??: Mexicans, states, vote - Great Debates
  19. Is coercion a constructive way to effect change?: regime, dictator, election - Great Debates
  20. Fame: money, abuse, problems, famous - Great Debates
  21. Leather vs Fur: Alaska, American, difference - Great Debates
  22. Scenario Involving Risk and a Loss of Money: cost, thoughts, great - Great Debates
  23. Nsfw: working, best, phone - Great Debates
  24. How Is Microevolution & Macroevolution Defined At Your College?: generations, accuse, rating - Great Debates
  25. to predict the severity of winter by watching animals?: great - Great Debates
  26. too much freedom causes Chicago shootings?: illegal, heroin, drugs - Great Debates
  27. Should State/Gouverment Sponsor Gambling be eradicated?: legal, highway, v - Great Debates
  28. Is Washington, DC obsolete?: Congress, government, states - Great Debates
  29. Do you think the Middle East will ever become as secular/free as the west?: Iran, speech - Great Debates
  30. Prime John Wayne vs Prime Clint Eastwood in a street fight: great - Great Debates
  31. If Trump is elected....: election, voting, presidency, socialist - Great Debates
  32. Is America becoming the new Mexico and Asia (low cost workers) for foreign corporations?: Corporate Profit, Congress - Great Debates
  33. Escaping the Country in Event of Being Tried for a Crime: citizen, extradition - Great Debates
  34. Christmas lights up Nov. 1st - Why are people offended by that? - Great Debates
  35. If the U. 'S Government really did have Aliens could they really keep it a secret?: conspiracy, Clinton - Great Debates
  36. Crime Prevention or Futile? Racism?: drug, accuse, deaths, solution - Great Debates
  37. Which of the following are racist?: illegal, heroin, drugs, statistics - Great Debates
  38. In a true Democracy, Elections and therefore voting that comes with them, should be abolished?: regime - Great Debates
  39. US Jobs: minimum wage, drug, gasoline, suspect - Great Debates
  40. Which Wing Is it ?: Congress, versus, money, government - Great Debates
  41. Shouldn't their be laws to help victims against criminals?: Congress, illegal, accuse - Great Debates
  42. Can understand this girl who speaks too fast?: speech, accent, pay - Great Debates
  43. Philosophy vs science: interviews, Boxer, Clinton, independence - Great Debates
  44. To Regulate Immigration, Overhauled Courts, not Wall Needed: Mexican, illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  45. Should all white haters give up using inventions from white people???: CNN, accuse - Great Debates
  46. Climate Change: 50 F Above Normal at North Pole: global warming, statistics, conspiracy - Great Debates
  47. Would things in the ME improve if everyone did leave?: middle east, enemy - Great Debates
  48. Should It Be Shameful To Say You're Not Patriotic?: enemies, generation, soldiers - Great Debates
  49. The reason for the US economic downturn: unemployment rate, wages, Reagan - Great Debates
  50. How do we save Social Security? The program will run out of money in 2029, according to the Congressional Budget Office.: unemployment, wage - Great Debates
  51. High School bands not attending Trumps inauguration..: Al Gore, Congress, parade - Great Debates
  52. Do sections for articles add value?: controversial, free speech - Great Debates
  53. Should proof of cheating negate anything you get in a divorce?: legal, attorney - Great Debates
  54. Which is more? All the people on Earth or grains of sand on a beach?: billion, religion - Great Debates
  55. Is it immoral to have children later in life?: statistics, death, compared - Great Debates
  56. Why do we have so much light pollution: interstate, highway, solutions - Great Debates
  57. Can mass murderers be changed before they 'go off the hinge'?: interview, ethical - Great Debates
  58. Are Drug Addicts selfish or helpless?: minimum wage, drugs, school, money - Great Debates
  59. What would the consequences be if Prostitution were fully legal in the U.S?: illegal, lawyers - Great Debates
  60. How are Americans more free than others?: drugs, soldiers, deaths - Great Debates
  61. When was the past better?: generation, independent, school, rating - Great Debates
  62. Why pro white is always racist.: Iran, generations, nationalist, racism - Great Debates
  63. Is Most Art Today Overpriced And Overrated?: regular, death, how much - Great Debates
  64. What do you do when a person honks at you?: solution, claim - Great Debates
  65. Syria - Who is right?: Iran, weapons, regime, radical - Great Debates
  66. Is There Another Luddite Or Unabomber Movement On The Horizon?: unemployment, minimum wage - Great Debates
  67. The Establishment Clause: Congress, generations, school, federal government - Great Debates
  68. Double Standard For Rapes - Are There Different Standard for Immigrant Rapes v. Other Rapes?: interviews, accuse - Great Debates
  69. Would mental asylums being brought back be good if regulated better?: drugs, border - Great Debates
  70. When do you think the next American civil war will begin?: interstate, illegal - Great Debates
  71. Would term limits actually help?: Congressmen, salaries, generation - Great Debates
  72. Is it ethically for woman to preserve a dead husband's sperm or vice versa?: drug, attorney - Great Debates
  73. One race the human race.: suspect, racism, compared, government - Great Debates
  74. Should women lose their last name when they marry?: illegal, identities, party - Great Debates
  75. Am I the Only One to Notice that Customer Service A Thing of the Past?: wages, Christmas - Great Debates
  76. Best evidence for/against Big Pharma conspiracy: Congress, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  77. Alternate history: How would the early 21st century been different had 9/11 not happened?: Putin, Iran - Great Debates
  78. Is it taboo for men to say I like little kids ?: children, pay - Great Debates
  79. What makes someone a feminist?: employment, wages, March, ideology - Great Debates
  80. Is the United States Overpopulated?: poll, death, how much, school - Great Debates
  81. Mom sues West Virginia School to stop Bible-Study classes: legal, regular, independent - Great Debates
  82. Why do People think Regulations on Consumer Protection Increases Prices: death, Obama - Great Debates
  83. What's Scarier To You? Nuclear Or Biochemical Weapons?: Iraq, middle east, generation - Great Debates
  84. We need to discuss the online radicalisation of young, white men: Iraq, middle east - Great Debates
  85. Why do liberals support illegal immigration?: Mexicans, Brown, border, deportation - Great Debates
  86. Battle of the Sexes: crimes, stereotypes, politicians, education - Great Debates
  87. Why is it to wear feathers and not to wear fur?: ethical, female - Great Debates
  88. What would happen if the U.S completely stopped giving foreign aid?: Israel, Clinton - Great Debates
  89. Texting/Using Cellphone Fines While Driving vs. DUI Fines: illegal, lobby, dollars - Great Debates
  90. Is debate functional today?: conspiracy, abortion, state, support - Great Debates
  91. Best way to get rid of hard drugs like heroin and meth and prevent young people from experimenting with them?: generation, Mexican - Great Debates
  92. Will truth be less important in future politics and journalism?: interview, legal - Great Debates
  93. What would happen if they tried to have a one-child policy in the U.S?: deaths, abortion - Great Debates
  94. Can somebody prove their is a God?: Christmas, dollars, claims - Great Debates
  95. If Texas goes blue or California goes red, would we be a one party country?: Harry Reid, Congress - Great Debates
  96. Great Debates, Is the Bible God's word??: Jesus, vs, religion
  97. Elitists vs. Deplorables: Putin, Iran, Israel, global warming - Great Debates
  98. Is It Time To Get Rid of the USPS?: generation, Christmas, how much - Great Debates
  99. Why do people presume the death penalty is a worse punishment than life in prison?: generation, legal - Great Debates
  100. Would you like ketchup with words? West Coast: is it starting?: Nevada, Montana - Great Debates
  101. No More Anger: invasion, examples, election, elect - Great Debates
  102. I wish I could invent a time machine...: compare, abuse, government - Great Debates
  103. We Should Have Gone Further Than Containment in the Cold War: Iraq, interview - Great Debates
  104. Is expecting good grammar and/or manners racist?: generations, extremist, speech - Great Debates
  105. What is the answer? 48/2(9+3): laws, thesis, great, parent - Great Debates
  106. Conservatives - Explain why most workplaces don't allow guns: insurance, school, politicians - Great Debates
  107. Never-Ending Double Standard Against State of Israel and Jews: Iraq, Palestinians, middle east - Great Debates
  108. Life before technology.: politicians, carry, elect, retirement - Great Debates
  109. Should Europeans feel bad for colonialism?: Israel, soldiers, suspect, Canada - Great Debates
  110. The Suicidal Aspect of Diversity in the West and a Solution: Congress, middle east - Great Debates
  111. Should prisoners be used in medical experiments?: ethical, legal, death - Great Debates
  112. President Obama Should Grant a Presidential Pardon to Hillary Clinton: legal, impeachment - Great Debates
  113. Where would you move if Trump wins???: illegal, racism, Canada - Great Debates
  114. Will you kill the duckies?: death, Maine, problems, - Great Debates
  115. Do good guys really finish last?: ethic, money, government, vote - Great Debates
  116. If the National Debt is Such A Problem, Why Isn't Raising Taxes on EVERYONE An Answer: unemployment, wage - Great Debates
  117. Long-Term Effects of the Increased Feminization / Sensitization of Western Societies: wages, generations - Great Debates
  118. Should Cops be Charged with Murder-2 in Cases of Unarmed Shootings Like the Rest of Us U.S. Citizens: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  119. When will this PC stuff end?: soldier, racist, Brown, speech - Great Debates
  120. Should Timed Tests Be Done Away With?: soldier, education, federal government - Great Debates
  121. Wither Venezuela? Wither Congo? Wither Self-Determination ?: Hugo Chavez, Iran, generation - Great Debates
  122. Do Politicians really care about that suffer and die when they declare war?: gas prices, gallon - Great Debates
  123. Asking for hand in marriage: independent, laws, work, best - Great Debates
  124. JMU - Guide to 'dumb things you should not say': Christmas, death - Great Debates
  125. Should employers be allowed to use IQ / intelligence tests to select amongst job seekers?: enemy, death - Great Debates
  126. Obamacare discussion - Was it as success or failure?: minimum wage, health care, premium - Great Debates
  127. Why do people join the military for such LOW pay: legal, soldiers - Great Debates
  128. Should you feel bad when a bad person dies?: drug, deaths, felons - Great Debates
  129. what is the strongest opinion you have?: states, United States, great - Great Debates
  130. are sexy pics on Facebook sexist?: racist, examples, female, world - Great Debates
  131. Recreational Drugs: wages, Mexicans, illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  132. Is there anything Wrong with Rejecting Other Peoples Culture and Judging it Outdated or Savage?: middle east, radical - Great Debates
  133. Why do so many politicians think spending billions on killing is better than on issues that matter?: Congress, Iraq - Great Debates
  134. If Trump wins, successionism will go mainstream: drugs, accuse, soldiers - Great Debates
  135. Do you believe Paul is Dead ?: how much, money, claim - Great Debates
  136. Should black on black murder headline the news daily?: drug, conspiracy, racist - Great Debates
  137. Would this originalist argument for same-sex marriage work?: Congress, legal, lawyer - Great Debates
  138. Would you be for genocide if it were Mosquito?: deaths, politicians, carry - Great Debates
  139. How different would the USA be if 9/11 never happened?: John Kerry, McCain, Iraq - Great Debates
  140. is religion the foundation of civilization?: generations, death, 2013, world - Great Debates
  141. Should we imprison Senior Citizens for Life?: drug, activist, Barack Hussein Obama - Great Debates
  142. Is Anti-PC Really Just A Way to Not Get Punished For What You Said: generation, illegal - Great Debates
  143. Millennials hate dealing with humans: minimum wage, generations, Baby Boomers, suspect - Great Debates
  144. What's the right amount to tax the rich?: ethical, health care, death - Great Debates
  145. Change My View: Bans on incestuous sex and on incestuous marriage are unconstitutional.: generations, illegal - Great Debates
  146. Is it inherently wrong for a wealthy person to spend extravagantly?: employment, ethical - Great Debates
  147. Is censorship ever justified?: racist, speech, society, against - Great Debates
  148. What yearly salary makes a person RICH: salaries, millionaires, Nebraska - Great Debates
  149. Has the concept of gender become meaningless?: legal, weapon, death - Great Debates
  150. Is Full Medical and Sexual Disclosure of Presidents and Candidates Helping Us?: Reagan, illegal - Great Debates
  151. If Hillary Falters: house of soldiers, Clinton, Sanders - Great Debates
  152. Should Drug Prices Be Tied To A Country's GNI?: minimum wage, Mexican, drugs - Great Debates
  153. Why don't we get more outraged, as a society by reckless driving?: drugs, premium - Great Debates
  154. In regards to drugs, what do you think the consequences would be if this were to happen?: illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  155. National health systems: too much vs too little medical care: which is worse?: lawyer, health care system - Great Debates
  156. I fear for the world...: weapons, Clinton, speech, abortion - Great Debates
  157. So What Will/Should Liberals Do Next?: house seat, generation, illegal - Great Debates
  158. To the People on the Other Side .... Can We Talk?: Congress, generations - Great Debates
  159. As bad as they may be, do criminals deserve nice luxuries in prison?: employment, drugs - Great Debates
  160. A Limit On Presidential Campaigns? How Long?: Congress, candidacy, Canada - Great Debates
  161. 2016 Election -- What Happens after The Spasm ?: Limbaugh, Congress, health care - Great Debates
  162. Time to change the 13th amendment, prison labor?: minimum wage, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  163. When it comes to war why should there be kinds of rules of engagement ?: enemy, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  164. Is working a normal job unnatural?: regular, how much, school, compared - Great Debates
  165. Popular Vote vs. Electoral College To Determine U.S. President: Iraq, polls - Great Debates
  166. The Greatest Generation vs all the rest.: unemployed, middle east, generations - Great Debates
  167. Income Inequality: An uestion: interstates, wages, salaries, ethical - Great Debates
  168. Hypothetical medical ethics: wages, salary, ethical, abortion - Great Debates
  169. Who would have won if it had been Cruz vs. Sanders?: Mexicans, health care - Great Debates
  170. Freedom vs Slavery: revolution, independence, speech, economy - Great Debates
  171. How many of you would be in favor of moving or eliminating Thanksgiving?: Christmas, holidays - Great Debates
  172. Are U.S. Presidents Too Reflexively Pro-Russian: Putin, Congress, Iran - Great Debates
  173. Israel stealing more land: Palestinians, Israeli, legal, death - Great Debates
  174. Who do you Blame for the Anti-Trump Protests This Past Week.: Obama, election - Great Debates
  175. have universities lost their credibility?: interview, statistics, suspect, brainwash - Great Debates
  176. Best Ways To Reduce The High Cost Of Homelessness?: employment, drug, health care - Great Debates
  177. do we really need servers in the restaurant: unemployed, fast food, elect - Great Debates
  178. Why is it when a man and woman have druken sex only the man is accused of rape?: drugs, attorney - Great Debates
  179. no such thing as bad dogs / bad people, just bad owners / parents?: serial killers, death - Great Debates
  180. Do you think vigilante justice is always bad?: death, racist, crimes - Great Debates
  181. Are Service Animals Likely to Become a Major Problem?: legal, party, abuse - Great Debates
  182. Black women CAN NOT be doctors: drugs, healthcare, racism, stereotypes - Great Debates
  183. Why Do People Think Selling Insurance Over State Lines is A Good Idea?: interstate - Great Debates
  184. Two questions about affirmative consent: illegal, drugs, accuse, crime - Great Debates
  185. Whatever Happpened to Citizenship in America?: soldiers, pros and cons, death - Great Debates
  186. was the 80s a time for flashiness and excess in America?: unemployment, generations - Great Debates
  187. More diseases or just more diagnosing: drugs, controversial, revolution, school - Great Debates
  188. Will we find another planet or run out of space?: middle east, generations - Great Debates
  189. Do Ethnic Minorities Want In, or Out? Integration is the Way to Go: legal, Brown - Great Debates
  190. Why don't Presidents/very high level politicians that intentionally do awful acts never get prison time?: illegal, impeachment - Great Debates
  191. What would the consequences be if the DEA and ATF were fully disbanded?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  192. Why Do People Say Schools Indoctrinate Students? Is It True?: global warming, accuse - Great Debates
  193. At what point are you rich in America?: highway, death, dollars - Great Debates
  194. Supermarket checkout line etiquette: dollar, rating, elect, money - Great Debates
  195. Miles McInnes, Gavin's leftwing brother, says the Refugees Welcome flashmobs were right: Migrants are totally awesome: suspected, leader - Great Debates
  196. Israel needs to keep the war in Syria going: Iran, border, Army - Great Debates
  197. USA politics: They don't want more than two choices, Gary Johnson: polls, parties - Great Debates
  198. Fed Chair Yellen says Globalization makes college more important: unemployment rate, wage, Canada - Great Debates
  199. Why aren't Parsons Corporation (and others of their ilk) management in jail?: Congress, Iraq - Great Debates
  200. In a fair world wouldn't how much one makes depend on what they do/sacrifice?: ethical, soldiers - Great Debates