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  10. desperate to get back to civilization: Boston, Springfield: real estate, condos, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
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  12. Lexington, Newton, or Andove: Boston, Andover: homes, school districts, where to live - Massachusetts (MA)
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  16. Tell me about Sutton: for sale, house, buy - Massachusetts (MA)
  17. Duxbury: Let me hear it: Boston, Plymouth: how much, house, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  18. Geneologist needs help: Boston, Franklin: county, federal, near - Massachusetts (MA)
  19. Burlington, MA-: Boston, Reading: homes, neighborhoods, movies - Massachusetts
  20. charlton middle school: homes, taxes, live - Massachusetts (MA)
  21. Southwick MA,: Boston, Worcester, Springfield: new home, neighborhood, buy - Massachusetts
  22. North Andover: tell me what you know!: Boston, Tewksbury: homes, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  23. Need from other nurses/med personnel.: Boston, Westborough: centers, move - Massachusetts (MA)
  24. Quincy - infro would be just great!: Boston: home, neighbourhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  25. advice about Salem area?: Boston, Worcester: apartments, rental, car insurance - Massachusetts (MA)
  26. Plymouth, MA - live/commute?: Boston, Sandwich: houses, neighborhood, school - Massachusetts
  27. Moving to Newton, Ma.: Boston, Brookline: public schools, college, living in - Massachusetts (MA)
  28. ???? about Hopedale and area: Boston, Milford: schools, taxes, live - Massachusetts (MA)
  29. WESTFIELD, not Springfield...still desperate for help!!: condo, campground - Massachusetts (MA)
  30. city living vs. burbs for a young teen: Boston, Newton: theatre, school - Massachusetts (MA)
  31. Gloucester,ma: Boston, Cambridge, Rockport: real estate, rentals, condo - Massachusetts (MA)
  32. Springfield - live there in the 70's?: Wilbraham, Palmer: condo, YMCA - Massachusetts (MA)
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  41. Springfield Pizza: Amherst: living, restaurant, shops - Massachusetts (MA)
  42. Baystaters in San Antonio??: Hanover, Dudley: transplants, house, job market - Massachusetts (MA)
  43. remember Hennesseys Alleys in Greenfield Ma: how much, high school - Massachusetts (MA)
  44. evil empire exile: Boston: condos, townhouse, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  45. we need to move: Boston, Springfield: condo, homes, job market - Massachusetts (MA)
  46. Upper and Lower Falls: Newton, Needham: house, neighborhoods, high school - Massachusetts (MA)
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  48. Looking for advice on living in MA and working in CT: city hall, credit card - Massachusetts
  49. Relocating to Medfield, MA Help: Boston, Framingham: neighborhood, school, pros and cons - Massachusetts
  50. Day care recommendations in Shrewsbury, Westborough, Northborough, Southborough?: Framingham, Holliston: day cares, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  51. Want to MOVE!: Boston, Worcester, Medford: real estate, renting, homeowners insurance - Massachusetts (MA)
  52. Middleton - Ferncroft Towers: condo, live, location - Massachusetts (MA)
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  55. Lowell to North Station MBTA: Billerica: train station, cars, parking - Massachusetts (MA)
  56. hyde Park: Boston, Milton: live, suburbs, yard - Massachusetts (MA)
  57. Affordable housing in MA: Boston, Lowell: low income, real estate, rent - Massachusetts
  58. Chelmsford?????: Boston, Lowell, Concord: real estate, house, construction - Massachusetts (MA)
  59. French Canadians in Western MA?: Westfield, Gardner: live in, moving to, dual citizenship - Massachusetts
  60. Portuguese Church, Gloucester MA: Rockport: home, live, vacation - Massachusetts
  61. ppies' interested in touring?: college, camp, money - Massachusetts (MA)
  62. Sharon??: Boston: house, schools, taxes - Massachusetts (MA)
  63. Buying a summer home in Oak Bluffs: Boston, Nantucket: sales, real estate - Massachusetts (MA)
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  65. gloucester: Boston, Westborough, Ashland: city hall, neighborhoods, buy - Massachusetts (MA)
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  67. Moving to MA in 3 months!: Boston, Plymouth: for sale, houses, neighborhood - Massachusetts
  68. Weston Woodlands for Mountain Biking: Waltham: home, to buy, live in - Massachusetts (MA)
  69. looking for my grandfather's old place: Hudson: city hall, home, live - Massachusetts (MA)
  70. Moving from Kansas City, Missouri to Salem: Boston: real estate, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  71. Orange MA: store, pictures, rain - Massachusetts
  72. Sandwich: Plymouth, Falmouth, Wareham: low crime, homes, tax - Massachusetts (MA)
  73. Hampden County: Springfield, Chicopee, Holyoke: car insurance, low crime, schools - Massachusetts (MA)
  74. Winthrop MA: Shirley: apartments, new construction, live - Massachusetts
  75. Affordability in Newton: Boston, Cambridge, Watertown: best towns, real estate market, foreclosure - Massachusetts (MA)
  76. Moving to MA: Boston, Newton, Framingham: to live, budget, commute to - Massachusetts
  77. what's up?: Boston, Marblehead, Hingham: taxes, living, shops - Massachusetts (MA)
  78. Trying to find Romanians (Moldovans) in Massachusetts: Watertown, Wakefield: water, town (MA)
  79. Looking for to rest stops/gas stations along I91 - Massachusetts (MA)
  80. What is the radio dial like?: Boston, Worcester: station, roach, quality - Massachusetts (MA)
  81. Commute from Natick to Nashua, NH?: taxes, working, traffic - Massachusetts (MA)
  82. Is there a Portuguese school...: Peabody, Gloucester: schools, live in, education - Massachusetts (MA)
  83. summering in Nahant?: Boston, Lynn, Revere: crime, houses, wedding - Massachusetts (MA)
  84. puffle: Boston, Reading, Ashland: house, YMCA, school - Massachusetts (MA)
  85. Suggested Locations for Relocating to Mass.?: Auburn, Sturbridge: crime, attorney, house prices - Massachusetts (MA)
  86. good schools for inexpensive houses: Boston, Merrimac: live in, move to, basement - Massachusetts (MA)
  87. Interested in North Adams: Springfield, Pittsfield: crime, houses, job market - Massachusetts (MA)
  88. Wenham, Massachusetts: live in, town, history (MA)
  89. Georgetown: high school, live, development - Massachusetts (MA)
  90. Golf: Private clubs or public courses?: club, moving to, offices - Massachusetts (MA)
  91. Good Schools/Homes Chelmsford Area: Lowell: apartment, renting, living in - Massachusetts (MA)
  92. to relocate to FRANKLIN CO.: Boston, Worcester: real estate, houses, schools - Massachusetts (MA)
  93. Funky neighborhoods?: Boston, Cambridge, Revere: health insurance, lofts, homes - Massachusetts (MA)
  94. Shrewsbury: Hingham, Westborough, Southborough: fit in, house, school - Massachusetts (MA)
  95. Belchertown: Springfield, Amherst, Northampton: house, buying, good schools - Massachusetts (MA)
  96. Thinking of moving to Revere at Watersedge Towers: Boston, Waltham: condos, crime rate - Massachusetts (MA)
  97. Thinking about Moving back, Need Suggestions: Boston, Springfield: for sale, houses, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  98. Great Barrington: Boston, Stockbridge: homes, public school, community college - Massachusetts (MA)
  99. Good areas for autistic programs/resources? Need Help!: Framingham: relocate to, celebrities - Massachusetts (MA)
  100. Berkshire County: Worcester, Springfield, Pittsfield: apartment, camp, living in - Massachusetts (MA)
  101. could someone tell me about living in Reading,Ma?: Boston: apartments, rentals - Massachusetts (MA)
  102. being informed: Newton, Franklin: real estate, sex offenders, home - Massachusetts (MA)
  103. moving to cambridge area, looking for advice on neighbs: Boston: for sale, cheap apartments - Massachusetts (MA)
  104. What about Amherst?: Springfield, Holyoke, Northampton: condo, low crime, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  105. Buy in Wareham, MA: Falmouth, Yarmouth: foreclosure, crime rate, motels - Massachusetts
  106. relocation to Westwood area - help!: Boston, Brockton: real estate, homes - Massachusetts (MA)
  107. North Carolina transplants or REplants out there?!!: living, low cost - Massachusetts (MA)
  108. Hello Massachusetts!: Boston, Rochester: low income, real estate, rent (MA)
  109. on Hingham: Boston, Quincy, Newton: fit in, how much, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  110. Working in Wellesley, living in NH???: Boston, Framingham: apartment complexes, to rent, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  111. confused about moving to MA: Boston, Cambridge: apartment, renting, low crime - Massachusetts
  112. Thinking about buying in Chelsea? advice is welcome!: Boston: hardwood floors, apartments - Massachusetts (MA)
  113. Pods vs. Door to Door- moving/storage units??: fit in, movers - Massachusetts (MA)
  114. know about living in or near Marblehead, Ma.?: Boston: real estate, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  115. Relocating to Westborough, MA: Boston, Worcester: chapel, townhouse, find a job - Massachusetts
  116. Homeschooling in MA?: Worcester, Boxford: co-ops, private school, college - Massachusetts
  117. Your thoughts on Foxboro?: Boston, Worcester: high school, wages, tax - Massachusetts (MA)
  118. Reading?: Lynn, Newton, Brookline: renting, houses, buying - Massachusetts (MA)
  119. Relocating to New England from finding small town appeal: Boston: fit in, real estate - Massachusetts (MA)
  120. Haven't heard about Shrewsbury?: Boston, Worcester: crime, houses, buy - Massachusetts (MA)
  121. Roslindale - s?: Boston, Quincy: crime, houses, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  122. Tell me what I do to my car???: how much, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  123. Lexington,MA: Boston, Acton, Concord: hair salon, rentals, houses - Massachusetts
  124. Hingham and Marblehead: Boston, Weymouth, Plymouth: high school, living in, restaurants - Massachusetts (MA)
  125. Condo to Single Family- and BIG move Qs ???: Boston, Worcester: transplants, real estate - Massachusetts (MA)
  126. Worcester-area schools: Boston, Shrewsbury, Westborough: apartment, renting, crime rate - Massachusetts (MA)
  127. about Holliston, Medfield?: Lawrence, Franklin: real estate, neighborhood, good schools - Massachusetts (MA)
  128. Moving from the UK: Boston, Waltham: fit in, apartment, rentals - Massachusetts (MA)
  129. Medway/Millis area: Boston, Natick, Holliston: sales, affordable house, find a job - Massachusetts (MA)
  130. What's up with Franklin?: Boston, Worcester: real estate, condos, assessor - Massachusetts (MA)
  131. In search of: Friendliest town in MA???: Boston, Newton: fit in, house - Massachusetts
  132. about quincy point, Quincy: Boston, Salem: hair salon, real estate, apartments - Massachusetts (MA)
  133. Dracut: Boston, Lowell, Billerica: best town, sales, low crime - Massachusetts (MA)
  134. Move to the North Shore: Boston, Lynn: home owners insurance, house, movies - Massachusetts (MA)
  135. Nice around Springfield?: Worcester, Chicopee, Westfield: best cities, car insurance, condo - Massachusetts (MA)
  136. Moving to Cape Cod year-round?: Boston, Newton: real estate, apartment, attorneys - Massachusetts (MA)
  137. Dog Daycare: Boston, Lynn, Framingham: day cares, good schools, living in - Massachusetts (MA)
  138. Lowell, MA - would be great!: Boston, Lawrence: real estate, crime - Massachusetts
  139. Marion, Mass?: Boston, Springfield, New Bedford: crime, middle school, gated - Massachusetts (MA)
  140. Berkshires: Boston, Springfield, Pittsfield: for sale, high crime, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  141. Californians in MA?: Boston, Worcester: house, neighborhood, purchase - Massachusetts
  142. Shoveling snow?: Boston, Westfield, Burlington: how much, home, landscaping - Massachusetts (MA)
  143. a move from MA for small town USA in heartland or south.: Boston: real estate, crime - Massachusetts
  144. Relocating from MI to Sturbridge MA-: Southbridge, Brimfield: best towns, house, buy - Massachusetts
  145. Do you miss massachusetts?: Boston, Gloucester: real estate, homes, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  146. Traditional New England Towns in Massachusetts or New Hampshire: Boston: condos, homes (MA)
  147. Salem: Boston, Lowell, Peabody: mortgage, how much, homes - Massachusetts (MA)
  148. getting nervous about moving to MA: Boston, Worcester: sales, salon, rental - Massachusetts
  149. Questions about MA: Boston, Worcester, Cambridge: houses, colleges, living in - Massachusetts
  150. Moving from the UK =O): Boston, Brookline: crimes, home, elementary schools - Massachusetts (MA)
  151. norton: Boston, Worcester, Springfield: real estate, crime rates, brokers - Massachusetts (MA)
  152. Investigating Northampton area, Ma: Boston, Springfield: real estate, rentals, health insurance - Massachusetts (MA)
  153. Milford: Boston, Wakefield, Medfield: crime rate, to live in, restaurants - Massachusetts (MA)
  154. Thinking of moving to Rockport, MA: Boston, Randolph: real estate, how much, houses - Massachusetts
  155. Relocating from the UK: Boston, Cambridge: middle-class, sales, real estate - Massachusetts (MA)
  156. on Springfield, MA: Boston, Chicopee: low income, sales, insurance - Massachusetts
  157. relocation: Boston, Newton, Haverhill: low crime, new home, purchase - Massachusetts (MA)
  158. Relocation Advice: Boston, Worcester, Brookline: real estate, rent, condos - Massachusetts (MA)
  159. UK Nurse in MA???: Boston, Worcester: apartment, rent, condo - Massachusetts
  160. Relocating to Western Mass.: Worcester, Springfield: real estate market, apartment, rentals - Massachusetts (MA)
  161. Living year round in Nantucket: Boston: real estate, rentals, house - Massachusetts (MA)
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  163. Newton or Lexington for small family?: Boston, Waltham: best neighborhood, to rent, condos - Massachusetts (MA)
  164. NorCal to Marlborough?: Boston, Worcester, Cambridge: ski resorts, real estate, rental - Massachusetts (MA)
  165. Georgia vs. Massachusetts: Boston, Florida: appointed, fit in, transplants (MA)
  166. Eenie Menie...: Boston, Quincy, Newton: rentals, home, private schools - Massachusetts (MA)
  167. Best school system?: Worcester, New Bedford, Shrewsbury: rent, crime rate, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  168. Hampden County: Boston, Worcester, Springfield: lease, house, landlord - Massachusetts (MA)
  169. nothing new?: Boston, Nantucket, Orange: hardwood floors, appointed, loft - Massachusetts (MA)
  170. Gardner, MA???: Boston, Worcester, Springfield: car insurance, crime rate, home - Massachusetts
  171. How goes the Happy Valley?: Springfield, Chicopee: for sale, to rent, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  172. former CA natives moved to New England and loved/hated it?: Boston: sales, home - Massachusetts (MA)
  173. Where on South Shore?: Weymouth, Plymouth: real estate market, buying a house, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  174. Moving from North Attleboro to Franklin, Ma: Boston, Springfield: real estate, renting - Massachusetts (MA)
  175. Clinton, MA- would be great!: Worcester, Hudson: real estate, home, middle school - Massachusetts
  176. South Hadley ????: Springfield, Chicopee, Westfield: sale, lawyers, buying a home - Massachusetts (MA)
  177. moving to Cape?: Boston, Dennis, Mashpee: house insurance, vacation home, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  178. Moving to Massachusetts or New England: Boston, Salem: transplants, sales, real estate (MA)
  179. opinions on raising a family on Cape cod?: Boston: renters, elementary school - Massachusetts (MA)
  180. commuting: Boston, Cambridge, Newton: for sale, foreclosures, lenders - Massachusetts (MA)
  181. Accepted a job offer in MA: Newton, Brookline: neighborhood, to buy, good schools - Massachusetts
  182. nice/fun Place to live within 30 min. of Springfield: Boston: loft, crimes - Massachusetts (MA)
  183. yes but WHY?: Boston, Lexington, Needham: how much, school, college - Massachusetts (MA)
  184. Moving To Salem Need Fyi: Boston, Worcester: for rent, crime, credit card - Massachusetts (MA)
  185. Thinking of moving to Adams, MA: Pittsfield, Amherst: real estate, broker, how much - Massachusetts
  186. Good Western Mass towns?: Boston, Springfield: house, neighborhoods, to buy - Massachusetts (MA)
  187. safe areas in Mass to live? least amt of racism: Boston: low income, crime - Massachusetts (MA)
  188. Commute to Northern Worcester...: good schools, nice areas, golf - Massachusetts (MA)
  189. Indian Restaurants in Quincy: Boston: hotel, clubs, dinner - Massachusetts (MA)
  190. Swansea Wales United Kingdom: live in, locations, history - Massachusetts (MA)
  191. Need help in Southbridge, Ma: live in, ethnicity - Massachusetts (MA)
  192. Commute from Lowell to Andover/Tewksbury: car, area, pay - Massachusetts (MA)
  193. Cell phone provider in Ashby Area??: work, good - Massachusetts (MA)
  194. 18 + parties or clubs for halloween: live in, club, good - Massachusetts (MA)
  195. Questions about moving to Newburyport: Beverly, Andover: schools, live in, commute to - Massachusetts (MA)
  196. danvers, ma: liberal, people, about - Massachusetts (MA)
  197. commute leominster to burlington: towns, surrounding - Massachusetts (MA)
  198. Chemical plant explosion in Danvers: houses, neighborhood, harbor - Massachusetts (MA)
  199. From Deerfield: South Deerfield: live, historical, family - Massachusetts (MA)
  200. X-Country driving advice Mass to Denver in a few days: Springfield: best, winter - Massachusetts (MA)