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  1. Which university is best?: Los Angeles, Long Beach: schools, universities, costs - California (CA)
  2. going back to LA...but lost my way: Long Beach, Pasadena: neighborhoods, living - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  3. Rental housing availability: Vista, Culver City, August: apartment, rentals, condo - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  4. LAPL before and after photos: Los Angeles, Hawthorne: house, theater, shops - California (CA)
  5. Playa Pacifica Apartments?: Hermosa Beach: to live, parking, ratings - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  6. Retaliation by landlord,what to do?: apartment complex, renters, credit - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  7. Public Transportation: Highland, Beverly Hills: rent, how much, cost - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  8. Miracle Mile?: Richmond, Santa Monica, Highland: apartment, home, school - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  9. need apartment for 1 or 2 people in L.A.: Glendale, Pasadena: for sale, apartments - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  10. HELP! What weather experiences have you had?: Pittsburg, Highland: low crime, house - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  11. need a place to stay.: moving, transportation, friendly - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  12. When to get an apt.?: Vista, Santa Monica: apartment, law school, place to live - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  13. Living around USC: Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank: safe area, school, safe - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  14. moving from MI and completely lost: Los Angeles, Long Beach: apartment, for rent, condos - California (CA)
  15. Summer concerts free, not): Santa Clarita, Burbank: restaurant, shop, beach - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  16. how long did it take you to find you apartment?: apartments, dryer - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  17. Dodgers: stadium, how far - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  18. Permanent residency in CA: house, college, DMV - Los Angeles, California
  19. I'm in love with vintage (and vanishing) Hollywood: Los Angeles, San Diego: hotel, homes - California (CA)
  20. coast/smog/heat/culver city: Santa Monica: apartment, townhomes, casinos - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  21. Need on hotel in Carson,: Torrance, Manhattan Beach: crime rates, hotels - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  22. Los Angeles is now safer than Salt Lake City in Utah: Oakland: crime rate, safe area - California (CA)
  23. Gran Canon: hotels, park, trip - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  24. Has stayed in Oakwood Apartments: Marina, Seal Beach: lease, month-to-month, house - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  25. Visit LA: to rent, how much, dangerous - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  26. moving companies: mattress, how much, costs - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  27. Los Angeles Neighborhood Safety ???: house, park, area - California (CA)
  28. Looking for a Great Hotel Near LAX: Los Angeles, Marina: house, casino - California (CA)
  29. Registering a car in LA: car registration, insurance, transfer - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  30. Summer Programs for Young Toddlers (2s): Los Angeles, Santa Monica: daycare, preschool, university - California (CA)
  31. Orange County Line - Is it Safe??: Santa Fe Springs: trains, station - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  32. What are your thoughts on Sierra Madre, CA?: Pasadena: apartment, purchase - Los Angeles, California
  33. Having a girlfriend in U.S.: to live in, legal, lesbian - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  34. Burbank for internship, where to live, get haircut, and clothes?: Glendale: salons, apartments - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  35. Park La Brea: Los Angeles, August: apartments, neighborhood, per square foot - California (CA)
  36. Apt!: Los Angeles, Pasadena, Santa Monica: apartments, townhome, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  37. View Space Station & Satellites at Night: Los Angeles, Orange: smog, locations - California (CA)
  38. Will condo prices come down?: Long Beach, Orange: for sale, condos, loans - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  39. where to move? LA or Santa Cruz or San Jose?: Cupertino: apartment, rent - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  40. Living near UCLA: Vista, Nice: apartments, transfer, neighborhood - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  41. Long Beach - Bixby Knolls Apartments at 4540 Orange Ave, Long Beach: Carson: apartment complexes, crime - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  42. African American hang out spots and culture events?: Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach: neighborhood, living in - California (CA)
  43. Santa Monica Blvd and Glendon Ave: Westwood: neighborhood, schools, move - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  44. Commuting from West Hollywood to Downtown: Pasadena, Santa Monica: apartments, neighborhoods, movies - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  45. Good Concerts in LA: Highland: club, town, 2007 - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  46. Got a job, now need a place to live: Long Beach: real estate, apartment - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  47. Moving TO US / LA: friendly, education, classes - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  48. Another 'New to area' post. San Gabriel Valley?: Glendale, Pasadena: apartments, rent - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  49. Solving LA traffic: Pasadena, Burbank, Santa Monica: taxes, living in, cost of - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  50. Help me decide where to live: Glendale, Pasadena: cheap apartment, rent, house - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  51. Construction Independent Contractor - Framing: salary, moving to, title - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  52. nice place as close to downtown as !?!: Highland: homes, high school - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  53. Should I move in to Pasadena?: Arcadia, South Pasadena: real estate, rent, crime - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  54. Relocation...: apartment, for rent, high school - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  55. Alternative Routes to Santa Monica: San Diego, Burbank: area, job, driving - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  56. Metrolink Reliable?: Burbank, Moorpark: school, trains, tickets - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  57. L.A. on 43,000 a year: Los Angeles, Glendale: rental, crime rate, home - California (CA)
  58. Safe Affordable Area in LA...San Pedro?: Los Angeles, Long Beach: real estate, rent - California (CA)
  59. Cab To Disneyland: Anaheim: cost, airport, budget - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  60. Woolsey Cyn And Socal Mobile Homes In General: Mountain View, Woodland: rental, HOA - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  61. Working in Santa Monica; where to live?: Santa Barbara, Vista: apartments, rent - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  62. Los Angeles v. Atlanta: San Diego, Glendale: crime, custom home, buy - California (CA)
  63. Quickest way to get from Santa Monica...: Beverly Hills: congested, business - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  64. Wildfire predicted to wipe-out L.A. in 2017: tax, eat - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  65. Job At UCLA On $45,000: Irvine, Rancho Cucamonga: apartment complexes, condo, townhome - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  66. Reasonable amount of money to save for move to LA: Los Angeles: salon, apartment - California (CA)
  67. gated buildings and garage parking: apartment, renting, condo - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  68. L.A. Country: population, race, Latino - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  69. Scottish Girl: Redondo Beach: school, beach, kids - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  70. Los it really that bad?: Inglewood, Culver City: neighborhoods, gated - California (CA)
  71. Apts in SM vs. Brentwood: Vista, Santa Monica: apartments, rentals, condos - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  72. Affordable summer rentals near El Segundo: extended stay, apartments, hotels - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  73. Does Reverse Traffic Exist in LA?: commute, studio, schedule - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  74. are locations safe / what neighborhoods are: Los Angeles, West Hollywood: apartments, school - California (CA)
  75. Moving Companies: Los Angeles: summer, advice - California (CA)
  76. Moving: Living between downtown and the valley: Los Angeles, Orange: violent crime, neighborhood - California (CA)
  77. Living in Hollywood Hills and Public Transport: San Diego, Santa Monica: buses, moving - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  78. Studio City Apartment: Woodside: apartments, lease, condos - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  79. are safe areas to live?: Santa Monica, Brea: apartment, theatres, subdivisions - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  80. Commute from Santa Clarita Area to UCLA?: Palmdale: moving, title - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  81. USC Law/Housing ???: Pasadena, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills: apartment, for rent, schools - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  82. decent L.A. areas for a single female: Glendale, Burbank: neighborhoods, movies - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  83. Moving to Hermosa, advice: Torrance, Hawthorne: townhome, utilities, live in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  84. Help on Transport Anaheim - Universal City: high crime, good hotel - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  85. El Cubano Necesita Trabajo.: Los Angeles: school, salaries, living in - California (CA)
  86. corporate housing regulations: apartment, renting, moving - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  87. advice on Los Feliz area: Brea, Fairfax: low income, apartments, crime - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  88. Very Young, Wealthy, Urban and Educated Guy, Where do I belong???: San Diego: low income, to rent - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  89. Moving to Highland Park can someone help?: lease, crimes - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  90. Average Utilities Cost in South Bay Area: Long Beach: water heater, electric bill - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  91. mar vista: Santa Monica, Marina, Marina del Rey: schools, live, shop - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  92. smog: Ontario, Pasadena, Rancho Cucamonga: moving to, air quality, quality - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  93. hotter as you go inland?: Pasadena, Culver City: average, summer, difference - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  94. HELP need advice on moving my Horses to LA: Glendale: sales, prices - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  95. Spiritual in Socal?: Los Angeles, Irvine, Orange: sublets, rentals, condo - California (CA)
  96. Public transpo from Long Beach to San Diego?: Los Angeles, Anaheim: buses, train - California (CA)
  97. Time takes to commute from Monterey Park to UCLA?: Rosemead: apartments, price - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  98. Fidm: Los Angeles: how much, school, college - California (CA)
  99. Countdown to our transfer, buying, depreciation - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  100. manhattan/hermosa/redondo beach: restaurants, groceries, shop - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  101. Lancaster's housing prices: Palmdale, San Fernando, August: real estate, rent, mortgages - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  102. the 10 freeway: casino, live, schedule - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  103. Looking for storic information: Los Angeles, Orange: hotel, theater, restaurants - California (CA)
  104. silver lake, echo park, los feliz, south pasadena, eagle rock, or culver city?: houses - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  105. Csu-la: Alhambra: dorms, safe area, school - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  106. commute btw Studio City and downtown? what's SC like?: Burbank: apartment, homes - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  107. Where to live & work on the Westside?: Vista, Santa Monica: for sale, apartments - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  108. biotech/IT job market and reclocation: Thousand Oaks, Calabasas: rent, home, salaries - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  109. Where are most of the auditions held?: Burbank: schools, living in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  110. Century City?: Santa Monica, El Segundo, Westwood: rentals, living, professionals - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  111. Santa Monica- is it: Orange, Malibu: real estate, buying, quality of life - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  112. How bad is Willowbrook?: West Covina, Compton: crime, house, neighborhood - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  113. moving to L.A need advice on what areas are safe: Los Angeles: apartment, to rent - California (CA)
  114. Cost of living: apartments, rent, credit - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  115. Tell me what I need to know about LA: mortgage, home - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  116. Good Pizza in LA?: Los Angeles, Santa Monica: appointed, live in, food - California (CA)
  117. Is L.A. getting an NFL team?: Los Angeles, Anaheim: neighborhood, live in - California (CA)
  118. Moving from Vancouver, BC to L.A.: Los Angeles, San Diego: apartment, rent - California (CA)
  119. rent control: Santa Monica, Brentwood: real estate, apartment, renters - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  120. 405 Traffic -- City Councilmen Deserve to Keep Their Job?: Los Angeles: rental, insurance - California (CA)
  121. What are the BEST school districts in Southern California?: Los Angeles: house, transfer - (CA)
  122. Security deposit refund late; illegal late fee??: apartment, rental - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  123. Echo Park: Redondo Beach: to rent, high crime, house - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  124. Neighborhoods in East L.A.: Los Angeles, Fullerton: apartments, rent, home - California (CA)
  125. From NY to CA: Los Angeles, Fontana: homes, neighborhood, to buy - California
  126. might move to pomona?? advice pleassssse: Pasadena, West Covina: apartments, rent, dorms - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  127. Whats your Thoughts on Brentwood, L.A.???: San Francisco, Long Beach: apartments, rentals - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  128. Place for actor-beginner.: Glendale, Burbank, Santa Monica: apartment, rent, low crime - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  129. L.A. dangerouse Cities avoid: Nice: live in, restaurant, most dangerous - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  130. How is the uality of Life in and around L.A. ?: Los Angeles: for sale, real estate - California (CA)
  131. Would you fly into LAX?: Palm Springs: rental, how much, hotel - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  132. East Coast to West Coast--how long before you assimilated?: Union City: fit in, renting - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  133. Los Angeles in the future: living in, cost of, dangerous - California (CA)
  134. How do I ask my new employer for vaction time?: August: tax, getaway - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  135. Is living around USC safe?: Glendale, Pasadena: rental, high crime, homes - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  136. Where are all of the African American people going?: Los Angeles: real estate, new home - California (CA)
  137. best beaches for hanging out in LA/OC: Orange, Hermosa Beach: live, restaurants - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  138. I miss LA and can't wait to move back!: Los Angeles: home, to live - California (CA)
  139. Just say... hello from a French Girl !: Los Angeles, Mira Loma: college, to live - California (CA)
  140. Cycling in L.A.: Los Angeles, Orange: to rent, neighborhoods, live in - California (CA)
  141. Moving to Los Angeles from St Petersburg, FL: Pasadena, Orange: apartment, houses - California (CA)
  142. on morning traffic on 405N and 101N: Rancho Cucamonga, Thousand Oaks: rent, neighborhood - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  143. Living in the San Gabriel Valley: Pasadena, Orange: condos, construction, universities - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  144. Valencia?: Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Clarita: low income, apartments, rentals - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  145. Planning the move to LA: Los Angeles, Riverside: affordable apartments, renting, how much - California (CA)
  146. My L.A. life is like The Hills MTV show: Beverly Hills: college, living in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  147. L.A. or N.Y.?: Brea: apartment, rent, credit - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  148. mongolian neighborhoods in LA/OC?: San Gabriel: home, school, live in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  149. As a black man, will I be safe in LA?: Los Angeles: crime rates, houses - California (CA)
  150. help me understand home buyers: Fallbrook, Woodlake: section 8, for sale, apartments - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  151. Most disappointing LA sports losses: Anaheim, Stanford: home, layoffs, live - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  152. Are people in LA really phony and pretentious?: San Diego, Long Beach: live, moving - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  153. Looking for Bostonians that moved to LA: Los Angeles, Anaheim: transplants, home - California (CA)
  154. Decent places to live around LAX?: Torrance, Vista: apartment complexes, rentals, neighborhoods - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  155. Relocating to LA: Los Angeles, Glendale, Santa Clarita: for rent, condo, crime - California (CA)
  156. NY to LA: Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach: condos, how much, neighborhood - California (CA)
  157. Claremont Area: Ontario, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga: best city, for sale, real estate - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  158. Why no refridgerators!!!????: San Diego, Beverly Hills, Santa Fe Springs: apartments, rent, appliances - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  159. I want to Move to LA from the UK: Burbank: rent, how much - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  160. Where in L.A. should a rich and important guy like me live?: Orange: home, to buy - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  161. Is Los Angeles that dangerous?: Compton, Santa Monica: renting, hotel, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  162. George W. Bush lived in Compton, No lie!: Oakland: middle-class, high crime - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  163. Moving to LA for USC: Los Angeles, Glendale: apartments, rentals, lofts - California (CA)
  164. Safe to wear gang colors?: Los Angeles, Inglewood: neighborhood, to buy, school - California (CA)
  165. Raising a family in Los Angeles: Santa Clarita, Torrance: apartment complex, new home, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  166. Life in Anaheim vs. Midwilshire vs. Downtown LA: Long Beach, Orange: apartments, lofts - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  167. Enjoying where you are while you can't wait to leave: Sacramento: apartment, condo - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  168. Highway 5, 10, and 110: Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank: school, living in, reverse commute - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  169. Has LA became 2 expensive for average family?: Los Angeles, San Fernando: real estate market, apartment - California (CA)
  170. Moving To California: Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena: how much, houses, theater - (CA)
  171. LA Neighborhoods: Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank: apartments, rental, hotels - California (CA)
  172. New to LA - need to meet people!: Los Angeles, Commerce: houses, school - California (CA)
  173. Landlord rights security deposit return: renter, appliances, credit report - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  174. i want to move to L.A.: Los Angeles, Santa Monica: schools, where to live - California (CA)
  175. May be working out in Westlake Village, where to live?: Los Angeles: affordable apartments, for rent - California (CA)
  176. What is downtown Los Angeles like to live?: lofts, condos - California (CA)
  177. top 10 retirement locations: Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Laguna: living, prices, retiree - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  178. How much of LA has the average LA resident seen?: Long Beach: house, theater - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  179. Moving to the San Fernando Valley - need advice: Los Angeles: middle-class, affordable apartment - California (CA)
  180. long beach: Compton, Carson, Lakewood: for sale, real estate, apartments - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  181. JUNE rent control charge?: Los Angeles, San Francisco: renters, tenants, landlords - California (CA)
  182. long beach apartment: Belmont: rent, how much, neighborhoods - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  183. commuting to downtown LA from the city of san gabriel: Los Angeles: living in, restaurants - California (CA)
  184. How's Your Neighborhood Council ?: Los Angeles: quality of life, live in, safety - California (CA)
  185. Specific Apartment Buildings in Pasadena: Vista, Buena Vista: renters, moving to, ratings - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  186. Heading to LA: Riverside, Carson: to move, budget, areas - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  187. Help with information - planning to move to LA: transporting, insurance - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  188. Commuting time - USC to UCLA: best, driving, how long - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  189. Social-work student in uk wanting to move out to los angeles?: university, move to - California (CA)
  190. Relocation from the bay area to Los Angeles: Long Beach, Lancaster: high crime, beach - California (CA)
  191. culver city/palms/mar vista/santa monica: to live in, money - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  192. Neighborhood to live in while at UCLA Law School: Los Angeles: neighborhoods, standard of living - California (CA)
  193. Helping a Friend: Santa Monica, Westwood: school, budget, reviews - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  194. Energy healing sessions in East L.A.: Montebello, Monterey Park: phone number, center - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  195. Interning in Burbank, CA (Yahoo!). No car. Need help finding affordable place.: transportation - Los Angeles, California
  196. Monthly Rates Hotels: rent, consumer - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  197. Ellendale Place - Comments: apartment, leasing, school - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  198. commute from santa monica: moving to, town, traffic - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  199. A little Help: living in, costs, moving - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  200. information needed: Highland: safe, move to, park - Los Angeles, California (CA)