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  22. Paperanian Wanted: Tucson: apartment complex, homes, pit bulls - Arizona (AZ)
  23. Looking in to moving to the Tucson ariea after graduating from college: schools - Arizona (AZ)
  24. needed advice for visiting snow area (eg.Mt Lemmon): Tucson: move to, distance - Arizona (AZ)
  25. Rural-but-Tucson High Speed Internet: Vail: living, cost, electric - Arizona (AZ)
  26. Need to get my puppy neutered: Tucson, Marana: income, friendly, locations - Arizona (AZ)
  27. How has Tucson changed since I came very close to moving there in 1980 ?: Phoenix: real estate - Arizona (AZ)
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  29. Looking for a place to buy a yogurt maker: Tucson: for sale, shop - Arizona (AZ)
  30. City Council talking about firefighter and police layoffs!?!: Tucson: law, safety - Arizona (AZ)
  31. How bad is the job market days in Tucson (especially for a Medical Assistant): home - Arizona (AZ)
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  38. Want to visit Sabino Canyon on Sat. Will it be too cold?: Phoenix: how much - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  39. RC Flying Around Tucson: Vail: schools, military, club - Arizona (AZ)
  40. moving to tucson: Phoenix: job market, restaurant, builder - Arizona (AZ)
  41. D-M To Start Off Thunderbird Tour Schedule for 2010: how much, island - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  42. help my soccer addict daughter!: Tucson, Pima: high schools, university, living - Arizona (AZ)
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  46. movie theaters: Tucson, Ajo: Home Depot, to buy, shopping center - Arizona (AZ)
  47. day trip to Sedona and/or Tucson??: Green Valley, Catalina: chapel, to live - Arizona (AZ)
  48. What's it like to live/rent a home in the foothills?: Tucson: fit in, apartments - Arizona (AZ)
  49. Flat Stanley: Tucson, Catalina: schools, area, places - Arizona (AZ)
  50. How's the tech market?: Phoenix, Tucson: job market, job, limit - Arizona (AZ)
  51. Del Webb Sun City: Tucson, Oro Valley: new home, scorpion, school - Arizona (AZ)
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  55. Commute: Tucson, Sierra Vista, Nogales: safe area, living in, safe - Arizona (AZ)
  56. In state income disparities disclosed: Phoenix, Tucson: home, high school, median income - Arizona (AZ)
  57. White-crested, Spectacled Snowbird: Phoenix, Tucson, Pine: houses, buy, income - Arizona (AZ)
  58. hotels in Tucson: rentals, condo, vacation home - Arizona (AZ)
  59. Own land in the desert? Can I sleep there?: Tucson: home, camping - Arizona (AZ)
  60. How do you get rid of yard waste?: Tucson, Three Points: house, living in - Arizona (AZ)
  61. Tuscon/Phoenix home values: Tucson: buyers, prices, moving - Arizona (AZ)
  62. Neighborhood Borders: Tucson: neighborhoods, zip codes, safest - Arizona (AZ)
  63. Sabino Canyon Pictures March 2010: cell phone, place, quality - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  64. Oro Valley Builder Needed For a Remodel: Tucson: countertops, appliances - Arizona (AZ)
  65. Relocating from PA to TUCSON at end of year.: Oro Valley: sale, transport company - Arizona (AZ)
  66. Another East Coaster possibly moving to Tucson: theater, live in - Arizona (AZ)
  67. tucson weather in early january: Miami: averages, winters, elevation - Arizona (AZ)
  68. SF Bay to Tucson?: Phoenix, Congress: transplants, apartment, loft - Arizona (AZ)
  69. Visiting Tucson.. Need ideas....: Pima, Parks: vs, tickets, parks - Arizona (AZ)
  70. Hawaiian Community in Tucson?: restaurants, best, area - Arizona (AZ)
  71. Black socks and Black Vans Shoes???: Tucson: vehicles, driving, towns - Arizona (AZ)
  72. AZ or FL?: Tucson, Mesa, Sierra Vista: real estate, condos, crime - Arizona
  73. Thanks to all for your help over the years - moving to Rio Rico at last: Tucson: house - Arizona (AZ)
  74. caterer for a small wedding - recommendations?: house, live - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  75. Extended Stay Hotel on Grant Road: Phoenix, Tucson: sales, apartment, rental - Arizona (AZ)
  76. Temple of Music and Art: Tucson: rentals, theater, company - Arizona (AZ)
  77. tucson or mesa, arizona for temporary relocation: Phoenix: live, malls - (AZ)
  78. Saw a flash on Broadway, What the heck?: Phoenix, Tucson: cars, park - Arizona (AZ)
  79. Old Tucson: house, to buy, live - Arizona (AZ)
  80. There is just not enough time...: theatre, university, money - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  81. Self Storage recommendations?: Tucson, Green Valley, South Tucson: live in, price, self-storage - Arizona (AZ)
  82. Halp! Shuttle/cab/bus to PHX?: Tucson: drive, terminal, time - Arizona (AZ)
  83. Food Wine and Art Festival: estimate, horse, dog park - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  84. Voting day: Tucson: money, place, town - Arizona (AZ)
  85. Humane Society of Southern Arizona: Page: homes, buy, live - Tucson, (AZ)
  86. Curious: Tucson, Oro Valley, Arizona City: for sale by owner, real estate, how much - (AZ)
  87. iLASIK surgery: Tucson: safer, doctor, outdoor - Arizona (AZ)
  88. Blog: deal, better, advertise - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  89. Need vet recommendation: Tucson: prices, discount, office - Arizona (AZ)
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  91. Arizona City private water?: title, health, company - Tucson, (AZ)
  92. Tucson Rocks!: house, neighborhoods, hippest - Arizona (AZ)
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  96. in Tucson using...: medical, rated, company - Arizona (AZ)
  97. Three Points Problem: Tucson, Ajo: renter, house, closing - Arizona (AZ)
  98. A little nippy around town: Tucson, Flagstaff: house, dangerous, car - Arizona (AZ)
  99. What streets should I avoid if I want to live in Tucson?: Oro Valley: condo, crime - Arizona (AZ)
  100. Tucson made the top 10: sales, home, law - Arizona (AZ)
  101. Need to live in Nogales Mx and work in Tucson: Green Valley: cheap apartment, renting - Arizona (AZ)
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  105. Tucson in bottom 10 for business: schools, college, tax - Arizona (AZ)
  106. My first visit to Tucson.....: Phoenix, Sahuarita: for sale, condo, house - Arizona (AZ)
  107. Tucson neighborhood help: Sahuarita, Parks: mobile home, purchasing, income - Arizona (AZ)
  108. Tucson Fanboys & Fangirls: live, vehicle, retiring - Arizona (AZ)
  109. A Few February Things the Pony FAILED to Mention!: Tucson: Valentine's day, high school - Arizona (AZ)
  110. What? NO Daylight Saving Time in Arizona?: Phoenix, Tucson: move to, rating - (AZ)
  111. ANOTHER IN-N-OUT Burger in Tucson?: Phoenix: loan, restaurant, store - Arizona (AZ)
  112. Tucson Sunshine Climate Club: Nogales: apartments, homes, neighborhood - Arizona (AZ)
  113. Misconceptions of Tucson: Scottsdale, Sedona: crime, houses, scorpions - Arizona (AZ)
  114. New Englanders living in Tucson area: fit in, transplants, home - Arizona (AZ)
  115. European American looking for a barber: Tucson, Oracle: coupon, homes, college - Arizona (AZ)
  116. Tucson, rural, dark and slow?: ordinances, land, cities - Arizona (AZ)
  117. Tucson left back in time?: Phoenix, Oro Valley: for sale, houses, neighborhoods - Arizona (AZ)
  118. recommendations for wood flooring?: Mesa, Page: credit, Home Depot, buying - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  119. Beautiful Downtown Tucson: Phoenix: theater, university, living in - Arizona (AZ)
  120. Your thoughts on the new F35's coming to Tucson?: how much, new home - Arizona (AZ)
  121. allergies and achey bones: Phoenix, Tucson: home, taxis, taxes - Arizona (AZ)
  122. Diamond Back: live in, car, best - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  123. 60 Degrees by Wednesday WOOHOO!!!: Tucson: deal, cold weather, accept - Arizona (AZ)
  124. I will be gone for a while: condo, estate - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  125. Moving from Ohio to AZ: Phoenix, Tucson: rental homes, homes, safe neighborhood - Arizona
  126. Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets?: sales, coupon, new house - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  127. Looking at moving to Vail...questions??: Tucson, Tanque Verde: home builders, landscaping, neighborhoods - Arizona (AZ)
  128. Well, Tucson is 1st in something.....tall dogs: place, pictures - Arizona (AZ)
  129. Picture of the Perfect Tucson Vacation: rental, house, live - Arizona (AZ)
  130. Average 1 Bedroom rent /where to rent?: Phoenix, Tucson: apartment complex, condos, how much - Arizona (AZ)
  131. Looking for safe areas to live in Tucson with access to mountain biking. Is Oro Valley too far of a commute to U of A?: Casas Adobes: apartments, for rent - Arizona (AZ)
  132. Tucson Photos.: Catalina, Vail: park, pictures, snow - Arizona (AZ)
  133. The million dollar A Good Mechanic: Tucson, Catalina: inspection, live in - Arizona (AZ)
  134. Does Know What That White Stuff Is On Our Brick Fences?: Tucson: sale, mover - Arizona (AZ)
  135. We should have a Photo stickied to the top of our board: Tucson: photo radar, for rent - Arizona (AZ)
  136. Vail, Tucson, or Tanque Verde USD: homes, best schools, to live - Arizona (AZ)
  137. Thinking about moving to Tucson for school.: Tempe, Peoria: apartments, rent - Arizona (AZ)
  138. I guess things are pretty stable in the Old Pueblo....: Phoenix: landscaping, buy - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  139. Low Cost of Living, Cheap Rent? Is this too good to be true?: Phoenix: apartments, rental homes - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  140. someone tell me why!: Phoenix, Tucson: transplants, neighborhoods, construction - Arizona (AZ)
  141. Summer can't come back soon enough for me!: Tucson: office, money - Arizona (AZ)
  142. relocating advice?: Tucson, Catalina, Miami: apartments, condos, houses - Arizona (AZ)
  143. Best Sonoran Hot Dogs in Tucson??: Flowing Wells, Oracle: restaurant, roach, location - Arizona (AZ)
  144. Merry X-mas?: Tucson, Oro Valley: movies, shop, safe - Arizona (AZ)
  145. Plane over midtown today: Phoenix, Tucson: house, living, military - Arizona (AZ)
  146. gym with a pool, close to the university?: Tucson, Oro Valley: 2014, business - Arizona (AZ)
  147. Sahuarita AZ. questions?: Tucson, Green Valley, Page: new home, theater, preschool - Arizona
  148. have free kittens?: to buy, live in, price - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  149. You-Tube Video For Tucson Arizona: Pima: house, promotional, taxation - (AZ)
  150. Emissions in Tucson: insurance, home, to buy - Arizona (AZ)
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  153. Camping for X-mas...: Tucson, Gilbert, Parker: 2014, car, park - Arizona (AZ)
  154. Tucson area new homes on 1/4+ acres: Oro Valley, Sahuarita: home builder, established neighborhood, new construction - Arizona (AZ)
  155. Urban/walkable neighborhoods in Tucson: Phoenix, Tanque Verde: university, live, restaurants - Arizona (AZ)
  156. Is Tucson Really That Bad??: Phoenix, Oro Valley: crime, credit, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  157. Tucson Noise Ordinance Law: Ajo: mattresses, house, buying - Arizona (AZ)
  158. Christmas Traffic?: Phoenix, Tucson: home, shop, license plates - Arizona (AZ)
  159. another where to live?: Phoenix, Tucson: real estate, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  160. Tucson Carnaval - Feb 13th: Nogales: money, paint, hot - Arizona (AZ)
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  162. High temps in Tucson vs Phoenix: Yuma, Benson: move, furnace, average - Arizona (AZ)
  163. Review of Tucson from a 25 year old (6.5/10): Phoenix, Oro Valley: hotel, home - Arizona (AZ)
  164. Moving from New Hampshire to Tucson...: real estate market, live, price - Arizona (AZ)
  165. relocation from OR to Tucson with small children: Catalina Foothills: waterpark, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  166. Do people in Tucson still have gravel/park cars in front yard?: Phoenix: homes, landscaping - Arizona (AZ)
  167. high-beams left on for in-town driving????: Tucson: houses, live, ordinance - Arizona (AZ)
  168. Saddlebrooke utility costs: Tucson, Vail: new house, water heater, utilities - Arizona (AZ)
  169. North edge of Tucson?: Oro Valley, Drexel Heights: real estate, foreclosure, good credit - Arizona (AZ)
  170. Tucson Trip: Catalina, Oracle, Pima: hotel, houses, scorpions - Arizona (AZ)
  171. What to do while in Tucson?: Bisbee: city hall, houses, nightlife - Arizona (AZ)
  172. Water availability & pool expenses in Tucson, AZ: Phoenix: how much, buy - Arizona
  173. Brrrrrrrrr!!!: Tucson, Casa Grande: movers, condo, houses - Arizona (AZ)
  174. Your favorite local TV news channel: live, stations, best - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
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  176. Oro Valley/Marana area: Tucson, Page: bank owned, real estate, houses - Arizona (AZ)
  177. forgive me.. another Tucson vs. Santa Fe: Phoenix: custom home, neighborhoods - Arizona (AZ)
  178. visiting tucson: South Tucson: rent, hotels, price - Arizona (AZ)
  179. Moving to the Tuscon area: Tucson, Sierra Vista: to live, restaurant, train - Arizona (AZ)
  180. Davis-Monthan AFB-where to live?: Tucson, Catalina: to rent, HOA fees, condo - Arizona (AZ)
  181. Tucson Visit, what to check out: Sahuarita, Pima: hotel, houses, neighborhoods - Arizona (AZ)
  182. Can tell me about the RTA changes in 2004?: Tucson: authority, transit - Arizona (AZ)
  183. Photos from the 50's and 6o's: Tucson: home, live, store - Arizona (AZ)
  184. Property tax hike?: Tucson, Sahuarita: house, live in, pay - Arizona (AZ)
  185. A Big Thanks to All Veterans and Active Duty Military: serving - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  186. need on job situation: building, remodel, carpenter - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  187. HMO Referral: relocating, plans, permanent - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
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  195. Did You Adopt Lucy?: live, east coast, cat - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
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  198. Foothills- condo development comparisons: location, quality, developments - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  199. Ritz at Dove Mountain: moving to, area, resort - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  200. Help: Utilities estimate in Copper Crest: Tucson: home, purchasing, living - Arizona (AZ)