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  1. moving...Columbus, Ohio to Philadelphia, PA: Ardmore, Swarthmore: apartment, lease - Pennsylvania
  2. Stop Sign Ticket: charges, reduce, traffic - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  3. Safe neighborhoods around Levittown: Bristol, Middletown: apartment, rent, loft - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  4. Suite style hotel recommendations: Philadelphia, Franklin Park: extended stay, apartment, hotels - Pennsylvania (PA)
  5. International relocation and Grade 1 cut off age: credit, how much - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  6. Newtown Square good area with lots of kids?: Waynesboro: houses, established neighborhood - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  7. Where to Consider - Work In Neast Philly: Doylestown, Ambler: rent, home - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  8. Intersections in dire need of (seemingly simple) upgrades: Philadelphia, Lancaster: fit in, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  9. movement on expanded septa rail or patco?: Philadelphia, Chester: transfer, construction - Pennsylvania (PA)
  10. Compare Living in West Chester, PA to Ventura, CA?: Philadelphia: transplants, sales - Pennsylvania
  11. Road Trip this Summer: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: waterparks, neighborhoods, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  12. Help in distinguishing Bryn Mawr neighborhoods: Montgomery: cul-de-sac, houses, school district - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  13. Looking To Move Around Philly Area: school districts, tax, living in - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  14. Bensalem - Neshaminy Mall: Levittown, Springfield: salon, apartments, tenants - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  15. Looking for housing advice- broomall, west Chester, media: Collegeville, Downingtown: townhouse, buying - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  16. Is Fairhill 19133 / 19134 a fun place to live long term?: Huntingdon: subletting, rent - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  17. Go Eagles!: stadium, tickets, year - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  18. Royersford PA: school district, moving, rail - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  19. Cheltenham: Springfield, Glenside: house, neighborhood, top school - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  20. Just a general thank you to users: Conshohocken: rental, to buy - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  21. Moving to Philadelphia, center city: Washington, Franklin Park: apartments, rentals, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
  22. Glenwood and the lack of development there: Philadelphia, Jefferson: neighborhoods, income - Pennsylvania (PA)
  23. Best Neighborhood in West Philadelpia 300K range: Philadelphia, Lansdowne: best neighborhoods, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  24. Best gym in Delco?: Springfield, Ardmore: YMCA, health, area - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  25. Trouble reaching Uber/Lyft Network in Center City: Jefferson: condo, area - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  26. AC Train--Is it a good option?: Philadelphia, Atlantic: hotel, college, casinos - Pennsylvania (PA)
  27. Philadelphia street parking on Sunday free?: Hampton: authority, garage, park - Pennsylvania (PA)
  28. Indian family Moving to Bucks county Pennsylvania - need help: Mercer: safest neighborhood, live - Philadelphia, (PA)
  29. Trader Joe's currently shut down: refrigerators, market, water - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  30. First Philadelphia trip in October: Reading, Franklin Park: for sale, houses, shops - Pennsylvania (PA)
  31. Sylvia seegrist: Philadelphia, Springfield, Penn: for sale, homes, high school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  32. Where to stay near The Fuge in Warminster: Doylestown, Newtown: renting, hotels - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  33. New building covered up my dryer vent.: apartment, new house - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  34. Could a TV show about the Johnston family be filmed in present day Chester County ?: home - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  35. Looking for rentals: Philadelphia: for sale, apartment, townhome - Pennsylvania (PA)
  36. where to live when not knowing where work is going to be: Philadelphia: apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  37. Podiatrist Recommendation in Center City: surgery, near, recommendations - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  38. What's going on in Philly week of June 24?: hotels, prices - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  39. Have You Ever Asked for a Review of, or Appealed, Property Market Valuation?: mortgage - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  40. Where in Philly I can find something like the NYC Halal Guys Carts ?: Philadelphia: 2014 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  41. What are the BEST thrift stores in or around Philly?: Penn: suburban, estate - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  42. Is this type of communication normal for a state job when notified about a scheduled interview?: required - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  43. Philadelphia's First Openly Gay Deputy Sheriff: military, retire, office - Pennsylvania (PA)
  44. Moving to Blue Bell?: Philadelphia, Chester: houses, buying, school districts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  45. Alternative to Media, taxes are too high: Chester, Springfield: rentals, mortgage - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  46. Replace Bradford White Natural Gas Heater: house, buy, Lowes - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  47. Highway 1 construction in Bensalem: Lincoln, Wall: moving, transportation, design - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  48. Best place forSchool: Philadelphia, Oxford, Penn: apartment, home, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  49. relocating to philadelphia: Plymouth, Malvern: condo, neighborhood, wage - Pennsylvania (PA)
  50. School Age Cut Off Philedelphia area / suburbs: Philadelphia: day care, transfer to - Pennsylvania (PA)
  51. My Landlord Never Had a Valid License or Cert. of Suitability: Philadelphia: renter, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  52. There will be a new grocery store replacing Shop Rite on 6700 Haverford Ave: Parkside: closing - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  53. How early to be at PHL for a flight to Boston?: airport, distance - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  54. Route 1 speed cameras: Philadelphia, Penn: construction, DMV, law - Pennsylvania (PA)
  55. Residential Building Codes - L&I: house, inspections - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  56. Jewish families in Bucks County: Philadelphia, Richboro: school district, moving, suburbs - Pennsylvania (PA)
  57. Willow Grove School Districts and High Schools? Do you live in WG?: Dublin: for sale - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  58. Doylestown or Holland/Richboro-moving: Newtown: cliquey, rent, buying a home - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  59. Tacony Area: Philadelphia, Levittown: low income, apartment, to rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  60. Suburbs with average elementary schools suggestions needed: Philadelphia, Drexel Hill: townhouses, university - Pennsylvania (PA)
  61. The Tale of Philadelphia and the Steel Furnace at 27th and Girard: about - Pennsylvania (PA)
  62. Best Satellite / Internet provider in Philadelphia region: Norristown: rentals, to buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  63. If working in Coatesville, best place to live with kids: Philadelphia: real estate, affordable houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  64. Commute from Newtown Square to Robbins Street?: Philadelphia, Willow Grove: to rent, find a job - Pennsylvania (PA)
  65. Hours of work needed to pay rent by % by city. Check Philly: Philadelphia: real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  66. Where shall I buy a multifamily?: Chester, Swarthmore: rent, school, live in - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  67. SEPTA lines: York: 2013, credit, how much - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  68. About personal income tax: Philadelphia: city hall, house, property tax - Pennsylvania (PA)
  69. Can Senior Citizen get out of Room Rental?: Jenkintown: for sale, affordable apartment - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  70. Squatters' Locations in the Temple University Area: York: rental, house - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  71. Pediatric Networks: to live in, office, health - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  72. Gilbertsville to KoP?: King of Prussia, Phoenixville, Collegeville: low crime, house, school district - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  73. public mls site ?: Philadelphia: buyer, landlord, map - Pennsylvania (PA)
  74. Chinese Gardens: York: foods, winter, lawn - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  75. Discuss Meek Mill? Do It: Reading, Washington: sale, crime - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  76. Driving Time...Mix Opinions: Norristown, Doylestown: living in, train, yard - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  77. Chester / Delaware County houses: Philadelphia, West Chester: middle-class, rent, HOA - Pennsylvania (PA)
  78. Moving to Philadelphia: Chester, Penn: house, neighborhood, elementary schools - Pennsylvania (PA)
  79. Aldan: Drexel Hill, Lansdowne, Brookhaven: 2013, houses, middle school - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  80. Eagles Preseason Game/SEPTA Rail: Lincoln: DMV, live, safe - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  81. Paint Day with Mural Arts Program for the Mayfair Mile: Philadelphia: homes, design - Pennsylvania (PA)
  82. help? decent human being needed: tree, counties, cat - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  83. Septa train station parking: Philadelphia, Norristown: city hall, living in, moving to - Pennsylvania (PA)
  84. World's Best Personal Car Collection is in Philadelphia: cars, prestigious - Pennsylvania (PA)
  85. Looking to buy a townhouse in Chester/Montgomery County, PA: King of Prussia: safe neighborhood, school district - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  86. Wine and Beer on Marple's Ballot: Springfield, Media: sales, hotel, neighborhood - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  87. Where to live as a young adult?: Philadelphia, Doylestown: rent, employment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  88. Moving to the White Building! (12th and Chestnut): for sale, condo - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  89. Best Neighborhood Along the Media/Elwyn Line for $300k: Philadelphia: appointed, sale - Pennsylvania (PA)
  90. working in suburbs, but want to live in city; need neighborhood help: Philadelphia: 2013, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  91. Visiting in August: Philadelphia, Reading, Liberty: appointed, rental, hotels - Pennsylvania (PA)
  92. Collegeville and Downingtown: Philadelphia, Norristown, Pottstown: real estate, houses, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  93. Thank You Philadelphia: Reading: townhouses, neighborhoods, theater - Pennsylvania (PA)
  94. students hanging around: Indiana, Franklin: crime, neighborhoods, high school - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  95. Making the Move to Philly from DFW: Philadelphia, Chester: cul-de-sac, 2014 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  96. Where to live in Philly for 2 women in law/medicine: Philadelphia: apartment, rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  97. Schuylkill yards/Brandywine project and real estate: Philadelphia, Girard: crime, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  98. Comparing greater Philly area to SW NE: Philadelphia, Chester: taxes, live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  99. Is it safe for a lone female to walk in this area?: Indiana: live, garden - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  100. Manayunk vs. Fishtown vs. Other Young Family Neighborhoods: Penn: daycare, house - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  101. Has ever applied for a position with the state of PA?: deposit, vacation - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  102. How different is Brooklyn from Philly?: York, Columbia: apartment, rent, home - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  103. New Flight Attendant to be based in Philadelphia: Springfield, Prospect Park: 2013, apartments - Pennsylvania (PA)
  104. Temporary relocation: Philadelphia, York, Ardmore: extended stay, to rent, public schools - Pennsylvania (PA)
  105. Suburbs of Philadelphia-new home buyer: Norristown, Ardmore: renting, condos, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  106. The Future of Norristown: Philadelphia, Chester: crime rate, homes, new construction - Pennsylvania (PA)
  107. Why is the median income across center city so low?: Philadelphia: apartments, rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  108. The impact of John Wanamaker's: Philadelphia, Indiana: apartment, live, teacher - Pennsylvania (PA)
  109. Move to Philly - looking for pointers as a mid-30's African-American professional: Philadelphia: middle-class, fit in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  110. Why did Philadelphia grow so slowly in the 1920s?: Pittsburgh: transplants, rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  111. Mt Airy, Roxborough/Wissahickon, Olney, Logan: Philadelphia, Indiana: real estate, apartment, renting - Pennsylvania (PA)
  112. 1,000 youth take over Philly streets and attack cars: State College: college, horse - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  113. Philadelphia vs. NYC, DC, and Boston: York, Washington: best city, real estate, 2014 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  114. Is Old City a good place to live?: Philadelphia, Reading: apartment, to rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  115. move to Philadelphia from UK, where's best to live?: York: apartment, rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  116. Gentrification: All that glitters is not gold: Philadelphia: real estate, new home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  117. a job offer in Philadelphia: Washington, Denver: apartments, rental, transfer to - Pennsylvania (PA)
  118. Why Aren't Philly Women Flirty?: live, vs., store - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  119. Philadelphia Refinery - Fire and Impact on City: Penn: real estate, to rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  120. Vacation: Philly again, or Baltimore/Annapolis?: Philadelphia, Reading: rental car, city hall, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  121. Moving back to PA from NYC - neighborhood help: Philadelphia: apartments, rent - Pennsylvania
  122. move from NYC - what areas should we visit?: Philadelphia: real estate, renting - Pennsylvania (PA)
  123. Vacant land: Philadelphia: houses, living, move - Pennsylvania (PA)
  124. Refinery and Hahnemann Hospital to close.: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: sale, home, transfer - Pennsylvania (PA)
  125. What a Shame: Penn: insurance, month to, school - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  126. July 4 in Philly- Traffic?: Penn: garden, pub, garages - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  127. Cutting the cable cord...Phillies?: Philadelphia, Newtown: month-to-month, home, cost of - Pennsylvania (PA)
  128. Wow, A permanant DC was almost in PA and especially NEAR PHILLY and Trenton in NJ was voted to be but then never signed.: Philadelphia: home, live - Pennsylvania
  129. Havertown vs Bryn Mawr/Ardmore area: Darby, Oakmont: how much, house prices, neighborhood - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  130. One Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie: houses, college, standard of living - (PA)
  131. Did the harsh Winter obliterate the squirrel population?: 2013, neighborhood - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  132. Tastykake?: Philadelphia, Indiana: to buy, school, costs - Pennsylvania (PA)
  133. Getting out of the city for a weekend: Pittsburgh, Bethlehem: car rental, rental - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  134. 16th in this List isn't Bad at all: Philadelphia, Manchester: best cities, neighbourhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  135. Well Philly. The Stereotype continues having The Most Aggressive Drivers at #2 with LA at #1: Philadelphia: high crime, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  136. Daughter attending Temple University in the fall. Where to live?: Girard: apartment, city hall - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  137. Can you live in a nice Philly neighborhood and pretend the hoods don't exist?: Philadelphia: 2013, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  138. The Met (old Opera House) in Philadelphia - Pros and Cons: Ardmore: to buy, theater - Pennsylvania (PA)
  139. Family gathering spot around Newtown Square: Chester, Springfield: to rent, houses, wedding - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  140. Go vote today: Philadelphia, Nixon, Clark: tax lien, 2013, health insurance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  141. 30 year old Jersey guy, would like to move to the city for a few years: apartment, renting - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  142. Anyy microapartments around Philly?: Horsham, Bridgeport: rent, condos, living in - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  143. Quick Visitor questions !: Philadelphia, Reading, Liberty: hotel, neighborhoods, university - Pennsylvania (PA)
  144. Living suggestions while working in Malvern?: Philadelphia, Lancaster: apartments, for rent, limousine - Pennsylvania (PA)
  145. Best neighborhood for a 40 year old single guy: Washington, Clark: for rent, neighborhoods - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  146. King of Prussia - Brownstones at Valley Forge: Philadelphia, York: extended stay, apartments - Pennsylvania (PA)
  147. Huge houses low prices? Which neighborhoods?: Philadelphia, Drexel Hill: real estate, crime, big house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  148. Planning to buy a home near philadelphia. suggest: King of Prussia: school district, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  149. Commute - Ardmore/Wynnewood to CC by car: Lancaster: apartment complex, home - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  150. Blacks in Kennett Square, Exton, West Chester and surrounding: Philadelphia: apartments, to rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  151. Philly has 8 of the Best Hospitals by State in the Nation and few more in the Region.: Pittsburgh: crime, schools - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  152. Phillies 2019: Philadelphia, Howard: elementary school, live, suburbs - Pennsylvania (PA)
  153. Westchester to West Chester????: Philadelphia, West Goshen: apartment, renting, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
  154. What's in a (Neighborhood) Name?: Philadelphia, Indiana: where to stay, real estate, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  155. Consulates Closing in Philadelphia...: York, Washington: home, buying, luxury - Pennsylvania (PA)
  156. Has part of Philadelphia ever tried to secede (leave) the city, and join a neighboring county (or form its own)?): Harrisburg: car insurance, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  157. Row-houses; how well can you hear your neighbors?: apartment complexes, renter - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  158. Recycle items and regular trash: Philadelphia, York: gated, live in, design - Pennsylvania (PA)
  159. Lots of New York licence plates: Philadelphia: section 8, real estate, foreclosure - Pennsylvania (PA)
  160. Terminal Square, Upper Darby Township...: Philadelphia, Chester: real estate, rent, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  161. Suburb Public Trans to Roberts Center Pediatric Research: Reading, Washington: townhomes, transfer - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  162. Neighborhood Recommends for Lesbian Couple?: Philadelphia, Washington: apartment, rental market, townhouse - Pennsylvania (PA)
  163. Moving to South Philly - Need advice on area: Girard: 2014, crime - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  164. Gentrification map based on census data in NYTimes: Philadelphia: condos, home equity - Pennsylvania (PA)
  165. Culture of Lower Merion School District / Narberth: Philadelphia: cliquey, homes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  166. To suburb or not to suburb? Moving to philly to work at HUP: Ardmore: real estate, apartment - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  167. What To See/Do In Philly For An Afternoon: Philadelphia: house, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  168. Krasner idea to end mass incarceration: Philadelphia, Indiana: violent crime, attorney, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  169. What’s the feasibility of tunneling the Subway-Surface trolley lined further east instead of doing a loop?: Philadelphia: city hall, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  170. Street Parking 8th and Chestnut: Philadelphia: purchase, vehicle, best - Pennsylvania (PA)
  171. Gray's Ferry development: Washington, Indiana, Sandy: section 8, real estate, apartment - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  172. Funniest/Most wrong misperceptions of Philly?: Philadelphia, Indiana: homes, neighborhoods, high school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  173. Parking spot issue: sublet, apartments, lease - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  174. Should Philly have an amusement park?: Philadelphia, York: amusement parks, condos, hotels - Pennsylvania (PA)
  175. Center City Public Schools: Washington, Monroe: neighborhoods, university, to live in - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  176. Where to move: Indiana: house, neighborhoods, school - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  177. Merchants fed up with homeless at Suburban Station: Philadelphia, York: quality of life, taxes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  178. Mayfair is turning Chinese: York: 2014, condo, loans - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  179. Newly widowed a move to Philadelphia: Indiana, Girard: to rent, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  180. San Diego homeless: Philadelphia, Washington, Indiana: hotel, living, dangerous - Pennsylvania (PA)
  181. Do MFL's run all night on the weekend?: Somerset, Central City: credit, transfer - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  182. Mayor on welcoming migrants: Philadelphia, Indiana: 2015, crime, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  183. Future family-oriented neighborhoods in the city?: Oxford, Girard: 2013, crime, houses - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  184. Where to purchase great seafood (to cook at home)?: Reading: buy, organic - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  185. Kate Smith rendition of God Bless America banned by Yankees and Flyers. For early racist songs she sang.: Philadelphia: city hall, attorney - Pennsylvania (PA)
  186. Looking for family friendly area in or around Philadelphia: York: apartments, renting - Pennsylvania (PA)
  187. Dirt Biker Killed in Accident: Clark: legal, gangs, safety - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  188. Chinatown - Philadelphia: Indiana: how much, neighborhoods, theatre - Pennsylvania (PA)
  189. Merakey (Behavioral Health) Services in Philly - your thoughts?: rating, best - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  190. Car pool: King of Prussia: live, drivers license, renewal - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  191. I just found out about this!: closing, best, locations - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  192. Bryn Mawr YONKERS? Yonkers school lottery system?: vacation, toddlers - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  193. Thrift store in Montgomery County – Discount and Sales Tax: Glenside: purchase, legal - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  194. Pulte experiences in PA/phili suburbs: homes, reviews, good - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  195. Where to buy GREAT mattresses in Philadelphia?: York: mattress, stores - Pennsylvania (PA)
  196. Doylestown - kids attend Dock Mennonite Academy?: school, to live in - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  197. Mt. Airy Pain Center on Chew Ave?: personal, person - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  198. Dock Mennonite Academy: school, moving to, children - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  199. Catchment Data: Philadelphia: neighborhood, school district, moving - Pennsylvania (PA)
  200. Short-Term/Corporate Housing in Ft Washington: Dublin: rentals, school district, place - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)