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  1. Have Canadians bought property in Florida: for sale, real estate - Canada
  2. Montgomery Falls Quebec: area, cities, island - Canada
  3. moving to st. catharines- would like: homes, neighborhoods - Canada
  4. West Island for Black children: house, live, relocating to - Canada
  5. Winter weather: Mild and overcast or cold and sunny?: live, vs - Canada
  6. News, Canada's Governor General Defends Her Act Of Eating Raw Seal Heart.: activity
  7. How long did it take, Vehicles Recall Clearance Letter?: live, delivery - Canada
  8. Where are the friendlier people >>> Toronto OR Vancouver: live, friendly - Canada
  9. >>>>>>> About Big Cities: theatre, schools - Canada
  10. Eastern vs western Canada: live, entertainment, culture
  11. advice ........: crime, wages, place to live - Canada
  12. medical confuser: health, required, job - Canada
  13. about a visitors visa to Canada: live, legal
  14. News, Canada Passes Buy Canada Type Resolution.: contracts, great
  15. Halifax vs. St. John's: crime, college, to live in - Canada
  16. Visiting Halifax, do I need a rental car?: public transportation, distances - Canada
  17. Can We Still Do This In Canada?: house, to live
  18. Montreal vs. Quebec City ~: hotels, neighbourhoods, restaurants - Canada
  19. Marine Engineer: university, oil, money - Canada
  20. Should I move to Canada?: transfer to, law school, taxes
  21. Mystery solved: total tax we pay in Canada....: sales, how much
  22. Maritime provinces overrun w/ tourists in late August?: rental car, rental - Canada
  23. job in Halifax - need on safe neighborhood: apartment, for rent - Canada
  24. Perspectives on Quality of Life & Live-ability: unemployment, vs. - Canada
  25. great idea....whats next?: financing, business, hire - Canada
  26. Toronto vs. Montreal: living, restaurant, cost of living - Canada
  27. Can I apply for PR while I'm in Canada on tourist visa?: to rent
  28. Salary range in Canada: apartment, how much, home
  29. salary range for an architect: to live in, architecture, land - Canada
  30. Moving Back to Canada?: to live in, dual citizenship, office
  31. telephone code: Irish, message, person - Canada
  32. Canada - The Strip Perspective: to live in, stats
  33. Graduate Engineer in Canada: universities, internships, car
  34. News, Retirees froth as brewer cuts free beer.: company, monthly - Canada
  35. Changing school from Montreal to Toronto?: living in, move to, education - Canada
  36. Apartment Guide websites in Canada: apartments, rentals, how much
  37. Canadian job websites: employment, college, to move - Canada
  38. Racial Composition of Territories: statistics, population, ethnic - Canada
  39. New England to Halifax?: school, university, live in - Canada
  40. Health care comparison between BC and ON: health insurance, bankrupt - Canada
  41. Enough to live on?: home builders, find a job, income - Canada
  42. Job prospect for special education teachers in Canada: job market, public school
  43. American wanting to relocate: find a job, universities, wages - Canada
  44. moving to Canada: taxes, best, money
  45. Television - CHEK 6, Victoria: station, parent, available - Canada
  46. Should Canada get a board for each province?: activity, best
  47. Canada vs. US: Human rights & privacy rights: design, vehicles
  48. Media outlets bias?: violent crime, vs., station - Canada
  49. Toronto/Vancouver?: cities, demand, about - Canada
  50. Need On Canadiuan Health Care: single, offer, system - Canada
  51. Relocating to questions (RRSP, bank account , taxation): credit card, loan - Canada
  52. Cost of living: US vs Canada: for sale, real estate, how much
  53. Arab & West Asian: stats, difference between, definition - Canada
  54. Canadian Possibly Moving Back To Canada A Lonnng Time Comin: apartment, home
  55. Medical Care: home, transfer, versus - Canada
  56. Burlington/ Hamilton, ON vs. Ottawa/ Gatineau: rentals, job market, university - Canada
  57. Day accumulation: to live in, best, requirement - Canada
  58. Banff Alberta ?????: apartments, for rent, houses - Canada
  59. Living in canada and work in USA: tax, commuter
  60. a strange body hair in Quebecois culture: America, acceptance - Canada
  61. Another about health care-: health insurance, moving to - Canada
  62. Move to Canada - Toronto or Vancouver?: living, moving to
  63. for transportation from Halifax to Moncton: car rental, rental - Canada
  64. Are Calgary and Edmonton walkable cities?: neighborhood, theatres, university - Canada
  65. Moving in Canada from Italy: living, cost of living, assessment
  66. US Permanent resident wants to live in canada: living in, move to
  67. Dental treatment in canada: insurance, shop, discount
  68. Moving from USA to Go to Law School in Canada: student loans, transfer
  69. Road Trip to Winnipeg: hotels, restaurants, safest - Canada
  70. Is it a good time to relocate/immigrate?: employment, transfer - Canada
  71. - thinking of moving to Nova Scotia!!!!!: real estate, new home - Canada
  72. Aerospace jobs / entrepreneur opportunities?: contractors, design, area - Canada
  73. best Canadian city to begin small business?: rent, taxes - Canada
  74. IT jobs in Canada: transfer, companies, place
  75. Crossing at Buffalo-Ft Erie: living, bus, airport - Canada
  76. moving to canada: college, citizen
  77. first days as a immigrant....: extended stay, apartment, to rent - Canada
  78. restraining orders: rent, home, tenant - Canada
  79. Canada's unemployment rate is lower than the US? First time that I recall.: credit
  80. Life in Leamington, Ontario: best city, real estate market, insurance - Canada
  81. News:Chrysler Canada can not afford GM-CAW deal: cost, working
  82. Job Offer in Canada Need help on what to do next: living, legally
  83. Freelancing In Canada: sales, school, salary
  84. Good site to check out films by the NFB......: cultures, online - Canada
  85. What is a dependent (CRA)?: income, income tax, money - Canada
  86. Vancouver Island - pros cons of Victoria vs. Nanaimo: real estate, apartment - Canada
  87. Tofino, BC: how much, friendly, rain - Canada
  88. Is Written exams part of interview process?: employment, statistics - Canada
  89. Looking to move to BC?: ski resort, hotels, transferring to - Canada
  90. Higher National Certificate UK: university, education, engineering - Canada
  91. Alberta - prairie province?: taxes, living in, dangerous - Canada
  92. Help! Is easter monday a public holiday in Ontario: live in, working - Canada
  93. What is Barrie, ON like?: suburb, cottage, commute to - Canada
  94. Permanent Residency to Canada!!!: office, medical, phone
  95. POLL: Healthcare: live, rankings, best - Canada
  96. Wanting to immigrate to Canada from America: fit in, 2015
  97. U.S Health Care Vs. Canadian Health Care: information, should - Canada
  98. Do people in BC only like rich people?: nicest, car - Canada
  99. Driving from U.S. to Canada?: rental, insurance, drivers license
  100. Thunder Bay - what's it like in general?: for sale, real estate - Canada
  101. Must speak Fench to attend universities?: high school, live, shop - Canada
  102. Nanaimo, BC: university, ferries, things to do - Canada
  103. Canadian Passport Photo: photos, rules, allowed - Canada
  104. Foreigners buying real estate in Canada but not immigrants: sales, oceanfront
  105. How Long Does it Take to Drive Across Your Canadian City?: bus, suburbs - Canada
  106. Do you have about Winnipeg???: home, construction - Canada
  107. The possibility of a North American Dollar?: unemployment, wages - Canada
  108. Newlyweds relocating to Canada: low crime, unemployment rate, schools
  109. Information needed: living in, moving to, rated - Canada
  110. What do canadians think of the buy American policy: to buy, closing - Canada
  111. Would modern day: schools, living in, trains - Canada
  112. Areas in Quebec where you can't get by with only French: neighbourhoods, living in - Canada
  113. Why is Canada's auto insurance so high: lease, car insurance
  114. U.S. Citizen Starting a Business in Canada: income, income tax
  115. Much higher taxes in Canada: A myth?: sales, car insurance
  116. Is CANADA Really A Different Nation Or A Suburb ?: sales, attorneys
  117. Windsor, Ontario: new house, neighborhoods, university - Canada
  118. Canadian VS American English: theater, live, military - Canada
  119. Pros and cons of BC (Vic or Vancouver) vs. Southern Ontario (Toronto, London): apartment, rent - Canada
  120. Entertainment Industry in Toronto and Vancouver: find a job, movies, school - Canada
  121. Why are there not as many Canadians posting on City Data?: live, statistics - Canada
  122. NYC, might be moving to Winnipeg: best neighborhood, apartment, rent - Canada
  123. Does Canada have its own pop culture?: theatre, costs
  124. Canada's Corporation & their effect on: house, to buy
  125. Is it becoming impossible for Americans to move to Canada?: health insurance, university
  126. Speed Limits: how much, safe, license plate - Canada
  127. Are Canadians Hostile To Basic Criticism?: live in, law, versus - Canada
  128. Natasha Richardson: hotel, transfer, live - Canada
  129. Are Canadians Potty Mouths: live, trailer, friendly - Canada
  130. Are 'Credit Bureaus' used in Canada? Do employers run credit history from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion?: credit report, how much
  131. Happy Birthday Canada!!!!: storage, safety, bars
  132. Where Is the Lowest Cost Of Living In Canada Vs Salary?: apartment, houses
  133. Which Canadian cities do you like the best??: houses, to live - Canada
  134. What do Canadians think of Manitoba?: home, employment, property taxes - Canada
  135. Why di so many people pretend that: fit in, home - Canada
  136. Neighborhoods or sections with a high concentration of Black people: middle-class, university - Canada
  137. work in canada: appointed, employment, construction
  138. Which city is more bohemian, Montreal or Vancouver?: best cities, house - Canada
  139. Hypothetical: What would happen if a province totally eliminated their PST?: sales, real estate - Canada
  140. Canada: My review: hotel, home, buy
  141. Canadian Healthcare: salaries, taxes, live in - Canada
  142. TORONTO or WINNIPEG Job Opportunity for people that has no Canadian Experience: best city, condo - Canada
  143. Montreal vs. Calgary: sales, real estate, apartments - Canada
  144. Toronto vs Montreal: best cities, neighborhoods, theatres - Canada
  145. Thunder Bay or Winnipeg?: crime rate, live in, restaurants - Canada
  146. Classless Canadians fans booing American National Antherm: eat, office - Canada
  147. What kind of salary would Torontonians consider good in TO?: school, university - Canada
  148. Quebec City s'il vous plait??: health insurance, hotels, neighbourhood - Canada
  149. Waking up Canadian (CIC advert on Youtube): living, law - Canada
  150. Is there a such thing as Southern Canada ?: mobile home, live in
  151. firearm: transfer, buy, to live - Canada
  152. Last time I checked the world map Canada was located in America: 2015, living
  153. Moneysense Magazine - Best places to live in Canada 2009: real estate, employment
  154. Canadianisms: live, pools, electric - Canada
  155. MANITOBA vs QUEBEC fast Sponsorship..: employment, living in, prices - Canada
  156. Most ethnically diverse?: neighborhood, racism, areas - Canada
  157. Currency exchange?: credit card, how much, to buy - Canada
  158. Canadian Fast Food: living, restaurants, dangerous - Canada
  159. Cultural Differences between Canadian West Coast/ East Coast: movies, living in - Canada
  160. Has that Blacks in Canada ...: fit in, high school
  161. What are Canadian women like?: live in, dangerous, assess - Canada
  162. Do most Canadians know basic French?: credit, high school, restaurant - Canada
  163. Looking for a Nice City in Canada to Immigrate to: low crime, theater
  164. where in Canada would you live?: real estate, low crime, employment
  165. Canada and the death penalty?: crime, pros and cons, legal
  166. Weather in London Ontario: live, cities, place - Canada
  167. How do Canadians feel about PM Steven Harper?: mortgage, live - Canada
  168. Will I have trouble crossing the border? DUI: sex offender, felony - Canada
  169. Canadian cuisine: pierogies, restaurant, bars - Canada
  170. Should Canada make the split?: unemployment rate, transfer, statistics
  171. Learning French....what's with the Z's?: movies, university, gated - Canada
  172. Story about Mexicans trying to enter Canada instead of the United States: rent, home
  173. Relocating to Canada.....where?: employment, transfer, public schools
  174. WINNIPEG condo or townhouse?: living, snow, better - Canada
  175. Personal Loans in Canada: best, bank, interest
  176. Campobello Island: beach, profile - Canada
  177. Foreign carers programme in Canada: live, childcare, children
  178. From Penticton,: drive, good, events - Canada
  179. Seasonal jobs in BC-best time to go, best place?: area, summer - Canada
  180. History Degree searching for a job in Mississaugua: school, university - Canada
  181. Hair Salons IN / AROUND Windsor Ontario: good - Canada
  182. Canadian looking for good US medi care provider while living in US: insurance - Canada
  183. Passport: top, between - Canada
  184. Northern AB jobs.: wage, plumber, average - Canada
  185. What is living in Abootsford, or other town on the Us border like?: shop - Canada
  186. Software Consultant Companies in Canada: jobs, apply, good
  187. chatham area water and other things: to live in, tree, quality - Canada
  188. Swine flu - what should the government be doing: businesses, population - Canada
  189. News, VENTURE-Only fools rush in, gurus tell Canadian investors.: deals, cheaper - Canada
  190. Electrical panel close to stove: loft, live in, to move - Canada
  191. about living near Locke St in Hamilton, on: moving to, kids - Canada
  192. News, Man survives Niagara Falls plunge, resists help.: safety, hospital - Canada
  193. Drive vacation from Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay, Ontario...: camping, price - Canada
  194. commercial heating engineer: good schools, living in, move to - Canada
  195. Mosquitos: summer, year, state - Canada
  196. Best Fathers Day Brunch Eastern Canada or Quebec: water, travel
  197. How about solar energy in Canada??: policies
  198. Lpn??: assessment, rating, residency - Canada
  199. News: Bank of Canada hints at quantitative and credit easing moves: money, banks
  200. Looking For: house, live in, land - Canada